Churchill Group Annual Review 2021

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Undoubtedly 2020 was focused on protecting the health and safety of colleagues, customers and the communities we work in, as well as ensuring that our businesses continued with minimal disruption and delivered the essential services to our customers. We were proud our key workers showed the commitment and resilience to keep the UK going throughout those extremely difficult months and they have our heartfelt thanks every day. Often the most challenging circumstances lead to reflection and clarity on what is needed for the future.


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Sustainable procurement programme

Smile Draw


Bringing it all together

Through living our core values we’re working towards our vision with measurable results. We hope you enjoy reading about some of our recent achievements and developments.

Sustainability: Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (1987 UN Brundtland Commission Definition).

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Ecovadis Silver Award We recently signed up to an external audit process (Ecovadis) to assess Churchill with regard to ESG. Four areas assessed were: • Environment • Ethics • Labour and human rights • Sustainable procurement The Ecovadis Rating covers a broad range of non-financial management systems including Environmental, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impacts. Each company is rated on the material issues as they pertain to their company’s size, location and industry. These evidence-based assessments are refined into easy-to-read scorecards, providing zero to one hundred (0-100) scores, and medals (bronze, silver, gold), when applicable.

Always do right

Carbon Disclosure Project We have signed up to the Carbon Disclosure Project. Each year CDP supports thousands of companies, cities, and regions to measure and manage their risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and deforestation.

Science-based targets initiative We have signed a letter of commitment that we will be setting science-based targets. The latest climate science sends a clear warning that we must dramatically curb temperature rise to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change. Science-based targets show companies how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Always do right

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi): • Defines and promotes best practice in emissions reductions and net-zero targets in line with climate science. • Provides technical assistance and expert resources to companies who set science-based targets in line with the latest climate science. • Brings together a team of experts to provide companies with independent assessment and validation of targets. • The SBTi is the lead partner of the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign - an urgent call to action from a global coalition of UN agencies, business and industry leaders, mobilising companies to set net-zero science-based targets in line with a 1.5°C future.

Some of our progress... Carbon and energy consumption Year 2020 Overall energy consumption (MWh)


2020 carbon footprint baseline (tCO2e) 1,977.22

Our commitment: Reduce our carbon footprint and move towards net zero carbon. Reduce our energy consumption and move towards renewable energy sources. Improve the efficiency of our fleet and work on greener solutions. Progress so far: Our overall energy consumption in 2020 was 7,937.92 MWh, which includes both our Churchill office energy and energy consumption from fleet. In 2020 we signed new energy contracts, which means that over 50% of electricity used in our offices now comes from renewable energy sources. We now have a small proportion of electric cars and vans as part of our company fleet. We are offering an electric and/or hybrid option in each of our company car fleet categories and encourage our colleagues

Always do right

to use virtual meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams, where possible, to reduce the amount of business travel undertaken. We have established our carbon footprint for 2020 and will use this as our baseline for setting science-based reduction targets in 2021. Our targets will be determined in line with criteria set out in the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Scope three emissions: Our main supplier and the operational teams have worked collaboratively to reduce the frequency of deliveries to client sites. As a result of streamlining the process and reducing the number of small order deliveries, we were able to reduce the carbon footprint from deliveries by 15.96 tCO2e from the first half of 2020 to the second half of 2020.

Waste and recycling Year

2020 2019 Change

Total overall waste (t)




General Waste (t)




Recycling rates (%)




General waste per M&A employee (kg)




Our commitment:

Progress so far:

Reduce waste both in our offices and throughout our operations, driving reduction and recycling initiatives, decreasing the waste going to landfill.

We have calculated our waste volumes for 2019 and 2020 and are now able to set reduction targets for our office buildings in 2021. In 2020 we organised a waste awareness campaign together with our Sustainability Champions including new waste signage to raise employee awareness and increase recycling rates in our offices.


2019/20 Targets


Establish environmental baseline data for waste


2020/21 Targets


5% annual landfill reduction per M&A employee


Recycling facilities in all offices by end of 2021


Paperless site files by end of 2022

Always do right



Water consumption Year

2020 2019 Change

Annual consumption (m3) 1,765 2,934 39.9% Water used per M&A employee (m3)

3.72 5.87 2.15

Water used per M&A employee (%)




Our commitment: Reduce our water consumption through innovative solutions and efficient equipment. Progress so far: We have established our water consumption for 2019 and 2020 and are now able to set reduction targets for our office buildings in 2021. In 2019 our washroom service provider installed water saving devices in our Gateshead and London offices, achieving an estimated 71.99% reduction in hand wash water use. This equates to approximately 51,600 litres of water saved over the year based on 100 employees washing their hands twice a day, 260 days a year. Furthermore, an 81.29% reduction in urinal water use was achieved in Gateshead, the equivalent saving of 71,735 litres of water over the year.

