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Multimedia Project Management TASK1 BY SOON MING POO(A138259)TH year2 1.What is a project ? A project is defined as a collaborative enterprise, involving research or design, that is planned to achieve a particular aim. 2.what are its main attributes

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Main attribute of project

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triple-constraint: start and end date sponsor and stakeholders

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Project phases

goal or objective

There must be a purpose to justify the need for a project. Many ideas for projects can be discovered through company surveys or questionnaires aimed at determining needs. Scope, Cost, and Time A duration of a project Customer Boss/manager competes 

Initiation, Planning, Execution,

Monitoring & Control, and Closure)

Identified risks, mitigation strategy, and contingency plans Every project will face uncertainty. Anything can go wrong. Although efforts should be made to ensure that the IT project plan is concise, factors such as time and cost can change due to unforeseen circumstances. It is a strategy devised to minimize, to the lowest level possible, any risks to an enterprise while still managing to maintain the optimum output and delivery of labor, goods, services, etc.


Identified risks


mitigation strategy


contingency plans

plan devised for an outcome other than in the usual (expected) plan


design and requirements defining the details of the goal schedule

To fulfill the goal a design need to be come out. what will be done when by whom, often including interim milestones


3.How is a project different from what most people do in their day-to-day jobs? A project have a definite goal, beginning and ending dates while a day to day job is routine and do not have ending dates of the task. a project can be large or small and involve one person or thousands of people and can also be done in one day or take years to complete where as day-today jobs involve a few people and can be done within a week or month but doesn't take a day or years.

4.What other factors affect a project?

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Other factor affect a project knowledge, preparation organization leadership teamwork timeliness effective conclusion