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Message from the Pastor Continued from page 1 They crossed the line to certain death. The men inside the Alamo were an average age of about 29, and had a lifetime ahead of them. But they chose to fight.

At the Alamo in Texas on March 5, 1836, Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis rallied his men. They numbered around 200 to the enemy's 6,000. Their fight was for freedom, but it was clear that it would not be for them, but for others. They knew that the enemy would not be taking prisoners. Only death awaited them. Colonel Travis gave his men a choice. He pulled his sword and drew a line in the dirt. He said,” I now want every man who is determined to stay here and die with me to come across this line.”

Pastor, I envision you drawing a line in the Sanctuary and calling for us to cross the line to die daily to self and to take up our swords and fight the good fight of faith. To daily seek to spend time with Jesus, to be willing to be made willing, to be overcomers, to abide in Jesus, to commune with God, to know God as it is our privilege to know Him, to walk humbly with our God, to be vitally connected to Jesus, to love Jesus with all our hearts, to look to the uplifted Jesus, to stop resisting His drawing us to Him, to be born again, to fall in love with Jesus, to be available to God, to live life in as close to total dependence on Jesus as we possibly can. In the words of H.M.S. Richards Sr., our battle cry should be,”JESUS ONLY!”

It is said that Tapley Holland from OHIO was the first to cross the line. He was followed by ranchers and farmers, lawyers and doctors, volunteers from the other side of the ocean. Davy Crockett former Congressman, and Indian fighter and his Tennessee men crossed the line. Colonel James Bowie of the Bowie knife fame asked for someone to carry his cot over the line because he could not cross under his own power.

Yes! I envision the same thing. Can you see why I’m so excited about the New Year? In Jesus, Pastor Karl

SNOW EMERGENCY CLOSINGS We thought it might be helpful to refresh our memories by providing the definition for each Snow Emergency level. This information is made available courtesy of Level 1. Roadways are hazardous because of blowing and drifting snow. Drivers are advised to proceed with caution. [Worship services will be held.] Level 2. Roadways are hazardous because of blowing and drifting snow. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. Employees should contact employers to see if they should report to work. If travel is necessary, drivers should travel with extreme caution. [A worship service will be held for those who are able to travel safely.]

As we begin the new year, please join our church family starting January 1, 2014, to read a chapter a day from the Gospels. reading schedule bookmarks are available on tables in the foyers.

Level 3. All roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. Travel is prohibited unless absolutely necessary. Contact your employer to see if you are expected at work. Reckless or unnecessary driving may be cited as a minor misdemeanor – failure to comply with a lawful order – and may lead to a $100 fine. If you are in an accident that causes an injury while driving illegally, you can be cited for a fourth degree misdemeanor. [The church will be closed.]

As a gesture of your commitment, sign the banner in the narthex (beside the grandfather clock).

We have arranged for announcements concerning church closings to be made on WHIO-TV (channel 7). 4

Intercom 0102, 2014