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Community voices inspiring each other in mission It’s a yes! CMS pioneer course endorsed by C of E to train ordination candidates

“It is great for pioneers and for God’s mission in this country.” The Rt Rev Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester What does this mean for candidates for ordained pioneer ministry with the C of E? It means that for the first time, they will be able to train on a course that has been designed entirely for pioneer leaders. As current pioneers on the course will tell you, this is invaluable, as is the unique opportunity to learn alongside others who are also pioneers. Pioneer ordinand Johnny Sertin, who leads Earlsfield Friary in southwest

What does this mean for the Church of England? Rachel Jordan, National Adviser for Mission and Evangelism for the Church of England, said CMS was “uniquely qualified” to train pioneer ordinands. Jordan said: “The roots of pioneering ministry are in the missionary movement and therefore CMS is uniquely qualified to train Church of England pioneer ordinands for the urgent missionary task in the UK. CMS pioneer ordinands will benefit from the years of experience in crosscultural mission that is CMS’s expertise and the Church of England will gain many well equipped and specifically trained individuals for 21st century mission.” What does it mean for UK mission? It’s a big boost for UK mission, as it’s no secret that pioneers are much needed. Current people on the course are involved in groundbreaking mission: comedy clubs, gym outreaches, engaging with spiritual seekers and so much more. The Rt Rev Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester and a co-chair of the South Central Regional Training Partnership, said of the C of E endorsement, “I am delighted. It is great for Pioneers and for God’s mission in this country.” What does it mean for lay pioneers? CMS will still train lay pioneers and the course will continue to be flexible so partici-

pants don’t have to stop doing to continue learning. So if you are selected for ordained pioneer ministry, in the process or know someone who is, come and talk to CMS. The next course open day is 26 April at CMS in Oxford. Full details of the course, students’ stories and how to apply can all be found on the course website:

The search continues… As you may have heard, CMS trustees conducted interviews for the new CMS executive leader in February and decided not to appoint from the shortlisted candidates. At time of writing, trustees were reflecting on the process and getting ready to re-advertise the role. Please pray for them to be endowed with wisdom as this process moves forward and pray for members of the senior management team as they continue to take on additional responsibilities until the next leader for CMS is found. Newly consecrated as Bishop of Winchester, Tim Dakin with Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Photo: Diocese of Winchester

Two and a half years ago, the Church of England approached CMS about helping with the training of pioneers. Wanting to equip both ordained and not-so-ordained pioneers, CMS developed the Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course, which was piloted in 2010–2011 with a great group of adventurous people. After a successful pilot year, many meetings and much paperwork, we are pleased to announce that the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course has been officially approved as a training pathway for ordained pioneer ministry in the Church of England. This will take place in partnership with Ripon College Cuddesdon.

London, said he was “overjoyed” at the news, adding, “It is a watershed moment, from which many will benefit as we reimagine the future together.”

with the CMS community online w w


The story of three saints

By Stafford Cruse, CMS head of finance

The 2011 end-of-year figures are in, so allow me to share some of the headlines. CMS

By Hannah Caroe In around 600 AD, St Bega, an Irish princess promised in marJenny Ottewell riage to a Viking king, fled across the Irish Sea to St Bees in Cumbria, and stepped out on a pilgrimage across the hills. In late 2011, former CMS mission partner Jenny Ottewell also set off from St Bees, in aid of another indomitable lady, Canon Janet Muhindo, CMS Timothy mission partner in Uganda. Janet works tirelessly in every region of Uganda to develop children’s ministry – training and encouraging teachers, parents and other workers to care for the spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs of children. Recently, Janet has been working to lovingly rehabilitate children damaged by the conflict in the North. Back in Cumbria, together with 13 others, Jenny walked more than 36 miles over three days in October. They climbed over 1,000 feet to the top of Dent, navigated Ennerdale, marched past Black Sail YHA and survived a wet and rocky climb up and over Honister Pass. At last on Sunday, the 14 intrepid trekkers arrived, triumphant, moulded together by the experience, and very wet, at St Bega’s chapel on Bassenthwaite. Through this challenge, Jenny has so far personally raised £1,948 in sponsorship from friends in Cumbria and far beyond (she hopes to reach £2,000) for Janet’s work. We are enthusiastically encouraging all members to consider fundraising for worldwide mission through sponTrekking for mission sored events like this. We are promoting a sponsored walk on 12 May in the lovely South Downs. To get involved, contact Hannah on 01865 787521 or Challenge yourself for those who face challenges every day!

