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Go behind the headlines with our mission partners on the frontlines… in Maridi, South Sudan. “Miracles are happening and there is much fruit – my people now have a thirst to read the Bible for themselves, and they pray together as never before. Also the giving of money and food has increased dramatically now that my people have had teaching about it….We have never had systematic teaching such as this before. Three people in my group have become Christians. Praise God for the Following Jesus course.”

What you may have heard about: war, violence, crime What you may not have heard:

“What is hardly ever commented on is the hope, the joy and the amazing South Sudanese, who feel ownership of the land they are in, and who want to work to develop their nation.” – CMS mission partner Ruth Radley What God is doing: Comforting the broken: Most people in Sudan still suffer from trauma. CMS has helped provide much-needed counselling. Making disciples: CMS mission partner Trisha Wick, diocesan coordinator for discipleship training in Maridi, has written seven discipleship training booklets called

Raising up good leaders: The church of South Sudan has a vital role to play, but many pastors lack the education and confidence they need to lead. CMS has sponsored several Sudanese Christians to receive thorough training at Carlile College, Nairobi. These students then return to Sudan to lead churches and teach others

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what they have learned.

Reducing dependency Whether training people to work with children or giving life-skills seminars on conflict resolution, health and parenting, “what really brings development is when people’s minds are unlocked”, says mission partner Ruth Radley. “When things are just given to people or when they don’t have to work, the subtle message is: ‘You can’t. You don’t have…’ The reality here is, ‘You can. You do have…’ We work through Bible studies to show people the resources they do have to solve their own problems. It takes longer but the results are long-lasting.”

Following Jesus, and all 58 parishes are using them.









“I praise God for these books,” says Canon Benneth Khamis, dean of All Saints’ Cathedral



What you may have heard about: massive flooding, tribal fighting, tensions and violence between Muslims and Christians





What you may not have heard:

“Increasing numbers of people are putting their faith in Jesus Christ, despite the dangers. We must confess that this is not the work of foreign missionaries, but instead of courageous men and women from their own communities. We are utterly humbled by their bravery and faith.” – CMS mission partners who must remain anonymous




Medical care in the name of Jesus CMS has mission partners strategically placed in hospitals and health centres. One


Muslim man, suffering from TB but unable to afford treatment, heard about a


free Christian clinic while in the local chai shop. “I admit I was unsure of whether


to go or not, to associate with such people. My pir and the local mullah have


always warned us to be wary of such people. They do not honour the Prophet of


Islam. In the end, however, I decided that I had nothing to


lose. . . The doctor always brings a smile to my face. The


paramedics have visited me and the people in my village a couple of times. They checked how I was getting on and

What God is doing: Flood relief: Just as they were last summer, CMS people in mission have


went around the village looking for anyone else who could


have TB. I have hope that the scourge of TB, that has nearly


left my children without their father, has been beaten, Inshallah.”

been on the frontlines, helping people in rural Pakistan during the recent flooding. CMS



partners in the Primary Education Project of Hyderabad Diocese have already helped

Educating the marginalised: Mission partner Jane Jerrard and her team have worked


more than 1,000 people with emergency aid, and are working to provide for thousands

with local people to start more than 100 schools in villages, providing quality education


more. In addition, CMS manager for Pakistan, John Hayward, reports that a disaster risk

for over 5,000 children.


reduction training programme will be delivered during the winter, in order to help people

Strengthening the faith of a Christian minority: CMS sponsors conferences where


living in the rural districts of Sindh be better prepared for future natural disasters.

emerging Christian leaders in Pakistan can gather, share ideas and encourage one



These are just a few examples of how God is working behind the headlines through CMS people in mission in global hotspots. Want to know more? At the beginning of this year, CMS invited Jose Henriquez, one of the 33 rescued Chilean miners, to share the powerful story of how “the 34th man”— Jesus — worked in the lives of the men whilst they were trapped underground. Now, you can own a copy of this


amazing behind the headlines account.


What you may have heard about: civil unrest, increasing persecution of Christians, economic struggle, insecurity

£10), we will gladly send you “The 34th Man” DVD. All

What you may not have heard:

these you’ve read about here.

“There are people asking questions now, which they felt unable to ask in the past…There are certainly new people coming to church and some of those coming to faith.” – CMS people in mission in North Africa


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Living through revolution “We’ve been especially encouraged by the many scenes of Christians and Muslims standing together. You might have seen images of Christians ‘protecting’ Muslims as they prayed and vice versa! We feel so privileged to have been here ‘for such a time as this’. We live in an apartment building in a busy city. We didn’t know our neighbours that well. We certainly


do now. There is nothing like a military curfew to bring people together! It has also been a great pleasure to see


the surprise on people’s faces when they see we haven’t left.” – CMS people in mission in the region

What God is doing: Christians won respect for providing emergency meals and shelter for thousands of refugees fleeing violence in their countries. Muslim-background believers were engaged in simple public acts of witness after the revolution, such as cleaning up the streets. Micro-enterprise schemes are helping people who are struggling financially. People like Awatef, whose husband could no longer find employment as a construction worker. They got food packages from a church’s community development centre. After three months, Awatef’s husband had not found work, so she asked for a loan to buy a donkey and cart so they could go into business together selling vegetables. ”Now my husband and I go out every day to sell the


confidence and dreams of opening a small shop,” says Awatef. “Although the church is a small, struggling minority, it can make a difference, be part



goods and we return with enough money for us and for our son. My husband has gained more

of the answer for these countries, for the shaping of the future. In a region which is

Name: Address:

trying to work out what it means to develop a post-dictatorial government, there is of

real opportunity to pray that men and women of peace will be drawn into the political


process. It is such an encouragement to know God is at work outside of his church as


well as inside.”

– CMS people in mission, who must remain anonymous






Phone number:

another, all of which is crucial in a country where Christians are a minority. Muslims and Christians – warm interaction: When an envious neighbour accused a

Increase the value of your gift at no extra cost to yourself


had to admit the charges were ridiculous, but despite being declared innocent, the


family has now lost everything. Yet, according to CMS mission partners, “The [Christian]

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family members want it to be known that they owe their very lives to Muslims. When



the lynch mob was coming for them and they had to flee for their lives, it was Muslims



who helped them to escape and Muslim friends who found them a safe place to stay.”

Christian family of insulting the Prophet, a crime that carries the death penalty, several family members were arrested and interrogated. The police and religious authorities

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