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Ben Okafor provides the music for the play African Snow. Photo: Ian R Smith

The Free For All team, bringing the story of slavery alive all over the country. Photo: Mary Rose Loyd

CMS president Viscountess Brentford tells the story of Samuel Ajayi Crowther to 35,000 people from black majority churches at the UK’s largest prayer gathering in London. Photo: Steven Bridge

CMS’s David Pollendine leads a drama workshop on the Free For All tour. Photo: Mary Rose Loyd


MY STORY, MY CMS i worked with the Communications Department of CMS for 12 years from 1980 to 92, as deputy Media Secretary first to Wallace Boulton and then Robin Gurney.


More people must visit Rwanda to destroy the stereotype of the 1994 genocide, says CMS supporter Martin Montgomery. After leading a CMS mission team to the central African country, the youth worker from Ipswich describes it as “a beautiful place, with beautiful people.” “The encounter has changed my world,” he said. “When young people are removed from their comfort zones, they experience something of God.” Despite his having “no skills to teach” he was determined to meet the people for himself. He now says the Rwandans have lodged themselves deep in his affections. “They will never be forgotten.” interested in this kind of experience? Contact Debbie James on 0845 620 1799 or

My first contact with CMS was during World War Two. I was a weekly boarder at St Mary’s Limpsfield, a school for CMS missionaries’ children. I have memories of wonderful singing from those times. If a German bomber got within five miles all the children had to evacuate to a bunker. Limpsfield was such a helpful landmark for Germans that no bomb ever came close. Someone showed me a job advertisement in Campaign. I was desperate to leave my editorial job at the Ear, Nose and Throat Association; I needed a change from cutting and pasting gruesome clinical pictures of lungs, brains and adenoids. I really loved working at CMS. One of my delights was editing Simon BarringtonWard’s newsletters. In those days the General Secretary wrote eight a year. One complicated task was writing and voicing a weekly telephonebased newsline. The most exciting moment was the return of Jean Waddell and the Colemans from being held hostage in Iran and speeding them across London to avoid the press.

Post retirement, a chance meeting with Diana Witts in the canteen led me to volunteer to run Prayerline, the weekly CMS prayer email. This proved enormously satisfying. I still love CMS and I love using its publications. other retirement roles included the Community Police Liaison Group in Lambeth, south London and work with Hendon Police Academy on Diversity Training. Pauline has just published You Made Us To Be Free, a collection of prayers to mark the 200th anniversary of the bill abolishing the slave trade. Copies from CMS, £3. Order on 0845 620 1799.

Being gloBal-local neW WaY To PRaY Beverley Minster in the East Riding of Yorkshire is a good example of a globallocal church. Its local mission outreach includes a weekly listening service for local residents at Lockwood Road Surgery, Alpha, a monthly café service in partnership with a neighbouring church and a Fresh Expressions project strengthened by resources from CMS. Global involvement includes a link with Kabale Cathedral in southwest Uganda and CMS assisted with a memorable short term mission visit there. Please send us stories and ideas about how your church is engaging in mission – globally and locally.

Prayer is the heart of CMS. Now we’re piloting PrayerSpace – using the power of the internet to let people share prayer news. In time we’ll open it up so CMS members can post prayers directly online. Replacing the previous Prayerline, PrayerSpace offers options of receiving a weekly email, subscribing via RSS feeds, or simply checking the web page. If you don’t have email, why not ask someone who does to print the info out for you? Visit

CMS, PO Box 1799, Oxford OX4 9BN 0845 620 1799








AFRICAN SNOW HITS WEST END A flurry of publicity swept

a CMS-commissioned play into London’s theatreland in April. African Snow transferred from a sell-out premiere season at York Theatre Royal to Trafalgar Studios. The Times was sceptical about a play backed by a Christian mission, but had to recognise its “undeniable, disturbing power.” CMS General Secretary Tim Dakin said some media wanted to “typecast African Snow as a sermon on stage. But thanks to CMS supporters we have raised the curtain on Gospel issues in the public square.” African Snow tours till end of June. Details from

CHURCH DIES WITHOUT MISSION RETHINK By the time you’ve read this article it may need to be rewritten. Mission is always changing, writes Cathy Ross. God’s Spirit blows where it will and we need to keep up with that movement. Perhaps the most dramatic shift in the history of mission has occurred in our lifetime – in fact during the last 20 years or so.