CMS and me by Lucia Turner My CMS story is completely un-dramatic, but it goes back a long way! Just over 60 years ago, early in my first term at Oxford, I was led – initially through the loving ministry of a fellow student (Rosemary Green) – from an intellectual Christianity to a trust in, and commitment to, Jesus as my personal saviour. Christians, I learned, studied the Bible, prayed, joined a church, witnessed boldly to their faith, and supported overseas mission. I obediently looked for the most obvious mission society, found CMS and, once earning, took out a covenant and read the “Yes” magazine, which so graphically brought real situations to life. Norman Grubb was

Financial update

my first President/General Secretary. Taught that the proper attitude to overseas service was not “Why me, Lord?” but “Why not me, Lord,” I duly presented myself at Partnership House as being open to such a call, and was kindly told to come back if I received one. I did not. The prayer diaries stimulated regular prayer, but it was some years before I discovered that membership meant more of a commitment than giving and praying, and I signed up to that; more active involvement really began after retirement. Living in North Oxfordshire made it possible to attend Oxford branch meetings from time to time, to hear and pray with CMS folk from the field, and on one memorable occasion to hear Bishop Ken-

income for the year from donations, legacies, investments and charitable activities totalled £7.2m. On top of that we were able to dispose of some properties during the year, which increased our income by another £1.1m. Our expenditure for the year (before pension adjustments) was approximately £7.8m. Some of the income from property sales will go toward lessening the deficit and the rest will be placed in reserve for the future. In terms of giving, CMS received 1% less than the previous year, but given the current economic climate, we had budgeted to receive less, so in the end we were above budget for giving by 5%. We are so grateful for the faithfulness of our members and friends who have continued to show their prayerful support for God’s mission. On behalf of all our staff and people in mission, thank you. The CMS annual review will be posted with the next Connect and this will contain more financial details as well as some wonderful stories of mission that took place in 2011. As we look to the future, we are working hard to see CMS income rise in line with inflation and our mission needs. Please pray for more financial support as we face this challenge; we need an additional £150k of new donations to reach our income goals for 2012.

neth Cragg talking about Islam. What a joy it was when CMS moved down to the splendid Oxford headquarters, and direct participation became so much easier. We also have the inspiration of Jennie Tustian, a retired CMS missionary who spent over 25 years running Rugarama clinic in southwest Uganda, now living in Swerford in our parish. Every three months or so, Jennie and I join the Wednesday Intercessors at CMS in Oxford to pray over mission partners’ newsletters; this is a growth time and it has also been exciting to attend the crucial meeting at which SAMS and CMS united, and Day 50 with Archbishop Sentamu. At home, Prayerlines and the colourful Mission Update provide amazing prayer fodder. The climax, so far, was becoming a member of the new community when that was established last year, but I hope the story is not finished yet!

Resurrection in Colwyn Bay Pioneer leads community makeover of boarded up pub for Easter arts exhibit in North Wales

Get into the groove with groups By Barbara Oakley A CMS member in Scotland thought it would be good to make contact with other CMS community members in her area so she got in touch with us at CMS in Oxford to get a list of local members. She recently told us about the event she organised: “Our informal gathering of CMS folk in Scotland went well quite well. There were eight of us in total, from both sides of the country, and I had a few emails from people who were interested, but couldn’t make it. We followed the CMS daily prayer liturgy which was good, and prayed for the work of CMS and for our own missional challenges.” They’re planning to meet again in the summer and hope to encourage others to join them. If you’re feeling a bit isolated from other members of the CMS community and think that you could organise something similar, give me a call or drop me an email so that we can help you make those initial contacts. Several of the more established CMS groups and associations have recently re-formed themselves into smaller, more informal gatherings. The former Bristol Diocesan CMS/USPG group has become the Bristol Prayer and Information group. They are now meeting twice a year for a bring and share light lunch or tea to share information and pray for the different mission partners their local churches support. The Norwich Diocesan Association is also in the process of reforming into a smaller, more informal prayer group. So, if you’re thinking that the group you belong to might want to do something similar, we would love to hear about it. If your group has done anything that might inspire and encourage other groups, please let me know this as well so we share it in Connect.