Always do right

In 2020 we appointed phs as our main washroom service provider. Instead of sending waste to landfill, phs collects sanitary and nappy waste from our clients and takes it to an Energy from Waste plant. This means that not only are we reducing waste going to landfill, but also that 150 households can be powered with electricity for whole year.

Quality Highlights... • New QHSE induction training manual launched across the Group for frontline colleagues • QHSE + S SharePoint launched to support Account Managers • COVID management and reporting • New Incident online reporting tool live • Additional QHSE Business Partners employed to support the business • IOSH Managing Safely rollout to 100 colleagues • IOSH for Directors and Senior Execs completed • Developed and implemented new online vendor approval process • Integrated Chequers and obtained certification to ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001 • Successfully completed external Cognate and RISQS audits • Implemented accurate energy management data processes for ISO50001/ESOS/SECR requirements • Successfully completed ISO50001 surveillance audit - Energy Management • Successfully completed ISO9001 (Quality), 14001(Environment) & 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety) surveillance audits

Always do right

Communities and social value

BEAM: Chequers has started work with BEAM, which crowdfunds new career opportunities for homeless men and women. Chequers has provided support in bringing homeless people into Renovo to provide service into One Housing. Legacy Youth Zone: Chequers has been supporting ‘Legacy Youth Zone’, a charity and purpose built facility for Croydon’s young people aged 8 – 19, and up to 25 for those with disabilities. This is the third year running that Chequers has supported the charity with a £25,000 donation. The Coming Home Centre: The Coming Home Centre supports ex-veterans who may need assistance in adjusting to civilian life following their work in the services. The Churchill team has helped with allotment and garden clear ups, creating cleaner and more usable spaces for veterans to enjoy together.

Always do right

t s r fi e l p o e p t u p s y Alwa a e b o t s i n o i s i Our people v nisation, with a thriving orga force, and thriving k r o w g n i v i r h t individuals.

Mosaic diversity and inclusivity programme Launched in November 2020, Mosaic is a fourpillar programme set up to ensure everyone at Churchill has a voice and an opportunity to steer and inform how the company is managed and run. Mosaic’s core principles include understanding employees’ thoughts and feelings and the makeup of the Churchill family. Furthermore, a diversity and inclusivity committee has been founded to represent all groups from areas of the business, as well as a community programme that supports under-represented groups in our communities.

Career happiness at Churchill We have developed our first management development programme ElevateMe. Our managers start the programme in their first six months and beyond, where we continue to provide them with ongoing development opportunities aligned to their role and career aspirations.

Always put people first

Case Study

Meet Mark one of our veterans Churchill holds the Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award from the Armed Forces Covenant - a pledge that those who serve and have served in the Armed Forces and their families will be treated fairly in society. The award recognises organisations that promote being Armed Forces-friendly and are open to employing a range of people with military connections, including veterans. One veteran currently making a big contribution to our business is Employee Relations manager Mark Reay. Mark, who was a former communications systems operator in the Royal Corps of Signals, spent 24 years in the Armed Forces before leaving in February 2017. ‘My time was up in the military - I had completed my full service, but I found the transition to civilian life a lot less daunting than most, as my family were already settled in the North East. We had a family home, so accommodation wasn’t an issue, our children were settled in school and my wife has her successful career. I was the last piece of the jigsaw.

Churchill has received the ‘Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award’ from the Armed Forces Covenant, after achieving the Bronze Award in 2019. The award recognises Churchill as a ‘military friendly employer’ and one that is “open to employing reservists, armed forces veterans (including the wounded, injured and sick), cadet instructors and military spouses/partners” allowing ex-military personnel and their families to be treated fairly in society.

On leaving the services I was initially employed by Manpower Group as a Service Delivery Manager for the BT contract. I was responsible for managing about 250 agency employees employed in BT Contact Centres throughout the North East. But I was at risk of redundancy from Manpower, so began searching for other roles. “I was successful in securing an interview at Churchill and I haven’t looked back or stopped developing!” Now settled in his job with us, Mark feels that there are a multitude of skills that are transferable from military service to jobs in civilian life.

‘I completed a CIPD qualification during my transition from the military which underpins my current career, but many transferable skills aren’t necessarily supported by a qualification,’ he said. ‘They include things such as integrity, reliability, honesty and time keeping.’ And, of course, these are skills which are valuable in any workplace. As is the ability to adapt swiftly to change, which is instilled by the Armed Forces and is also vital in facilities management. Louisa Clarke, managing director – operations at Churchill, who is herself a veteran, having served 10 years in the Royal Air Force as a movements controller, said: ‘It’s an absolute pleasure working with Mark, his collaborative nature and military background allows him to easily support and positively advise the operational teams carrying out the FM role. Military training is focused on preparedness and the ability to cope with change, and it is regularly called upon when working on an FM contract. There is no reason why an ex-military professional should doubt their chances of success in facilities management. The industry has something for everyone, no matter what their career history is. The work is challenging, making it a great fit for people who thrive in high pressure situations. It is also rewarding with plenty of opportunities for a person to test their capabilities and further their career. Above all, the industry allows employees to make a difference to people’s lives. In that sense, it is an ideal next step for those who have helped to make the world a safer place”. Continuing our commitment to the Armed Forces, veterans and their families, Churchill is working towards the Gold Employer Recognition Award in 2022.


