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Church Farm, Ardeley Terms and Conditions for Camping and Cabin Stays The following terms and conditions must be adhered to during your stay at the farm. You are also expected to have read through the FAQs for camping and cabin stays before arrival. You will be asked to sign a form agreeing to our terms and conditions when you check in. 1. Prices stated may vary on important dates, please check the prices at time of booking. 2. You are responsible for your own safety while on the farm. We ask that you stick to the footpaths at all times. Do not venture into any fields or touch any of the animals. This is a working farm so please beware of barbed wires and electric fences and don't climb any bales. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and dog mess picked up and disposed of with your rubbish.

3. You are responsible for your own belongings, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. 4. You are responsible for making us aware of any issues at the time they arise. You are given the out of hours contact number at check-in, and you should use this to make us aware on any problems with your stay so that we can endeavour to resolve any problems at the time. 5. You are responsible for your own vehicle. The tracks around the farm may not always be suitable for road vehicles, and it is up to you protect your car from any damage. 6. The person who makes the booking is responsible for the rest of the party. The other members of the group should all be directed to read these terms and conditions and FAQs. 7. We ask that when you leave there should be no sign that you've ever been present. Please take your litter home and bury any ashes. 8. Camp fires: The cost for having an open fire is a ÂŁ10 one off charge no matter how long you stay. This covers the cost of us reseeding and replanting. Firewood can be collected from the Farm Store for ÂŁ5 per bag. Under no circumstances should wood be stolen from woodland on the farm or neighbouring farms.


Church Farm, Ardeley Terms and Conditions for Camping and Cabin Stays 9. BBQ'S: You are welcome to bring your own BBQ (we also sell eco-disposable BBQ's in the shop). We ask that meat is bought from our Farm Shop on site; this can be done when you arrive or can be ordered from our online store prior to your stay.

10. Arriving at Church Farm: Please arrive between 9am to 6pm for camping. If you are going to arrive after this time you must advise us beforehand so we can arrange for someone to meet you out of hours. On arrival please go to the Farm shop where you will be checked in and shown where to go. Important: remember to bring your booking confirmation/receipt if booked online. 11. Cancellations & no shows: Sorry, we are unable to refund cancelled bookings and no shows however, you can re-arrange your stay for another date and there will be no charge for the equivalent booking. 12. We do not allow unsupervised camping or cabin stays for under 18s. 13. The maximum duration of stay is two weeks. Please contact us to discuss longer stays. 14. Large groups should contact us in advance to notify us of the number of people in the party and, if necessary, discuss booking the exclusive use of a field. Groups over 8 people will have to pay a damage deposit on booking which is fully refundable on check out subject to the following: A. Rubbish has been removed off the farm B. No complaints have been received from our neighbours/other campers C. There is no damage to the bales and crops, and firewood has not been stolen from woodland 15. The damage deposit is ÂŁ10 per person for each person of the group and will be requested on booking. A group is 8 people or more. Families with young children do not have to pay a damage deposit. 16. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the site at any time if the behaviour of any member of your party is offensive and/or dangerous to our staff, animals or land. Remember, you are camping in a habitat rich in variety, deserving of protection and respect.


Camping terms and conditions  
Camping terms and conditions