Forty local and nationally acclaimed artists are set to breathe new life into the Imperial Hotel, Colwyn Bay, with their interpretations of the Easter story, galvanised by local pioneer Gavin Mart. Gavin is an artist and musician himself as well as being a student on the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training course, and a VentureFX Pioneer appointed by the Methodist Church. He has set up as a hub for the arts in and around Colwyn Bay. “We have been overwhelmed by the community’s response to the idea of hosting an exhibition to celebrate Easter through the Arts,” he says. The Easter Story Exhibition, which launched on 31 March, sees 40 local and national artists responding to 40 Bible passages that share the story of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. “The artists are mostly chosen to represent ‘non-churched’ communities,” explains Gavin. “Engedi Arts is interested in what Jesus’ story looks like to non-Christians, without the perceived barrier of the traditional church building standing in the way. “We have handpicked all of our artists ranging from some of the top Welsh contemporary names, including contributions from two Royal Cambrian Academy Members, to some established and some up and coming new talent. Hundreds of volunteers have rallied round to help renovate the Imperial Hotel pub. Its regeneration is another key aim of Engedi Arts. Gavin wants to turn what was seen as “yet another boarded up, run down pub” into a thriving community hub. “During the show’s run we’re planning a From run-down pub to community hub

Gavin Mart, pioneer range of community events at the venue including an opening launch party, a song and creative writing workshop, a spoken word workshop, an acoustic evening, a meditative service, a Maundy Thursday event, and a closing Easter Sunday Big Feast.” The 40 passages chosen for the artists range from the resurrection of Lazarus to the resurrected Jesus, and are intended to highlight issues including life, death, betrayal, the economy, the Eucharist, loyalty, justice, violence, doubt, theology and friendship, the community’s relationship with the church. Gavin says the exhibition is intended to function as a ‘two way street’ with two ongoing ‘dialogues’ – that between the artists and the scripture, and among the local community as they react to the art on display in the non-threatening environment of the revamped pub. Engedi has a short term lease on the Imperial Hotel, thanks to the backing of the town’s Princess Drive Baptist Church. Gavin hopes the three-month lease will give the team enough time to secure more funding to realise his dream of the venue becoming a restored building and community arts cafe. Gavin says the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training course has helped give theological perspective to his work – as well as providing a community of like-minded people: “It has helped me develop a language tool kit, with which to discuss, work out, and form what can be a complex and lonely journey. The course is more than just a qualification; it’s a place where I can build meaningful and supporting relations with pioneers across the country and from diverse walks of life.” Exhibition website:

Encounter: the beginning of a beautiful partnership in DR Congo For Matt Barber, a 2011 CMS short-term trip had a long-term impact. Edited from an interview for the CMS Audiomission podcast What did the team do whilst in DR Congo? The primary element was providing support to CMS mission partner Ian Harvey at Centre Kimbilio haven for street children in Lubumbashi. It’s still a young project and there was a good amount of manual labour to do. There was also scope for doing a bit of teaching and other activities. Ian went to great lengths to ensure people felt looked after and at ease. Has this short-term trip had any long-term impact for you? Prior to going to DR Congo, we were asked about our areas of interest and our skill sets. I’m studying for a masters degree in

