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and national, local civic, church and mission leaders. Dr Williams will unveil a plaque to record the occasion, and a huge mural celebrating the mission of God by the celebrated Chinese Christian artist Dr He Qi of Nanjing. Dr Williams will also dedicate a public art project, a sculpture entitled Light of the World by upcoming artist Saga Arpino, which will stand proudly outside the main entrance on the Watlington Road. A specially-designed, state-ofthe-art building in Oxford is the new home of CMS, following the departure from London of the Society’s offices for the first time in its 208-year history. The new nerve centre, on the edge of the Blackbird Leys estate not far from the M40, has been ‘open for business’ since 13 June but the Archbishop of

Canterbury, the Most Rev and Rt Hon Dr Rowan Williams, will dedicate the new premises on 29 October. With numbers limited this will be a formal, invitation-only event; but in the months ahead there will be more open days for members and friends. The 200 invited guests at the opening will include the Archbishop of York,

At noon on the first day of permanent staff presence in June, Canon Chris Neal, director of CMS Britain in Europe, had led everyone in a service of Communion and Thanksgiving in the impressive new conference room. The building also features the new Crowther Centre for Mission Studies, a joint-venture with Oxford-based academic institutions.

CROWDS THRONG FOR CMS HERO A special open-air service on Friday 27 July in the south-eastern city of Onitsha marked the exact anniversary to the day since the legendary Samuel Ajayi Crowther first landed there in 1857, bringing the Gospel to the region for the first time. The service was the key element of a week of events organised by the Diocese on the Niger, now led by Bishop Ken Okeke, former CMS Africa Director. Bursts of song rose from a field of gold as Nigerian Christians celebrated 150 years since the first all-African CMS mission team sailed up the Niger river.

CMS General Secretary Tim Dakin was among the guests of honour in a region where CMS is a synonym for the whole Anglican Church. As many as 10,000 people created a

vivid spectacle in Onitsha’s cathedral grounds, many dressed in a gold, black and red cloth specially produced for the occasion. Archbishop Peter Akinola, leader of the Church of Nigeria, was there to preach. He said that controversies in the Anglican Communion were a distraction from mission and charged his bishops and their people to embrace the spirit of Crowther the energetic evangelist. Bishop Ken still follows in Crowther’s footsteps with regular mission trips by boat up the Niger to remote areas. More reports and pictures from the celebrations at

sharing Jesus, changing lives




ROOM TO PRAY On this page we focus on one of the most important parts of the new centre – the Prayer Room, where regular prayer is held. Recycled furniture from the chapel in Partnership House blends with new, specially created pieces and a beautiful Afghan rug for a contemplative atmosphere.


MOVER AND SHAKER Judging by the way Ilyos throws himself about the dancefloor these days, you would never guess how his life started.

Do you belong (or want to belong) to a cell church group or small Christian community that’s eager to get more involved in mission and discipleship? Would you like to network with other like-minded cell groups? If so, the recently launched site www. is designed for you. Sponsored by CMS, the site offers several resources for cell groups within the traditional Church of England structure, as well as for emerging church communities. These resources include articles, blogs, stories and 23 consultants who have offered to lend their support to small groups on a journey toward becoming more engaged with the people and culture around them. Consultants are available to advise and mentor others in a wide range of contexts, including rural, inner city and youth. Also linked to the site is a bookshop and Cell UK magazine. Recent contributors to www.anglicancelluk. org include CMS staff Richard White, Andrew Jones and Chris Neal.

QUESTION TIME You ask, we respond

Why so many CMS publications? Some members have been asking if CMS really needs to print so much, what with YES magazine, Mission Update, Prayerlines and now Connect too. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to combine them all in one item? The answer is that each title does a different job for a different audience. YES magazine, for example, tackles big themes in mission today and reaches out beyond CMS, whereas Connect focuses exclusively on the life of the Society. Mission Update is aimed at providing regular inspiration with true stories of mission today, while Prayerlines is designed to help put mission at the heart of your devotional life every month. It’s true that this has required heavy investment but it has triggered giving of over £250,000 a year, in addition to the huge value of thousands of regular prayers for the work of CMS. Colour printing is now cheaper than ever too; plus as the content of www.cms-uk. org expands (see page 3), it may take over from some publications in future. That depends on how popular the website becomes with you, the readers.

