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[ unknown ] portfolio of chunfeng yang Selected Works 2016-2018 Jinan University (Third Year) University of the Arts London (Study Abroad)

prologue Emile Zola says, 'the whole meaning of life is an endless conquest of the unknown and in an eternal effort to learn more'. As an intermediate undergraduate bachelor student, I haven't define my style of design and future career field, but eager to learn something new and explore the unknown. Growing up in one of countless small cities in China, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, doing university in Guangzhou, exchanging study in London. After backpack to more than ten countries I started to realize unknown might be the destination for me. When there is no particular design style, it can work more generally for different groups of people, different environment and can satisfy different purposes, while the designer harvests wide range of knowledge and experience. During these three years of my bachelor study, I have tried different scales of design: the furniture, architecture, landscape...I never know which is the next one going to challenge me, but I am always clear that I love conquering the unknown and learn more.

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reaching for the star Landscape Architecture Design - A bamboo-made installation in Jinan University

01 02

beautiful life Architecure Design - Durex theme pavilion

09 03

curiosity Interior Architecture Design - A cabinet in Chelsea College

17 04

spiral perception Interior Architecture Design - A garden spectacle in RHS Lindley Hall


other works Watercolor, Photography and Handmade Model


Project 1

Re a c h i n g Fo r The Star bamboo-made micro architecture

China has severe air pollution problems, mostly in the city. People can't look at the stars in the sky because of this problem. The bad environmental conditions causes an issue where people are reluctant to be active outside. Jinan University is located in central Guangzhou, China's

third biggest city, filled with high rise buildings and a crowded urban village. The campus square is the only stage for different groups of people to connect and communicate with each other. We were asked to build a human-size scale architectural installation, to raise awareness of living with sustainability and solve the lack of connection and communication by designing a environmentally-friendly structure to motivate unity in the inner community and outer communties in the city for the future.

Commercial District White Collar

Elementary School Children

Student Halls College Students

Urban Village Lower Class

University Sqaure Site

Apartment House Middle and Upper Classes

Site Research






Shape Construction


Slim Bamboo

Thick Bamboo

Bolt Connection

Rope Connection

Why Choose Bamboo ? ·Mechanism -


·Safety -


t o c o n c r e t e a n d w o o d , i t’s lightweight a material and strong in elasticity.


fiber is stronger if it as more bending strength, this makes it less likely crack and split apart. This material is very efficient if the building needed repairing.

Hemp Rope

·Sustainability Two Bamboo Joint

Three Bamboo Joint


is the fastest growing plant in the world, and its frequently avaiable for use.

During the making process, I found the whole installation needed extra stands to support the weight. Then I added some medium size bamboos to surve as footholds. After Accomplishing the construction, I put the star on the lawn of university square, where the Star seemed harmonious

with surrounding landscapes. It was attractive to passerbys especially for kids from nearby schools. They played games, took exploration inside and laughter could be heard from the outside of the star.

Project 2

Durex Beautiful Life Pavilion 2017 The First SHEENCITY CUP "Seeking for Future Architects" Architectural Space Design Competition Second Prize in Group C.

This project is based on sexual states of different Durex products series (condoms, lubricants and sex toys). It's not only a presentation of the brand but also a good chance for

people to get knowledge about sex as a significant part in human's life and future. “Men come from Mars, women from Venus�, because of sex, people from different planets can get together, enjoy the magical love. The pavilion's shape comes from collision between cube and sphere, which simulates two planets collides. The cube then gets separated into two parts, within everything changes through elements like gender, relationship status. By the transformation of space (positive or negative), material (concrete or glass) and color (black or white), it actualizes the concept of the complement of Yin and Yang.


Sales Floor

Public Resting Floor

Exhibition Floor

Single Bounce Mode

Couple Surfing Mode

¡ Interior of sales floor is inspired by modes of Durex Vibrator.

Males Analogy


Public Resting Area

Visitors Females

Streamline Analysis

Single Couple

Floor Plan

Project 3

Cabinet of Curiosity Chelsea College of Arts occupies a grade 2 listed building that was previously the Royal Army Medical College, before which was the Millbank Prison. The House is a residential space in the former North West Barracks of the medical college, that when operational housed the married couples. Chelsea College of Arts invites international partners to stay in The House and to conduct workshops, lectures and critics with students. It is occupied for the majority of the year with guests from all over the world. The college is in the process of considering options for the renovation of ‘The House’. To start the process, I was asked to design a cabinet for gifts left by visitors. Inspired by the site’s history, the Millbank Prison and the trend for urban spaces of this district to feel more open, my cabinet is designed to tell guests the story and future in a brief and abstract way. It is made up of by two parts. Part one extracts the form of underground tunnel prison and is regular, static, nonremodified, which reflects the forbidden history of site. It also stocks a bit at the entrance of the door to bring guests sense of confinement. Part two is an embodiment of the opening tendency through the wider space created as well as the function that it can be remodified by guests. Light and shade is another significant element to be applied into my cabinet, after analyzing shade range of the window, the feeling inside of cage will flash over guests’ heads and give them sense of curiosity.


8 am

9 am

10 am

11 am


1 pm

Project 4

Spiral Perception Garden Spectacle in Royal Horticulture Society's Lindley Hall

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) was founded in 1804. The organisations core objective is to be the world’s leading gardening charity, inspiring passion and excellence in the science, art and practice of horticulture. The society’s traditional audience, tends to be from a very narrow social and age group. The RHS have approached BA Interior and Spatial Design to collaborate on ideas on how to engage a younger, London audience.

Inspired by the spiral structure of Nest in Kew Garden and pine nuts, I designed this garden spectacle aiming to attract young generation to gather in RHS Lindley Hall, to experience, understand and cultivate interests about the horticulture and the nature through embracing bamboo - which is rare in London. The whole exhibition uses only bamboo to make similar structure but in different angle and size, so visitors can have different experience and perception within this absolutely natural spectacle.


The vertically spiral frames look like protection architecture of street trees. But when visitors go inside they would feel they are protected by these bamboos, which can give them a sense of security. This mutually protection will raise human awareness of co-existing with nature.

The big horizontal tower is an exhibition area to convey fresh horticulture knowledge, which is the oxygen for horticulture beginners.

The two small horizontal tower is an sensing area. Among these spiral frames there are some flowery vine. As it is low, adults can only crawl across to obtain the fragrance.

The only vertical tower is the customer center which guests can get adequately basic information about this whole spectacle such as the map, audio guide etc. What’s more, guests can even go up to the top of the tower to have a general view of the site so that they would have a clear mind of where to go.

The two leaning towers connect the original canteen in the upper floor to the ground floor for the sake of more convenience and an easy access for the disabled. People can also purchase some products and souvenir hanging inside the towers.


Mitochondria Nucleus Sensing Garden

Customer Centre

Vacuole Chloroplast Exhibition Garden



Hillside Library Design

Sandalwood Palace, Shanghai

Isolated Boat, Hunan





Douglas House

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Portfolio chunfeng yang  
Portfolio chunfeng yang