This is the shift of the centre of gravity of Christianity to the developing – or ‘majority’ – world. In 1900 in Africa there were approximately 8.7 million Christians. By 2000 that number had exploded to 350 million. Africa has the fastest growing church. Some people call Latin America ‘the largest Christian continent’.

Even in parts of Asia – like China – the church is growing in leaps and bounds. Meanwhile in Europe, the church is stagnating or in decline. New APProACheS The church in the majority world is generally theologically more conservative than the West, has a greater awareness of the supernatural and has a more holistic understanding of discipleship. This has huge implications for mission: the churches in the majority world may no longer wish to approach mission in the same way as Western mission engagement in the past. While they may still be happy to welcome mission partners from the West, it is usually for a specific task and timeframe.

They also feel a responsibility to re-evangelise the West and many go to Western countries with this aim. They may not be sent by a traditional mission agency but rather they may go as professionals, migrants or even refugees but always with the aim of reaching out in the name of Christ. Mission really is from everywhere to everywhere. BiG iSSueS The dramatic increase in migration, whether through natural disasters, wars, genocide or personal choice, has created a multicultural world. It means we can engage in cross-cultural mission without leaving home. This is a new phenomenon, highlighted by the relative ease of travel and increased global communications. continued next page

sharing Jesus, changing lives




cMS eVenTS

WWW.cMS-uk.oRg/eVenTS SuMMer feSTiVALS featuring CMS: Christian resources exhibition 15–18 May, Soul Survivor Momentum 20–24 July, Greenbelt 24–27 Aug.

DArLiNGToN Deanery CMS Association faith supper, 12 June, St Cuthbert’s. Contact Alan Braithwaite: 01325 720292.

Elizabeth Edmunds (37 Orchard Grove, New Milton, Hants BH25 6NZ or 01425 610797) nearer the time if you are able to come.

WORCESTER Archdeaconry CMS Action Group annual special meeting, 24 May, St Peter’s Bengeworth. Contact Canon Peter Burch: 01386 853837.

CMS EAST CENTRAL annual meeting, 23 June, Oakington, Cambridge. Contact David Nobbs: nobbs@dellfield. or 01923 269480.

fAreweLL To PArTNerShiP houSe TeA PArTy, 8 JuNe. ALL MeMBerS weLCoMe. PLeASe CALL 020 7803 3304 or eMAiL eLizABeTh.MArTiN@CMSuk.orG if you’D Like To CoMe

CMS wALeS residential, 6–7 July, Pantasaph. Bible studies: Tudor Griffiths. Chaplain: Carol evans. Contact Val Major: or 029 2031 3492.

CMS NorTherN reGioN Mission Partners’ fellowship, 20 oct, Bishopthorpe, york. Contact evelyn wroe (01904 780852) nearer the time if you are able to come.

YORK CMS Association evening, 11 Jun, Sheriff Hutton. Contact Eileen Wishart: 01904 633705.

CMS SOUTH CENTRAL Mission Partners’ Fellowship, 3 Oct, All Saints’ Milford-on-Sea, nr Lymington. Contact

CMS MEMBERS’ DAY, 3 NOV. CoNTACT CMS on 0845 620 1799 or for more details of events where no contact is given. This number will reach us in London and in oxford. full details of all forthcoming CMS events can be found online at

cMS PeoPle weLCoMe Two mission families who have worked with CMS before have new roles: Jean and Paul Dobbing returned to Nepal last year and began work with the United Mission to Nepal in Butwal in October. They’re helping with education and computer work. After some six years as mission partners in Birmingham, felipe and Sarah yáñez, with Sammy and Aaron, are going to work with refugees and asylum seekers in Malaga, southern Spain, in a partnership with SAMS. In Bangladesh, new ecumenical mission partner Dr helen Brannam started work at Bollobhpur Hospital in July. Shorttermer Brahim Abdellaoui has also set off to spend two-and-a-half years as a development worker with partners in Central Asia. Welcome, too, to new UK staff: Sarah Thaine as Vocational Recruitment Assistant, karen Blamey as UK Personnel Manager and Tarcisius Mukuka as Deputation Facilitator. We’d like to thank all the temporary staff who have been helping keep systems working, whether for a few weeks or months: walter Craw, halima Duali, Anne henriksen, Nicole kuisis, zoe kuisis, Lucy Mulvany, Philip Nash, Amy Normand, iwan Price-evans, Jo whiting, Melissa williams. fAreweLL rodger and Sarah Petch, with their children Jason and Jade, have