Meet the newly elected CMS trustees Craig Hampton A technical specialist for the environment agency, Craig’s interest in mission was first sparked as a CMS volunteer at a school in Kenya from 1977-79. “It was a formative experience in so many ways, not least because I met my wife Ruth. We returned to Africa as a family a few years later, where I taught in schools in Southern Sudan and Western Uganda. Our final placement was at Makerere University, Kampala, where I lectured in geology. “I have maintained my mission interest mainly through heading up the international missions committee at Greyfriars Church, Reading. I have also been involved with the Large Churches’ Forum, a group set up by Global Connections to assist mission-minded churches.” Professor Ian Jones An educationalist, Ian founded a leading European MBA, drawing on management experience in Unilever and education at London Business School. He has been treasurer, chair, or vice chair of various mission-shaped organisations over the last 25 years, such as Lee Abbey Movement, ICS, and Oxford Evangelical Pastorate. “The turning point in my Christian journey was my commitment in 1979, en-

environmental politics and my undergraduate degree is in environmental science. Whilst we were in DR Congo, Ian cited particular needs of Centre Kimbilio, a primary one being a lack of a sustainable energy source. I’m in a fortunate position, in that my university, Keele University has a strong reputation in project development with respect to sustainability so I’ve been engaged with Keele staff, primarily to source funding and resources to work with Centre Kimbilio to resolve that energy issue. How has that unfolded? Ian, staff at Keele and I have worked together closely. This summer, we’re organising a delegation to return to DR Congo and implement the solution we’ve come up with. As part of formally linking with DR Congo, we are also hoping to launch a pilot education programme, where we will basically explain to the children the virtue of sustainable energy solutions and put it in the context they are living in. We want to say to them that it’s not about a group of people from a rich country coming to solve their problems for them, but to point out how elements of sustainability are working for them and there are things that can be worked through in their daily life in regards to sustainability.

couraged by Harry Sutton of SAMS, after years as a churchgoer. Ever since, I have sought to apply my faith to my work and my skills to Christian organisations. “I would like to share in CMS’s new thinking about mission and its warm Christian welcome that I have already enjoyed.” The Reverend Ian Wallace Ian trained as a solicitor in a practice serving church-based organisations before going on to work for Tearfund in Southern Sudan and Guinea-Bissau. He returned to work in the head office, firstly as West and Central Africa Regional Manager and latterly as International Regions Director. He became a founding trustee of Compassion UK and the chair and founding trustee of People in Aid. Ian is also a member of the Langham Trust Scholarship Committee. “I left Tearfund to train for ordination and am currently curate in the parish of Wisleywith Pyrford. In 2010 I became a founding trustee of Woking Street Angels and also serve as a trustee for the Sudan Church Association. I bring a combination of legal training, experience of working with the church in Africa and of running UK charities, and passion for mission. I have supported CMS for more than 25 years.” Mr Michael Whitlam CBE Michael has worked in the charity sector as a director/CEO since 1974. He has been UK director of Save the Children Fund, Director-General of the British Red Cross, Michael Whitlam, far right

CEO of Mentor International and Vision 2020 the Right to Sight, where he had to operate at the highest governmental level and with the UN or WHO. He worships at St Giles Church, Ickenham, Middlesex. Since 2005 he has been a consultant fulfilling various non-executive board roles, such as Chair of the Primary Care Trust and the Ofcom Advisory Board for Older and Disabled People. “My career has also included much volunteering. For example I was the Founder of ACEVO, the chief executives’ body in the charity sector and am currently chair of the Chalker Foundation for Africa as well as leading the Community Link programme between Ickenham and Rukiga (Uganda), close to Kisiizi Hospital. “I rediscovered my Christian faith in 1991 whilst alone in Baghdad negotiating the release of a British hostage.” Also re-elected following the most recent voting were Mrs Ann Tyndall and Canon Patrick Coghlan. A huge thank you to all members who took the time to vote for CMS trustees!

“Mark” of Mission

Get to know a bit more about Mark Berry, who takes up the post of CMS mission community facilitator in May

After 11 years as a youth minister, exploring community with and for young people on the fringes of church, I became a pioneer minister and founded a new monastic community called safespace in Telford, Shropshire. The community has been exploring two questions: first, what a Christian community (church) might look like in a post-christendom, post-church culture (an exploration that is ideally located in Telford) and second, what would it look like if mission was its core vision/value. Over the last six years we have worked alongside young families, nightclubbers, Mind Body Spirit fair folk and football supporters, sharing our lives and Jesus.

