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HAVE YOU BELIEVED GOD OR KNOWN HIM? Man’s life is unique in this great world. This privilege has been given only to man but not to any other creature of this world. Man should look at the nature to learn about the lessons of life but not the lessons relating to biology or some other subjects. If we see the ancient world map, we would find greenery, rivers, mountains, etc in myriad colors. But if we see today’s world map, we could see only blood-shed, terrorists’ attacks, accidents, epidemics, etc. The world map has turned bloody because of man’s selfishness. We do not find nature in its original form. We destroyed all the greenery, mountains, snow and all the beauties of nature. In this dangerous situation, man is just bothered about how to live in this world but he has forgotten the very purpose of his living. Man has failed in understanding the very essence of living because he has not been told by anyone, any great personality, about the wonderful creation and his relation with God. He failed to understand that God is his Father. If we see the disciplinary movement of the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars we would wonder if the people doing the march past before the leaders, would perform better than them. They are so disciplined because they know whom they are serving. They could not neglect their duties because they are serving the children of God. World recognizes a very few as historic people and the rest are treated as oblivions. If that is true, even the nature would have served only the few important people. But it is not so. Every body born into this world is special, so we find the nature serving every one. Each one is the child of God. Man is born in this world to fulfill the dream of God. Ashoka was called a historian because he planted trees and Veerappan was called so because he had cut down the trees. Every body goes into the same grave and is forgotten. So, who is greater than whom? If Ashoka is treated a historian, what should we call the one who created the trees. So, God has invested the whole creation and asked man to live for Him, but man couldn’t realize who he has to live for. He is living his life in his own way not knowing the wrath of God. Man is under the impression that God would forgive him whatever he did. He doesn’t know that he has to stand as a criminal in front of God waiting for his judgement. Man is busy in exploring the world but he doesn’t know anything about himself. Man thought that there is nothing more to know about himself and started his expedition into the unknown. Man spent his life in revelry not knowing about his fate after death. He just knew that it is happy to live and sad to die. He doesn’t know how valuable the life between birth and death is. Man, who is supposed to know God in his life time on earth, learnt everything except God. When somebody told him about God, he accepted Him very easily, without any difficulty. But what next, he just attended church once in a week, gave a little, participated in celebrations once a year and that’s all. Is God expecting so little from us for having given us such a big world? There is no need for man to be born on earth if he has to live for himself. Man wouldn’t be given right to put his hands on the nature had it been so. Just because man was born for God, He gave him right on the nature. We are born only for Him, to live the way He wanted, but not for our own self; not to etch a name for our self nor to become wealthy. We are born not to show our selves as great and go to grave but to show others how great our God is. It has become very easy for everyone to believe God but nobody wants to know Him. Man has no time to think why the one who created every thing has been concealed. Why is no importance given to God? It is because man is engaged with every stupid activity and has no time think about his Creator. He took God for granted.

This earth is the place for every one to know God properly and accomplish His will. We have to live the way God wanted us to live and go back to the place from where we have come. Know about the place you would go after your death. It’s not that every thing ends with your death. There is another world which you are stepping into after your death. Your soul enters into any one of the two worlds. The way we have a tourist guide to tell about the unseen places, we have a book called ‘the Bible’ which tells us about the life after death. Do not despise Bible or my teachings as religious. If you reject it, be prepared to go to the ever lasting Hell. Do not be a slave to any caste or religion. Be wise and take a proper decision. It is good if you know your God and believe Him. It is you who has to come to God. It is you who needs to know Him. So dear readers, when you are getting prepared for every journey of this world, will you not prepare yourself for the final journey which is inevitable. Are you still thinking that your relatives would do everything after your death? What they do is just for your body? Do you know what happens to your soul after your death? Do you know where it would go? All the souls that wouldn’t live for God in this world would go to hell. Many are leading their lives in luxury thinking that this life is the only life and there is nothing more after death. But because there is this world, there will definitely be a world greater than this also. No TV channel knows where our soul goes after death. Even the channels like Geographic Channel, Discovery, BBC which provide us with hidden secrets of nature, could not tell about a place called Hell. It is only the Bible which gives us information about this. All those who considered this fact as a story are burning in the ever lasting fire and those who believed it are enjoying the eternity. So, in this short life on earth, if we accept Jesus as our savior, get baptized and live according to the will of God, we would get that ever lasting life. But if we get attracted by the world and waste our lives in acquiring wealth which we would not take with us after death, we would definitely not inherit His Kingdom. We see people trying to earn more than required, which is of no use. Each one of us should try to earn Jesus instead in our life time. If we can not face one lion here, how can we face the anger of God which is equal to a crore lions? Just think if you are ready to face the wrath of your Heavenly Father. Just because God is very strict, we see the nature obeying God so perfectly. When we could make out what is sweet, what is hot, what is sour and what is bitter and are not able to identify the true God, He is not going to spare us. The way to your Father is only Jesus, His beloved son. It’s in your hands to decide where you would want to go. ===



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