Always put people first

WellMe is a comprehensive internal wellbeing programme ensuring that employee wellbeing is a priority. It has five main wellbeing pillars which are in line with the company values; ‘always do right, always seek better, always put people first’. Employees of Churchill group can access a 24/7 telephone counselling service as well as ‘The House of Wellbeing programme’ which offers over 100 hypnotherapy audios, alongside the SkillGate training programme, designed to support everyone’s individual needs.

Always put people first

In January members of the Churchill team took part in the ‘WellMe Walk Challenge’ designed to encourage everyone to be active and build colleague connections. Collectively the group walked over 100,000,000 steps, and donated money to the charity Mind. This initiative enabled the company to have a stronger and continuous focus on both physical and mental health.

Perkbox We’ve introduced Perkbox for our employees. At its core, Perkbox is an employee rewards programme, where colleagues have access to a range of ever-changing discounts and a recognition space which can be used for ‘shout outs’ to say thank you, or to acknowledge others hard work, by creating a public post which others can comment on. This platform gives back to our employees and rewards their hard work with exclusive discounts and offers. Kickstart/Apprenticeship levy donation The Apprenticeship Levy Donation is set up to help fund apprenticeships to benefit individuals, employers and the economy, addressing skill gaps and increasing productivity. Churchill has committed to donating £40k of the apprenticeship levy fund to the London Progression Collaboration (LPC) initiative, allowing Churchill to help support skills development and support local businesses and residents.

Always put people first

Case Study Meet Harry - one of our apprentices Business development executive Harry Wentworth, who recently won one of our Shining Star awards, for colleagues who embody our core values, first joined us on our apprenticeship scheme.

‘While doing this, I was in my first full year of sales and I managed to reach my sales target for the year. It was a fantastic achievement and something I am really proud of.

He said: ‘The comprehensive programme allowed me to observe all of Churchill’s business functions, including cleaning, catering, security, marketing and finance.

‘I am now doing a similar role, where I am building on existing sales opportunities while working on new business opportunities and also supporting the Chequers division in its transition to Churchill.’

‘Looking back now, this was an invaluable experience, as I was able to gain a holistic view of Churchill operations and see how they all intersect. ‘Having completed my apprenticeship, Churchill offered me a permanent role which I gladly accepted. And I’m now lucky enough to be able to pass on my experiences by mentoring two apprentices who are on the same programme I was. ‘Since I have taken on the business executive role, I have supported the London business through the initial Covid-19 outbreak by working closely with the operations team, adjusting to how the business had to change. ‘I managed a project where we tracked the changes we had to make as a business, including the introduction of furlough. My admin apprenticeship gave me the tools and skills necessary for this task. ‘I feel Churchill and us, as a region, did a fantastic job, initially reacting for a short time, then being very much proactive in anticipation of the changes the Government was making throughout this period.

Always put people first

As a result of all of Harry’s good work he was recently presented with a Shining Star award in our Always Do Right category. London business support manager Nadia Williams said: ‘We were delighted to present Harry with his award for always going above and beyond the call of duty and always being there to assist anyone, despite his own workload. ‘He is currently supporting another area of the business and sees it an opportunity to continually learn about the business and our internal processes.’

Looking back now, this was an invaluable experience, as I was able to gain a holistic view of Churchill operations and see how they all intersect

Smile Draw

Shining Stars Shining stars is our internal awards scheme aimed to recognise Churchill employees who demonstrate outstanding behaviour, further embedding Churchill’s core values. These awards are nominated by managers, employees and clients, allowing employees to be recognised for their commitment. Real living wage 20% increase in the number of employees paid the real living wage Where we control the salary, 100% of employees are paid the real living wage 11% increase in number of clients paying the real living wage

Always put people first

We launched the Smile draw as a way to generate moments of happiness every month. Our employees are placed into a monthly draw and ten lucky winners receive £100 gift vouchers, redeemable at multiple retailers. The winners can use the money to treat themselves and their families to something they would not normally do or buy. We Back You We’ve boosted the reach of our charity giving! Our We Back You Initiative will provide a way of supporting more charities via our 14,000 strong workforce. Our colleagues who use their time, energy and bravery to raise money for the benefit of others can ask the company to make a donation - just as they would a colleague, family member, friend or neighbour. We’re guaranteeing a donation of £25.


r e t t e b k e e s s lway

Mo:dus – new developments

Digital Recruitment

Employee Management

We have implemented a seamless and transparent process for the employee from application to induction. Applicants are introduced to Mo:dus when applying and all stages are communicated and progressed via their online portal. This not only ensures a transparent process, it means that all their personnel documentation is permanently in one place for their entire employment contract, T&Cs, employee handbook, onboarding tasks, etc. For the internal teams, everyone can see the entire process from beginning to end – no more lost paperwork or approvals between teams, no more multiple emails, Right to Work documentation kept digitally on the employee file.

