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Rev. James Bilot


IN RESIDENCE Rev. Thomas Urban

MASS SCHEDULE Weekday: 6:30 and 8:30 AM Saturday: 8:30 AM Saturday Vigil Mass: 4:30 PM Sunday: 8:00, 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM Holy Day: 6:30, 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM

RECONCILIATION SCHEDULE Saturday: 3:00-3:45 PM and after the 4:30 PM Mass until all are heard

RECTORY OFFICE HOURS 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Mon-Wed 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Thurs & Fri Closed for lunch from 12 - 1 PM

UY 15 2018

I nfant T he


The Church is the work of God initiated by Christ and held together by the Holy Spirit. The Divine Child Parish is entrusted with the responsibility of bringing people to the Lord and answering the call to holiness.

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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan Mass Intentions

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018 (Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time) 10:00am People of the Divine Child Parish MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018 6:30am Frank & Julia Katarzis, by Family 8:30am Hector Polo, by Claudio Polo TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018 6:30am Norman DiDonato, by Cecelia Bustamante 8:30am Ann Schreiber Gordon, by Thomas & Marilyn O’Brien WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2018 6:30am Christine Brazier, by A Friend 8:30am Dr. Peter A. DelGiudice, by Wife THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2018 6:30am Fernando Tesorero, by Mike & Diane O’Connor 8:30am Stanley & Brigeth Kowal, by Family FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018 6:30am Tom Toth Family, by The Scarpace Family 8:30am (19th Anniv.) Stan Piotrowski, by Betty & Family SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2018 (Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time) 8:30am (9th Anniv) Casimir Dominiak, by Children & Grandchildren 4:30pm Vocations to the Priesthood SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018 12:30pm People of the Divine Child Parish 1:45pm Baptisms MASSES TO THE MISSIONS Jul 15: (Spec. Int.) Paul Medellin, by Mom Jul 15: (Spec. Int.) Fr. Jim Bilot, by Parishioners for Priests Jul 15: Poor Souls in Purgatory, by A Friend Jul 15: Fr. Ronald Cyprys, by Chris & Mindy Jul 15: Philip & Mary Beth Vincenti, by Graziano Canini Jul 16: Helen Chircop, by The Lezottes Jul 16: (Spec. Int.) Fitzsimons Family, by Chris & Mindy DeWitt Jul 16: James A. Coleman, by Toni Medellin Jul 17: Stephen Steffes, by Susan Steffes Jul 17: Deceased Members of the August & Anna Liebart Family, by Elizabeth Hetrick Jul 18: (Spec. Int.) Msgr Todd Lajiness, by Parishioners for Priests Jul 18: Lucy & Bob Wencel, by Ric & Mary Frances Jul 18: Philip & Mary Beth Vincenti, by Graziano Canini Jul 19: (Spec. Int.) Fr. Tom Urban, by Parishioners for Priests Jul 20: Mary DeWitt, by Chris & Mindy Jul 21: John & Anna Rodziczak, by Shirley & Family Jul 21: (Spec. Int.) Fr. Matt Hood, by Parishioners for Priests Jul 21: Philip & Mary Beth Vincenti, by Graziano Canini

Rest in Peace Joyce Kenrick Greg Robinson, son of Sandy Bajorek

EMHC/Reader Schedule Saturday, July 21 4:30pm T. Murray, M. Hughes, L. Singer, B. Singer, K. Matusz, F. Bova, K. Sarb, F. Misewicz Readers: P. Walling & M. Webster Sunday, July 22 8:00am J. Lesinski, J. Lesinski, K. Miazgowicz, E. Miazgowicz, M. Miekstyn, N. Ellis, M. Hayward J. Reed Reader: M. Grawburg & J. Vihtelic 10:00am A. Blaha, K. Crombie, V. Micallef, P. Szpytman, J. Szpytman L. Seitz, M. Yugovich, L. Collins Reader: J. Hughes & M. Szalay 12:30pm J. Supric, B. Sadler, J. Sadler, C. Ballnik, M. Garcia, A. DiMaggio, C. Matthewson, M. O’Brien Reader: Z. Chabaan & J. Cairns

Nursing Home Ministry Schedule JULY 21 TEAM 2 Captain – Sara Camardo Andrew DiMaggio, Larry Philpot

Baptisms - July 8, 2018 Elliana Marie Rademacher Daughter of Stephen & Jessica (Blazo) Rademacher John William Zwally Son of John & Johanna (Sovinski) Zwally

Sunday, July 22 8:00 am J. Moore, M. Moore, A. Toloday, T. Van Buhler 10:00 am S. O’Donnell, D. Major, K. Major, Z. Major 12:30 pm S. Slusser, D. Pettinaro, T. Pudelek, J. Pyzik Please remember to get a sub if you are not able to serve your assigned Mass. Thank you! The Altar Server schedule can be accessed at and click on Ministries.

Devotions at Divine Child Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena Tuesdays at 7pm in the church. Please join us as we pray for Mary’s intercession. It takes about 20-30 minutes for this beautiful devotion. Join us! Weekly Holy Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Every Friday at 3pm in the Adoration Chapel. Contact Tim at 313-363-7124 or email Please join us! Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrim Statue

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pray for us!

Altar Server Schedule Monday, July 16 - 8:30am G. Johnson & C. Soraghan Tuesday, July 17 - 8:30am M. Moore & S. Succurro Wednesday, July 18 - 9:00am T. Ceccarelli & L. Taylor Thursday, July 19 - 8:30am K. Charnley & L. Wild Friday, July 20 - 8:30am V. Paolini & P. Wild Saturday, July 21 8:30am J. Oleski & L. Oleski 4:30pm L. Miramontes, B. Radwan A. Raona, L. Ammar

Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrim Statue has been in the parish since the 1970s. If you would like to request a visit from the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, please contact Laurie Lundblad at 313-320-3127 or


Please visit our Lord in the Adoration Chapel! It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or come to Tuesday Exposition in the church from 9am to 7pm. For inquiries or to sign up for a time slot, please call 313-277-3110. JESUS IS WAITING FOR YOU!

PRAISE & WORSHIP AND INTERCESSORY PRAYER Tuesdays, 7:30pm - 8:30pm in the Church, following Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena You are invited to Praise and Worship and Intercessory Prayer with our Prayer Team. Experience the power of the Holy Spirit through this vital form of prayer. What is intercession? Most simply put, it is praying for others. Please pray about joining this wonderful ministry or just come try it out on a Tuesday evening. Most intercessors experience great joy, peace and intimacy with the Lord.

Churchof ofthe the Divine Child, Dearborn, Church Dearborn, Michigan Michigan

Things Above from Fr. Bilot As you read this article, I will be ending my vacation with family up north at Burt Lake State Park. I will be back in the office on Monday. I pray that you, as well, have an opportunity to take some down time to enjoy the beauty of summer, though it has been really hot at times! I am not complaining though. In the dead of winter, with wind chills below zero, I longed for the hotter temperatures with sunny, blue skies. The extreme weather conditions remind me that everything in life needs moderation -- from temperatures, our work load, the amount of food we consume, and, in general, living a balanced life. In my prayer time, I find myself dialoguing with the Lord about having a balance. There is always so much going on in life that creating a balance is challenging. I always trust that my time of prayer with the Lord will center me so I may do the work entrusted to me and let go of the stuff that seems to bog me down. Also, going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation is a great way to define the imbalances of life, work through them, and move forward with resolve and purpose -- thus, finding a balance. Pride leads to many sins and throws us off balance. Remember, Evil desires to keep us off balance -- keep us guessing. The evil spirit of the enemy desires an imbalance so that we will turn to the unhealthy pleasures of life which, in turn, keep us away from the Lord. I notice that when people feel shame or guilt because of their infractions, they stay away from the Lord because “he will never forgive me.” When we hear these words or ones like them, we must realize they are coming from the evil one and not God. God desires mercy and restoration of love. Renounce evil thoughts as soon as you think of them or hear yourself saying them! Speaking of the goodness of God’s love and mercy, I am delighted to let you know that the 600-pound marble statue of Mary arrived on July 3. With the help of several men exhibiting courage and determination, Our Blessed Mother was placed in her rightful place in the Marian Shrine. The next step is to pour the floor in the Shrine and, once this is completed, the finishing touches of landscaping can be done. My hope is to have the Blessing of the Marian Shrine on the evening of the Solemnity of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother (August 15), which is a Holy Day of Obligation. After the evening Mass (please note the Mass time change -7:30PM), we will have a candlelight procession from the Church to the Shrine, culminating in the blessing. We are working out all the details and, as they unfold, I will let you know. In the meantime, save the date and take a moment to see this beautiful work of art. The Shrine is located at the south end of the convent off N. Silvery Lane. Finally, if you recall, last year a man set off a commercial grade firework in the Adoration Chapel. I just received word from David’s grandfather that David will be transferred from the county jail to the Eisenhower Center in Ann Arbor for

