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ear family at St Agnes

COMPETE TO WIN There are many things we learnt from Mark Bailey while he was with us in March. The phrase I have used to head up this letter was one of them. He reminded us that in a game (rugby mostly!) and life, there are two ways to play: we can play not to lose or we can play to win. He was urging us as Christians to take risks and not just to play it safe. Our lives will count when there are results. The church is out in the market place competing amongst more and more options. There we are competing against a culture which is increasingly hostile to the gospel. There is a hostility to the exclusive claims of Jesus and any exclusive claims. More than ever, our first sin of wanting to play God – and use free will against God and his goodness, marks these days. This is the world into which we compete – and for the love of God we must compete to win. There are two biblical passages which stick with me from that Saturday conference: the first is Peter walking on the water. Surely it is better to die walking on the water than to drown sitting in the boat!! The other was the story of the wedding feast told by Jesus. Mark urged us to get out into the market place and so to bless people that they cannot but feel compelled to come in (Luke 14: 23). People cannot be compelled by argument or Bible bashing nor with threats of hell. Let us take the life and love of God out into every relationship, every opportunity, every meeting – and may what they see of God, draw them. We are at the stage where we are about to begin pulling some of the strands together for a plan for our Year of Mission. I am thrilled at some of the creativity which is emerging – such a sign that God is stirring something in us to touch his world in our mission field in the Upper Highway. I hope that it has registered that there will be no mission meeting except the ones you set; no missioner except each of you. If all you do for this year of mission is to respond to God‘s prompting to start praying daily for 2

your neighbours who are lost to God – praying blessing (not judgment) on them, that would be wonderful. If we each do what God leads us to do – in the end we will be amazed at how much happens because of our obedience. Pentecost Sunday (12 June) will be the day we launch our mission. Let us pray for the kind of outpouring of God‘s power by his Holy Spirit that we will have the impact that only God could make possible. May the love of God move us – and through us move others into God‘s love. Compete to win! Yours in the love of Jesus Nigel


ear fellow parishioners

It is most encouraging that we are receiving more articles to be published – it makes for an interesting magazine so please keep it up. Don‘t forget we love to have book-reviews. Please try to keep to 350 words for the September magazine. The deadline for this issue will be Sunday 7th August. Yours in Christ Sarah Burns

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Note: Opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Magazine Team or St Ages Church 3


ur Tues morning group has just finished an excellent prayer course by Jim Cymbala and, in processing the feedback , I was struck by how many members expressed a sense of inadequacy and lack of confidence in relation to prayer I thought I would share this article, which paints a lovely ―word picture‖ of how Jesus, our High Priest, makes our prayers acceptable to God. Joseph Prince has been Senior Pastor of New Creation church in Singapore since 1990, in which time the church has grown from 150 to 22000 Jesus Perfects Your Prayers by Joseph Prince Hebrews 7:25 tells us that ―Jesus always lives to make intercession for us‖. But what does this mean? Because Jesus is our High Priest (Hebrews 4:14), we get a picture of what happens when we pray if we understand what the high priest did with the burnt offering of a bird in the Old Testament (Leviticus 1:14–17). After killing the dove / pigeon, the OT high priest would make it acceptable for sacrifice by removing the crop and all the feathers. In the same way Jesus our High Priest, removes all that is superfluous and unclean from our prayers, our self-centredness, fleshly desires and fumbling words. The Old Testament high priest then offered the bird as a burnt sacrifice, a sweet aroma to God. Today Jesus our High Priest adds to our prayers His perfection, beauty, excellence and fragrance, which the Father so delights in, and presents them to the Father as the perfect prayer. This, then, is how Jesus lives to make intercession for us, and He does all this because He loves us! When you know that He presents a perfect prayer on your behalf to God, you don‘t have to run to a church leader to pray ―more accurately‖ for you. You can take advantage of His intercession for you and say, ―Lord Jesus, I don‘t know what else to say… please pray for me.‖ And when Jesus prays for you, His prayers will always be answered because the Father always hears His Son when He prays! Sally Claassens 4

PAUL AND TANYA DICKENS Grade 6 (Paul) Grade 0 (Tanya) Married at St. Agnes Church, have 3 sons. We have been involved in Children's Ministry (2nd yr) and Family Portfolio. Vaguely related to Charles Dickens!

