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MOTHER, FATHER, TEACHER, AND THEN GOD? People distinguish people according to their merit by giving them first, second or third places. We also see people giving importance to certain people and discarding others. We usually see people giving the top most priority to the ones they love the most. Most of them give first importance to the mother who brought them into this world. But does she deserve that place? Did she bring us to earth? Did we ever realize that a mother is just a channel in bringing us to earth? It is of course God who is responsible for our birth and He should be given the top most priority. But is it happening? Is God there in our lives? It is sad to see Him being given the last place. The first place is given to the mother, then father, teacher, and at last God. Even the kids in the school are taught ‘M’ for mother and ‘T’ for teacher but there is no mention of God there. When God should be shown from A-Z we find Him nowhere. The importance is shifted to mother instead and so they say there is no god greater than a mother. Just because of this attitude we see the atheist questioning, ‘Where is God and why should we believe Him?’ So, from ages we see people questioning about the presence of God. Many still doubt about His existence. There are people who believe God though they have not seen Him and there are people who do not believe Him because they wanted a proof of His presence. So, who is right and who is wrong? There are many who spend their whole lives in pursuit of this truth. From the group who believe Him, we have people who believe Him because of some good that happened to them; being cured of some disease or some miracle happening. They just come to God for some or the other benefit. They need Him only to satisfy their desires through out their lives. Do we have to believe God only because our needs are met? The following lines tell you why exactly one should believe God. There is a purpose for every beginning. If you see a beautiful building, it is there because the owner of that building had a thought to build it there, in that way. When the building is constructed, we don’t find the workers in the vicinity of the building. It is foolish to say that the building has formed on its own just because we don’t see the workers. In the same way, God has created every thing and just because we don’t see Him, it is not proper to say that He did not do it. The scientists have been trying hard to make use of the nature to make man’s life more comfortable. We have different research centers in different places for various fields. There is a research centre in East Godavari district for tobacco, which spoils the consumers’ health, a research centre for rice in Philippines, NASA in America and so on. If we observe clearly, we see that man has been looking at nature only to make his life comfortable which is only for sixty to seventy years and he has no time to do a research on the One who created it. If there are only two things it is easy for us to differentiate the white from black or fat from thin but if there are two thousand things it is definitely difficult to make out the differences. When there should be only one God who created every thing, today we see innumerable number of gods, a god for a village, made by man. So, we are unable to make out who the real God is from these million gods. Man cannot see God because He is invisible. So when one cannot see Him how can one give Him a shape or form? It is God who made man but not man making God, just the way a father can beget a son but not a son begetting a father or a potter making a pot but not the pot making a potter. If we can find out who that invisible power is and understand that there is only one God and it is He, then it would be better for us. Instead of accepting a god because he has been treated as god by our forefathers, it is better for each one of us to find out the real God. If a father worships the Sun, even the son, who is pursuing Master of Sciences and knows that it is just a star, worships it.

