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Chukwuma Gwude - Technology Expert

Chukwuma Gwude: Positivity and Faith Chukwuma Gwude is able to maintain a positive outlook on life because of his faith in God. As a faithful soul, Chukwuma Gwude looks forward to an eternal life or serenity and happiness. His faith in God and in Christ allows him to maintain a positive perspective that pertains to every facet of his life. Chukwuma Gwude believes that his faith allows him to endure and to thrive, particularly as a family man.

Reverent to God Chukwuma Gwude is faithful and reverent to God and to Jesus Christ. He is a passionate believer in the tenets of Christianity, and credits his faith for his success. Chukwuma Gwude works hard to maintain a humble lifestyle, and believes his faith in Christ allows him to be a quality and caring father and husband. Chukwuma Gwude never strays from his relationship with a forgiving and powerful God.

Passionate About Soccer

Soccer has never been just a hobby for Chukwuma Gwude, it has been his life. From a very early age, Chukwuma developed a strong passion for the internationally popular game, and he enjoys playing soccer to this day. Chukwuma Gwude often plays soccer with his children, and uses the game as a great life coaching tool. As a soccer aficionado, Chukwuma Gwude has an indepth of the game and its major players.

A Happy Community Volunteer Chukwuma Gwude has much to celebrate in his life. With a successful career, a healthy and devoted family and an indispensable faith in God, Chukwuma Gwude understands that he is very fortunate to be alive, and he chooses to share some of that good fortune with those that need it the most. Chukwuma Gwude spends nearly 12 hours a week volunteering his time for those that need it the most.

Chukwuma Gwude- Tech Professional  

No one questions the technology expertise of Chukwuma Gwude. He has spent countless hours learning about and training on technology. As a da...

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