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Summer at Eastern Mediterranean University, 2014 Situated just outside the beautiful medieval city of Famagusta, in Northern Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University enjoys an enviable location close to the golden beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

EMU is one of the top providers of higher education in the region, and its programs have been quality assured by some of the top accrediting bodies in the world, including TedQual, ABET, ASIIN, and EDEXCEL.

The university was founded in 1979 and is the oldest and largest state university in Northern Cyprus. Over 16,000 students from 85 different countries are currently studying for degree programs at the university.

The EMU International Summer School offers visitors the chance to experience not only life at the university but also to get a taste of a unique and hospitable culture in a fascinating part of the world. Courses are open for both individual and group bookings and are offered in a wide range of different subject areas to learners of all ages.

Official Transporter



Our students travel with class

Most visitors travel to Northern Cyprus via Istanbul. From Istanbul, it is a flight of just over one hour to Ercan Airport, where all our visitors are met by the EMU International Office Team and transferred to their accommodation.


We are delighted to be working again with Turkish Airlines (THY) as our official transporter. Now one of the largest and most successful airlines in the world, Turkish airlines offers special discounts of up to 20% for participants in EMU’s summer school.




ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMS As an international English medium university, EMU has an extremely large language education program. As well as operating an all year round English preparatory program, the university runs specialist support courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Over the years, the university has become a international Cambridge TESOL teacher training center, as well as a center for the TOEFL IBT, IELTS, City and Guilds, TOLES, and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry language examinations. More recently our School of Foreign Languages has also become a TELC Examination Center offering qualifications in other major foreign languages. Now that the program has also been officially accredited by EDEXCEL, students at our summer school can also request an official EDEXCEL certificate at the end of their course to endorse the certificate provided by EMU.

internationally recognised report on your English level. Throughout the summer, a full range of English language courses is available for students of all ages and interests. The program offers a genuinely multicultural experience including classes from qualified native-speakers of English and extra afternoon clubs to help further develop language skills. Course content is also designed to provide a flavor of the history, culture and environment of this part of the world.



Also brand new in 2014 is the opportunity to take British Council APTIS examinations, and get an

Language courses are all aligned with the Common European

Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and are provided at all levels. As well as providing general communicative English courses, specialized classes are also offered in such areas as IELTS preparation, Academic English for undergraduate and postgraduate students, Business English, and more besides. Students at higher levels also sometimes choose to enrol on some of the other courses we offer, which are designed to provide a forum for English language skills development as well as an introduction to such fields as management and environmental protection Courses are also regularly custom-designed for groups at request.

OTHER FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAMS Since the official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish, Famagusta offers an ideal setting to develop knowledge of a language that is spoken all the way from eastern Europe to the west of China. With Turkey now a major business power in the region, a knowledge of its language as well as its rich culture and history is becoming more and more of an asset.

Our summer school offers both stand-alone Turkish courses, and afternoon survival Turkish courses for our visitors. German and Chinese are amongst other languages that have been included in our programme.


LANGUAGE PROGRAMS FOR YOUNGER LEARNERS Eco-Kids Course The Eco-Kids course is for teenagers and provides English language development with an environmental and ecological flavor.

Creative Kids Course The Creative Kids Course emphasizes the values of creativity, communication, support, achievement and accountability in our work with both children and parents. These courses are designed for children from 7-10 years and 10-15 years of age. Students are grouped by their stage of development and language level so we can focus on age specific language and learning needs. At the end of the courses, there is a Parents’ Day so that parents can discuss their child’s progress with the teacher.


With trainers available with many years’ experience in different areas of ELT, there has been a continuing focus in recent years in designing short-tailor-made courses for our partners not only in English Language Teaching,


but in English for business and management skills. Courses are available for partners throughout the academic year, both at EMU, and, if preferred, in the partner’s home country. Past courses have included:

Curriculum Development and Technology

English for Instructional Purposes

English for Research and Presentation

Creative Materials Design

Content Based Language Instruction

English for Leadership Purposes

PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT COURSES Employers these days are looking not only for specialist subject knowledge, and foreign language skills, but also management knowledge and skills. At EMU we draw on the knowledge and experience not only of our own Faculty of Business and Economics, but also on our position as an official overseas centre for the delivery of the University of Warwick WMG, UK MSc courses in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, and Engineering Business Management. Our management courses are designed to give a brief introduction to the practical realities of workplace organization and are an excellent option for students of any discipline. Options include:

Organizational Behavior and Motivation

Starting and Running Small Businesses

Leadership Skills

Developing Quality in Education

These courses are also good choices for more advanced students who would like to fine tune their language skills whilst exploring the management field.

