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PRAY FOR EGYPT Are Egyptian Christians afraid? Yes, Egyptian Christians are afraid of more attacks, but they keep going to church because they are determined to follow Jesus and not give in to terrorists. After the bus attack in May, a Christian TV channel that operates in north Africa and the Middle East broadcast a special episode of its show Why Is That? to let Egyptian Christian children talk about their fears. Many children called in to the live show to tell host Essam Nagy (pictured) that they forgave the killers and would pray for them. Essam prayed with the children. He told them God hears their cries and will never abandon them.

What’s the problem about church buildings? For many years, Christians have found it almost impossible to get government permission to build or repair churches, because building or repairing needed a presidential permit and years of paperwork. Building a mosque just needs a regular planning permit. This kind of unfair treatment is called discrimination. In 2016, parliament passed new laws to make it quicker and easier to get permission to build and repair churches. It’s not clear yet if this is going to help. Muslim mobs have attacked Christians they suspect of using homes for church services or building or repairing churches without permits.

A Prayer for Egypt Dear God, Please bless Egyptian Christians and protect them from attack. We ask you to help the government and the police to provide security for Christians, and we pray for peace. Please comfort all those whose loved ones have been killed. We pray especially for Egyptian children who are sad or scared or who have been injured in attacks. Help them to remember that you hear their cries and you are always with them. We pray also for Egyptian churches and ask that the new laws would make it easier to get permission for building and repairs. Amen

Church in Chains Magazine (Autumn 2017)  

The impact of recent terrorist attacks on Christians in Egypt is described in this issue which also focuses on the reaction of Christians to...