My personal most memorable moment of the last few years was one night at Sanktuary, our night club project. I found myself kneeling and cleaning the foot of a lady who had exited a club, taken off her shoe and trodden on a broken bottle. As I removed bits of glass, I sensed Jesus laughing gently at me saying, “I said wash people’s feet; now you understand what I meant!” The lady looked said to me, “God bless you!” and I found myself replying, “He just has done!” We were then able to chat over coffee about how God meets us in love for others, and how she had been a blessing to me. I lecture for the Centre for Youth Ministry in Oxford and Nottingham and for the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course. I am a CMS mission partner, associate missioner for Fresh Expressions and a trustee and unofficial chaplain to

AFC Telford United Football Club. I have written for Fresh Expressions, CPAS and Reader magazine and contributed a chapter to “Ancient Faith Future Mission: New Monasticism as Fresh Expressions of the Church.” I’m really excited about taking my relationship with CMS to a new level and to getting to know staff, mission partners and members more as together we seek to build CMS as a community of mission and service. Mark and his family will still be based in Telford, so they will continue to be part of safespace. Please pray for the Berrys and also for Anita Matthews, who transitioned from this role in December to take up work as associate vicar at St Peter’s Church in Derby and part-time formation tutor at St John’s College Nottingham.

Mission spirituality: synchronising our watches By CMS member and community pastor Pippa Soundy For us to grow as a mission community dispersed throughout the world, we pray (in the words of the CMS community prayer) to be drawn by the Spirit ‘into an exchange of gifts and needs’ – to recognise our differences and be prepared to learn from each other. This way, we gain a truer vision of our global Jesus and how he is calling us to follow him where we are. Equally important are the things we have in common, like our values and our member promises. In Lent, we have had an opportunity to review and renew our commitment to God’s mission, and here is a suggestion for a daily rhythm of prayer to help us continue to do this. Picture the four points of a compass overlaid onto a clock face and starting in the “west”, pause for a minute at each point (I set an alarm on my mobile phone): 9am: Remember that we are a community of all the earth, a global-local

community, being good news wherever we are, as we draw life from Jesus, who we share with others around the globe. 12 noon: Remember that we are a community of the shared meal, a relational community, learning to love and giving and receiving hospitality at every opportunity. 3pm: Remember that we are a community of the moving spirit, a pioneering community, going forward to meet the challenges each day brings to go with Jesus wherever he leads us. 6pm: Remember that we are a community of the master’s sacrifice, a faithful community, persevering when the going gets tough and never giving up. We also have a fourfold blessing in our CMS daily prayer, called the Four Evangelists’ Blessing: May the truth of the Man drench you May the power of the Lion

protect you May the endurance of the Ox sustain you May the wings of the Eagle lift you And may the Lamb that was slain give you life Every day, wherever you may be. Amen.

Asking questions at High Leigh

Christianity via satellite: Sara Ashfari, mission partner, in the Sat-7 control room

By Wendy Littlejohns “What does the Middle East need?” This was a question raised by Tanas Alqassis, CMS regional manager for the Middle East, at the recent annual CMS conference held at High Leigh 2–4 March. During the weekend, which was themed “The Middle East in the Eyes of God – What Opportunities”, there were many questions raised, like where is God in the midst of persecu-

Mission with what we’ve got, where we are By Maurice Sinclair How on earth can you and I share the good news of Jesus without having a doctorate in theology, the eloquence of a Billy Graham and not having gone off to some exotic mission field at the other end of the world? For many of us this is a nagging, even a burning, question, not least because our own corner of the world may have scarcely heard the gospel, if at all? This basic concern has prompted a small group of CMS members living in the Midlands to plan a day when folk can come together to tackle this question of how to spread the Christian message among neighbours, family, friends, or work mates. The idea is help each other, share difficulties, opportunities, and practical suggestions. We will have with us people in CMS who have some striking experiences of local mission, but not beyond our reach for N our own experiments and O TI A IN V IT cal community lo ur yo th wi t en m applications. It won’t be 4pm Christian engage ber 2012 10am to Saturday 1 Decem m all about talking. We will ha ng Bournville, Birmi Rowheath Pavilion, ch lun ht lig ing include examples of how , includ Cost: £10 per adult s at this stage to Ann Bower quirie crafts can communicate. Please direc t any en or Maurice Sinclair u. ann@ bower.m glad to hear from yo be l wil We k o.u The day will cater for young blueyonder.c mauricewsinclair@ and old.

