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A STORY WHICH IS NOT A STORY BUT A TRUE INCIDENT! Once upon a time there lived a great king who ruled the Three Worlds. He had millions of workers but He wasn’t happy. He had no children and He was desirous in having children who would rule the Three Worlds. He expected the children who were born from Him to be as great and perfect as He. So, there was a proclamation in the Three Worlds. A peculiar competition was held which was never seen before. There was only one winner and million losers. Are you curious in knowing about this strange competition? So, why do you waste your time? Read ahead. The First one: There was father on one side and mother on the other side. There were millions who were running from father towards mother, and the mother had only one reward. Whoever reached her first would get the gift. This was the first step. The second one: There was mother at one end and father at the other end. There was an abyss between them. There were many who won the first race. All those who won the first race should cross the abyss and reach their father. Only those who were able to reach him would be the children of the ruler of the three worlds. Did you make out anything? Read further. The first race: The world we are living is one of the three worlds. In it we find millions of stars, the solar family, earth, and father and mother who gave birth to us. When the husband and wife unite, the sperms (about 4- 30 crores) from the husband enter into the womb of the wife who has only one egg. So there is chance only for one sperm to unite with the egg. The union of sperm and egg result in the formation of zygote. After repeated divisions it develops into foetus. The remaining sperms fall down. So, all of us who are on this earth had won the first race. Do not forget that there are millions who lost that chance. The second race: As per 2004-2005 censuses, the world population is about 650 crores. When we were in our mother’s womb for nine months, we didn’t know anything. Only after coming out and spending a few days we understood the ways of this world. We struggle day and night for a life which is hardly 60 years. All that we see in this world is blood shed, bond between people, envy, hatred, selfish ambitions, out bursts of wrath, deceit, etc. The one who doesn’t know anything before the birth learns every thing after stepping into this world. Instead of learning good he learns all the bad and becomes a slave to it. Though the number of people visiting the holy places is increasing day by day we see the police stations being filled. Only the ones who cross this ‘abyss’ would go back to the Heavenly Father. Till we were born into this world we didn’t know about it and we would also know about the other world only after entering it. The 650 crore people who were successful in the first race are unable to win the second race. Result: Do you want to rule the three worlds? Your Heavenly Father has helped you win the first race to see you successful even in the second race. So try to fulfill His desire. A seed, flower, fruit, bird, fish, animal and the whole creation is selflessly serving you. So, why are you selfish? Why do you want to live for yourself? Don’t forget that you have to break all the relations one day and go back to the place where you have come from. Do not forget that you can be the ruler of the three worlds. It is in your hands to cross the abyss (the great barrier) and reach your Father. So, live rightly

on earth fulfilling the will of your Heavenly Father and be prepared to get back to Him. Be a winner even in the second race. ===

a True Story based on incident  

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