returned to the UK after three years working in theological education at St Francis’ College, Wusasa, Nigeria. Toks Akinbadewa has completed five years as a mission partner at Kagando Hospital. She is a paediatric nurse who has taught in the school of nursing and midwifery there. Congratulations to her and Andrew Plumptre who marry on 19 May. Beth and Darrell Jackson have completed three years researching mission in Europe, based in Budapest. Darrell has joined the faculty at Redcliffe College where he will direct a centre for researching innovative mission in Europe, while Beth is preparing to be ordained as a Baptist minister. katie hart has finished three years of tough work in community health in remote south-west China. Margaret Mukasa, Scholarships Adviser, left CMS at the end of April after 14½ years. The Society and hundreds of study partners are deeply grateful for the care and commitment she has shown over the years. Space does not allow us to pay a proper tribute to these staff members who also left having given so much to CMS: Liz Clutterbuck, Link Materials Editor, Alex Coakley, Pensions Assistant, Alex Gough, Experience Programmes Adviser, richard hovey, Mission Movement South Team Leader, richard Long, Support & Sales Assistant, Abby Peggs, Cross-cultural Engagement

Administrator, helen Shepherd, Deputation Facilitator, Gill whiting, Exchange Programmes Coordinator. CoNGrATuLATioNS CMS Africa Editor Julia katorobo and David Sseppuuya were married on 16 Dec in Uganda by Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi. Abby Peggs (former Cross-cultural Engagement Administrator) and Sam Baguma also married in Uganda, on 14 April. Lee and Sally Proudlove (mission partners, Philippines) welcomed new son Aaron Joseph on 6 Jan. Congratulations, too, to richard and Sue kellow (mission partners in training, Redcliffe College) on the birth of emily Joy (23 Feb) and to David and Sarah hall (mission partners in Bangladesh) on the birth of reuben David (6 Mar). DeAThS Bertha Leech, Uganda & Kenya 1938– 64, died 20 August 2006. elizabeth Dorothy McDonald, uganda 1946– 60, died 15 November. Fiona Kate Sherwood, India, died 18 November. rosemary ettershank, CMS staff 1951– 77, died 27 November. Dr Margaret (Meg) Carey, Nigeria 1936–53, died 8 December. Mary kathleen (Molly) Shaw, Pakistan & Africa 1959–71, Pakistan 1986–89, died 21 february 2007. Earnest Victor Townsend, East Africa 1972–79, died 11 March.

THe PiPeS, THe PiPeS a-calling

MISSION DANCE? DUNCAN-CAN! “At times it felt like breaking the fallow ground with our bare knuckles,” Duncan olumbe recalls. even so, Duncan’s quiet persistence and unshakeable faith have broken the ground and already fresh shoots of mission are blooming in east Africa.

Ian Smith, CMS North Team Leader, has been appointed to succeed Cecil Wilson as Director of Mission for CMS Ireland. He began his work with CMS in 1984 as Area Secretary for York and Ripon Dioceses having worked in personnel management in Swindon.

Duncan, former director of the Focus student movement in Kenya, has a compelling vision to draw African Christians into cross-cultural mission. He leads Mission Together Africa (MTA), a consortium of churches and agencies (including the CMS Africa office). MTA was launched in 2005 and completed three mission visits in 2006 with more being planned for 2007. Following an MTA mission visit to northern Kenya last year, Isaac, a university student and a worshipper at All Saints Cathedral, Kampala, wrote: “What I learned about evangelising Muslims has opened a door to start in my family which is largely Muslim. I have a burden for them. These guys are also loved by God and the truth is that they are just lost.” Duncan’s quiet presence disguises a

giant of a man. Speaking in Cape Town in 2006 he challenged the international leaders of the World Evangelical Alliance to “dance a different dance” – to allow African and Asian sisters and brothers to set the rhythm and choose the steps for the contemporary ‘mission dance’.

Among his contributions to CMS were £24,000 raised by walking through the yetto-open Channel Tunnel in 1994. A long time member of General Synod, he played an important part in the fight to safeguard pension payments to clergy mission partners.

MTA is one of twelve member agencies of the faith2Share network. To discover the others visit

INTRODUCING OUR NEW TRUSTEES katharine von Schubert, freelance writer and mum, is a former CMS mission partner (producing Arabic videos for the Middle East) and former staff member.

The rev Dr kevin ward is a senior lecturer in theology and religious studies at the University of Leeds and has been a CMS trustee for four years.