The life of Ilyos Temirov has seen more twists and turns than the acrobatic dance moves he pulls to hip-hop music beats. As a baby in Tajikistan, Central Asia, his spindly legs and weak feet prompted doctors to believe he would be paralysed for life. Yet his grandmother ignored the predictions of the medical people, and instead taught him to walk. It took three years.

Hip-hop has been gaining a big following among teenagers in Tajikistan, a former Eastern bloc nation closed to Western music for many years. For 23-year-old Ilyos, the dance rhythms became a way of celebrating the gift of movement he had been given – and a way of sharing that passion for life with other young people. He became a youthworker, and is now backed by CMS. He has been packing crowds in at our venues at the Soul Survivor and Greenbelt festivals this summer. Ilyos says he is sure God is now calling him to Bulgaria. He hopes to continue his studies, after being expelled from a Tajik college for attending a Christian conference, and is also excited about doing outreach among the gypsy community.


Readers can now get hold of mouldbreaking worship material created by CMS people and help raise money for the Society at the same time, through an exclusive link-up with creative resources publisher Proost. The company was founded 10 years ago as a record label by Jonny Baker, who now heads up the CMS missional leadership team. This summer’s Greenbelt festival saw

Proost re-launched and branching out into books and films for churches and groups looking for fresh and original material. Products include a set of cool and arty food-for-thought postcards, and the Pocket Liturgies series (left) bringing the worship of emerging communities like Grace in London and Sanctuary in Bath to a bigger audience. CMS’s Telfordbased Mark Berry is one of the authors. Proost’s short films are specially designed both for projecting at large worship services and watching in small home groups. New material is published every month and is all fully downloadable from the web for a subscription of £5 a month, which includes access to the entire Proost back catalogue. CMS will receive a donation for every Connect reader who takes out a subscription. To take advantage of this special offer, just visit and sign up using the code PRSUBCMS



I was born in India and from the age of 14 was an overseas member of CMS, which is not surprising since my maternal grandmother had served as a doctor with CEZMS, working with women in purdah. Her father had served with SPG as an ordained missionary in Mauritius and in India. I came to England in 1952 and four years later joined the staff of the BBC working for the World Service News. In 1966 I resigned from the BBC because of two vows my husband Derek and I took when we married in 1964: to be faithful to each other and to serve God wherever he led. Derek drew my attention to a notice about a post in the CMS Communications Department at 157 Waterloo Road. After an in-depth interview conducted by Mr Bernard Nicholls I was appointed Assistant Information Officer and two years later became Information Officer when Miss Greta Preston retired. My work was interesting, exhausting and challenging. It involved intense reading of newspapers, journals, link letters and much more besides including a once-a-term visit to Crowther Hall to meet missionaries in training. An exciting project headed up by Jesse Hillman was the collection of


stories from all over the world and, using a basic vocabulary of 2,000 to 3,000 words, translating them into English so that they could be easily translated into any other language. The stories were published in a journal called Full Life. The stories showed how poor communities could bring better life into their villages by applying the theological principles set out in John chapter 10:7–11. Since my retirement from ‘active service’ with CMS I have served as a Reader at St Mary’s Church at Hitchin, pursued my interest in writing, family history research, and looking for ‘Prayers for the World Church’ for our weekly church bulletin.



When CMS moved to Blackbird Leys Sue and Russell Price moved too. Many readers will know Russell, CMS Membership and Events Manager, so you might not be surprised. But you should be. Sue (pictured) and Russell now live within minutes of the office on Blackbird Leys, by ‘official indicators’ still a struggling area, though the couple have discovered delightful

Due to the failing brain of Connect’s editor, the My Story, My CMS section on Pauline Bower in the last issue contained some inaccuracies. The CMS school at Limpsfield was called St Michael’s, not St Mary’s. It was the Chest, Heart and Stroke Association which Pauline worked for before moving to CMS in 1980. The article also gave the impression that she worked for one CMS General Secretary. Pauline wishes to point out that, in fact, she was very fortunate to work with three remarkable men – Simon Barrington-Ward, Harry Moore and Michael Nazir-Ali. Pauline’s most exciting moment was the return from Iran of three mission partners; we incorrectly stated these were Jean Waddell and the Colemans but in actuality they came home later on. Pauline would also like to correct any impression that the popular Prayerline publication was all her own work, and instead accord John Harwood his due share of the credit. We apologise to Pauline for any offence caused by these errors and are very happy to set the record straight.