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treatment. If you recall, he is a veteran and served three tours of duty in the Middle East. He was diagnosed with PTSD and brain trauma. I am pleased that he finally will be receiving the help he needs and deserves. Our men and women risk their lives for security and peace for all people, especially those here in the United States. Please continue to pray for David and for all the men and women who have served or are serving in the military. Blessings of Gratitude, Fr. Jim Bilot

This weekend we welcome Fr. Paul Galetto from the Augustinian Friars, St. Thomas Province. They are one of three Provinces in the United States. Ministries are located on the east coast of the United States, with missions in Japan and Peru. They work as Catholic priests and brothers in the community of Augustinians in serving the world and living by the Rule established by Saint Augustine of Hippo. Please welcome Fr. Paul Galetto and be as generous as your heart tells you!



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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan

Scripture and Humanae Vitae As I continue my reflections on Humanae Vitae during this month marking the 50th anniversary of this document written by Bl. Pope Paul VI, which gave us a clear explanation of the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception, I came across an interesting article recently about Scripture and Humanae Vitae. We might be tempted to think that the Bible doesn’t give us any clear guidance on the use of contraception because there is no explicit mention of the practice. However, there are many morally objectionable acts that we would all agree are wrong that are also not explicitly mentioned in the Bible. For example, polygamy is not mentioned in scripture but generations of both Jews and Christians have come to clearly realize that this practice is not just wrong but incompatible with God’s law. The same is true about contraception. Dr. Mary Healy, a professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, has given us a list of four examples of how Scripture informs our perspective on the use of contraception. Her article, “Children Are a Blessing from the Lord,” can be found in the seminary magazine Mosaic. Here are the four biblical truths that Dr. Healy gave as a scriptural foundation for the prohibition of contraception.

4. The biblical truths articulate in St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body According to St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body,” Dr. Healy explains how we can see that “God designed the marital act to be the visible expression of a covenant in which a man and woman give themselves to one another entirely and without reserve—including their potential motherhood or fatherhood.” - Fr. Matthew Hood

1. Children are a gift from God The first blessing and commandment given in scripture is found in Genesis 1:28: “God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth….’” Here we can see that a husband and a wife participate in God’s own plan of creation through their sexual union as they work to co-create with God through the gift of new life. 2. God is mysteriously involved in the act of conception In 1 Samuel 2:21, Hannah is healed of her barrenness through God’s direct intervention, “The LORD visited Hannah, and she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters.” Dr. Healy states that “In every conception of a human life, God performs a new act of creation: A new person with an eternal destiny comes into existence, a new face reflecting God’s image in the world in a way it has never been reflected before. To refuse this mysterious divine action is to shut the door in God’s face and exclude him from the great mystery that is meant to image him in the world (cf. Eph 5:32).” 3. Contraceptive acts are disordered in their nature In Genesis 38, we can see the story of Onan, who is the son of Judah, whose brother has recently died. According to tradition, it was proper for Onan to take his brother’s wife as his own which would continue his brother’s heritage as their children would be considered descendants of his brother. “Onan, however, knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he had intercourse with his brother’s wife, he wasted his seed on the ground, to avoid giving offspring to his brother. What he did greatly offended the Lord, and the Lord took his life…” (Gen. 38:9-10). The selfishness of Onan to contracept the marital act resulted in the loss of his life because it was a direct attempt to impede God’s purpose for human procreation.


Divine Child Religious Education Classes will be moving to Monday evenings this Fall 6:15pm - 7:30pm! Our new schedule will begin on Monday, September 17. We will have registration forms in the bulletin and online soon, and there will be a table after the Masses in August. If you are the parent of a child in 1st- 8th grade in public school, charter school, Montessori school, online school, or homeschooled, please look for the form and plan to join us! We are excited and look forward to supporting parents in raising Disciples of Christ!

Churchof ofthe the Divine Child, Dearborn, Church Dearborn, Michigan Michigan

Parish-Wide Summer Book Read

How do I find fulfillment in life? How do I obtain happiness? These

perennial questions are increasingly asked in today’s directionless world… The ideal of happiness comes from our own education and experience, but whether we notice it or not, is also strongly shaped by mainstream culture and the media. Usually such happiness is fragile – unable to stand up under sickness, failures, separations, and the various trials we encounter. Yet, I believe human life is a marvelous adventure. Despite the burdens of suffering and disappointments, it offers us means to grow in humanity, freedom and interior peace, while exercising our entire capacity for love and joy. There is, however, one condition. We must give up our own agendas and allow ourselves to be led in life, in happy events and difficult ones, while learning to recognize and accept the calls addressed to us day by day. “Call” is the keyword of this book…These calls come to us in many ways. Sometimes they come through experiences or by the example of others who touch us, sometimes from desires that arise in our hearts or requests from people who are close to you, often from Holy Scripture. They originate from God, who gives us life, never ceases to watch over us, and wants tenderly to lead and constantly intervene for each of his children in a way that is discreet, often imperceptible, yet efficacious. Although many are, unfortunately, unaware of this presence and action of God, they reveal themselves to those who know how to place themselves in the attitude of listening and availability. In the pages that follow, I mean to show the importance and fruitfulness of this idea, then discuss some areas where divine calls are frequently encountered: major events of life, the Word of God, and the desires that the Spirit awakens in our hearts. -Excerpt from our Summer Parish Book selection, Called To Life by Fr. Jacques Philippe

Purchase this book from any bookseller, read it, and join our seminarian Zaid Chabaan for a discussion on Wednesday, July 25, 7:00 – 8:15 pm in the Gathering Room.

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What’s in the ‘Z’ Dear friends, I would like to reflect briefly on the greatest tragedy in our world today, which is the loss of God and the rejection of Him. The very prominent atheist philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), was the son of a Christian minister and in his early life had a profound love of God, then rejected that love to avoid all limits to his self-will. Throughout his life, he was searching for meaning and was miserable and lonely to say the least. In a letter he wrote to his sister, his profound loneliness and deep search for meaning is expressed in a telling way with the following words: “A man of spiritual death needs friends, unless he still has God as a friend. But I have neither God nor friends.” As Christians, we ought to rejoice in the fact that our God is a God who has come to save us and who has come to earth to find and rescue us. Much of atheism today is not a denial of God, but rather an aggression of God. In the very famous parable of the Prodigal Son in Lk 15: the prodigal son returns home after having spent all of his father’s inheritance, and his father rejoices in his return, patiently awaiting his arrival with open arms. But, isn’t Christ in some way the image of the prodigal son and the father, for He came into our reality, left His Father’s throne in Heaven, to come to share in our poverty and sinfulness. When we sinned against Him, He waited patiently for our return. As we journey through our daily lives, we encounter those who are in desperate need for Christ and for His love. Let us remember that God came to save the lost, the last, and the least. Each and every one of us, without the love of God and having a personal relationship with Him, are those who are lost, last, and least and without God or friends -- truly lonely and isolated and in need of rescuing. P.S. I would cordially like to invite you all to a book discussion I am leading on July 25 at 7pm in the Gathering Space on the book by Fr. Jacques Philippe that is advertised in the column to the left. You do not have to read the book to attend. Please feel free to invite a friend!

"It is time our elected officials work together to accomplish two goals: ensuring the security of our borders and, at the same, time, treating all people with the respect and dignity to which they are entitled as children of God." – Archbishop

June 20, 2018

Allen H. Vigneron

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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan

Come & See! Catholic Inquiry Sessions For people thinking about becoming Catholic When: Mondays, 7pm—8pm Where: Church of the Divine Child

Catholic Parish Gathering Room 1055 N. Silvery Lane Dearborn, Michigan 48128

• • •

Drop in No registration necessary Come to any session

For more information, contact Jodi Ann at 313-277-3110 or

July 23

Catholic Q & A:

We’ll explore frequently asked questions about Jesus and the Catholic Church by looking at the Bible to provide answers.

