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Autumn 2012

God’s grace and new braces for Nadiyya A young girl in Jordan who suffered a brain injury from extreme abuse at age two is doing something few people thought possible – walk. She’s also being introduced to the love of Jesus. This is thanks to the perseverance of Michael Green, a CMS mission partner and nurse in Jordan, who first met Nadiyya seven years ago on a visit to the hospital to which he has recently been transferred. “She was four at the time and most people assumed she’d never walk,” Michael recalled. “Once I got placed at this hospital and became responsible for her care, the first thing I did was get her assessed for braces, which Nadiyya received a few months ago.” Not only are the braces helping Nadiyya walk but they are straightening her posture. “We work on her walking daily. Sometimes she laughs and enjoys it and other times it’s hard, but she’s doing

it! We take her for walks in the garden. Because she is mostly blind, she likes experiencing the smells and feeling the plants.”

“I explained to her the death and resurrection of Jesus in Arabic.” On Good Friday Michael took Nadiyya to an exhibition for children called “The Journey to the Cross”, which had multi-sensory activities to help engage with the story of the crucifixion. “Nadiyya enjoyed the perfume smell of the nard that Jesus was anointed with, she ate bread like Jesus blessed, she felt a crown made of thorns, she helped nail pieces of paper with sins on them to a cross and she touched empty grave clothes. All while I explained to her the death and resurrection of Jesus in Arabic. “Due to her learning disability, I couldn’t ask her if she wanted to follow

Mission partner Michael Green helps Nadiyya, age 11, take physical and spiritual steps

Jesus, but it was so good to see her emotional responses to the various elements. “I felt so privileged to take Nadiyya through this journey and so encouraged that the person who helped me was a local nurse who heard the story of

Jesus’ death and resurrection. Please pray for Nadiyya, giving thanks for her growing ability to walk, and pray that the truth and love of Jesus will continue to make a deeper impact into all hearts and lives here.”

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A CMS grant helped provide this church for a village of new believers

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A whole Hindu village in Bangladesh has come to Christ and now has a place to worship him together, thanks to the Church of Bangladesh and a grant from CMS. Former CMS manager for Asia Adrian Watkins said, “In 2009 CMS sent a grant for the construction of a church in Rajshahi Deanery. The whole Santali tribal village had recently accepted Jesus through the work of the Church of Bangladesh. The building opened in April.” The Rt Rev Samuel Sunil Mankhin, Bishop of Kushtia, sent his thanks to CMS donors for their generosity. In the past few years, seven new churches – with a combined membership of over 700 people – have been started in the area. CMS has a longstanding partnership with the Church of Bangladesh.

Asylum seekers find home in Jesus Three Muslim-background asylum seekers from Central Asia have embraced Jesus through a Bible study run by a UK mission partner who must remain anonymous. “T, M and F have expressed a desire to get baptised and so I have started meeting with them to have discipleship and baptism classes.” Over the past months, the Bible study group has grown, as more Central Asians are attending following seeker-sensitive Sunday services started by this CMS mission

Colombian murderer is now a minister through CMS partner’s work

From guerrilla leader to church leader

partner. “We’ve also recently had an answered prayer as T, who was about to be deported back to a potentially dangerous situation in his home country, was released from detention and his fresh claim for asylum is being considered.”

InveSTIng In woMen leAderS helPS nePAl ChurCheS ThrIve testimony, her entire family has come to believe in Jesus. Sunmaya and hundreds of women like her are able to use their gifts to benefit

A man sentenced to 190 years behind bars for a brutal murder is now leading a prison church in Colombia.

Nepali churches, thanks to the Leadership Training Department (LTD) of the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal, which is led by CMS Timothy (local) mission partner

According to CMS associate mission partners Pancha and Terry Barratt, this came about through the prayers of Christian prisoners and through the SEAN theological education by extension programme they help direct. “This man was so violent he’d served eight years in solitary confinement. But his Christian fellow prisoners prayed for him daily – they would sit outside his cell singing and praying. One night God touched this man and he believed.” This had a big impact in the prison. This man eventually graduated from the SEAN programme in 2005 and now helps lead the prison church. His sentence has recently been reduced to 19 more years for good behaviour and the SEAN programme has been welcomed in 23 out of 25 major prisons in Colombia.

Manoj Pradhananga. He says, “In the last five years, 250 women have been given leadership training from 51 out of 75 districts of Nepal. Women leaders from remote and rural areas are given high priority for this training. “The Nepali church constitutes a substantial number of women. However, Sunmaya, one of hundreds of women helping shape the rapidly growing church in nepal

many women are deprived of a number of privileges in the patriarchal culture. They are also prevented from several opportunities

Five years ago, someone like Sunmaya would have barely any chance of being in church leadership in Nepal –

for ministry…LTD has focused on releasing women to use their God-given gifts and talents.” One pastor, who has sent six women from his church for leadership training, said, “The church has become more mature spiritually through women using their God given abilities.”

because she’s a woman. Yet today her church has given her responsibility over children’s and youth ministry. She also preaches and teaches and disciples others. Through her

runners and walkers make great strides for mission In the past year, hundreds of pounds were raised for life-changing mission by people putting their best foot forward. Some, like Dominic Monney, completed a marathon whilst others like Judith and Tony Hodgson, opted for “a gentler challenge” – a lovely walk through the South Downs. When asked why he took on this sponsored challenge, Dominic replied, “The work [CMS does] is the most important work there is and I wanted to support the work of the kingdom.” “I’m constantly amazed how many gifted people volunteer for mission placements, often in dangerous places, for CMS and this is a testament to their extraordinary faith,” said walker Judith Hodgson. Huge thanks to all CMS sponsored challenge-takers and to all those who support them and God’s mission with their gifts and prayers. For more info on how you can do a CMS sponsored challenge, write to Fundraising champions Tony and Judith hodgson and dominic Monney (below)

More than 100 street children get to go home A boy named reagan, who was living on the DR Congo streets, has received a badly-needed leg operation and returned home to his family, thanks to Centre Kimbilio in Lubumbashi. “We’d noticed Reagan walking with difficulty and found a piece of metal embedded in his leg,” recalled CMS mission partner Ian Harvey, who pioneered Kimbilio (‘place to go for safety’) with the diocese of Katanga.