MARINE BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY Our university is located just minutes away from a coastal stretch that is not just beautiful but highly important. EMU is heavily involved in projects that seek to find ways to help us protect this environment for future generations. Short summer courses supported with field trips and case studies from the EMU Underwater Research and Imaging Center and the EMU Deep Diving Center offer not only insight into environmental issues but also practical training in diving and underwater photography. As one of the few remaining Mediterranean nesting sites for the Loggerhead and Green Turtles, the coasts of Cyprus are vital for the survival of these beautiful and important animals. In collaboration with universities in the UK, we welcome volunteers

to spend part of their summer monitoring and helping with the nesting and hatching processes.

This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.


ARCHAEOLOGY AND ARCHITECTURE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN The extraordinary history of this island has seen Greek, Roman, Arab, Byzantine, Lusignan, Venetian, Ottoman and British periods of rule, all of which have contributed to the fascinating variety of historical sites and architectural styles that can be witnessed today. Courses in this area examine the history of the island and allow students to explore the cultural and historical landscape of the region. Students consolidate their interests while sightseeing and visiting historical places on the island. They are also encouraged to contribute with examples from

their own research or practical work experience, and consider the issues involved in preservation,

MORE COURSES AND EVENTS With such a wide range of faculties, schools and departments at EMU, many more courses and workshops have been offered by our staff here at EMU. These have included courses in:


Educational Technology

Construction Project Management

Prevention of Violence against women

Conflict Resolution (A special programme for Loyola Law School in the US, with participants dividing their study

time between both the northern and southern parts of Cyprus. •

AISEC - Operating since 1948, AIESEC is the biggest student exchange organization in the world. EMU has hosted the AISEC program for a number of years. Last summer the program included such areas as management training, environmental policies, marketing, time management & presentation skills.

restoration and breathing new life into old buildings.

ACTIVITIES There’s so much to see and do in Northern Cyprus, and so hard to do justice to all that is on offer in a short program. Nonetheless, we try to include as much as possible as part of your short stay on our island and offer additional opportunities for you

as much as we can. Since our summer school is a multicultural experience, we also encourage all our students to actively to contribute to our program by bringing their own creative talents and traditional

cultures to open performance evenings which provide a chance to showcase clothing, music, dance, folklore and more from the many countries from which we welcome students.

Salamis Ruins Salamis is an ancient Greek city-state on the east coast of Cyprus, 6 km north of modern Famagusta.



Pool Parties During summer school, students enjoy weekly pool parties at EMU’s own private beach club, including dinner, swimming, dance and performances.


A beautiful harbour town. One of the most popular tourist destinations in North Cyprus. Kyrenia is known for its history of being a Venetian harbour town in the past and is backed by scenic wooded hills and the Besparmak Mountains.

ACTIVITIES Sports activities Our international summer school students benefit from many facilities on campus and most importantly students can take advantage of EMU’s unique Beach Club. Our beach club offers water sports such as canoeing and surfing.

Kantara Castle A beautiful castle built in the 10th century



St Hilarion Castle Saint Hilarion was originally a monastery, named after a monk who allegedly chose the site for his hermitage, with a monastery and a church built there in the 10th century.

Turtle Watching Turtle protection programmes are run on a voluntary basis. This year students at EMU joined the project as volunteers. In addition to monitoring the nesting and hatchlng, they also helped clean the beach with the team before the season started. The Minister of Environment, Tourism and Culture also attended the “beach cleaning� and met the international students.



Boat Trips This year our students enjoyed beautiful private day and night tours of our Mediterranean island by boat. On these scenic boat excursions, guests get to see the beauty of our coasts from a different viewpoint. These four hour trips include wonderful meals, music and swimming in the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean.

Scuba Diving in EMU North Cyprus is an ideal place for scuba diving, since the island doesn’t have tides to worry about, and is blessed with warm waters for much of the year. This year, students joined in the projects of EMU’s Underwater Research and Imaging Center. In collaboration with the DEEP DIVE Diving Center, URIC works on such projects as artificial reefs, habitat mapping and monitoring sea life. In addition to inviting students to volunteer on these projects, DEEP DIVE provides discovery dives, training and fun dives for students to enjoy the sea during their summer stay.




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