This module enables us to upload communications to an employee’s account. There are almost 30,000 employee documents now on Mo:dus! This has saved on printing, posting and HR resource time. All employee personnel documentation is now available via their My Account button.

Always seek better

Making worklife better

During the pandemic we launched PRISM, our workplace hygiene and safety programme, supporting those responsible for facilities, premises and estates, and employee wellbeing to create safe and hygienic workspaces.



PRISM instils confidence in employees and visitors by removing the fear factor surrounding returning to the workplace and reducing the risk of a localised virus outbreak.



Churchill fade

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Analyse Mono


Building Standards

Building Resilience



The mark of confidence in workspaces

Always seek better

Powered by science and technology, PRISM enables proactive and transparent management of the bacteria levels and mitigating actions, providing assurance, confidence and a healthy space. This is the first hygiene programme of its kind, unique in its ability to measure the effectiveness of what we’re delivering and certainty that it’s tailored to fully meet our clients’ needs. It brings transparency to what we do, which creates a trusted environment and peace of mind for everyone in the built environment.

Case Study

The Arch Co. is the largest provider of properties for SMEs in England and Wales, and is the product of a joint venture between Telereal Trillium and Blackstone Property Partners set up in 2018. The group initially bought around 5,000 properties, primarily consisting of railway arches. We proposed a solution to transform the security provision, based upon four tenets: 1. Better mitigate risks (reduce crime and support tenants to feel safer) The Arch Co. is a forward-thinking, tech led business. The team wanted a security provider aligned with these values, able to demonstrate excellence both to improve security and reassure site users. While competitors proposed to take over and maintain the preexisting provision, we suggested an overhaul and reprioritisation of the security solution with data at the fore. Prior to our contract, security across the sites depended on manned guarding and dedicated mobile patrols. This traditional approach is more expensive – and often less efficient – than a provision that combines manned guarding and technology. Such a provision can also lead to a ‘just in case’ mentality where additional, costly provisions are used as the risk level is not measured comprehensively. 2. Bring security into the modern day Our work began with comprehensive data collection so that the team could design a solution tailored to the sites and the client’s needs. Following initial surveys and risk assessments, comprehensive reports were written up for each site. We produced a matrix within which all 5,000 locations could be prioritised by risk. The site risk level guides the site report ensuring that the solution chosen for each site is appropriate and offers the best value. This approach allowed the client to move away from the over-provisioning of manned officers.

Always seek better

With a detailed understanding of the properties and risks, we began to implement a solution that blends manned security and technology across the 10 highest-risk sites. The holistic approach balances security operatives, CCTV, access control, smart tech and remote monitoring. Our Command, Control and Intelligence Centre is used for all monitoring and supports the market leading solutions with real time visibility and response. 3. Reduce the significant spend on manned guarding Our tech-driven and industry leading approach removed c£1m per annum of outdated security guarding, replacing it with a sophisticated, targeted approach that has significantly reduced the security risk, improved tenants’ perception, and provided 5-year savings in excess of £4m for The Arch Co. This has been achieved across 10 initial sites and forms a blueprint for excellent security and significant savings across The Arch Co.’s extensive portfolio. 4. Help to increase the value of the assets The success of the provision is evident in the reduction in crime. Since November 2020, the initial 10 sites have recorded a 30 per cent reduction in monthly incidents. Most notably, when comparing Q4 2020 with Q1 2021, we have seen a 60 per cent reduction in illegal raves across the sites. One site had an ongoing issue with graffiti. This took place once security patrols had passed the target area. Implementation of CCTV cameras has removed this problem. Remote monitoring is in place which means that once an unauthorised presence is detected onsite, an audio warning is issued, deterring trespassers, and the police are notified. This process limits damage to site and has led to the arrest of five of the perpetrators since the start of the year.

Fly tipping has long been an issue in London sites. To counter this, our team set up alert zones that are triggered when items are left in specific areas. Offenders’ details are recorded, including vehicle and registration, and shared as alerts across the sites. Continuous improvement Continuous improvement is critical for an effective security provision. Context and risk profiles are constantly changing. Data-driven services allow our team to constantly refine and adjust their provision. Our team collects data on local area and site-specific behaviour and trends. As well as using it to inform our provision, we share this data with The Arch Co. and its tenants via advisory incident updates, as increasing awareness of relevant threats and promoting vigilance further reduces crime. Building a community Collaboration sits at the heart of a joint venture. The Arch Co. was set up on the principle that its parent companies could complement one another and bring value to the communities in which they work. It was always vital, therefore, that they could find a provider aligned with this approach. We work consistently both to support our clients and the local community. We believe that security extends beyond the border of our own premises. By creating engaging and thriving local communities, we can contribute to a safer built environment for everyone.

s e s s e n i rt bus

xpe e f o p ou r g r u O


In 2020 we added On Verve to the Churchill family

Always seek better

Highlights – new business wins

Churchill Environmental Services (CES) has won a three-year contract with the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Rescue Service. CES will provide services at the fifty-five stations across the region alongside looking after five head offices, two training centres, two vehicle workshops and a control centre.