August 27 Storytelling:

The saints are people that have had life changing encounters with Jesus. Hear some of their stories, and how each of us is uniquely called to holiness.

September 17 Responding:

God calls each of us by name. If you desire to know Jesus and learn more about the Catholic Church teachings, then RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is the next step. Learn more about the RCIA process and becoming Catholic at this session.


Victory Cards for Victor! Victor Wisniewski, a 3rd grader from the Elementary School, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Victor has started his cancer treatments which have been a little rough, so we thought we could ask our DC Family to lift his spirits by sending him a Get-Well greeting card. If you would like to make a little boy smile, please fill out a card of well-wishes and drop it off at the Rectory Office or collection basket with Victor’s name on it. We will fill out the address and mail it! If you can put a postage stamp on it, that would be greatly appreciated. God bless your kindness and please pray for Victor’s Victorious Victory over cancer!

Nobody expects you to show up for Sunday Mass in a top hat and tails, but there is such a thing as proper attire for church. Now that summer has come, we are all tempted to “dress down” whenever we can. After all, it’s hot and we are among friends. Well, we are out to do something else - to show respect for God, the Eucharist, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We know it’s hot, but guess what? The church is air-conditioned! Please always use common sense and good judgment when dressing for Mass, especially in the summer. Attending Mass should not be a casual affair--after all, Reverence for the Lord is the key!

Churchof ofthe the Divine Child, Dearborn, Church Dearborn, Michigan Michigan

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Our new Marian Shrine finally has its centerpiece!

Photos courtesy of Jack Zelazny & Mackenzie Brewis

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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan

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Church of the Divine Child, Dearborn, Michigan


The parish is choosing to use email more often as a method of parish communication. understand The parish is choosing to use emailWe more often as a that not everyone has email. However, if you have method of parish communication. We understand recently a change address, phone, email or that not had everyone has of email. However, if you have recently had aorchange of address, phone,submitted email or marital status, if you have not previously marital status, or if you have not previously submitted your email address to us, please let us know as soon your email address to us, please as Also, soon as possible so we may keep youlet "inus theknow loop!" as possible so we may keep you "in the loop!" Also, if you are currently attending DC but have not if you are currently attending DC form but below have and not officially registered, please fill out the officially fill out basket the form below and place itregistered, in the please collection or email place it in the collection basket We will call you! or email We will call you!

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EMAIL EMAIL ____________________________________ ____________________________________

WHEN: Sunday, Sunday, July July 29th 29th WHEN: WHERE: WHERE: Church Church of of the the Divine Divine Child Child -- by by Marian Marian Altar Altar TIME: 11:30 am (stay after 10:00 Mass or come early to 12:30 Mass)

 New Address  New Phone   New New Email Email   Would Would like like to to join join the the parish parish -- PLEASE PLEASE CALL CALL ME!


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Protecting God's Protecting God's Children Workshop

Children Workshop

This workshop is required for all DC staff, coaches and volunteers This workshop is required for all whostaff, will be working kids! DC coaches andwith volunteers

who will be working with kids!

Our bulletin is brought to you Our bulletin is every week, free brought to you of charge, every week, free courtesy of our of charge, advertisers! courtesy ofthem our Please give advertisers! your support and Please thank give themthem for your and their support generosity!

thank them for their generosity!

The Elementary School Parent Guild scheduled the Protecting The has Elementary School Parent God's Children Workshop at Guild has scheduled the Protecting Divine Child Elementary School God's Children Workshop at in the cafeteria, on Thursday, Divine Child Elementary School September 20, at 6 p.m.

in the cafeteria, on Thursday, September 20, at 6for p.m. Please visit more

information. Please visit for more We encourage you to register early information. since registration is limited. To register, please go register to: We encourage you to early and thenregistration click Our Archdiocese, since is limited. click please Protecting Children. Tothen register, go to:

and then click Our Archdiocese, then click Protecting Children.

SVDPSave ANNOUNCES POOR WALK the date: September 29. It’s the 11th

Save the date: September It’s the Every 11th Annual Friends of the Poor Walk, at 29. Belle Isle. year, theFriends Poor Walk in attracting Annual of thegains Poormomentum Walk, at Belle Isle. Every more the andPoor moreWalk participants. The purpose of the Walk year, gains momentum in attracting is “to and raisemore awareness of our mission and toofgenerate more participants. The purpose the Walk helpful funds in support that ourand Vincentian is “to raise awareness of of ourallmission to generate volunteers do in to support help ourof‘neighbors need.” helpful funds all that ourinVincentian the goal? To surpass last year’s volunteersWhat’s do to help our ‘neighbors in need.” record-breaker, which had 700 participants who raised What’s the goal? To surpass last year’s over $64,000. Specifically, officials hope to attract record-breaker, which had 700 participants who raised 1,000 walkers this year with a funding goal of over $64,000. Specifically, officials hope to attract $100,000. 1,000 walkers this months year with a funding goal of prime It’s two away, but now is the $100,000. time to get in condition for this scenic three mile Walk It’spaths. two months away, but now is the prime on beautiful time to getRegistration in conditionon forthat thisday scenic threeIsle mile at Belle is Walk at on beautiful paths. 9am. The Poor Walk begins at 10am. Free lunch, Registration on is that day atafter Bellethe Isle is at refreshments, and dessert offered Walk. theWalk weekend of at the10am. September 23, there 9am. TheOn Poor begins Free lunch, will be a collection and sign-up sheetafter available after all refreshments, and dessert is offered the Walk. the Masses. you forofyour heart.23, there OnThank the weekend the giving September

will be a collection and sign-up sheet available after all the Masses. Thank you for your giving~~Mindy heart. Delano ~~Mindy Delano

Churchof ofthe the Divine Child, Dearborn, Church Dearborn, Michigan Michigan

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Tickets are available at Divine Child Parish Office and will be available at the door.

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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan

Sr. Rita Clare (Anne) Yoches, T.O.R., made her perpetual profession of vows on June 30 at Father of Mercy Chapel in Toronto, Ohio, at the motherhouse of her community, the Franciscan Sisters, Third Order Regular of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother. Sr. Rita Clare vowed to live chastity, poverty and obedience for the whole of her life. Bishop Jeffrey Monforton, bishop for the Diocese of Steubenville, presided over the Perpetual Profession Ceremony, which occurred within the context of a Mass. During the first part of the ceremony, she wore a white cape over her habit, symbolizing a wedding garment that also serves as a reminder of her Baptism, and a bridal crown of red and white roses. Mother Mary Ann, the Reverend Mother of the community, gave her a ring during the ceremony as a sign that she is a bride of Christ. Sr. Rita Clare grew up in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. She is the daughter of Robert and Mary Yoches, who live in Allen Park and attend St. Frances Cabrini Church. She has an older sister who lives in Michigan and a younger brother who lives in Ohio. She grew up attending Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn, and graduated from Divine Child High School in 1997. She went on to study Sports Medicine at University of Detroit-Mercy with a full-ride scholarship to play Division I basketball all four years. She graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science and certification as an athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach. For the next academic year, 2001-2002, she interned at the University of Notre Dame as a strength and conditioning coach and played for the South Bend Golden Hawks, a women’s professional football team. In 2002, she became the assistant director at Total Performance Training Center in Wixom, Michigan, where she worked until entering the Franciscan Sisters in 2009. Sr. Rita Clare was a fullback for the Detroit Demolition women’s professional Divine Child High School Friends football team from 2003-2006. Her team won the national championships all four years. During this time, she attended Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth. She returned to the sacrament of confession after living a party lifestyle for a number of years. On a pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy, the birthplace of St. Francis and the Franciscan order, she began to feel a call to religious life. Later, at a prayer service at Franciscan University of Steubenville, she prayed to know whether she should continue pursuing her relationship with her boyfriend, or end it for a more exclusive relationship with the Lord. A group of university students prayed with her and read to her a passage from Isaiah 62: “As a young man marries a virgin, your Builder shall marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices in his bride so shall your God rejoice in you.” But it wasn’t until a similar prayer service a year later that she really felt Jesus ask her to marry him. She wrote, “I dropped down to my knees and the girls praying over me said, ‘The Lord wants you to know that he is yours and he wants to know, will you be his?’ This deep “Yes” came out of me. Immediately I had feelings of joy, thinking the Lord picked me!” Sr. Rita Clare visited four communities, but it was the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. that “felt like home.” She entered in 2009 and made her first profession of vows in 2012. Since then, she lived for five years at Heart of Mary House of Prayer and Service in downtown Steubenville, serving the poor through ministries at the diocesan thrift store and emergency food bank, Samaritan House, which she coordinated 2014-2017. She also coordinated LAMP, a bimonthly soup kitchen, from 2013 to 2014. This coming year, she will continue her work as a campus minister at Florida State University in Tallahassee, an assignment she began a year ago.