neighbours and a vibrant community. That’s one reason Sue says, “I’m excited by CMS’s new emphasis on learning how to share the Gospel with the people I live with, here in the UK.” Recently retired, Sue’s not putting her feet up. Responding to the call for ‘ordinary people’ to become active in mission, she’s helping mission partners Helen and Patrick Mukholi, already working on the estate. She’s also become a volunteer co-worker with CMS and is helping activate other members. “Getting involved has helped me appreciate how much goes on behind the scenes. It is a good way to get insight, and be inspired.” CMS is eager to offer members meaningful ways to volunteer. So we appointed a new staff member, Alice Lawhead, to drive this forward. Look out for more details in future issues.

Prayer changes lives – that’s the principle behind a CMS Advent initiative set to build on stunning initial success last autumn. Church leaders who took part in last year’s pilot project of our Share the Light Advent mission programme reacted very enthusiastically. One said, “Several families came to church for the first time.” Another commented,“I think the light of Christ broke into the darkness especially in certain families.” Through Share the Light, church members commit to praying for a year for someone they know, giving them a candle as a token of this, and inviting them to a candlelit carol service. CMS provides free worship resources and candles at a reasonable cost. To join in, contact Phil Evans on phil. or 01865 787515.

CMS, PO Box 1799, Oxford OX4 9BN 0845 620 1799



an oppressed minority. “But what a joy [when I] visited a few years ago, to see some of those who had come to Christ years earlier, as leaders of God’s people. And more yet still coming to Christ.” After a decade in Australia, working mainly with migrants and refugees, John and Cathryn were ready to return to Pakistan. CMSA had other ideas. John was asked to lead the Society as Federal Secretary.

Our focus on leaders within CMSpartner the Faith2Share Network continues with a profile of Canon John Thew, Federal Secretary of CMS Australia. “When I became a Christian at age 18, I knew that meant a total commitment to serve Christ forever. For 43 years I have been doing that, with no regrets though plenty of mistakes,” says John Thew. “Indeed, I cannot imagine anything more rewarding and exciting – except heaven itself.” John and Cathryn and their three children spent 13 years in Pakistan with CMS Australia during the ’70s and ’80s using their teaching and pastoral gifts within the Church of Pakistan. Being part of the national church they felt some of the pressures of being

“I thought they were joking,” he says. “I’m an all-rounder, not a specialist.” But maybe this was the very strength that was needed, as John works with his small team covering many tasks – a microcosm of the body at work, each playing its part. CMS Australia now works in 32 countries, with more than 40 partner churches and organisations. There are currently 180 missionaries, and plans to increase that by 100 in the next five years. John comments: “It’s a bit ambitious for a small organisation, but we can think of no reason why we should not grow. The Gospel is still the power of God to save people. There are still people waiting for an opportunity to hear this good news.” More information about CMS Australia can be found at For information about Faith2Share visit


The CMS Diary is a ‘must have’ for busy people who want to be informed about the mission work of CMS. l Week to view diary pages l Lectionary l All the key CMS info and contacts l Available in black, blue and red Pre-publication Offer: £4.00 for orders received before 15 September. Usually £5.50

MISSION PARTNERS IN THE UK THIS AUTUMN Judy Acheson – DR Congo Freda Carey – Pakistan Clifton and Marcia Clarke – Ghana Michael Green – Jordan Ruth Huelser – Tanzania Geoff and Gill Kimber – Romania Yvonne Sired – Pakistan Malcolm and Veronica White – Jordan Marie and Mike Wisheart – Tanzania


The latest satellite-based digital earth maps are helping CMS to picture mission across the world. A totally new feature of the new CMS website uses the phenomenally popular Google Maps software to let you zoom in on any area of the globe and look at what mission news is going on there. CMS web editor Jeremy Woodham says, “It couldn’t be simpler to use. People should head to the ‘Global Community’ section of the website and just click on the individual markers to find out more about the people and

projects in that part of the world.” Information includes the latest updates, prayer needs and opportunities to support the work. The completely updated and redesigned CMS website includes: up-tothe-minute prayer requests at prayer :: space; news stories each week where you can add comments and start a debate of your own; videos; link letters and blogs from CMS people in mission spread across the globe; downloadable resources and much more. Go to ‘Get Involved’ for info about volunteering, sponsored challenges and the many programmes CMS offers your church. Look out for new columns from some of CMS’s most interesting minds and new features – like treasures from the CMS archives – all at