Portfolio, Churchill’s high specification cleaning service and Pareto FM have been appointed by Hearst UK: a content and experience business. Portfolio will provide soft and hard services to its London properties, including daily office cleaning, deep cleans and event management.

Churchill’s specialist services business for the housing sector, Chequers has won a three-year ground maintenance contract with Thrive Homes. They will provide ground maintenance and arboriculture services.

In July, Churchill secured a multi-site contract with the Scottish Police Authority (SPA). Churchill will provide cleaning and janitorial services on a three-year deal, which can be extended by a further two years.

Portfolio, Churchill’s high specification cleaning service has won a prestigious three-year cleaning contract with the Institute of Directors (IoD). The company was picked due to its ‘leading approach to the utilisation of technology within the cleaning sector’ - Adam Overton, head of facilities at the IoD.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) has signed Churchill to a two-year cleaning contract. This will include general and specialist cleaning services, as well as washroom and window cleaning across the college site.

Churchill has secured a three-year cleaning contract with Ravensbourne University of London to provide cleaning services and implement its PRISM workplace hygiene programme. This programme enables workplace, property and facilities managers to understand the bacterial and viral content of their environments to implement tailored infection prevention solutions.

Always seek better

Certifications and awards Churchill Group is a finalist in the ‘Team of the Year: Private Sector’ category at the IWFM Impact Awards 2021. The team at Medowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield had been shortlisted, celebrating an outstanding workplace, facilities management team and the positive impact the team has had on the organisation and customers. In June 2021 we received a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Gold Medal. This award is only awarded to organisations that have received the RoSPA Gold Award for five consecutive years. This showcases Churchill’s consistent high health and safety standards over the last five years. Winners of Partners in Expert Services PFM Awards Greater London Authority (GLA), known colloquially as City Hall, is the devolved regional governance body for London. Its two branches are the Mayoralty and the London Assembly. Among its numerous duties, the GLA is responsible for the care, control and management of Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square Gardens. Since 2011, Churchill Group’s security business Amulet has worked in partnership with the GLA across these two immensely popular public spaces. The heritage wardens serve as ambassadors for visitors and enforce the byelaws of the City of Westminster, successfully managing lawful protests and deterring anti-social behaviour. Heritage wardens perform a highly skilled and specialised job. This is no ordinary security role. Amulet and the GLA invest a great deal in the recruitment and training process, including a 12-week training programme and continuous assessments to ensure that the heritage wardens meet and exceed the GLA’s strict requirements. This intensive approach has led to a dramatic transformation in service levels across the partnership since 2011, demonstrating that investment in people delivers exceptional results. During regular periods, Trafalgar Square attracts 15 million tourists per year and has the capacity for 20,000 people. Parliament Square Garden’s location in London’s political heart makes it the epicentre for both authorised and unauthorised mass protests. These factors ensure that the heritage wardens perform a vital dual role as high-risk security officers and as ambassadors for the capital.

Always seek better

s l a i n o m i t s e t r e m o t Cus

I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you to say a huge thank you to you and all the team for the massive support you have all given the University of Suffolk throughout the pandemic. Never has the need for cleaning services been so important and you and the team have really stepped up to the plate, going the extra mile on many occasions to ensure that we can provide as safe and secure a campus as is possible to enable us to function during the pandemic. The cleaning team are always smiling, friendly and polite when I come across them and many other colleagues comment on how this really makes a difference and is much appreciated.

Over the last year, we have all been challenged, the world has had to find new ways of working and has had to plan, not just for the medium and long term, but also for the ever-changing landscape that we woke to most mornings. Like many other teams and businesses, we have had to balance the challenges with ensuring that the business can continue to operate, and we have had to find the solutions to the developing government guidelines. We have always been able to rely on Churchill however during this time, we have had to call upon them to step up like no other and they answered that call with both professionalism and dedication. Not only did they adjust to the ask, they owned the solutions, changing hours and teams around to ensure that the buildings were clean, safe and secure. They were able to show flexibility and the highest standards at all times. Bringing back the human face to the front-line services allows the personal touch to be delivered and for this to feel very much part of the business. Without the team, we simply could not have met the challenges. Nigel Lucker - Director of Estates and Facilities, University of Suffolk