Sr. Rita Clare receives her ring from Mother Mary Ann

Read the rest of Sr. Rita Clare’s vocation story or more about the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. on their website:

Sr. Rita Clare makes her vows of poverty, chastity and obedience before Mother Mary Ann Kessler, T.O.R.

Church of the Divine Child, Dearborn, Michigan

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Church of the Divine Child, Dearborn, the Dearborn, Michigan Michigan Mariannhill MissionariesChurch Leavesof Magazine

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ANNUAL ST. ANNE NOVENA Mariannhill Missionaries Leaves Magazine TUESDAY, JULY 17 to WEDNESDAY, JULY 26 ANNUAL ST. ANNE NOVENA 7:30PM Job Networking Group TUESDAY, JULY 17 to to WEDNESDAY, 26 JULY 17 WEDNESDAY, JULY JULY 25 Are you anis, individual looking a job orof us Mariannhill 7:30PM Saint Anne and has been, thefor patroness

exploring opportunities? Are youinunsure Missionaries since our beginning 1909. She is now also of how to start? Saint Anne and has been, patroness of Mariannhill officially theis,patroness of thethe Archdiocese of us Detroit. We can Do you need help writing your résumé? Missionaries since our beginning in is nowforalso be confident she will lend a ready ear1909. to ourShe prayers, now Let us help officially patroness of the we have athe double claim toyou! herArchdiocese intercession!of Detroit. We can If you are a potential employer or ear a person be confident she will lend a ready to our prayers, for now The worshipemployment, service begins each email evening at 7:30. It starts with looking any we have afor double claim to please her intercession! Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, continues with a short questions or requests for information to The worship service evening 7:30. starts with sermon, prayers and begins litany toeach Saint Anne, at and endsItwith Exposition ofofthe Blessed Sacrament, with half a short Benediction the Blessed Sacrament.continues It lasts about an or call Bob Jensen at 313-600-7609. sermon, prayers andcloses litanywith to Saint Anne, veneration and ends with hour. The evening individual of her Group meetings are onSacrament. Tuesdays It lasts about half an Benediction of the Blessed relic. from 7pm - 9pm hour. The evening closes with individual veneration of her We cordially invite all members of Divine Child to attend this relic. Divine Child High School novena and join us in ourRoom prayers. All-Purpose We cordially all members of Divine tobell attend this These servicesinvite are held in our large chapel Child – at the tower. UPCOMING novena and joinon usMEETING in our prayers. We are located the south sideDATES: of Ann Arbor Trail just east of March 6are &at:20; 10large & 24;chapel – at the bell tower. These services heldApril in our Telegraph Road 1, 15on&the 29;south Juneside 12 &of26 We areMay located Ann Arbor Trail just east of Telegraph Road at: 23715 Ann Arbor Trail

Dearborn Heights, Michigan 23715 48127-1449 Ann Arbor Trail Dearborn Heights,313.561.7140 Michigan 48127-1449 Email: 313.561.7140 Email:

CYO High Jump Coach Needed! The DC CYO Track & Field Coaching Staff is looking for someone to fill the important role of HIGH JUMP COACH for the Spring 2018 Track Season. This person would be responsible for coaching and mentoring boys/girls in grades 4th-8th. Experience in this area is appreciated but not required. We welcome DCHS Student athletes! Please help us to make this another GREAT Track & Field season on the Mark Carpenter Track at the DCAA Complex! Must complete Protecting God's Children or have completed coursework on file. Questions - please contact Jim Shannon at or Deanna Dziadzio at

Alumni News Alumni Class of ’68 -News 50th Reunion! Divine Child

Saturday, August 11, 2018 3:00pmChild Divine Class of ’68 - 50th Reunion! – 9:00pm George’s Senate August Restaurant in Northville 11, 2018 Saturday, 3:00pm 9:00pm Cash bar. Cost–$35. Include an extra $15 if you are George’s Senate Restaurant interested in 9 holes of golf. in Northville Cash bar. Cost $35. extra $15 if you12are Mass at Divine ChildInclude Church,anSunday, August at interested followed in 9 holesby of agolf. 12:30pm, tour of the school. Contact Carol Mass at Divine ChildatChurch, Sunday, August 12 at Wojtowicz Bimberg 12:30pm, followed a tourto ofDCAA the school. Carol Please make checksby payable and Contact mail to Attn: Wojtowicz Bimberg1055 at Aubri McNamara, N. Silvery Lane, Dearborn, MI Please make to DCAA to Attn: 48128. Notechecks on yourpayable check that it is forand themail ’68 reunion. Aubri McNamara, 1055 N. Silvery Lane, Dearborn, MI 48128.Divine Note Child on your check that- it40th is for the ’68 reunion. Class of ’78 Reunion! September 15, 2018 Class of ’78 - 40th Reunion! Divine Child – 12:00am 7:00pm TPC in Dearborn15, 2018 September Strolling Dinner and Cash Bar. Advance price $60.00/person – 12:00am 7:00pm TPC inprice Dearborn Ticket starting August 1: $78.00/person Strolling Dinner and to Cash Bar. Advance $60.00/person Payment can be sent Melynn Donovanprice Zylka. Ticket price startingwebsite, 1: $78.00/person Check the reunion Payment can address be sent to Donovan Zylka.reunion for Melynn’s as Melynn well as other important Check the reunion website, details. Sunday, September 16 at 12:30pm, Mass at DC for Melynn’s address as well asand other important reunion followed by High School Tour Reception. details. Sunday, September 16 at 12:30pm, Mass at DC followed by High Tour Reception. ChildSchool Class of ‘88 and - 30th Reunion! Divine August 10 Pre-Party & August 11 Reunion - 11:00pm Class of ‘88 - 30th Reunion! 6:00pm Divine Child Pre-Party Stella'sAugust Black 10 Dog Tavern & August 11 Reunion - 11:00pm 6:00pm 860 Fralick Street in Plymouth (Friday). and Park Place Stella's Black Dog Tavern Banquets 23400 Park Street in Dearborn (Saturday). 860 Fralick Street in Plymouth (Friday). and and Parkstrolling Place Cost: $58 per person for open bar, appetizers Banquets 23400 Park Streetavailable. in Dearborn (Saturday). dinner. Vegetarian options RSVP at https:// Cost: $58 per person for open bar, strolling or appetizers Mail checkand payable to: dinner. Vegetarian options available. RSVP at https:// Colleen Meade | 14574 Riverside Street | Livonia, MI 48154 or Mail check payable to:at Question: Contact Chris Boudreau for more information Colleen Meade | 14574 Riverside Street | Livonia, MI 48154 Question: Contact Chris Boudreau for more information at

More Reunion Events: : More Reunion Friday, September 14 DivineEvents Child High School Homecoming Game at 7:00pm Friday, September 14 Divine Child High School Game at 7:00pm Divine Child Class ofHomecoming 1993 - 25th Reunion Saturday, November 24, 2018 8:00pm - Cheli’s Chili Bar Divine Child Class of 1993 - 25th Reunion Saturday, November 24,MI 2018 47 E. Adams Ave., Detroit, 48226 8:00pm$25/person - Cheli’s Chili Bar 47 E. Adams Ave., Detroit, MI&48226 Includes: Appetizers, Photographer, DJ, cash bar. Please $25/person send money via Eventbrite to Dawn Hansen or send a check Appetizers, Photographer, DJ,Reunion) & cash bar. Please -Includes: Attn: Aubri McNamara (Class of 1993 at Divine send Child, money1055 via Eventbrite to Dawn Hansen or send a N. Silvery Lane, Dearborn, MI 48128check - Attn: Aubri McNamara (Class of 1993 Reunion) at Divine Child, 1055 N. Silvery Lane, Dearborn, MI 48128

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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan

Fey’s Fru Bishp Fey Cuci 2660 servig Dearbr sice 1927

…WITH THE HELP OF DIVINE CHILD PARISH FOLEY COUNCIL DONATES TO TWO DEARBORN GROUPS Way back on Palm Sunday Weekend, the Foley Knights surrounded the exit doors donning their yellow aprons filled with Tootsie Rolls and canisters waiting for donations. The parishioners of Divine Child stepped up and donated to the Tootsie Roll Campaign that raises money throughout the state to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Church of the Divine Child Bishop Foley KofC Council #2660 A CHARITY THAT EVANGELIZES

AN OPEN INVITATION TO JOIN OUR ORDER Stephen Lentz, Membership Director Dominic Raona, Grand Knight Knights of Columbus Office 313-212-1835 or Membership 313-949-5162 Do you hear the Lord calling your name like I did?