The rev Martyn Snow is vicar of Christ Church, Pittsmoor, in Sheffield and a former CMS mission partner in Guinea. He mentors two evangelists working on Fresh Expressions of church.

The rev Simon winn is vicar of St Joseph the Worker, Northolt, Middlesex: six Urban Priority Area outerLondon estates with many people two or more generations distant from any meaningful Christian contact.

Dr kang-San Tan is Head of Mission Studies at Redcliffe College and was formerly OMF International’s Director of Mission Research based in Singapore.

These five trustees were elected by CMS members in 2006. They join Chair, the Rt Rev David Urquhart; the Rt Rev Paul Butler; Ms Alexis Chapman; Dr David Fulford; the Rev Canon Philip Groves; Mrs Shona Passfield; Mrs Paddy Payne and the Rev Canon Mavis Wilson on the board.

a Tile Tale

Eighty-five-year-old tiles discovered during roof renovations at the Bishop Tucker Building in Uganda contained a surprise. Specialist roofers brought in from Germany to renovate the historic heart of what’s now the Mukono Christian University found original tiles dating from 1921 stamped ‘CMS Mukono’. “The tiles, made locally, were in such good condition we are merely washing them and putting them back,” reports Vice Chancellor Stephen Noll. “This is one of the truly historic buildings in Uganda and I think CMS should be proud of it and its significance for the Church of Uganda.”

SHARE THE LIGHT ‘HELPED US SHARE FAITH’ Last year CMS’s new resource for a candlelit Advent service was a hit. Share the Light featured real life stories, activities and devotional studies. People were encouraged to give a candle to a friend and use the opportunity to invite them to a carol service.

RETHINK CONT There are other big issues rising up the mission agenda: global warming, increasing violence, the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS, rising nationalism, religious freedom, multiculturalism, ethnicity and identity, and of course the advent of the worldwide web.

“Thank you for the challenge – the service helped people to share their faith and invite friends to a welcoming carol service. We were so surprised when 80 people came to a 4pm Saturday service. The real-life stories for lighting the candles were moving and the luggage label activity was excellent – they stayed up all season.”

TiMe for A reThiNk All these issues (and more) have meant major changes for the theory and practice of mission. Westerners now find themselves as a minority in the Christian world and are having to learn how to listen with humility to the concerns of our sisters and brothers from the majority world. The initiative in mission still belongs to God. But we need to rethink the way we carry it forward, sensitive to the world in which we live and to the breath of the Holy Spirit.

for details of this year’s Share the Light service, please ring Phil evans on 0845 620 1799 or email

Dr Cathy Ross is Director of the new Crowther Centre for Mission Education, based at CMS House in Oxford.

CMS received many positive comments about the Share the Light service, which included writing a personal prayer on a luggage label and hanging it on the Christmas Tree of Hope. The Rev Simon Howard:

THE BIGGEST STORY EVER TOLD CMS is keen to promote biblical literacy because a biblically illiterate church will often be a mission-poor church, says CMS Mission Movement Team Leader Paul Thaxter. “Everybody loves a good story. There is something about telling and listening to stories – stories make meaning in the world,” he says. “God calls us to live in his, and our, story and pass on what we know to others through our lives and lips.”

A revolutionary approach to reading the Bible has been changing the lives of people all over the world, thanks to CMS. CMS is leading the way in promoting Crossways International’s The Bible’s Big Story: Our Story, which offers a roadmap through the big themes of the biblical narrative using easy to remember symbols.

Paul has taught the course throughout Britain as well as taking it to Denmark, Hong Kong and Egypt. CMS is developing its use in Africa and Asia. Paul is now planning a two-year programme building up a network of trainers to run the courses for churches and individuals. if you’re interested in attending or even organising a course, contact Gaenor hall on 0845 620 1799 or email


When Stamp magazine called the CMS office, we had to wonder why. It turns out Uganda’s first-ever postage stamp was made by a CMS missionary. The Rev Ernest Millar laboriously typed out stamps one by one. When he died in 1914 he left his trusty typewriter to CMS. Stamp had recently discovered some of his creations – had we still got the typewriter? Archivist Ken Osborne informs us that an incendiary bomb hit part of CMS House during the blitz and this typewriter was among items destroyed. CMS still runs a stamp bureau. More information about it from David Wood-Robinson, 72 Divinity Road, Oxford, OX4 1LJ. Telephone 01865 245 466.

Connect magazine - May 2007  
Connect magazine - May 2007  

Connect magazine - May 2007