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company profile: Bryopin was established in 1988 to develop and market meat products cooked using the sous vide method. Bryopin’s customers include the hospital sector, aged care, clubs, caterers, bistros/restaurants and take-away food outlets.

the bryopin system: Bryopin’s pre-cooked meat products are created using sous vide technology. The system was developed by French chef George Pralus more than 30 years ago – the name means “without empty”, or vacuum. The trimmed and shaped meat is placed in a special bag which is impermeable to oxygen, sealed under vacuum, then cooked slowly at a low temperature for many hours. It is then rapidly chilled in an ice bath. This system results in exceptionally tender, succulent meat, which can be used in hot dishes, sandwiches or salad platters. It also gives a long shelf-life of about 10 weeks refrigerated, and product can also be frozen for later use. Shaping the meat before cooking also makes portion-control simpler for the end-user, and cuts down on waste. The meat releases some liquid into the bag providing an ideal base for gravies and stocks.

quality assurance: Bryopin has a full HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) plan in place. It has consistently won Government contracts. Bryopin is licensed by the NSW Food Authority.


SUCCULENT, NUTRITIOUS & ALL NATURAL Fully cooked, trimmed and shaped for easy portion control. Just slice, heat and serve.


Beef Silverside Beef Eye Round Veal Chuck Roll Veal Silverside Lamb Tunnel-Boned Leg Pork Neck Pork Loin Pork 1/2 Leg with Rind Pork 1/2 Leg Skinless


DELICIOUS, LEAN & TENDER Perfect for a variety of wet dishes, just add sauce and vegetables. A meal ready in minutes. PRODUCT RANGE:

Beef Pork Lamb Chicken Beef Strips

braised steak

TASTY & TENDER Nutritious and versatile, serve as a steak meal or grilled steak sandwich.

sausages HEALTHY, TASTY FAVOURITES Skinless, blanched and low-fat with a delicious subtle flavour.


Thick, Thin & Chipolatas


TENDER, JUICY & VERSATILE Serve hot with pasta, rice or vegetables, or cold in salads.


Breasts Drumsticks Thighs


IRRESISTIBLE TASTE SENSATION Complemented with delicious, exquisite sauces. PRODUCT RANGE:

Pork Beef

lamb shanks

DELICIOUS, FLAVOURSOME Complete with classic red wine and rosemary sauce.

meat loaf GREAT-TASTING FAVOURITE Hearty and healthy.

carvery TENDER, MOIST & JUICY 70% cooked – just finish off in the oven. No netting, reduced waste and leftovers.


Roast Beef Roast Pork Roast Lamb Corned Silverside

about our product Our product range includes both carvery (70% cooked) and general (fully cooked) – diced meat, ribs, chicken, braised steak, ham, sausages and pre-cooked favourites like meat loaf. It is 100% consistent, from processing through to the quality of meat we buy. Most of our products are prepared without added salt or seasonings. This assists dieticians working in hospitals and other health facilities and leaves plenty of scope for chefs to add their own signature flavours.

the benefits of pre-cooked meat • We buy only quality young meat, from trusted suppliers, to guarantee a consistently tender result. • Before we seal the meat in its sous vide packaging, it is trimmed of fat and gristle, shaped and the ends squared. This allows for easier portioning and reduces waste and scraps. • The products are consistent in degree of doneness, tenderness, quality and yield. They are easy to order and can be stored in a coolroom for several weeks. • The bag will contain some liquid, known as “cook-out”. This has not been added, but is liquid that has come out of the meat during cooking. (Normally, when meat is roasted, this liquid evaporates in the hot oven). You are not paying for added water! • The “cook-out” contains little protein, but does carry a wonderful, natural meat flavour, making it a perfect base for gravies or sauces, or a great addition to the stock-pot. • Because we do the preparation for you, and you lose less weight during cooking, lose less on carving and through over-portioning, and waste less, we believe you will cut your overall meat costs by using Bryopin cooked meat products. • Our products are ready to heat and serve, supremely quick to slice and plate, and mean quicker service, requiring less supervision and fewer trained staff – an important issue given skills shortages. • We believe our products offer a better system for foodservice, offering better quality, less stress, and savings of around 20% on your overall meat spending. BRYOPIN COOKED MEAT PRODUCTS – NOT A MIRACLE, JUST A BETTER SYSTEM.

product storage and handling Bryopin cooked meat products should be stored at less than 3ºC for the period described on the packaging. This varies somewhat from product to product, but is generally up to 10 weeks. All products are labelled with cooking date and a use-by date. When reheating fully-cooked products, industry best practice is to reheat them to an internal core temperature (ICT) of 72ºC for two minutes. Our carvery roasts are supplied 70% cooked, and will generally require a further hour in a medium oven to be cooked through. Most products can be heated using an oven, grill, barbecue or pan, and can also be microwaved for super-speedy service. When re-therming a Bryopin cooked meat product with a separate sauce, it is recommended you begin with the meat and sauce at the same temperature. BRYOPIN PTY LTD Units 6-11, 64 Mandoon Rd Girraween, NSW 2145 PO Box 696 Toongabbie, NSW 2146 Ph 02 9896 4809 Fax 02 9896 2110 Email Web Manufactured by BRYOPIN PTY LTD ABN 98 003 513 942 MP 1253

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