The total monies raised are turned in to the State KofC and 10% is taken off the top for the State to use for all they do around the state of Michigan in helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The State KofC donates large sums of money to organizations that help the IDD. A few of the organizations are Michigan Special Olympics, St. Francis Camp on the Lake and St. Louis Center in Chelsea. The remaining 90% of the monies raised are returned to the individual councils in the form of a check made out to the approved organization of the council’s choice. We at Bishop Foley like to keep the fund working locally. This year our members chose to donate to the Instructional Support Program at Divine Child High School and the Area 23-Dearborn Chapter of the Special Olympics. Both worthy organizations were pleased to receive the funds to help with the additional expenses needed to help these great kids. Thank you all for your support.

Do you like to work for great cause like this?

If you are not a Knight and would like more information on becoming a Knight, we will soon begin recruiting for our fall Major Degree. Please use this time to explore what the Knights do. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone then go to to see for yourself the good works we brother knights do throughout the world. Then call and talk to us at 313-212-1835. I hope to hear from you soon!

Save the Dates Sunday, July 29th 11:30 am 5th Sunday Rosary for the

Intentions of Divine Child Parishioners – Marian Altar after 10:00 Mass or before 12:30

Sunday, September 9th 5:00 pm Installation of Officers Mass/Dinner Church of the Divine Child; dinner $10/person

Above: MI Co-Chair Ronald Broekman and GK Dominic Raona present the MI check to DCHS Principal Mr. Eric Haley and DC Advancement Director, Colleen Johnson, who accept the check on behalf of the faculty and students of the DCHS Instructional Support Program

Below: Foley MI Co-Chairs Ronald Broekman & David Bieniak stand with Coach Heather Jones (left) and Foley GK Dominic Raona stands with Dearborn Special Olympic Coordinator Linda Jackson (right) as they present the check to the Dearborn Special Olympic Athletes at an ice cream social held at Levagood Park.

Churchof ofthe the Divine Child, Dearborn, Church Dearborn, Michigan Michigan PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR LOVED ONES IN THE MILITARY

“Heavenly Father, protectFOR these members of our Armed Forces.IN Be their constant companion PLEASE PRAY OUR LOVED ONES THE MILITARY and their strength in battle, theirprotect refugethese in every adversity. Guide them, Lord, so that they “Heavenly Father, members of our Armed Forces. Be their constant companion and theirhome strength in battle, their refuge in every adversity. may return safely.” Amen. Guide them, Lord, so that they may return home safely.” Amen. MA3 Sean Abraham Major AdamIan J. Lytle, D.D.S. Private W. Laskey MA3Elizabeth Sean Abraham Captain Aceves (Walker), RN Airman 1stAdam ClassJ.Brittany Mack Major Lytle, D.D.S. Elizabeth Aceves (Walker), RN PFCCaptain Keith Bizek Captain Matthew J. Malinowski Airman 1st Class Brittany Mack PFC Keith Bizek Luke Boudreau, USMC Sgt Mitchel G. Malinowski Captain Matthew J. Malinowski USMC StaffLuke Sgt Boudreau, David Brash Cpt. Christian Minnick Sgt Mitchel G. Malinowski DavidArmy Brash PVTStaff NickSgt Calvas, Staff Sergeant Christopher W. Owen Christian Minnick PVT Nick Calvas, Army II Lt Colonel Louis A. Camardo LtJGCpt. Catherine (Walker) Paris Sergeant Lt Colonel Louis A. Camardo II Corporal Vincent Chandler LtJGStaff Casey Paris Christopher W. Owen LtJG Catherine (Walker) Paris Vincent Chandler SPCCorporal Alexander Collins BM2 Claudio D. Polo Casey Paris PFCSPC Connor Danaher, USMC Alexander Collins BM1LtJG Samantha Polo PVTPFC Michael Dawson BM2Courtney Claudio Porter D. Polo Connor Danaher, USMC Airman SO2PVT Ryan Desjarlais BM1 Samantha Polo Michael Dawson Cody S. Pratt Major Kevin Dobzyniak Airman Angelo Courtney Porter SO2 RyanJ.Desjarlais Sr. Airman Raona, USAF Corporal Cody S.Roscoe Pratt MajorBrandon Kevin J. Ebert Dobzyniak Lt Andrew IT1 Corporal Perry W. Brandon Edgell V,Ebert USN Sr.Joshua AirmanSchultz Angelo Raona, USAF 1st Lt Sgt IT1 Aaron Fryer Andrew TSgtLtJeffrey M.Roscoe Selonke Perry W. Edgell V, USN Lt Ted USN 3rd CPO 1st LtJannel JoshuaSkiver Schultz Sgt Haskell, Aaron Fryer Bradley Anthony Hura, PFCTSgt Brendan Springer, USMC Jeffrey M. Selonke Lt Ted Haskell, USNNational Guard Major Joseph Johnson PFC3rd Garrett CPOStorr Jannel Skiver Bradley Anthony Hura, National Guard 1st Lt Stephen Kerr Warrant Kevin P. Sullivan PFC Officer Brendan Springer, USMC Major Joseph Johnson Captain Natalie Ann Korona StaffPFC Sgt Garrett MatthewStorr Taylor 1st Lt Stephen Kerr Airman First Class Jamison R. Kucinski Seaman Angel S. Torres Warrant Officer Kevin P. Sullivan CaptainDaniel Natalie Ann Korona Lieutenant Kuriluk PFCStaff JuanSgt Vargas Matthew Taylor Airman First Class Jamison R. Kucinski Captain Matthew Kuriluk PFC Samantha Velazques-Vargas Seaman Angel S. Torres Lieutenant Daniel Kuriluk Commander Ron Kuzdak Major Leah Voelker PFC Juan Vargas Captain Matthew Kuriluk Airman 1st Class Lauren LaCaprara Sergeant Anthony Watkins PFC Samantha Velazques-Vargas Commander Ron Kuzdak PO3 Carmen LaForest Master Sergeant Randy Williams Major Leah Voelker Airman 1st ClassJ.Lauren LaCaprara Airman Christopher (Seraceno) Lapinski Sergeant Anthony Watkins PO3Ian Carmen LaForest Private W. Laskey Master Sergeant Randy Williams Airman Christopher J. (Seraceno) Lapinski

Please ushave know if you loved in one is serving in acknowledge the military Please let us know iflet you a loved one have who isaserving thewho military and we will them in our them weekly column. weekly column. Pleaseand sharewe thewill goodacknowledge news with us when oneinofour the above soldiers returns home! Please share the good news with us when one of the above soldiers returns home!

Please pray for these young women & men who are discerning God’s call to the religious life. Colleen Bailey, a 2007 Edsel Ford HS graduate and a parishioner, is in formation for the Miles Christi Religious order in Northville, MI. James Bird, a 2016 DCHS graduate, is in formation for the priesthood at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Matthew Bradley, a 1996 DCHS graduate, is in formation at the Conventual Franciscans order in Chicago. Sr. Rita Clare Yoches, a 1997 DCHS graduate and former parishioner, is in formation for the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R., of Steubenville.