A unique collection of prayers celebrating the 200th anniversary of Wilberforce’s bill abolishing the slave trade, edited by Pauline Bower. Includes prayers by William Wilberforce and John Newton as well as contemporary Christian leaders. Order your copy now for £3.50 (including post) from 01865 787512.

CMS EVENTS WWW.CMS-UK.ORG/EVENTS CMS MEMBERS’ DAY ‘Working towards Community’ 3 Nov, 10.30am – 4pm, CMS, Watlington Road, Oxford OX4 6BZ. Contact CMS Membership and Events Manager Russell Price: or 01865 787490. CMS WALES Annual Day Conference 10 Nov, 10.30am – 3.30pm, Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth. Contact Roz Capper: 029 20613286.


WELCOME New mission partner Liz Hosegood, nurse, midwife and health educationist, is soon to start work in Zambia, contributing to the education of midwives at St Francis’ Hospital. The Rev Becky Hollis has been an assistant minister in Preston but is now engaged, as a CMS mission partner in training, in a range of pastoral duties within the parish of Christ Church, Mirihana on the outskirts of Columbo in Sri Lanka. New mission partners Allan and Anne Lacey have recently arrived in Arua, northwest Uganda. Allan will be involved in training church leaders in the Diocese of Madi and West Nile. Primarily based at St Paul’s College, Ringili he will also do some outreach work in the wider diocese. Anne will teach nursing and community health, at the same college and at Kiluva Mission Hospital. With the relocation to Oxford, we have a host of wonderful new staff to welcome. May saw the arrival of Jono Self, Link Material Editor; Bex Metcalfe as Vocational Recruitment Officer; Bunmi Olayisade as Head of Facilities; Sarah Pook as Senior Receptionist; and Fran Arthur as Mission Learning Officer. In June, Sarah Thomas joined the Fundraising team as Events and Community Fundraiser – get in touch with her if you’re planning a local CMS event. Angela Wenham is our Assistant Receptionist/Facilities Administrator. Anna Pickering and Nicole Kuisis joined as Deputation Facilitators and Nicole’s sister Zoe Kuisis took over as Marketing and Resources Assistant; Sarah Truby joined the Crossing Cultures team as their administrator, helping arrange CMS short term teams; Ruth Biddulph is the new Fundraising Assistant. The Information and Communication Technology team have a lot of new blood: Chris Burmajster, ICT Support Assistant; Mike Anthony, Network Supervisor; and new Head of ICT, former mission partner Martin Groth. Working closely with them, a new arrival in the Communications team is Tom Peek as Web Administrator/ Trainer. Anne Henriksen took over as Communications Team Administrator. Yvonne Cavanagh joined staff in June as PA to the General Secretary; Amey Tunney is the new Assistant to the Personnel Director; and Tina Dunn became the new Personnel

SPONSORED CHALLENGE Himalayas, 12–24 Jan. Join CMS for a challenge that will change lives: trek in the stunning Annapurna mountains to raise money for ‘south to south’ mission workers. Contact Sarah Thomas: sarah.thomas@ or 01865 787518. REDBRIDGE & EPPING FOREST CMS Group Autumn meeting, 29 Oct, 7.45pm, St Andrew’s Church, Ilford. Speaker: Judy Acheson. Contact Wendy Littlejohns: or 020 8989 4746.