Customer testimonials

The additional measures that have been put in place over the last sixteen months have been well managed and appreciated. I am sure as we move into the next academic year this will need to continue to enable us to resume a more normal campus experience for students and staff and I know that the team will continue to do their best for us to help us in this endeavour. I have no doubt that members of the cleaning team have also had personal challenges to manage given the pandemic and we are extremely grateful that they have continued to do what is needed at the same time here at the University. So please can you ensure that every member of the cleaning team sees a copy of this letter and knows that I am very thankful for all their hard work and input in keeping us going during the pandemic. I look forward to hearing their cheery hellos and seeing their smiling faces more as we open up further in the coming weeks and trust that all the team recognise how valuable they are to the University and how we could not provide the students with everything they need without the cleaning team input. With best wishes Professor Helen Langton Vice-Chancellor and CEO University of Suffolk

We have worked with Churchill in the capacity of a facilities management service provider over the last 18 months, which have undoubtably been challenging for everyone, including ourselves at ABP. We have had to adapt to new ways of working and respond to new government guidelines whilst also ensuring our business continues to operate effectively to ensure the flow of goods in and out across our 21 ports. Churchill have been a key service partner in ensuring we have been able to provide a safe and clean environment for all of our workers during these difficult times. They have been flexible in moving resources and teams to support an increase in cleaning schedules in our high traffic areas, whilst

Customer testimonials

reducing cleaning in areas that were not being utilised. We have also benefitted from Churchill’s knowledge and expertise in utilising sub-contractors to respond to emergency Covid deep cleans in areas that have required this. Our relationship with Churchill was initially one site in Ipswich. However, over the last 12 months this has now increased to all of our sites in East Anglia, and several in the North West of England. This is a clear demonstration in our confidence in Churchill’s ability to provide us with a service that is essential for the operation of our business. Mike Thomas at Associated British Ports

The Churchill management and staff have been superb during the pandemic. We’ve had to make significant changes to how we clean and increasingly sanitise our infrastructure. They have shown great commitment and flexibility as well as providing some innovative solutions to help support us through this difficult period. John Souter– NEXUS

Our relationship with Churchill is that of a partnership. Truly tested by the pandemic, unprecedented as it is, the Churchill team work dynamically and proactively. 24 hours a day there are dedicated teams of people across GTR and Churchill working together to safely and efficiently deliver high standards of train servicing, sanitising and cleaning. This is a partnership that I’m proud to be a part of. Christine Smith – GTR

Customer testimonials

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have had far-reaching consequences at a global, national and local level. It’s been a year like no other and I genuinely thank the people and communities of Portsmouth for following the rules, for stepping up to help family, friends and neighbours, for volunteering to help get medicines and food to those shielding or self-isolating, and for continuing to go to work through the lockdowns. Every one of us has had to make sacrifices whether it be supporting vulnerable members of the community or keeping others safe by adhering to restrictions on our own lives. There are those in our community however, who have given support that in the view of their clients or customers has gone above and beyond the normal and I am delighted to tell you that Make Ready Team has been nominated by Gavin Bown as such a business. I would be delighted if you would accept the enclosed Certificate of Recognition and my thanks on behalf of the people of Portsmouth for your outstanding service. Councillor Rob Wood Lord Mayor of Portsmouth

Customer testimonials

Thank you for your contribution throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic The last 14 months have been an exceptional challenge and whilst the global Pandemic is by no means over, we are hopefully moving step by step to a new normal. The contribution that everyone in the SCAS team has made has been nothing short of fantastic and we feel this deserves special recognition. Your dedication, commitment, pride, professionalism and most importantly resilience have radiated through, even on the most challenging of days. The sheer determination of everyone working or volunteering for SCAS, our partner agencies and Private Providers to deliver the very best care possible and to support one another, even when the environment has been so changeable, has been truly inspirational. Collectively, we have played a significant part in supporting millions of members of the public through a hugely significant time in our history, and one in which you have played such an important role. Your support to our staff and our patients has been hugely appreciated and we want to ensure that you are properly thanked and recognised. Whilst we have always had a great reputation, we have never been held in higher regard by the people that we serve, who have shown great support and generosity towards us. We intend to come together at locally held events over the Summer, safety permitting, to present you with a unique Commemorative coin for your contribution during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We hope that this will be a source of pride in the future as we reflect on the positive aspects of this unique period of unprecedented commitment, togetherness and excellence. We know that individually and collectively we have risen to the challenge and given our best when it was needed more than ever. With thanks and best wishes. Will Hancock Lena Samuels Chief Executive Chair

The museum has worked with Churchill for many years and we have been consistently very happy with the service that they have provided. In my role as Head of Visitor Experience, I have worked with the team for 3.5 years and am very happy with the work that they do. So much so, that I have just started the process of working with them to write a new contract for the next 5 years. This will include all aspects of the cleaning service, rather than just the physical cleaning of the museum - refuse, sanitary bins, air fresheners, dust mats etc. This will allow the small museum team to concentrate on running the museum and our trusted partners Churchill to look after the building. On top of this, Churchill have been brilliant with us over the pandemic. We have closed, and reopened three times over the last 18 months and they have maintained the services we required to service the few staff that we had in when we were closed and then get us ready for reopening. They have provided us with much needed advice on what products and equipment to use to keep COVID 19 at bay and make the museum safe for our visitors, staff and volunteers. They also provided extra staff so that we can maintain the standards achieved with our morning clean throughout the day, while we work our way through this pandemic. In addition to this, at very short notice, they were able to provide a large team of staff to clean the G7 Media centre, 24 hours a day, which was using the Museum, Events Square and Maritime car park from the 01 to 18 June. This is another example of how flexible and supportive Churchill are and why I want to continue to work with them into the future. Graham Stratfold Head of Visitor Experience National Maritime Museum Cornwall

