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IAN Interior Agriculture Nourishment A common theme throughout the Urban Gardening is reuse of used objects as container for plants, reorganizes the environment where people living with. People utilize they leisure time in their backyard, where plants and flowers are grown, create different landscape in order to promote the quality of living.

Problem After Industrial Revolution, people actively pursue efficiency by employing machines as workers. However, it leads to the laziness of people and incorrect technique of using machines. When people take care of their plants or flowers in the backyard , mis-watering is a common issue. Moreover, many empty flowerpots have been discarded as useless containers. To improve the environment, these older or used containers can be reused and are actually more Eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Inspiration Hydroponics is a system that help people to water their plants and flowers. Basically, the hydroponics is a self-watering system which properly applies water to each plant. We use this self-watering concept as a principle in developing our design.

Primary structure that assists self-watering system

This small cup as a gate which allows water run through it

Final Solution

These two openings provide spaces for soil sits inside and the holes on the bottom allowing the soil absorbs the water from the pot.

This opening with rubber fastener allows water to pass through and fill the pot.

The pot is filled of water through the water receiver.

IAN would eventually stay on the bottom of flower pot and keep providing water to plants

DU Helmet Detachable Unit DU helmet is designed to enhance space efficiency, facilitate user experience and create uniqueness by users themselves.

Problem Bicycle helmets are uniform in the market. Their aerodynamic shape has dominated for long time. It is unnecessary to apply the aesthetic to every helmet, because users have their own interpretation of what it should look like. Carrying the helmets also limits users’ mobility. By accidentally dropping or crashing the helmet, a safety issue would emerge.

Opportunity Bicycle helmets are not reusable after damage or accident. Users have to purchase a new one instead which is not cost-effective or environmental. Moreover, the Detachable Unit also brings an opportunity to personalize which reflects users’ personality.


Final Solution

DU Helmet is consisted of three components, shell, foam and snap-fit

Taking apart in order to enhance space efficiency

Du Helmet is detachable, entire helmet is combined by four components

Biomimicry International Container Shipping This Biomimicry project aims to eliminate or decrease the waste of materials, energy, and fuel emissions of the inter-modal container shipping industry. Despite its staggering growth over the past century, there has been little to no innovation in its design.

Problem This project aims to eliminate or decrease the waste of materials, energy, and fuel emissions of the inter-modal container shipping industry. The current system in place is not a closed loop system, it generates large amounts of waste, and places monetary gain over sustainability. This is caused by the imbalanced ratio of goods being exported to goods imported. Rather than spending money and time to reposition empty containers, it costs less to manufacture more containers.

Biomimicry Thinking Learning from nature to solve current problems in order to create conditions which are conducive to life. There are three essential elements of Biomimicry thinking, ethos, (Re)connect and emulate. In essence, we look into nature’s genius for generating design concept from form, process and system for creating a sustainable future.

Inspiration The design questions pointed us to organisms who build natural containers including coconuts, skate egg cases, oyster shells, nautilus shells, and the honey bee hive. All of these structure use natural materials to create great strength-toweight ratios. However, after we consulted sustainability expert Scott Boylston, he advised us to consider a re-purpose strategy in place of a break-down strategy. This key turning point directed us to understand the behavior of hermit crab.





Organisms 01 Coconut Palm 02 Honey Bee Hive


03 Skate Egg Case 04 Nacre 05 Nautilus 06 Hermit Crab



All components are multipurpose

Final Solution

Three layers of aluminum, the mid-layer is hexagonal structure that ensures high-strength ability

Aluminum rods structurally connect all components together

Aluminum connectors hold the aluminum rods in place and is multi-purpose if the container no long use

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Chung-Hsiang Wang Industrial Design Porfolio  
Chung-Hsiang Wang Industrial Design Porfolio