KERRY-ANN DOLLOWAY Grade 0 – 4th yr Married to my best friend and have 2 boys. I am a dietician. I am known as Akela with the cubs, and I collect for various charities. I have been white water rafting, visited many countries and hugged Mickey Mouse. JORDAN BAILEY Grd 5 – 2nd yr. A2J (Leader) – 2nd yr I am 19 yrs old. I am a member of the evening service worship team. Last year I did the Year of Your Life course at St. Agnes. I am studying for a Bachelor of Education through UNISA and am part of an internship program at Highway Christian Academy. My hobbies are playing guitar, exercising and chilling with friends.


„The earth is the Lord‟s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it‟ Psalm 24:1 So what must we do about Creation? Our ultimate purpose is to honour God as creator in such a way that Christian environmental stewardship is part and parcel of everything we do. Our goal is to make tending the garden of creation, in all its aspects, an unquestioned and allpervasive part of our service to each other, to our community, to God‘s world. The framework for our response can follow these three steps: Awareness In a time when so much calls for our attention – international affairs, local politics, our work or schooling, family needs, church commitments, and other busyness – we might only barely notice the natural and environmental aspects of creation in our surroundings. We must consciously make ourselves aware of what is happening in God‘s creation. Awareness involves seeing, naming, identifying, and locating different parts of God‘s creation. It means taking off blinkers that we or society may put on us to keep us focused on our pursuits of life. It means providing ourselves with enough quiet, reflection, and learning time that we can notice and identify a tree or mountain, bird or river. Appreciation From awareness comes appreciation; we cannot appreciate something we are unaware of. At the very least, appreciation means tolerating what we are aware of. We may tolerate, for example, worms and hyenas. But appreciation can also involve respect. We certainly respect a large buffalo, but we can also develop respect for a lowly worm as we learn of its critical importance to the rest of creation. We can move, as well, from toleration to respect to valuing. The earth and everything in it has value because God made it so. As we become aware of the order of creation, we will see God‘s valuing of all his works. Stewardship Appreciation needs to lead to stewardship. Stewardship takes us beyond appreciation to restoration. We now work for restoration of what has been degraded in the past. Beyond restoration, stewardship means serving. As we understand that God through creation is in so many ways serving us, we grow to willingly return this service with our own. This service includes loving, caring, and keeping what God has given us to hold in trust. Our service in creation will eventually involve entrusting others with what we have served, kept, and restored. (Extracted from ―Reading the Bible through a Green Lens by Calvin B. DeWitt‖ from the Green Bible)

Peter Spence 6


n entering the St. Agnes grounds you may find yourself being greeted with a broad smile or a friendly wave by either Alpha Zulu or Themba Shibase, our two car guards. Each works a half-day shift, having one day off a week, and one or the other may be seen braving the elements up to nine o'clock at night! Alpha has been married for ten years and has two children, both boys. He travels to work daily by taxi from Stockville, and attends a Zionist Christian Church in Pietermaritzburg. He began his career doing garden work, but left this to become a security guard before joining St. Agnes about 3 years ago. Alpha enjoys watching the fighting sports on Television as he is a kick-boxer and also does karate at a gym in Pinetown. Themba was born in Ixopo. He is unmarried, but laughingly says he ―has his eye on someone"! He began his career in the Mill industry, in Umgeni Road, until he too became a security guard. He has been with our parish for the past two years. Themba says he would like to worship at St. Agnes, but has to work! Both men are fond of listening to music - whether it be "taxi", rap or gospel. Thank you Alpha and Themba for keeping our church campus under your watchful eyes! Celia Wright

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, Toiling for food to eat For He grants sleep to those He loves.