Team Administrator. The Finance team has been boosted by the arrival of Ferrol Brown, looking after donors in the income team, and Rebekah Cavanagh and Kathrina Dela Cruz as Income and Data Processors. Julie Hudson has taken over as Expenditure Team Leader. Three more new administrators have joined: Shemil Mathew provides Oxford-based support for the Asia and Africa teams, Diane Umuhoza has joined the Eurasia team and Alison Lyndon becomes Recruitment and Learning Administrator. The Crowther Centre welcomes Margaret Acton from the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World in Edinburgh as its new librarian. Alice Lawhead joins the CMS Europe team to coordinate CMS volunteers in the UK. FAREWELL Meryl and Peter Ashford have returned to the UK after seven years in Afghanistan, working in eye care and language teaching. Mission partners Miranda and Roger Bowen have completed three years at Matana Theological Institute in Burundi, with Roger being made a Canon of Matana Cathedral at his farewell. Sadly, there isn’t space to do justice to the many staff we also had to say goodbye to as a result of restructuring and relocation to Oxford. But there are some incredibly longserving members we must note. Stuart Buchanan has been instrumental in recruiting, selecting and training CMS people in mission for more than 27 years. Recognised as a leading expert in his field he is now working with CMS’s John Kafwanka at the Anglican Communion Office. Ian Smith moved on to become CMS Ireland’s Director of Mission after 23 years with CMS Britain. Elizabeth Martin spent over 22 years at CMS, most recently caring for members. Petra Lauder, PA to the General Secretary, has given over 21 years’ sterling service. Gill Poole and Chuli Scarfe have been energizing CMS supporters in the UK for over 18 and 17 years respectively, as have Colin Darling for 14 years and Tim Morgan for more than 13. We said goodbye to Linda Howell, who’s been a part of MAM and CMS for 16 years; Anne Key, who’s offered tremendous stability in a variety of roles for 13 years, and Bernice Middleton, Fundraising Support

CROWTHER CENTRE Opening Day 4 Dec, CMS Oxford. Lecture by Jehu Hanciles, “Crowther – a challenge for us today.” 6 Dec, Seminar for college chaplains on current challenges in mission, CMS Oxford. Speakers: Jehu Hanciles and Ida Glaser. 13 Dec, Seminar for theological college staff on current challenges in mission, CMS Oxford. Speakers: Jehu Hanciles and Ida Glaser. For Crowther Centre events contact Cathy Ross:

Development Officer, after 12 years. We also said goodbye to other long-serving staff: Sharon Ellen, Income Team Leader, and Lyn Danino, Expenditure Team Leader, after 10 and 11 years respectively; Paul Breckell, Director of Finance & Corporate Services; Carol White, UK Personnel Coordinator; Mission Advisers Michelle Pierce and Tim Morgan; Paul Grainger, IT Network Supervisor; Pauline Bridge, Asia Team Administrator; and Elizabeth Williams, Partnership House Librarian. Fond farewells, too, to Ian Stedman, UK Personnel Manager; Shin Yong Tang, Regional Manager South-East Asia; Alister McLeod, Web Services Manager; Carol Walker, Mission Learning Manager; Laura Callow, Communications and Africa Teams’ Administrator; Cat Morgan Locke, Events Administrator; Alex Bache, Mission Personnel Adviser; John Boateng, IT Support Officer; Penny Chew, Fundraising Contact Records Supervisor; Philippa Linton, PA/Office Manager; Peter Ashcroft, Church Fundraiser; Sharon Green and Hope Kahwa, Income and Data Processors; James Price, Mission Adviser; Milena Alincova, Recruitment and Learning Administrator; James Rogers, Personnel Administrative Assistant; and of course, the person who managed the whole relocation project, Gillian Wilcox, after 18 months of really hard graft. Thanks, too, to temporary staff Phil Nash, Relocation Team Assistant; Jo Whiting, Pensions Assistant; Melissa Williams, Free For All Tour Assistant, Patricia Kapolyo, Link Material Editor. LOCAL CMS GROUPS Want to form a local CMS Group? See the Membership page on the CMS website for full details on how to form and affiliate a local CMS Group or Association. DEATHS Tom Cope, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Pakistan, 1990–2000, died 2 March. Alfred WebsterSmith, Tanzania 1940s, Zambia 1950s, died May 2007. Christina Muscat, CMS staff 1987–96, died 22 April. Shirley Doreen Bradshaw, CMS staff 1969–1978, died 25 May. Hannah Rosina White, wife of Alfred White, CMS staff 1922–73, died 4 July. Arthur Murray, CMS staff 1967–85, died 16 August. Wendy Moynagh, Burundi 1948–84, died 16 August.

Connect magazine - Sep-2007  

Connect magazine - Sep-2007

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