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January 2014 Volume 1, Issue 2

International Office Monthly E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 2 International Students Celebrate T.R.N.C Independence Day International and exchange students from more than 40 different counties attended the T.R.N.C Independence Day celebrations on 15th November, 2013.

Their traditional costumes brought color and drama to the Nicosia parade. The students were also able to enjoy aircraft and parachute shows, and many others. Cup of Nations Basketball Tournament

The annual Cup of Nations Basketball tournament was held from the 9th to 18th December 2013 in Lala Mustafa Paşa Sports Center. This year, a record number of teams participated - 16 in the men's category and 6 in the ladies’ category. The opening ceremony was conducted by Prof. Dr. Ülker Vancı Osam and Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour.



HONET 2013 Conference The HONET (High-Capacity Optical Networks & Emerging/Enabling Technologies) conference was held at Eastern Mediterranean University Rauf Raif Denktas Culture and Congress Palace from 11th to 13th December 2013, in cooperation with University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA and State University of New York, Fredonia,. The organizers of the Conference were Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın and Doç. Dr. Muhammed Salamah.

Iranian Ambassador gave a Seminar in EMU On 11 December 2013, Business and Economics Faculty Political Science and International Relations Department in conjunction with Iranian Scientific Association and CPC (Cyprus Policy Center) held a seminar entitled “Nuclear development of Iran” at Mehmet Tahiroglu Hall (Blue hall). The guest speaker of the seminar was the ambassador of Iran to Cyprus Ali Akbar Rezaei. The opening of the seminar was held by the chair of the department of Political Science and International Relations Prof Dr. Ahmet Sözen. The seminar was attended by faculty members and students from different departments of the University. Ali Akbar Rezaei’s presentation focused on the important developments of the nuclear program in Iran as well as the ongoing negotiations. Rezaei stated that there is now an interim agreement with Iran and the UN Security Council Permanent Members in addition with Germany (P5+1). Rezaei put forth that Iran became a major power in the region in mid-20th century when the country was rich in gas and oil. Due to its large oil and gas reserves it became a major player in the region. The importance of Iran in the region increased with the inception of the Islamic revolution and the nuclear issue which has become a focus point in the last 10 years. In order to understand the major issue of the nuclear program in Iran, the Rezaei drew the attention on the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons commonly known as the NPT which consists of non-proliferation, disarmament and the right to peaceful use of nuclear technology.



EMU Fashion Show Turkish Cypriot Fashion Designer Abdullah Öztoprak held a performance entitled “Tek Şahidi Cümbezdi” hosted by Eastern Mediterranean University on December 24, Tuesday night at Rauf Raif Denktas Culture and Congress Palace. Cocktails were served at 19:30 followed by the show at 21:00

EMU Showcases Students’ Cultures Eastern Mediterranean University International Office is running shows at the EMU Rauf Raif Denktas Culture and Congress Palace every Monday to bring the many cultures and traditions represented at E.M.U together. This has already led to some unique fusions such as mixed Azerbaijani and Nigerian dance performances. We have also enjoyed spectacular performances from the Arab countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, North Iraq and many more. At the end of the semester, the EMU International Office will present special awards for the best performances.

International Office Christmas Party On the 26th December 2013, our Christian students celebrated Christmas in the EMU Rauf Raif Denktas Culture and Congress Palace. An impressive variety of performances, dances, Christmas songs and acts were enjoyed by students of all cultural and religious backgrounds.



All Nigerian Award Night Majority of African students from various universities around Cyprus celebrated A.N.A.N on 26th December in the E.M.U Rauf Raif Denktas Culture and Congress Palace.

Robert Morris University Seminar on Student Mobility Programme. Robert Morris University, U.S.A, visited EMU on 30th December, 2013. They gave a seminar on student exchange. There was extensive interest from our students and many questions about different aspects of Robert Morris University. Associate Prof. Helena Vanhala, Director of the Center for Global Engagement answered the questions and provided further insights into opportunities for our students.

The First Jordanian Night EMU celebrated the first Jordanian night in the E.M.U Rauf Raif Denktas Culture and Congress Palace on 6th January, 2014. Highlights included an Arabic song from one of our Kosovo students, the ‘Dabke’ line dance, performed by our Russian students with the Jordanian students, as well traditional Jordanian dances, poems, and glimpses into history. A special statement of thanks was given by the students to Prof. Dr. Muhammed Salamah for all his support to Arab students.



EMU Collaborates with NUST Pakistan On the 20th of January, 2014, the Vice Rector for International and Administrative Affairs – Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour –Visited Pakistan. During his visit, he was a keynote speaker for a conference held at Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan. In the conference he met Prof. Dr. Syeh Imtiaz H. of Higher Education Commission who presented him a plaque. He also signed a memorandum of understanding with the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) in Pakistan. This collaboration will enable academic exchange programs between EMU and NUST.

L-R: Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour – EMU and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asghar – rector of National University of Science & Technology Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Syeh Imtiaz H. awarding Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour a Plaque

New Graduates Congratulations to our MSc Graduates from the last exam board: Ramin Layeghi, Sanaz Sartipizadeh and Akunna Ochulor. Especial congratulations to Akunna, who has been awarded one of the 2013 University of Warwick WMG Departmental prizes for her outstanding performance and distinction award on the programme at EMU. New Students We welcome new students to the MSc in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, and Engineering Business Management from Nigeria, Libya, and Pakistan this semester. Further information about the University of Warwick programme at EMU is available through the International Office, or on our web-site at: 5 INTERNATIONAL OFFICE NEWSLETTER


Student Leadership Seminar On the 3rd and 4th of February a Student Leadership Seminar was held in EMU themed “Virtuous Youth”. This seminar was geared towards promoting academic excellence by motivating old and new student to grow their virtues to the optimum whereby they can become world standards. Dr. Philips O. Agboola a graduate of EMU who is currently an Assistant Professor in King Saud University—Saudi Arabia, spoke on the topic “A Virtuous Student”. This has been an initiative of some voluntary students campus family called JESUS SAVES which has served as a medium to encourage youths to turn from vice to virtue in order to impact the world starting from their immediate society, EMU.

Dr. Philips O. Agboola

Come and join us at the Cultural Center every Monday to share cultures, traditions and talents. These shows is for all students who wish to take the stage to show us their culture and talents and for students to watch great performances. ***For further details please contact our International Office*** Tanya Serenli: 630 2686 or Hillary Konuralp: 630 1520