Psalm 127 : 1 & 2 7


outh has helped me love and appreciate God and God‘s love for me. It gives me an opportunity to continuously keep building a stronger relationship with God. Youth has also taught me to accept Christ and allow my life to revolve around him. At Youth, we start by worshipping, and through worship my love for God has deepened. Through worship God has been moving; he is renewing my mind and refilling me with the Holy Spirit. He is changing us ~ He‘s lifting off my burdens and showering me with love and his blessings. I don‘t feel I have to pretend with God. At church everyone is different, we all have a different personality and background, but we do have one thing in common ~ we are all part of God‘s kingdom. At Youth we‘re just like a family ~ because we pray together, we pray for one another, we love each other, and we don‘t judge one another. Through Youth, God has truly taught me that there is more to life. On the 22nd of April we handed out Easter eggs, and attached to them was information about the Youth Alpha course. It was sooo much fun! ~ this experience alone gave me a whole new set of values…giving and doing something just to serve the Lord was wonderful! God has reached out to me in so many ways, and through church He has taught me to love, to be humble and not to be afraid, but to trust in him ~ and for this I‘m so grateful. Sne Andile Makhathini


y heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky; So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man; So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die! William Wordsworth 8

What is Alpha? Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith and the meaning of life in a relaxed setting over ten thought-provoking weekly sessions, with a weekend away. Each evening starts with a meal - a chance to get to know others in the group - followed by a DVD covering a different aspect of the Christian faith; guests are able to raise issues and ask questions without fear of judgment or criticism. The Alpha course is designed primarily for people who aren't churchgoers but is open to everyone. More than 400 000 South Africans have attended an Alpha course since 1993, together with over 15 million people of all denominations worldwide. Alpha at St Agnes We have been running Alpha courses for some seventeen years, as a key evangelism tool, and many of our members have come to Christ through Alpha. We currently offer 2 morning and 2 evening courses annually, as well as Youth Alpha courses. The Alpha Invitation and the Year of Mission In an exciting initiative, many churches in the Upper Highway area of all denominations have agreed to work together and start their next Alpha courses in the last week of July 2011. We will be collectively advertising Alpha across the region to invite particularly non-churchgoers to attend an Alpha introductory dinner at a church nearest to them. How can I get involved? Our own courses start on Wednesday 27th July, and in this Year of Mission we encourage the entire St Agnes community to back this initiative and to reach out to non-churchgoing folk in the region and bring them along to our introductory sessions on that day. We really need those of you with a heart for Evangelism and a gift of hospitality to join our Alpha team. Please speak to Andrew Geils, Morton du Preez, Mike van Staden or Diana Patoir if you are interested in being part of this worthwhile Ministry. Andrew Geils 9

Betty was born in 1921 at Ngqeleni in the Transkei. When she was four years old the family moved to Pretoria where she attended St. Mary's Diocesan School for Girls. Five years later the family moved again, this time to Natal. Betty went to school at St. Anne's, where she became head girl, and on to Natal University where she graduated in 1942 with a BA. Joining the war effort Betty trained in the SSS, Special Signal Services, and remembers doing squad drill on the hockey field at Wits. She was trained as a radar operator, working first at Signal Hill (and later at Brighton Beach) part of a team of three whose job was to detect German shipping and submarines off the coast. One operator watched the screen, another turned the handle to direct the beam and the third recorded ships' positions which were then reported to headquarters in town.. In 1946 Pat returned from the war and he and Betty were married. They lived in Pretoria where Pat worked as a lawyer and four children were born, Elizabeth, Timothy, Catherine and Mark. Sadly, Elizabeth died when very young. Today Timothy lives in Johannesburg, Catherine in Mtunzini and Mark in Jasper in Canada. Betty has eight grandchildren Both Betty and Pat were very involved and active in their church, St. Francis at Waterkloof. Betty taught Sunday School, worked for The African Children‘s Feeding Scheme and ran the church library. During the years the children were at school Betty continued studying, achieving an Honours degree and then an MA in English through UNISA. In 1986 Betty was ordained as a deacon at the cathedral in Pretoria. When Pat became ill the family moved to Natal where Pat could be cared for at Morton hall. Pat died in 1995. Betty has been involved at St Agnes since 1986.Over 25 years she has conducted baptisms and funerals, served at Sunday and Wednesday morning services, taken communion to the sick and performed many other duties. It was she who introduced the Food Bag Scheme to St.Agnes and to 10

many other local churches. Everyone who knows Betty will want to join in congratulating her on her 90th Birthday on 8 June 2011, wishing her well and thanking her for her great contribution to the life and community in Kloof and at St. Agnes. Sarah Burns