tion, extremism and poverty? We also got to know the work of CMS partners in the region. Sara Ashfari is a CMS mission partner based in Cyprus who works for SAT-7 Pars, a TV channel that makes God’s love visible through Christian programming in the Farsi language that is broadcasted across the Farsi-speaking region. Currently, Sara and her team want to increase the number of children’s programmes on the channel and they want to create a drama series based on the prevalent problem of drug addiction. Most Christians in Iran don’t have a church so the TV programmes are their only form of fellowship. SAT-7 persists in the face of many challenges, including opponents taking down subscribers’ satellite dishes. We heard amazing stories of individuals, often from a Muslim background, who have decided to follow Jesus through this Christian channel. Some have to keep their faith a secret for fear of persecution. We also learned more about the ministry of Musalaha, which means reconciliation in Arabic. Musalaha brings Palestinian Christians and Israeli believers in Jesus together to share their experiences. Desert encounters are held throughout the year, where Israelis and Palestinians go into the wilderness together to work towards understanding and reconciliation through Jesus. “It can be easy to hate rather than love in this situation,” says Tanas, himself a Palestinian Christian. But as people from two seemingly opposing backgrounds spend time together, share meals and exchange stories, God has done amazing things to bring about peace. God is working in the Middle East. At the end of the conference there was a question time, where a panel answered enquiries about the process of selecting a new executive leader for CMS and about the CMS house of mission on Iffley Road in Oxford, among other things. It was truly another excellent conference.

There are still a few places left on CMS short-term Encounter Mission Community trips planned for this summer. See for more details or email Helen at helen. or call 01865 787493

to events: In your area 26 April Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Open Day. Venue: CMS offices, Oxford. Time: 10.30am – 2.30pm. Includes introductions, course overview, a light buffet lunch and tour of the building, questions/discussion. Visit for more information. 28 April Northern Regional Meeting. Venue: St. Aidan’s Acomb, York. 10am–3.30pm. Bring your own packed lunch. Drinks are provided. Contact: Evelyn Wroe on 01904 780852 12 May CMS East Central Annual Meeting for Friends and Members. Venue: St Mary’s Church, Eaton Socon (Just off A1 near St Neot’s). 10am for 10.30am. Contact: David Nobbs on 01923 269480 or email:

Poppleton, bring and share supper. Details TBC. Contact: Eileen Wishart 01904 633705 15 June York & District CMS Association fund-raising event (coffee, tea etc). Venue: St Crux, York from 9.30am to 4pm. Contact: Miranda Smith on 01904 424322 or Jean Mackay on 01904 412971. 15 June – 16 June CMS Wales Residential Conference. Venue: Franciscan Retreat Centre, Pantasaph, Holywell, North Wales, CH8 8PE. Speakers: Bishop Henry Scriven, CMS mission director for South America; Judy Acheson, former CMS mission partner in DR Congo and Ruth Robinson, church relations manager of SAT-7 Trust. For booking forms and further details Contact: Miranda Bowen, The Outlook, Port Eynon, Swansea SA3 1NL. Email: bowbelles11@gmail. com Tel: 01792 391591

12 May Africa Forum Southern Conference. Venue: St James Church, Southampton. Contact: Charlotte Smith: charlotte.plieth@

10 September York & District CMS Association: Prayer Lunch. Venue: The Spurriergate Centre, York. Prayers for the world church, followed by fellowship lunch. Contact: Neil Mackay 01904 412971

19 May CMS South Day Conference. Venue: Holy Trinity, Eastbourne. Time: 10–4pm. Details of speaker to be confirmed.

19 September York & District CMS Association: St Crux Fundraising event – details as per 15 June entry.

11 June York & District CMS Association summer meeting and AGM. Venue: The Tithe Barn,

3 October Central South Regional Meeting Venue: All Saints’ Church Hall, Greenbanks

Close, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, SO41 0SQ. 10.30am–4pm. Bring lunch. Drinks provided. Contact: Dr E Edmunds on 01425 610797 Connect Live (formerly Members’ Day) for Southern and Northern Members and Friends: 22 Sept 2012 (Northern) Venue: Leeds. Contact: Linda Hunter: 13 October 2012 (Southern) Venue: CMS Offices, Oxford. Contact: Mark Berry:

