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OH MAN! WHO ARE YOU? Man has become successful in unveiling many mysteries concerning the space and the depths of the earth. What he thought impossible once was achieved by him. He once thought that he could never reach the depths of the ocean but he is now able to go there very easily. He became successful in reaching the farthest places and exploring them. He reached the depths of the oceans and revealed many facts and brought forth many precious stones. He was able to tame animals bigger than him like elephants, very dangerous animals like tigers, lions, and made the snakes dance to his tune. He is able to teach the birds to talk, and now he is able to fly in the sky like them. He is also successful in making machines which could work much faster than him. He made wonders with radio, telecommunication, television, etc. And now he is making every effort to find about the invisible matter (dark matter), from the visible world. He is able to control his house, his family, and if needed all the people of his nation. To put in one word we can say that man is the ‘ruler’ of the whole world. Man is curios in knowing about the unseen world and is spending millions of rupees in finding about it but it is indeed strange that he doesn’t know who ‘he’ really is. He doesn’t know how ‘he’ was able to achieve all these. He never spared time to know about himself; who he is and where he came from? Isn’t it strange that man is not bothered about himself but everything else in the world? We see people trying to know about that great power which is responsible for the origin of that world and this world. People call this power with different names. Some consider it to be God and some call it as the Super power. Some try to tell about the ways to reach Him and some tell about His qualities. They tell about Him in different ways and some even call themselves as gods. We see some deceiving people calling themselves as Babas and Yogis. It is only because people do not know who they are that they are behaving like this. So, it is must for each one of us to know who we are and only then we can understand other things. If you observe the nature around you, you’ll understand that it is there much before your coming into this world. You see the sun, stars, animals, trees, planets, etc being busy in their work and it is of course you who poke them in their work and disturb them foolishly. It might be surprising for you to know that they are all working for you! You are given a very special status and are made above them. You are made more intelligent than them and are given right over everything. You are so unique. Do you want to perish like them or know about yourself and make your life meaningful? To know about yourselves read further. ===