Right to Life - LIFESPAN A Pro-Life Vacation DID YOU KNOW? Before you book your vacation, be aware of which corporations support Planned Parenthood. You can decide with your money which businesses you support. One of these corporations is: Marriott— Operations (hotels/resorts: Autograph Collection (AC), Bulgari, Courtyard, Edition, ExecuStay, Fairfield Inn, Gaylord, Grand Residences, Horizons, Renaissance, Residence Inn, Ritz-Carlton, SpringHill Suites, TownePlace Suites). Write: Mr. Arne M. Sorenson, President and CEO, Marriott International Corp., 10400 Fernwood Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817, Phone: 800-450-4222, 301-380-3000, Facebook:/MarriottInternational, Twitter: MarriottIntl. Source: The Boycott List; Life Decisions International For more info: LIFESPAN


SAVE THE DATES: Bowling for LIFE: August 17 Walk for Life: September 16

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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He show His face to you and be gracious to you. May the Lord look upon you with kindness and give you peace. ~ Blessing of St. Francis Jolanda Karson Janina Jayme Jeanette Reitmeyer Matthew Parrott Ken Shaffer Genny Ostrowski John Schroeder Charlene Friest Bill McCallion Gerald Roosen Hayley Stempien Kellen Weakley Roseann Bihun Ronald Krakowiak Alicia Bachman Zoë Cossin Andrea Metcalf Fr. Robert Crossmyer Carol Lienhardt Frank Maguire Stephanie Schick Jim Blicharz

Nelu Burlacu Tom Garchow Luann Garchow Victor Wisniewski Carl Real Pam Phillips Linda Pagano-Veltri Joe Veltri John Van Auker Virginia Bonfiglio Nick Bonfiglio Michelle DeGuzman Robert Parker Augustus French James Urban Jim Parton Kerston Sprader Joan Mueller Geraldine Borg Cindy Thorne Gideon Rhodes Bill Moylen

In order to keep this list current, names will be kept on the list for one month only. Please call 313-277-3110 to keep a loved one on the list. Thank you.

Please Consider a Gift to Divine Child As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied Grace. -1 Peter 4:10 By Mail: Church of the Divine Child Advancement Office, 1055 North Silvery Lane, Dearborn, MI 48128 Donate Online: Visit Include Divine Child in your Estate Planning: -Make a bequest to Divine Child in your will -Create a charitable gift annuity -Make a gift of life insurance -Donate retirement assets Make a Donation of Stock Matching Gifts: Double or triple your gift by having you and/or your spouse’s company match your contribution. For more information, contact Colleen Johnson at the Advancement Office at 313.216.0893.

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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan

Archdiocesan News 7/15 Sunday 7/16 Monday

7:00 PM Sarah Langford Violin Recital - Church 7/17 Tuesday 9:00 AM Eucharist Adoration - Church 7:00 PM Novena - Church 7:30 PM DC Prayer Team - Church 7/18 Wednesday 7/19 Thursday 9:15 AM “Living the Gospel” Faith Sharing - Gath. Rm. 7:00 PM Young Adult Discipleship Group - Gath. Rm. 7:00 PM Adult Choir - Choir Loft 7/20 Friday 7/21 Saturday 3:00 PM Confessions - Church 5:30 PM Confessions - Church

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is hosting St. John Vianney Day at the Cemetery A Day of Service & Prayer Honoring our Deceased Parish Priests, Deacons and Religious Sisters. Saturday, August 4, 2018 from 10am - 2pm Pray graveside - clean headstones - bring flowers Join our faith community as we honor our beloved deceased by cleaning headstones of hundreds of priests, deacons and religious sisters who have given their life in service to the Lord. All are welcome! Parish Groups - School Groups - Families Refreshments will be served St. John Vianney T-shirt for all participants (must RSVP to receive T-Shirt) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is located at 25800 W. 10 Mile Road in Southfield. For more information, please call 313-263-4695.

Bibles, Bros and Beers

National Shrine of the Little Flower | Royal Oak | 7:30-9pm Join fellow Catholic young men in our Bible study in the Shrine Conference Center. Questions? Contact

Remembering John Cardinal Dearden

“The things of this world, no matter how flashy, will all pass away. What matters is where we spend eternity.” Rich Donnelly, MLB Coach Taken from Fit for Heaven by Trent Beattie

Prayer for the Healing of Loved Ones Gracious God, You gifted Saint Pio with great compassion and concern for the sick and those afflicted with disease. Through His heavenly intercession, hear my prayers for……..(Mention names)…….who are in need of Your healing power. I implore You to send Your holy Angels to watch over them, protect them from harm and keep them safe from all illness and injury. Through the prayers of Padre Pio, relieve their suffering and bring them to a full and complete recovery. Surround them with Your love, and fill them with Your life-giving presence, to restore them to good health. May Your love and goodness be their constant source of comfort and strength, of healing, hope and joy. Amen. Padre Pio Foundation of America©

A memorial prayer service for John Cardinal Dearden will take place on Wednesday, August 1, from 7 to 9 pm at St. Therese of Lisieux Parish. Sponsored by the Cardinal Dearden Legacy Project, it will commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death. The Cardinal served with distinction as Archbishop of Detroit from 1958 to 1980. He attended all sessions of Vatican II and brought to us its teachings and collaborative style. He was elected the first president of the National Bishops’ Conference and hosted the first National Justice Conference in 1976. He died on August 1, 1988. A reception with light refreshments will follow the prayer service. St. Therese of Lisieux is located at 48115 Schoenherr, just north of 21 Mile in Shelby Twp. For more information, call 586-264-9815 or search Facebook: johnfranciscardinaldearden.

Readings for July 15, 2018 Sun: Am 7:12-15; Ps 85:9-10, 11-12, 13-14; Eph 1:3-14 or 1:3-10; Mk 6:7-13 Mon: Is 1:10-17; Ps 50:8-9, 16bc-17, 21 and 23; Mt 10:34-11:1 Tues: Is 7:1-9; Ps 48:2-3a, 3b-4, 5-6, 7-8; Mt 11:20-24 Wed: Is 10:5-7, 13b-16; Ps 94:5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 14-15; Mt 11:25-27 Thur: Is 26:7-9, 12, 16-19; Ps 102:13-14ab and 15, 16-18, 19-21; Mt 11:28-30 Fri: Is 38:1-6, 21-22, 7-8; Isaiah 38:10, 11, 12abcd, 16; Mt 12:1-8 Sat: Mi 2:1-5; Ps 10:1-2, 3-4, 7-8, 14; Mt 12:14-21 Next Sun: Jer 23:1-6; Ps 23:1-3, 3-4, 5, 6; Eph 2:13-18; Mk 6:30-34

Churchof ofthe the Divine Child, Dearborn, Church Dearborn, Michigan Michigan

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Community News Fr. Patrick O’Kelley Knights of Columbus Council #3860 Knights Knotes

The Grand Knight Open Scrambles Golf Outing - Sunday, August 19, 2018 Proceeds to benefit the Lennon Pregnancy Center $100 Per Golfer • Continental Breakfast 8am • 4 Person Scramble Format • 18 Holes of Golf with Cart • Shotgun start • Hot Dog & Chips at the turn • Steak lunch, beer and awards at KofC at 2pm Dearborn Hills Golf Course 1300 S. Telegraph Road North of Michigan Avenue in Dearborn Fr. Patrick O’Kelly Knights of Columbus 23663 Park Street in Dearborn For reservations call Steve Jacek at 248349-0490 or Tim Faremouth 313-550-8609

Retrouvaille - A Lifeline for Marriages A Lifeline For Marriages... A program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their Marriages. • Do you feel lost, alone or bored in your marriage? • Are you frustrated, hurt or angry with your spouse? • Are you constantly fighting? Or, do you simply shut down? • Have you thought about separation or divorce? • Does talking about it only make it worse? … Retrouvaille provides marriage help! learn more. Metro-Detroit 248-382-8281 English / 248-838-9508 Spanish

Vacation Bible School July 23- July 27, 2018 St. Linus Parish, 6466 Evangeline Street in Dearborn Heights. 9:00am till 12:30pm. 4 years old and up! Cost: $40.00 per child, includes snacks, prizes, bible guide, iron-on for tee-shirt, sun visor, and crafts. Register by July 16. Call for more information: 313-274-5778. ATTENTION DEARBORN SENIORS Do you need transportation within the city limits of Dearborn? Dearborn Senior Services offers Bus/Van Transportation for Dearborn residents over 60, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 3:30 pm. Call 943-4083 for more information.