National events

10 June CMS Sunday: Nearly 20 churches have arranged for a CMS speaker in order to deepen their mission involvement. 16-19 July CMS People in Mission Conference and core training Venue: All Nations Christian College, Hertfordshire – for people in mission and SALT partners. Encounter mission community short-term trips – an opportunity to connect with Christian communities in other cultures and take part in grassroots ministry: 6 July – 3 August DR Congo: Lubumbashi 1 August – 31 August Peru: Lima For more information, see www. or contact

Helen Brook on 01865 787493 or email Resource Mission weekends: For more information, see 22-31 October Unique Holy Land Study Tour, led by Tanas Alqassis, a Palestinian Christian and CMS regional manager for the Middle East. Deadline for registration is 1 May 2012. Contact Tanas: or telephone 0780 4834249 23-25 November CMS Mid-Africa Conference 2012 Venue: Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire. Contact Nick Fane:

CMS sponsored challenges 7 May Bupa 10k 12 May South Downs Walk from Goodwood racecourse 21 September – 5 October Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and meet disabled artisans at Neema Crafts 20 October – 1 November Trek the Himalayas For more information about all CMS sponsored challenges, contact Hannah Caroe on 01865 787521 or email To find out where your link mission partner will be speaking about their work when they are visiting the UK, see:

to CMS people Welcome

Dr Corrie Verdujn has been accepted as a mission partner and gone to serve at Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda. Chris and Veronica Padayachee, with Samara and Gabrio, have been accepted as mission partners and moved to Spain where Chris is working with a project that trains believers from Muslim backgrounds to be church planters. Several new people have embarked on short-term mission: Rachel Miller (India); Emily Silcock (Rwanda); Andy Simpson (Central Asia) and Ben Wilson (Peru). Meanwhile Paul and Sue Rennie (Uganda) are new Salt partners. We welcomed lots of new staff members to CMS headquarters in Oxford. Kathryn Jerome joined as a part time vocational recruitment administrator, while Helen Brook was recruited as a part-time discipleship advisor. Andy Freeman became pioneer student support officer. Mission Stewardship welcomed Stuart Blackman as direct marketing manager and Theresa Chiew, major gifts manager. Meanwhile, Janet Quarry joined as a

temporary PA to executive leader and Loun Ling Tan was appointed PA to AsiaCMS executive leader.

the country (well beyond the Anglican Church) and in other countries too. She was awarded an MBE in 2010.

and The Gambia 1950–90


It was with a heavy heart that we also said several fond farewells to CMS staff. Executive director and community leader Tim Dakin left CMS officially at the end of March to become Bishop of Winchester (see front page). We thank God for all Tim has done during his time in CMS and pray as the search for a new executive leader for CMS continues.

December Dorothy Hillman, Eygpt and Kenya 1947–70

Patrick Goh, director of personnel and development also moved on, as did Anita Matthews, community mission facilitator/team leader. Yvonne Cavanagh, PA to executive leader left the organisation and so did Diane Umuhoza, AsiaCMS team administrator and Katie Collier, fundraising assistant in Mission Stewardship.

J T Bavington, Pakistan 1960–77

Mission partners Mike and Tracey Walmsley, with Sophie and Matthew, have ended service after 12 years in Nepal and China and moved to Australia. Ventzislav and Zlatina Karavaltchev, with Stefan and Iva, have ended service after eight years in Georgia and Ukraine and returned to Bulgaria. Bob and Rosalind Arnold have retired after eight years in Uganda (and five years rather earlier in Sudan), but continue their CMS involvement as mission partner selectors. Judy Acheson, who served in DR Congo for 31 and a half years, retired on 31 March after a life-long commitment to mission. In her time in Congo, Judy introduced and developed both Sunday School work and youth ministry in the church, particularly in Boga Diocese and latterly throughout the Province of the Congo. Many current church leaders in Boga Diocese, including the bishop, came up through her youth programme and the youth material she has written is now used throughout

DEATHS November Peggy Barnes, Sudan – served as Peggy Hatcher in Omdurman, Sudan 1955-58 and Ngora in Uganda 1959 – October 1962, when she married David Barnes and served with him in Ngora until 1965 Sheilagh Jebb, Nigeria, Yemen, Sudan

Constance Mary Sherratt, Burundi 1951–1973.