ur home group has recently finished doing a study on this excellent book and would recommend it to any other home group. It is an 8 week study but we found that certain subjects need more time which entailed doing a second week. We have leaders‘ notes if anyone is interested, courtesy of Bethel Baptist church in Cardiff where our daughter worships. Chapter 5 discusses materialism and suggests, especially in relation to the whole question of money and possessions, the answer is simplicity. It refers to a March 1980 International Consultation on Simple Lifestyle held in the UK. The chapter is extremely thought provoking and our group really did a lot of reflective thinking on the whole subject. I know many people have had to cut back their lifestyles over recent time because of the recession, and this will have made you think hard about how you can live more simply and economically. But should all of us not be considering this as disciples of Jesus? If we can achieve this simpler lifestyle we can become more active in benefiting others in difficult positions. The Evangelical Commitment which emerged from the 1980 Consultation included these: Personal Lifestyle. We lay down no rules or regulations, but in view of the fact that about 10 000 people die of starvation every day, we determine to simplify our lifestyle. Evangelism. We are deeply concerned for the vast millions of unevangelised peoples. The call to a simple lifestyle must not be divorced from the call to responsible witness. Other subjects covered in ―The Radical Disciple‖ are Non-conformity; Christlikeness; Balance and Death. Bob & Doreen Clive 11


ear Family of St Agnes You are never too young, too old, the wrong sex, the wrong colour, too busy working, too busy surfing and/or partying, too busy with children, too busy travelling etc. to help make new members feel at home. We need St Agnes "oldies" to help make "newies" part of our family. You can help by praying for a specific individual or family who has just joined, sharing creative ideas, making the odd phone call, sending the odd e-mail (they don't have to be "odd"), by Twittering, being at the newcomers' table in the auditorium some Sundays, helping with welcoming events (social functions and short courses) and so much more .... You do not have to attend meetings although those are fun and you'll definitely make new friends. You can give an hour a week, a month or a year! This has to be an every-member ministry and we need the unique friendliness only you can bring. You can get hold of me: (Jill Rose) 031 764 3992 / 072 359 3924 otherwise Bev St Clair 083 788 2816 or Ann Gunn 031 764 6895


his is just to convey my heartfelt and grateful thanks to all my friends in the family of St Agnes for the many calls, visits and flowers and tasty goodies after my hip operation. Your loving care made me realize what belonging to a family like St Agnes is all about. Thank you all most sincerely, and may the good Lord’s blessing be upon all of you. Much love, Thea. A special ‘thank you’ to Matthew (4 years) who sent me a getwell card from Junior Church – it will be treasured! from Thea Terrington 12


ear Friends I read an article recently that suggested humanity‘s appetite for distraction is endless – that the internet is an eternal candy store for the fractured mind – that concentration is a thing of the past. It suggested that at work, home and at play, we get distracted on average every three minutes. If we are distracted, we‘re not concentrating and if we‘re not concentrating, we‘re not learning at a deep level. No deep thinking, no real progress. The suggestion is that our world‘s drive to create, to know more, to progress is stunting growth. Our progress is halting our progress! Food for thought! Especially when I read in last month‘s National Geographic magazine that seven billion texts are sent every day in America. One young teenager interviewed only a week or so ago in the UK, said she received 175 texts in two days. Some scientists are saying that the constant distraction we experience has the same effect on the brain as smoking marijuana. Things that overwhelm us: All of this calls to mind what I believe are prophetic words from Professor David Ford in his book The Shape of Living. He maintains that knowledge and information inundating us from all directions - entertainment and a culture of distraction; a culture of rapid change; and crisis management which rarely lets us have one day sitting down - are perennial overwhelmings of human existence which will constantly take on new forms. He lists these alongside other familiar overwhelmings such as economic pressures, debt, money, sex, family problems and a vast range of gender related issues; concern for the body, together with compulsions and obsessions to do with food, drink, drugs and staying young, fit and beautiful; power and its misuses in domination, discrimination and violence; and the ultimate overwhelming, death. That‘s a pretty good summary of modern life, but his point is that any one of these overwhelmings could take over our lives. Such things grip us, fascinate us, draw out our energies, or depress us and leave us feeling helpless. This, David says, is the dynamic of idolatry, for whatever comes first in our lives dominates our attention and sets the tone of everything else as our idol. Often there are multiple idols. Distractions or overwhelmings make us oblivious to the presence of the Lord and take over our lives. Call 13