St. Louis Pilgrimage From August 1 to 3, you are most welcome to join Prayer Pilgrimages, as we plan to visit St. Louis by deluxe motorcoach with Canons Michael Stein & Johann Fehrenbacher from Detroit's St. Joseph Oratory. Highlights include two night stay at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, daily Mass, attendance at the Institute of Christ the King Priestly Ordination Mass conducted by Cardinal Raymond Burke, visits to the new St. Louis Cathedral Basilica, St. Francis de Sales Oratory, & Shrine of St. Joseph with guided tour & talk. Cost per person (transportation & lodging) is $355 (single), $275 (double), $250 (triple), $235 (quad). For more information, contact Michael Semaan at 248-250-6005 or visit

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Church of of the the Divine Child, Church Child, Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan Michigan Pastor Rev. James Bilot Associate Pastor Rev. Matthew Hood Priest in Residence Rev. Tom Urban Church/Rectory Address 1055 N. Silvery Lane, Dearborn, MI 48128 (313) 277-3110 ~~ Fax (313) 277-3211 Rectory Office Hours 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Mon-Wed 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Thurs & Fri Closed for lunch daily from 12 - 1 PM Parish Website Parish Facebook Page @DivineChildParish

“Infant” Editor Marilyn O’Brien ~~ Bulletin articles are due by noon on Friday, or nine days before you want them to appear in the bulletin. Mass Schedule Weekday: 6:30 & 8:30 AM Saturday: 8:30 AM only Sunday Vigil Mass: Saturday: 4:30 PM Sunday: 8:00 & 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM Holy Day: 6:30 & 8:30 AM & 7:00 PM Reconciliation Schedule Saturday: 3:00-3:45 PM & after the 4:30 PM Mass until all are heard Parish Registration To become a registered parishioner at Divine Child, please call Vicky in the Rectory Office during the office hours listed above - (313) 277-3110.

PLEASE CONTACT THE RECTORY OFFICE WITH UPDATES TO YOUR STREET ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS! **Please consider including Church of the Divine Child in your estate planning to ensure the preservation of our parish and schools for future generations!**

(Area codes are 313 unless otherwise indicated) Elementary School 562-1090 Sr. Cecilia Bondy, OSF, Principal High School 562-1990 Eric Haley, Principal Convent 561-5455 Music Ministry 277-3110 Matthew Simpson, Director RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) 277-3110 x 222 Jodi Ann Micallef, Coordinator 216-0891 Advancement Office Colleen Johnson, Director of Advancement Mackenzie Brewis, Marketing Coordinator Connie DiMarco, Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator Marie (Stawasz) Boyle, Director of Marketing/Communications Aubri McNamara, Alumni Coordinator Dianne Rich, Data Specialist Matthew Saxer, Director of Admissions Religious Education Office 562-8667 Dawn Dwyer Parish Pastoral Council Ernie Bridgnanan, President 717-9558 Christian Service Commission Beth Stawasz Donovan (734) 421-8967 Worship Commission Jodi Ann Micallef 240-4168 Education Commission Marti Biscaro 561-2728 Tess Noonan 529-4598 Services Perpetual Adoration Chapel is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. For info, call 313-277-3110. On Tuesday, Exposition is in the Church from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Mother of Perpetual Help Novena - Tuesday at 7:00 PM. First Friday devotion prayers are from 3:00 - 4:00 PM in the Adoration Chapel. First Saturday devotions are at 7:45 AM. Anointing of the Sick Please call the Rectory Office to request this Sacrament. In emergency situations when the office is closed, the emergency line attendant will relay the information to one of our priests. Marriages Arrangements must be made at least six months in advance and couple must be active, registered members at a Catholic Church. Potential wedding date is not confirmed until couple meets with a Divine Child priest. Officiant at the ceremony will be a priest from Divine Child unless the couple has someone close to them who is a Catholic priest. Music for the liturgy must be coordinated with our Director of Music Ministry, Mr. Matthew Simpson. Funerals Arrangements are made in conjunction with the funeral home. Eulogies must be given at the funeral home or at the funeral luncheon; no eulogies at the funeral Mass, please. Memorial Masses are scheduled Monday-Friday only. Baptisms Baptisms may be requested on either the second or fourth Sunday of the month, pending approval. Arrangements must be made in advance and parents must attend a baptism class prior to the baptism. The Church requires that at least one of the parents and one of the godparents/sponsors be practicing Catholics; that is, they attend Mass each weekend. Parent Baptism Classes 1st Monday in August, October, December, February, April & June at 7:00 PM Roylene Hermann, Coordinator (313) 278-3537

Perry Cellini, D.D.S., P.C. General Dentistry Hours By Appointment Emergencies Welcome 2845 Monroe, Dearborn 313-561-0500

Holy SepulcHre cemetery SHerry oSSy Family Service Advisor

Living Our Mission catholic funeral


cemetery services

25800 W 10 Mile Rd. Southfield, MI 48033 Dir (248) 204-0094 Tel (248) 350-1900 Fax (248) 350-1737

Parish Member Serving Families!

Kramer Jewelry, Inc. Fine Diamond Setting Expert Jewelry Repairing All Shapes of Diamonds Wholesale Prices 25766 Woodward Avenue Royal Oak, MI 48067 (1/2 Mile north of I-696)

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 10a-6p Wed 10a-7p • Sat 10a-5p


WE BUY GOLD – FINANCING AVAILABLE Family Owned. Parishioner since 1951

Jack Demmer Ford 37300 Michigan Avenue Wayne, MI (734) 721-2600 Jack Demmer Lincoln 21531 Michigan Avenue Dearborn, MI (313) 274-8800


TIRES • MAGS • BRAKES • SHOCKS • ALIGNMENTS 25751 West Warrent (at Beech Daly)



Rick Bixman, President

DC Alum ‘74

FARON ROOFING CO., INC. Res. & Comm. Roofing Kitchen & Bath Remodeling 37520 Glenwood, Westland, MI Lic #2104060860 Ins.


LOGAN GLASS CO. Complete Glass Service

Residential • Commercial Auto Glass

22667 Michigan Ave • Dearborn, MI


Plants & Flowers to Decorate Your


DON’S PLUMBING 313-255-1199

Expert Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning 800-335-GROW



14505 Michigan Ave. Dearborn, MI 48126

877.848.0052 Sales 877.848.5480 Service

Mike J. Moore Realtor

23756 Michigan Ave. Dearborn, MI 48124

“It’s Moore Than A Sale” (313) 770-6365

Parish Member • 2001 Grad of DCHS Father of DCES Students Husband of DCES Teacher

Marianne L. Baran, D.S.S., P.C. Parish Member & D.C. Alumnus

Linda Leporowski, Realtor 42078 Ford Road, Canton, MI 48187 C: 734-502-0456 | O: 734-459-1010

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 23100 Cherry Hill, Suite 1 Dearborn, MI 48124 (313) 274-5210


24310 Ford Road Dearborn Heights, MI 48127


Mexican Fiesta Specials Mexican Fiesta II Specials

Serving All The Metro Detroit Area Schrader Collision, Inc. COMPLETE COLLISION SERVICE Serving The Dearborn Area Since 1940 1700 N. Telegraph, Dearborn

Adams Family Home Services

Handywork & Home Improvement

John Adams • Senior Discounts

313-561-0650 Parish Member 313-561-0651 313-581-2443 • 313-461-2548 In all things, give God thanks

Holy MatriMony is T A H , C dee PrinTing one MAN 1-800-292-9020 & one WOMAN

DIVINE CHILD 1 INSIDE #89215 JT 5/25/18

o dverTise


PAINTING InterIor & exterIor Experienced & Reasonable

• Powerwashing • Wallpaper Removal • Plaster & Drywall Repair • Deck Cleaning & Staining Free Estimates GARY R. LAUSE




DONALD M. RIVARD Attorney At Law


42287 Cherry Hill Rd., Suite #A Canton, MI 48188

Creating One Smile At A Time

(734) 981-2444




(734) 915-0029 23756 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48124


23550 Park St., Ste 100, Dearborn Parish Member

Complete Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning MASTER PLUMBER Michael J. Wood Member of Parish

Dr. Patrick Nolan Dr. Susie Guest


Robert E. Meehan, Jr., M.D.


Great Service. Exceptional Value

No sales commissions, office overhead, or unnecessary extra costs to pay for. No bull. This is simply the best for the least! Visit and then call Jim at NLD. These are the same windows installed in DC schools & convent, so you know they will perform! And NLD co-owner is a DCHS grad! This is the place & now is the time. Add value, efficiency, and beauty to your home!

