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To Helena Melo and Pupils BB1/JI de Santa Luzia Av. D. Sancho Manuel 7350-098 Elvas PORTUGAL

El Toboso, 26th September 2012

Dear friends:

I am Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, a very famous writer in Spain. People think that I was born in Alcalรก de Henares, a very beautiful village of Madrid, in the middle of Spain, on the 29 th of September, in 1547.

University of Alcalรก de Henares

My father was Rodrigo de Cervantes. He was a doctor, a surgeon. He was deaf. And I was his interpreter a lot of times. My mother was Leonor de Cortinas. I have got four brothers, Andr茅s, Andrea, Magdalena, Rodrigo, Luisa and Juan. I lived in Valladolid, C贸rdoba, Sevilla and Madrid.

Madrid, Capital City of Spain

I was a Spanish soldier, a novelist, a poet and a dramatist. I am considered a genius of the Spanish Literacy. I am well known all over the world by my novel “Don Quixote of La Mancha”. Some Literacy Critic, describe the novel as the first modern novel and one of the best books of the Universal Literacy. People call me “The prince of the talent”.

The king Felipe II, arrested me in 1569 because I fight a duel with Antonio Sigura. Then I had to go to Italy, to Rome. There I fight in the “Lepanto Battle” and I was hurt in my left hand. This is the reason why people know me as “The onehanded of Lepanto”.

When I came back to Spain from Napoles, a Turkish fleet arrested me and my brother Rodrigo on the 26 th of September in 1575. I was captive in Argel during five years and I was sold as a slave to a Greek man, Dali Mamí. I was rescued on the 19th of September in 1580 by Spanish Trinitarian monks. They paid 500 escudos for me. Finally, on the 24th of October I come back to Spain. In the 1580s, I fell in love with Ana VillaFranca de Rojas, the wife of the barowner Alonso Rodríguez. We had a daughter, Isabel de Saavedra. On the 12th of December, in 1584 I got married with Catalina de Salazar y Palacios. But my marriage wasn’t happy. And I split up two years later.

From 1587, I worked in different jobs for the Spanish Crown. Ten years later, I was arrested again for irregularities in my accounts as a tax collector. And it was there, in prison, when I first thought in Don Quixote, my most important work. In 1606, I settled in Madrid, where I remained till my death on 23rd of April of 1616. It is said, it was the same day W. Shakespeare died and to honor this fact, UNESCO established the date as the “International Day of the Book�.

Cell where Don Miguel de Cervantes was captive and started to write Don Quixote, Argamasilla de Alba, Ciudad Real (Spain).

This is my first trip, and I visit your school because I love travelling and I want to meet new people. May you, children, show me your town and your country? I would like to visit the capital city too. Children from my school, in El Toboso (Spain) are waiting for another genius too. And they hope I teach them what I learn here, so you must help me to write my logbook on the twispace and on the google site specially created for us. I will stay here for three weeks. After that time, you must send me to the other country. Don´t forget sent this letter too. And add on it some information about my stay here. Then my second trip will start‌

Lots of Love, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra


This is a letter to introduce Miguel de Cervantes. I tis written by pupils from el Toboso, Toledo.

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