to mind the New Testament story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10: 38-42). The main thrust of this story is not the comparison between the active or contemplative, but the distractions of Martha. Jesus gently but firmly pointed this out to her, ―Martha, Martha you are worried and upset about many things‖ (41). Jesus‘ presence was a pressure instead of a pleasure. Martha was bothered not blessed. Distractions can make us oblivious to the presence of God and lead us into unnecessary worry and upset. Indeed they can make us become angry and bitter with him (―Lord, don‘t you care…‖) and with others (―Tell her to help me‖) and even lead to the arrogance of commanding God! Martha was overwhelmed by doing things for Jesus; Mary was simply overwhelmed with Jesus. Resting and seeking: I close with a quote from the Benedictine monk Anselm (1033-1109) which shows that dealing with distractions or overwhelmings is not simply a characteristic of our post-modern society: Come now little ones, turn aside for a while from your daily employment. Escape for a moment from the tumult of your thoughts. Put aside your weighty cares, let the burdensome distractions wait, free yourself awhile for God and rest awhile in Him. Enter the inner chamber of your soul, shut out everything except God and that which can help you in seeking him, and when you have shut the door, seek him. Now, my whole heart, say to God, “I seek your face, Lord it is your face I seek.” In all the busyness of this Easter season may you not be distracted or overwhelmed doing things for Bob Payne Member of the Internatonal Support Group Jesus, but overwhelmed with him and with love for him. Bob Sent in by Nigel 14


ear Jesus, Today the sun is shining after the rains and the autumn glory is beautifying the garden and I am sure the farmers are delighted. Thank you so much for your provision. As you know Lord, we went to church on Palm Sunday 17th April 2011 – worshipping you was wonderful. Then came the sermon, inspired by the Holy Spirit, which was about FAITH. I was sitting quietly listening to You speak through Antonio when suddenly I felt a warm glow embracing my body and I knew You were amongst us. As the sermon ended I found myself walking up the stairs toward the microphone to ask the congregation to have faith, stand up and ask You to banish the pain in my hands which I have suffered for over a year. These dear people responded to my cry and prayed and very shortly the pain in my hands fell away. All glory is Yours. The next day I awoke to another wonderful gift. My whole body, after months of pain, was also freed. Now I don't have a pain in my whole being, which has enabled me to do so many things that the pain denied me. The Three of You are really the most magnificent healers on earth and in heaven. I am truly blessed. With You all things are possible. Thank You for being my Father and my Friend. Love, Brian P.S. to the Church – God called, I was obedient (not brave), and Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit healed me. I have faith. So come forward in faith, speak to Jesus and seek His help and powerful healing. After all, He is the Saviour of the world. Maybe He has anointed you with the spiritual gift of healing. If so, use it to His glory. Brian Gaven Kloof, 7th May, 2011

My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, "Grandma, do you know how you and God are alike?" I mentally polished my halo and I said, "No, how are we alike?'' "You're both old," he replied. (Author unknown) 15

On Saturday 3rd Sept here at St Agnes, Angela Steyn and I are getting married (finally). We will have been in a relationship for over 4 years by then so this is long overdue. How does a guy like me get a girl like Angie you ask? Well I'm not too sure, I like to think Jesus played a part in orchestrating our hook up and He Himself said with God nothing is impossible, so my answer to that question is simple - JESUS. Ang and I met here at St Agnes and have been blessed to have people from this very community walk alongside us and provide godly input into the direction of our relationship. I have really learnt the benefit of living out our relationship within community (church) and I think this has been reflected throughout our relationship, and will continue to be, particularly when we get married. What I mean is, for example, Rod and Meg, the two people we submitted ourselves to in helping us discern God's call on our relationship and speaking some necessary words into it (as well as the people we went to individually for prayer and counsel etc Garry, Hugo, Meg, Sheila, Amanda), Nigel officiating at our wedding, Antonio being my best man, and all of you coming to the ceremony in the old stone Church (open invitation). So this is definitely a St Agnes affair, and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has walked this journey with us‌. and thank you to God for doing exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ask or imagine in giving me a godly (and ridiculously beautiful) woman like Angie. Andrew Morris