“My security is in god”: one of the boys who has found a haven in Kimbilio

A CMS donor paid for Reagan’s operation. “In a positive turn of events, Reagan’s father visited him in the hospital – after the operation his family welcomed him back home,” Ian said. Reagan is one of more than 100 boys living on the streets who have been reunited with their families in the three years since Kimbilio was established. Recently, two boys who had been sleeping under market stalls were taken home to their families in Kolwezi. Ian says the process is costly, but worth it to reintegrate children forced to leave their families for a range of reasons. In addition to helping boys return home, Centre Kimbilio supports up to 90 street boys a week with food, learning activities, Bible study and a safe place to sleep. Recently, Kimbilio opened its doors to a girl, a baby abandoned on the road. “Kimbilio residents named her Chancelle Vie Ian – the first part means a chance to live,” said Ian. “We identified a local family eager to look after her.”

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My story Mission partner Andrea Campanale shares Jesus with people that many Christians neglect

My work with Sacred Space Kingston is about engaging with spiritual seekers who might be more at home at, say, a festival than in a church. In March, Jonny Baker of CMS and I were invited to speak at a diocesan healing day about our experience of engaging with people at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London over the last seven years. Derek Legg, who is on the organising committee of the Lammas Festival, which is put together by the pagan community in Eastbourne, heard us and suggested getting a team together to run a stall at Lammas. As I am also a student on the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training course, I joined forces with fellow pioneer students and Eastbourne residents Glyn Moreton and Karlie Allaway. Together, we gave training to local volunteers.

“This was the first time Christians had engaged with visitors to this event and the response was overwhelming” This was the first time Christians had engaged with visitors to this event and the response was overwhelming. Emma Moreton from Old Town Community Church decorated adults and children with temporary henna tattoos, while other team members offered to pray for

Pagan festival: boldly going where few Christians have gone before By CMS mission partner Andrea Campanale One attendee talked about the “really good vibe” in the Christian tent and was moved to tears as she chose a card from the Jesus Deck that talked about Jesus giving her peace. She said that was exactly what she needed and how unexpected it was that God knew that and had touched her so deeply. Another woman chose a card about love that costs even to the point of physical pain, followed by another that spoke of healing. She explained that she had been a victim of domestic violence for many years and had recently started her life over. It was prayed that she might recover her sense of identity and receive a new sense of purpose and hope. She went away thankful. Others recounted tales of hurt and judgement they had experienced in church and were pleased to have the opportunity to encounter loving and welcoming Christians. The Rev Mike Blanch, curate at St Michael and All Angel’s Eastbourne, called his participation in mission at Lammas, “a truly wonderful experience encountering Jesus

These cards contain scriptures and stories that become the basis for praying with seekers

in so many unlikely people, reaching out in unexpected places and supported by the grace of God.” At the end of the festival, organisers asked the team to come back next year and suggested other pagan gatherings to attend! Together with the local church, we were able to take a risk, step out and be Christ to those who are seeking spiritual fulfilment in places and practices that will ultimately only disappoint. If you would like to know more about engaging with spiritual seekers at events like these, contact

Mission pioneers shared the light and love of Jesus at a pagan festival this summer

participants, utilising resources like the Jesus Deck or Ruach (spirit) cards, which contain biblical stories and scripture passages. Many festival-goers expressed surprise that Christians were present.

A Brazilian woman who once practised divination

live with his grandmother, Jo, and My Father’s House will

and black magic, is living a transformed life, thanks to

continue to follow up with these two people who have

CMS Latin partners Ian and Simea Meldrum at Living Waters

been transformed into family.

church in Olinda. “When we first met Mrs Jo she was a ‘mae de santos’, a spiritist leader. Her life had been one long tragedy, losing four sons through violent deaths and her daughter had severe mental health problems,” the Meldrums recalled. Through the ministry of Living Waters church, Jo now knows and loves Jesus. She has recently taken in her grandson Ivson, who has been living at My Father’s House, a haven for at-risk boys from Olinda’s violent streets. “Ivson came to My Father’s House five years ago, when he was 12,” says Simea. “We remember him carrying handmade guns provided by the man living with his mother at the time. Since then, his life turned around.”

CMS latin partner Simea Meldrum leads living waters church in a Brazil shanty town

Did you know?

From witchcraft to godmother

Since our founding in 1799, more than 10,000 women and men have served worldwide with CMS The CMS mission community currently has 2,500 members committed to making mission part of everyday life on 20 october, 13 CMS supporters will Jump for Jesus in a sponsored skydive, including a handful of canons and vicars. To support them in their leap for mission, contact CMS has a new executive leader, the Rev Canon Philip Mounstephen. To attend his commissioning celebration on 13 October in Oxford, contact

A local child welfare judge agreed that Ivson can now

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Mission Update: Church press supplement Sept 2012  
Mission Update: Church press supplement Sept 2012  

Supplement published in the Church Times and Church of England Newspaper 28 September 2012.