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Kernow Learning MAT wanted to send you a thanks for all the hard work you and your teams have put in to keeping our schools clean and COVID Safe during what has been a difficult year for everyone in the Education Sector. We really do appreciate the extra mile your individual teams go to to ensure pupils are able to learn in a clean and safe environment. Hopefully things will return to some kind of normality soon, but I would like to thank you all for the responsive cover you have provided, we all look forward to a better time and to working with you again next year. Kernow Learning

From the moment of engagement, through all of the challenges faced - mobilisation, covid, additional recruitment and the like, everything has been done together in true partnership. The relationship we have is a positive one and absolutely fantastic. The service we are getting from you continues to be at a level that we are really happy, comfortable and impressed with. The overriding difference I believe Churchill have brought to the table from our perspective is the ability to make quick decisions, cutting through red tape that you may see in other FM providers. You have been able to respond to our needs incredibly quickly, I don’t think we realised how important that was until we went through covid and had all those challenges. We continually get positive feedback from all at Police Scotland around the service, to say that we are pleased is an understatement. We are delighted with what we’ve experienced since working with you and your teams, a big thanks to you, and your teams for supporting us through this very difficult time. Phil Collard - Head of Estates, Corporate Services Division, Scottish Police Authority

When we initially went out to tender for a cleaning contractor for some of our schools, it wasn’t something that we took lightly as our practice had previously always been to TUPE services in-house and not TUPE staff out to an external contractor. Whilst some of the staff were not our employees but employed by local authorities and other providers, we took the decision very seriously as these colleagues live in our communities, their children and grandchildren go to our schools and see themselves as our employees when working in our schools. It was therefore important once the contract was awarded that the new organisation understood this and worked closely with us to ensure a smooth transfer initially and then continue to provide an excellent service whilst still supporting those work colleagues. We initially transferred the cleaning services of twelve schools to Churchill and we then added three more schools over the past eighteen months. We have worked very closely with Phil Matis and Louise Rogers to ensure that our needs were understood and where there were problems, that they were rectified quickly. During the period from June 2020 to the end of this academic year, was when we really saw the huge advantages of working with one organisation that was able to work dynamically with us to ensure that the additional cleaning that was required in schools could be implemented and changes could happen at the pace required. Everything that we asked was delivered and supported our schools staying open and staff, pupils and parents felt reassured by the measures in place. Alison Lister - Director of Business Services, Outwood Grange Academy Trust

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Churchill has provided cleaning and hygiene services to NPg for about three and a half years. Like many contracts, there were some teething troubles at the start of the contract, but these were ironed out with time and the status of the relationship between the two organisations has gone from strength to strength. Churchill has supported and assisted in restructuring cleaning teams, bringing in improved standards delivered by more capable teams, meaning we are in a much stronger position than we were before engaging with Churchill. Churchill’s Ops and Account Managers, Directors, and Supervisors have all played a part in working with NPg to improve on what we had in place, working together to identify and resolve weaknesses and raising the standard of delivery across our portfolio. Like all service contracts, the key asset is people and with people there are often issues. Churchill work very hard to ensure that what is essentially, their problem, does not become ours and more often than not they will diffuse or remove an issue before it reaches the client - which is just what a client is looking for. Our teams are much improved, there is a clear enthusiasm at most sites and we have asked that several of the teams are nominated for awards to recognise their efforts, consistency and reliability in what has been a turbulent past year for the nation. Churchill steered us through the onset of the pandemic and were able to support us with securing backstop / emergency materials - we looked to them for guidance, even though the virus was an unknown entity to all - and the teams and, in some cases, individual operatives, didn’t flinch when asked to deal with a clean or go into an office where a positive tested person had been operating and no members of staff would enter until it had been cleaned. We enjoy positive and prompt responses

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for all of our queries or requests, have been offered and accepted support in some areas which was not ‘in the contract’ whilst, at the same time, developing and building a positive working relationship with managers and operatives alike. Churchill always display professionalism in all of our discussions, do what they say they will and go above and beyond what is required of them, providing statistics, information on products, support with Covid risk assessments and, importantly, are not afraid to confront their failings on the very odd occasion there is a bump in the road. In a contract depending upon and involving so many people Churchill, through their experienced staff and knowledge, manage to keep the ship on course and are always available whenever they are needed. I look forward to continuing the relationship we have built together. Ray Craig, Facilities Manager - NPg