There were people who worshipped the moon till Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon in 1969 and said that it is just an unfertile land. Man just blindly accepted the one given to him by his ancestors as god but he never had time or interest in finding who the true God is. Man lacked this research mind in finding God and got adjusted with the one he was bestowed with. A god should definitely have good character. So test and see if the one you believe to be god has the character or not. A fruit vendor, who comes to our street, asks us to taste the fruit first and then buy it only if we are satisfied. He says so because he has confidence in what he is selling. Even we should know the god we believe and be able to prove him. Man did not know why he believed God. They believed Him for their needs. Is God there only to meet our needs? Is He nothing more? Do you want Him only for these 60 years of life? Is He not necessary after your death? Before God created man, He made this wonderful world for him. He has put water for man to drink, air to breathe, beautiful nature with myriad colors for man’s delight, different fruits having different tastes, and many more things to satisfy man and make him happy. Why do you think God has done so much for you? What are you to Him that He took so much strain to keep you comfortable? Did you ever have time to think why did He do all this for you? When ever you buy anything, be it a thing or a vehicle or even a soap you use, you’ll definitely try to know the brands but have you ever thought about how, when ,and where and by whom you were made? Did you ever try to find out who made the Sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the water, air etc? Why did God make the Sun which is 13 lakh times bigger than the earth for a man who lives a life on daily wages? The way a mother cooks food and covers the utensils; even God has put cover on the foods that we eat like oranges, bananas, and even the pea nuts. The moment you see the tomatoes in the market, you just think what to do with them, whether to put them in the dal, or make a pickle of it but you never realize who made such a wonderful and tasty vegetable. You never realized why He took so much interest in making such a nice vegetable for you. He created different to suit your taste. An orange, a lemon has rinds but when peeled taste differently. God did not leave a single color, taste and shape so that He could be blamed by men. Who is that invisible God? Why did He make such a wonderful nature for us? What am I to Him? Don’t you want to know it? Spare some time and think about it. If you try to carry a ten-months-old baby, it cries. It can make out that you are not its mother or father at such a tender age. When a baby is able to recognize its parents, why are we failing to recognize our Heavenly Father? Why are we unable to recognize our Father who made the whole universe for us though we are 20-60 years of age? Every family has only one father but not fathers. Even if there are six children in a family, there is only one father but not six. In the same way there is only one God for all the people on earth. Only because we are His children, he created everything and gave them free. When we spend 1000 rupees in buying clothes for our children, we don’t show the bill and ask for money. We give them freely because they are our children. In the same way, our Heavenly Father created every thing we need, and gave them free. According to science, the sun, the moon, stars were made 1500 crores of years ago but still there is no difference in the way they are shining. They did not lose their vigor or brightness. The earth still takes 24 hours to revolve around itself and the moon one month to rotate around the earth. We see the buses, trains, aero planes getting delayed but the sun, moon and earth never delayed even by a second. Did you ever realize who is running them so fast? Is it not the one who created them for us? The way we control the TV with a remote control, the whole universe is controlled by God. Just because they are in His control, there is no danger to them though they are moving at such a high speed. There is God doing all this and He is the Father of our souls. We have to believe Him because

He is our Father but not just for our needs. When you get an incurable disease, you go to a doctor. Even he says he did all that he could do and leaves everything in the hands of God. Did he do MBBS for 5 years just to say this? Even man turns to God only when he is in danger or in need. Turn to Him because He is your Father but not for your needs. When we were born into this world, we were able to know our earthly father only because our mother tells us. When you are able to accept somebody as your father just because your mother said, can’t you believe when you are told by the Epoch maker that you have a Father in Heaven? The one who revealed this fact to us is no ordinary person. He is Jesus Christ, the EVER-SUPREME PERSONALITY. It is because of Him that we have a calendar today. We are able to know the date, month, and year because of Him. We are able to differentiate the period as Before Christ and After Christ. Why was only Christ chosen to count the period? Wasn’t there anybody else greater than Him before His time? Yes, nobody is greater than Him on earth and nobody can equal to the sacrifice He made. So He was chosen for this. If an ordinary person of this world says that he had been to America, people believe him. But they could not believe the words of the one whom they have chosen to be an epoch maker. It is Jesus, the son of God, who told us about our Heavenly Father. Can’t you believe that eminent person who told you about your Father? We believe the words of many cheats. Can’t you believe the words of Jesus which are written in the ‘Bible’? Because the words in it are true, it has the record of being the First book chosen to be printed, when the Printer was invented. If you still think there is no God and die in the same way, you’ll definitely regret after seeing Him in another world. Every person will know this truth only after he leaves this body. We have come to know about this world only after entering it, in the same way we’ll know about another world only after entering it. To enter into this world we should be born into it, and to enter into that world we should die. If you still don’t believe and think that this is the only world and there is nothing after death, at least learn something by looking at a seed. Unless a grain or seed falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone and if it dies it produces much grain. As a seed has life after death, even we have a life after death in another world. Even Christ died and rose up on the third day to prove that there is another life after death. So, believe that there is only one God and that is your Heavenly Father and strive to enter into that wonderful world which is only possible through Christ Jesus. By now you must have understood who deserves the first place in your life. It is of course God our Father. ===


If an ordinary person of this world says that he had been to America, people believe him. But they could not believe the words of the one wh...

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