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. 16


he first rule of investing is ―If it seems to be too good to be true then it probably is‖. The Ombud for financial advice recently ordered an unlicensed broker to repay an Mpumalanga couple R 800 000 which they had invested through him. The investment was in a syndication which he indicated would earn returns of 300% pa plus income! Too good to be true? It should have been so obvious, but then smooth talk and greed step in. Most scams are not as spectacular as this. How do you avoid becoming a victim of these scams? First of all ensure you deal with a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) and check that they are licensed with the Financial Services Board. Do some research on the person on the internet to ensure they are who they say they are. The Financial Planning Institute, is a good place to start, and in these days of the internet you can Google the planner as well as the company he represents. It is also a good idea to go to the planner‘s office so that you can assess the ability of the planner to give ongoing service. The next step is to provide the planner with details of all your current investments, assets and liabilities, and what you wish to achieve from the plan they draft for you. Ensure that you have a full plan completed, and it is probably a good idea to request different scenarios giving you options. A good plan will take time to draw up so do not be impatient and ensure you understand the full implications of what you sign. Should the planner attempt to use rush tactics to close the deal, then beware. Thirdly be prepared to pay for the plan so that you are not obliged to place business through the planner. You will probably then be able to negotiate a reduced implementation fee should you place any business through the planner. I haven‘t given you any ideas on actual investments and that is because there is no ―one size fits all‖ in investments, as you need to have a personally tailored plan rather than an ―off the peg‖ solution. Bob Clive CFP® 17



orgiveness is the pardoning we are moved to do by love when someone hurts us and we respond with mercy. There are two kinds of forgiveness: The mercy we show to those who are heartfully sorry for having offended us, and the forgiving of those who show no remorse whatsoever. One calls us to be merciful to others and the other begs us to be merciful to ourselves. Both are soulfully necessary in different ways. Forgiving the Forgivable It‘s not difficult to see how forgiving the sorrowful changes us. Not only can we pardon the offender with little effort, but we may even be moved to embrace them compassionately and welcome them back into our life as though nothing happened. We forgive and forget. Forgiving the Unforgivable But why should we show mercy to those who don‘t need or want forgiveness? Because forgiveness has nothing to do with who does or doesn‘t deserve it. We have no control over that. But we do have control over what happens to us when we do and don‘t forgive. In refusing to forgive, we tend to harbor feelings of hurt, pain, and misery that can torment us day and night. Eventually we can become bitter, even hateful, far more dangerous to ourselves and others than those we can‘t forgive. The Amazing Grace in Letting Go Forgiving the unforgivable is soulfully essential because if we spend the rest of our life hating the one who hurt us, hatred binds us to them forever as we allow bitter feelings to consume us. We need to forgive the unforgivable, not because it lets the offender off the hook (we never need to see that person again), but because of the devastating effects in our lives when we don‘t. So have mercy on yourself. Forgive the unforgivable and grant yourself peace. Rene Descartes 19

Come And Receive Encouragement for Caring for your loved one The Pastoral Care Team will be hosting a presentation on Saturday 17th September, from 9am - 3.30pm in the Auditorium. Have you recently found yourself, without warning, in a position of caring for a loved one? Are you overwhelmed with the desire to help and care to the best of your ability but feel inadequate, sometimes struggling with even simple tasks? Do you often feel exhausted, maybe close to burnout, and unable to leave your family member? Does this lead to feelings of guilt? The Pastoral Care Team would like to share the love of Jesus by reaching out in His love to our St Agnes members, as well as to the community in which we live, by offering ministry and encouragement, and by bringing awareness to the various resources, e.g.: Support Groups that are available for Carers. There will be opportunity for discussion in small groups with facilitators from various professions, there will be Support Groups to address questions, as well as a number of interesting keynote addresses by different speakers. There will also be people available to pray for individual needs. C.A.R.E for Carers is therefore offered to and for the Carer, but always within the circle of family and friends. We are calling on everyone who is already part of the St Agnes Pastoral Care Group to prayerfully consider your input on this day. We also appeal to anyone not yet part of our team to become involved in whichever way you feel you can offer your service as a form of worship to our amazing God. Specific and very important needs for 17th September: People who are willing to relieve a Carer in order that she or he may attend this day. NB: Nursing skills will NOT be required! Professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, speech therapists, counsellors etc.) who would like to be part of a group of facilitators on the day, to facilitate discussion in small groups. 20