3966 Huron St • Dearborn Hts, MI 48125


(313) 565-8366

23701 Ford Rd, Dearborn

(313) 278-5100



55900 Allen Rd 23750 Goddard (313) 928-2300 (313) 291-1800 Preplanning and Cremation Services Available


Family Owned & Operated

LEO’S CONEY ISLAND 5575 Greenfield Rd at Ford Rd • Dearborn

Every Sunday afternoon come in to see our balloon waitress from 5-8pm Also bring coupon in on Sunday and receive an additional 5% off






10% Parishioner Discount

30 Yrs. Exp • I.S.A. Certified Arborist FREE ESTIMATE 734-266-4015

Appliance Repair llc

Service Available 7 Days/Week Military & Senior Discounts Insured

Katie Yee (313) 588-8055

Valid this location only • No valid on any Breakfast specials Valid 1 coupon per family

We Service: • Furnace • Boilers • A/C • Hot Water Tanks


TOTAL TREE SERVICE Tree Trimming, removal, Firewood, STump grinding Insured, Senior Discounts



No-Nonsense Heating & Cooling


I OL CO IR & EPA G R TIN E EA ANC All Makes & Models L H PLI A P T TO & A


NotherN Lites Distributors

Whether you’re interested in listing your home or buying a home, I’m here to help, give me a call? 313-291-8200


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Dee Printing

We have private apartments with all the personal amenities and medical services you’d expect, plus Mass and Rosary groups. • 3 complete meals daily • hourly visits • assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, & medication • room cleaning, laundry, concierge services • social programs • activities • and much more Call Today for a FREE lunch and tour!

(734) 326-6537

614-777-8700. To LAdvertise Here, ERIC A. PARZIANELLO SMR imousine Attorney and Counselor Limousine & Sedan Service Please Contact Planning, Transactions Dee Printing at & Litigation 313-672-7300 1-800-292-9020.

3600 Campus Drive • Westland MI 48185 Visit us at


You are Going Places! Let Us Take You There! Around Town & Long Distance, Special Events, Corportate Transportation, Service to Canada Hourly and Flat Rate Pricing, 24/7/365 service. All our vehicles have leather interior, high quality audio systems and are equipped with the latest in GPS satellite navigation. We accept cash, check, credit cards. DC Alumni | Parish Discount | Dearborn Heights Parish Member 248-444-2066 •

Garage Doors Openers, Steel & Fiberglass Entry Doors Residential / Commercial / Industrial 14351 W Warren - Dearborn • 313.581.7300

DIVINE CHILD 2 INSIDE #87112-MM-12/22/17

1139 Inkster Road Garden City, MI 48135 (734) 427-3800

8283 N. Telegraph Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Mike’s Plumbing


24545 Ford Rd 5 blocks W. of Telegraph

Specializing in Dust-Free Plaster & Dry Wall Repairs Small Jobs Welcome • Free Estimates

274-2350 Unbaked Pizza $9.99 with Cheese & Pepperoni




Bar & Grill

Offer good on Unbaked Pizza only with coupon, Exp. 12/31/18

TOM WALIGORSKI ROOFING Quality Materials Guaranteed Workmanship

(313) 561-8486


(313) 278-8953

25431 W. Warren Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Sts. Peter & Paul Banquet Hall Specializing in weddings & Other events since 1975

750 N. Beech Daly Rd., Dearborn Heights



27553 Cherryhill

1/2 block West of Inkster Rd. Coupon not valid on Fridays; Also not valid with other coupons.

Szegedi’s Catering (313) 561-6288 Angel Food Catering (734) 697-1100

LaBo Family Chiropractic Dr. Heidi LaBo-Ratcliffe 2300 Monroe St. Dearborn, MI 48124

(313) 565-4500 19 years experience. Family care pediatric to geriatric Keeping families WELL adjusted! Proud parish member and Falcon parent Follow us on

LaBo Chiropractic

Bifano EyE CarE (313) 730-5020

Rhonda Bifano, O.D. Chris Bifano, O.D. 26388 Ford Road Treatment of Eye Diseases Glasses and Contact Lenses



Jim & Chris Puzzuoli Parish Member Family Owned for Over 30 Years AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS Tires • Brakes • Mufflers • Shocks • Oil Change • Under Car Service • Custom Pipe Bending • Shuttle Available

14441 W. Warren 584-8770

Frank Succurro

Come Taste the Difference!

NorthWest CONSTRUCTION Parish Member and Proud

New & Pre-OwNed SaleS & leaSiNg

Roofing • Siding • Gutters Porches • Kitchens • Baths

(313) 278-4060 • Delivery-n-Carryout


Plant Health Care Disease Diagnosis Tree & Stump Removal Pruning • Fertilizing • Consulting Seasoned Firewood for Sale


$100 Donation to Divine Child Parish

Call...Terry Burke “It’s All About the House”

Now CateriNg Baptisms • First CommuNioNs wakes • all speCial eveNts 6565 N. Telegraph Road Dearborn Heights (1/2 Mile N. of Ford Rd.)

Parent of 4 DCES Students


(313) 565-3092 (313) 565-5552

(Purchase or Lease)

Kevin J. Schilbe

Our bulletin is printed at no cost to the parish. Our advertisers cover all expenses. We thank them and encourage you to support their businesses.


800.353.4449 |



EST. 1917

sons co.

Established 1917 Specializing In: DIVINE CHILD 3 INSIDE #89646-BM-7/7/18


Vincent C. Yu, M.D.


Free Lasik Screenings • Cataract Evaluation Exams Routine Exams Performed with Convenience of Full Service Optical Shop

23550 Park St., Suite 200, Dearborn • Call

Mortgage Center NMLS# 282701

Home Improvements

25421 Ford Rd (A) Dearborn Hts. MI 48127

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21505 Nowlin Dearborn, MI 48124



Helping you see into the future,

ISA Certified Arborist

Maher Dabaja


East Dearborn 584-6060

(313) 724-2273



McGlinch & Sons

Four Generations of Dependable Service

Westside 313-278-2777

Oakland County 248-987-6300


Where Quality is No Accident

27100 Van Born Rd • Dearborn Heights, MI 48125



A Family Tradition Since 1964 Lunch & Dinner Specials Banquet Facilities • Cocktails

Bethany G. Stawasz (313) 965.8412

26356 Ford Road, Dearborn Heights

Attorney at Law, Specializing in Litigation and Business Law

In the Heights Center

Clark Hill

“Great Employment Opportunities!”




10% OFF LABOR & 1% donated back to Church

WESTLAND 1400 N Wayne Rd - 734-729-6200

THREE EASY TO SHOP. For a free room measure and financing pre-approval visit


Sports Bar & Grill

Home Health Care

24502 W. Warren • Dearborn Heights

313-563-0226 All levels of care - from drop-in to 24 hours service


*D.C. Alumni • Parish Member Tim Sarb

EST. 1978

HOME Parish Member REPAIR



(313) 563-5053

2222 Beech Daly Rd Ste 1 Dearborn Heights, MI

Please call for a free In-Home Evaluation •Insured



Kitchens Baths Attics Additions Dormers Basements Commercial

Each office independently owned and operated. CK Franchising, Inc.

• • • • • • •

Concrete Decks Siding Porches Roofing Garages Design

TesTani elecTrical llc

Troubleshooting/Repair • New or Old Construction Code Violations • Service Updates Danny Testani, Master Electrician

(313) 278-6000

Family Friendly Fish Fry Every Friday Cod * Perch * Jumbo Shrimp BEST BURGER IN TOWN

• • • • Call for more details: • 734-397-1111 • • Transportation • Light Housekeeping Meal Preparation Personal Care • Companionship

Parish Members

Call for Estimate Office: (313) 359-2689 • Cell: (313) 550-0709

Andrea Fitzgerald REALTOR

Parish Member/Alumni/Proud Parent of 2 DCES students.

313.283.1729 25636 Ford Rd Dearborn Heights MI 48127

Curran & Christie Todd’s Pharmacy Fast, Friendly, Convenient

Todd’s Pharmacy Fast, Friendly, Convenient

Let my Pharmacy be your Pharmacy 25871 Ford Rd. • Dearborn Heights SW Corner of Ford Rd. • Beech Daly

313-406-5279 • • “Free Delivery”


CONSTRUCTION CO. INC Porches • Steps Brickpavers • Chimneys Concrete • Garages Roofing • Siding & Trim

All Small Jobs Welcome



Fast Professional Service Expert Sewer & Drain Cleaning Lic Master Plumber Reasonable Rates

Reach for the Stars #87112-MM-12/22/17

Lifetime Warranty * Online Estimating Accept all Insurances Parish Member

Keeping Seniors Safe and Independent in Their Own Homes.


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KATIE ZAKAR (248) 669-0701 ~ Class of ‘99 ~

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