Barbara Kitchin, Northern Argentina 1955–2000 Rev G J J McDonald, Egypt, 1956–59 Lucy Ridsdale, DR Congo (wife of bishop Philip Ridsdale) 1938–1981 Margaret Taylor, Nigeria 1957–69 January 2012 Marguerita Deeks, Nigeria 1955–65 Margaret Wake, Hong Kong 1953–64 Anne Mary James, India 1954–81 Mrs. Maija-Leena Mills, Sierra Leone 1988–95 February Mollie Bloomfield, Uganda 1961–75.

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Pioneer student becomes country’s first park pastor Matt Caldicott, a student on the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course, is working in Rugby, leading the Generation Project, which was set up in 2011 by Rugby Deanery to connect with 20 to 30-year-olds in the area. We believe that Matt may now be on the cusp of becoming the country’s first park pastor! When he first started in his role, Matt says he visited the local recently-restored park and began to wonder how this now “beautiful space” could be used creatively, especially the disused cafe in the park. “What if it reopened as a joint venture, a council-and-church-run community café that connects with people in various ways?” Matt wondered. Matt built up a relationship with the park ranger and they started to talk about possibilities. “I proposed that we would offer park pastors, running along the same lines as street pastors, as a spiritual thread. I said we would be based at the cafe.” The exciting news is that Rugby Borough Council welcomed the idea of opening

Ready for new things Spiritual seekers at Mind Body Spirt fair

By CMS member Helen Harwood In March I attended my first ReSource (mission immersion) weekend, arranged by Andrea Campanale, a CMS mission

Ways to connect to the CMS community Link with mission partners: Julie Hinckley: or 01865 787524 Get involved in everyday mission:

up the cafe again! They put in more than £20,000 for catering staff wages and provided park pastor t-shirts and sweatshirts to signify the official presence of Matt and his colleague, Aaron Lincoln, a church planter who is working alongside Matt. “As park pastors, we can offer an added dimension to what is already going on in the life of the park, and hopefully illuminate God’s presence through missional community, drawing alongside the people we meet,” he added. Park pastors will be running a pilot year from April to October. Matt says, “The aim is to work towards establishing it as a charity so we can attract funding. My appointment currently sees me running the project for three days a week with the rest of the time spent in pioneer ministry training with the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course.” The park pastors programme will launch at Easter, when the cafe is scheduled to re-open. Please pray for the team that will assemble around Matt; he’d like to see a

Matt Caldicott, pioneer

mixed-age group of volunteers. As this is a new venture it will of course be a work in progress. As Matt said to Fresh Expressions, “We have to bring the gospel into new places but when you’re invited into someone else’s environment, you can’t make all the rules, you have to adapt. We need to be flexible and connect in ways that surprise people.” CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Course leader Jonny Baker said: “We are excited and encouraged to see how Matt is growing in his work and we hope and pray that the course will continue to be of great use to Matt and to all our students.”

partner who is participating in the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course. With others in Kingston, Andrea shares a mission to spiritual seekers, people you find at Green Fairs, Mind Body Spirit events and others. During this weekend, I saw God’s love expressed by people from different churches getting together to make a difference. There were things I knew of, like a food bank (taken to a new level – collecting from one of the most profitable Waitrose stores in the country!) and things I hadn’t experienced, like working with people at the margins, on tough housing estates and with teenage single mums. The impression that stuck was of

sharing Jesus’ love and not judging. I’ve learnt lots about mission over the years, yet this was different. It was an opportunity to connect, or rather reconnect, with God, pioneering, possibilities, people who need God, people to work alongside and with ourselves. Great people, worship, food, fun, stories and even snow made it a truly amazing weekend that moved me, and moved me on; it empowered me for mission. I feel ready for God to lead me into new things. For more information about participating in a ReSource mission immersion weekend visit:

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Connect - Spring2012  
Connect - Spring2012  

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