Prayer warriors to pray for this event and for those organising it. We already have a number of offers from people prepared to pray for individuals on the day, but more would be very welcome. Please contact as soon as possible Lyle in the Parish office on 031 764 2037 or Gail on 031 764 2728 or 082 8969180 1. There will also be an insert in the pew leaflet for the next few weeks which you can complete and leave at the back of the church in the basket marked ―C.A.R.E. for Carers‖. Gail Swart


think it is quite easy to look at mission and reconciliation as two distinct and separate commands that God gives us. But, as with much - perhaps all - Scripture, God‘s commands centre around the greatest commandments to love the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind and your soul and to love your neighbour as (you love!) yourself. It seems to me that God is longing and crying out for reconciliation with God himself, with others, and within ourselves (internal love, acceptance and peace within us). And this is not just a gentle prod. It is God‘s first and second commandments on which all the law and the prophets depend and find meaning. This three-way reconciliation seems to me to be the ultimate goal and mission of the church that‘s us. And we can‘t have just one of the three reconciliations. They belong together. But the real sting in the tail for us is that God himself is the source of reconciliation, so all our ―mission doing‖, in whatever way he calls us as disciples, has to constantly strive to cement our connection with God through Jesus. ...apart from me you can do nothing (John 15:5). If a year of mission - and the ongoing mission for the rest of our lives in every nook and cranny of our living - is devoid of these three aspects of reconciliation, it will be devoid of God. We may have excellent programmes, or try very hard to get it right, but we will not succeed. I believe God is saying to us „please don‟t ever forget my command21

ment to love me and others, because I have first shown you what my love is, on the cross. This is my gospel of reconciliation with me, others and yourself. This is the goal of mission to the world‟. Hugo Misselhorn 13 May 2011


ince the American Pledge of allegiance and the Lord‘s Prayer are not allowed in most public schools, a15-year-old kid in Arizona wrote the follow -ing New School Prayer: From SAVES Newsletter No.47

Now I sit me down in school, Where praying is against the rule, For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd.

We‘re allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They‘ve outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible To quote the Good Book makes me liable.

If scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now.

We can elect a pregnant ―Senior Queen‖, And the unwed daddy, our ―Senior King‖ It‘s ‗inappropriate‘ to teach right from wrong, We‘re taught that such ‗judgments‘ don‘t belong.

If hair be purple, orange, green, That‘s no offence; it‘s a freedom scene ... The law is specific, the law is precise, Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all … In silence alone we must meditate. God‘s name is prohibited by the state.

We can get our condoms and birth controls, Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles But the Ten Commandments are not allowed No word of God must reach this crowd. It‘s scary here, I must confess; When chaos reigns, the school‘s a mess. So, Lord, this silent plea I make: Should I be shot, my soul please take! Amen Sent in by June Johnstone

There is one guaranteed formula for failure, and that is to try to please everyone. (Author unknown) 22



ay the beauty of God surround you this morning! Fresh air in your lungs, Dew under your bare feet. The smell of pine needles in the forest and the sound of the river rushing in the gorge! Dappled sunlight through the trees as you sit serenely on a rock. Water beneath and air above. May the Holy Spirit surround you with His love. Ice cold, crystal clear water in a rock pool. Moss on the rocks and ferns in the crevices. Tadpoles and minnows swimming making ripples on the surface, along with a water skimmer. The sound of the wind through the trees, The feel of the cool breeze on your skin and the touch of the sun on your face. The touch of Jesus lifting your hair. May Gods peace be with you my friends, Now and forever more. Amen....... Michele Higginson

When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Acts 2 : 1—4 24

Ancient ……and …………….Modern! D


ear Lord and Father of Mankind

mazing grace how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me From judging all that is not bound By how things used to be!