I would like to express my thanks to your cleaning teams across the Iron Mountain account for their dedication and commitment over the last few difficult months. It’s obviously been a far from normal working environment recently and it’s been comforting to see how the cleaning teams have adapted to new expectations and ways and means of working during this time. Not only have your teams met this challenge head on, but they have also done so seamlessly with no disruption to the customer. We haven’t received any complaints during this period which is all the more admirable given the increased focus and scrutiny on cleanliness standards at this time. Despite everything that has been going on, we have had to spend little time discussing or worrying about cleaning standards, which cannot be said about some of our other service providers. Please pass on my thanks to your teams who have been a credit to Churchill during the pandemic Peter Dunne - EMEA Operations Director, CBRE - Iron Mountain

Following the Covid 19 pandemic, the FM sector is now famed for its agility to respond to unprecedented times and our service partner Portfolio by Churchill has risen to this challenge with aplomb. We have to be flexible and innovative by our nature and Churchill has demonstrated this in an exemplary way since March 2020. Not only plaudits from CBRE FM and Vendor Ops team but positive feedback was received both from the Deutsche Bank UKI Chief Operating Officer, Regional Management Board members and our day-to-day clients, reinforcing how valued the operational day and night teams were with their commitment to the service for the bank’s essential key workers. Alongside the enhanced cleaning routines that gave our client customers that reassurance in the workplace, general feedback was also received from those returning staff stating that they had found the flip over desk cleaning cards and visible presence of the daytime cleaning staff a great reassurance to feeling safe back in the workplace. The cleaning team’s visibility, the Churchill inspired anti-static misting programme, the team’s ongoing focus (and sometimes the biggest challenge) to keep up the good work and high standards as more DB staff return to the office, was and will be key to the rest of 2021 and beyond. We have every faith that our partners at Churchill, will meet and exceed these expectations. Well done to all. Chris Dhillon, Deutsche Bank

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Having worked alongside Churchill for a number of years now, we are extremely happy with the level of service and professionalism displayed by each and every staff member of the Churchill team. We would also like to add specific praise for the effort which was given by the staff on site throughout the COVID pandemic, for which they have provided a service second to none to ensure that the NRF staff who were in the building felt reassured and confident that they could continue to work safely despite the unfolding pandemic. The added visibility of the cleaning staff who were on site undertaking their cleaning regime provided extra peace of mind. We would like to take this time to say a big thank you to all of the Churchill team for their hard work and dedication to our site over the last few years and we look forward to a continued relationship with you going forward. Lee Johnson, Norton Rose

Churchill have enabled our site to stay covid free as much as possible as well as clean. We also managed to get all of the windows cleaned at 116 Pall Mall which is a feat in itself. The support in other projects such as our 5th floor fit out and office clearance has also been very helpful towards our teams on site. It is also beneficial having staff who are friendly and can interact with members and contractors as well as Pall Mall staff in the building. I feel Churchill go above and beyond in terms of everything that is provided to us and not just on the pandemic. In terms of getting things done, Churchill are always there to complete any task that is thrown at them on site. Having a good site manager who can get the most out of the team has really helped during the challenging time. There has been no issue of staff not wanting to come to work etc. I believe having a site manager who can manage staff during a challenging time is key to a contract. Bayo has done very well in terms of helping the team with anything and everything that has been asked of him. Ana has also managed the change over to Churchill very well and taken everything in her stride to keep the contract at a very high standard.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Churchill team working here at London South Bank University, the team worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, supporting LSBU in keeping the campus open for essential teaching and keeping our students safe in the halls of residence. The support offered included enhanced cleaning of all high profile touch points, in all of our buildings. This gave a safe and welcoming environment for both staff & students, and the feedback received from our staff was always positive, as they felt comfortable to be on campus. LSBU were truly grateful for what the team achieved in very difficult

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2020 and 21 have been extremely difficult from an FM perspective. The additional requirements on all of us to deliver a safe, clean, social distanced and reliable office have been immense. However, we have achieved this and a great deal more on a daily basis. Churchill has been supportive, flexible, reliable and dedicated to our business and there is no way we could have delivered the high level of service that we did to the bank without your team. You were on call 24/7 and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver the ever-changing requirements of the bank. No matter how big or small the task was, it was delivered on time and to the highest standards. For staff to come to work during the pandemic and deliver on every task is something we continue to be grateful for. Many thanks to you and your whole team on the Credit Suisse account for a difficult job well done and your continued support as we move forward. CBRE Credit Suisse

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conditions, team members had to overcome issues with public transport restrictions & personal issues to still come in and provide the service to LSBU, with such a positive attitude. We also received regular communications and updates on how the pandemic was affecting the industry and clients premises, this showed great commitment to LSBU, and we can only thank the management and team at Churchill for the support that we have received. We are very pleased to have such a great working partnership with Churchill Contract Services. LSBU