Forgive our foolish ways; For most of us, when asked our mind, Admit we still most pleasure find In hymns of ancient days, In hymns of ancient days.

Retain the best of tried and true, But take time to review Flow in the Spirit, share his love With saints of every hue.

The simple lyrics, for a start, Of many a modern song, Are far too trite to touch the heart; Enshrine no poetry, no art; And go on much too long, And go on much too long.

So many psalms and songs we‘ve heard It cannot be denied, But joyful noise soars like a bird And carries far and wide.

O, for a rest from jollity And syncopated praise! What happened to tranquility? The silence of eternity Is hard to hear these days, Is hard to hear these days.

Leave hackneyed obsoletes behind And raise your hands in praise. Express your heart, soul, strength and mind And trust Him all your days.

Send thy deep hush subduing all Those happy claps that drown The tender whisper of thy call; Triumphalism is not all For sometimes we feel down, For sometimes we feel down.

There surely are ten thousand ways, Bright shining as the sun, To shout and sing our grateful praise, And leap and dance and run! Heather Schneeman

Drop thy still dews of quietness Till all our strummings cease; Take from our souls the strain and stress Of always having to be blessed; Give us a bit of peace, Give us a bit of peace. Breathe through the beats of praise guitar Thy coolness and thy balm; Let drum be dumb, bring back the lyre, Enough of earthquake, wind and fire, Let‘s hear it for some calm Let‘s hear it for some calm.


Hymns ancient won over songs modern in a recent BBC poll of church favourites. Patrick Baker has written an anthem (left) for those who chose them. (Sent in by June Johnstone) What is your vote?!


he following have joined St Agnes recently:

Trevor Warmback Richard and Wendy Horner Rob and Dalene Moore Vanessa and Eric Parry Goodness Mkhize Richard Fleming

Sidney and Stephina Winterbone Cally and Carlos Da Costa Michael and Jennifer Van Staden Ilse Johnson David and Fay Kelly

We welcome you all and invite anyone who would like to, to write and tell us a little about yourself and your family so that we can introduce you more personally via this magazine. You will find our contact details on page 3.

A MIRROR For some and not a few it is difficult to know “how loved I am” I am along the road when I look at you and see reflected there and hear “I like you” We need to mirror each other to know the other and the I Jeff Moys 26


gave my life and heart to Jesus just over two years ago and have never looked back. My late husband passed away four years ago, before I was a Christian. I nursed him, I watched him die, I watched when they gave him his last injection. And I worried... Even then I knew, I didn‘t want him to go to hell. I cried, I was heartbroken; not so much for my loss, but because he was lost, his soul was lost. And so was mine, if I didn‘t do something about it... A year went by and I told myself, it is time to stop mourning. I started going out, having "fun" drinking, meeting other people, digging myself deeper into an eternity of no return. I was so lost. I confessed my sins to Jesus and poured my heart out. I was still searching, but I didn‘t know it then. My friends at work had said to me, "Come to our church, it‘s one big family, you will enjoy it there.‖ Two years after my husband passed away I got in my car and drove to church. The call was strong, my soul was crying, I needed help, I needed Jesus! I went on my own, and sat in front so that I could listen and concentrate on what the preacher was saying. I went for communion and I cried! My soul just opened up and I said "Jesus I want You, I choose You, I want You to be my Saviour. Thank You for dying on the cross for me. Please forgive me for my sins. Forgive me for all those things that I have done wrong. Please take my heart and make it Yours. I want to change my life. I want to be a vessel for You. I want to do what You will me to do. Please help me to follow the road that You walked and show me the way, that I might be Your disciple. Amen" I was like a drunk person, laughing and crying and happy! Drunk on the Holy Spirit! I walked out of church with the biggest grin I have ever had. I was finally happy and at peace! We learn something new every day in our walk with Jesus. I know where I am going when I die, do you??

Michele Higginson 27

Delani Mlaba is one of those rare people who are naturally hard working, reliable, courageous and of sound judgement. He has worked for us for many years in our garden, and is now qualified as a plumber. He is LOOKING FOR SUITABLE EMPLOYMENT WHICH MATCHES HIS QUALIFICATIONS AND ABILITY.

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StAgnes Chronical June 2011  
StAgnes Chronical June 2011  

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