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censees, and a broad spectrum of music users.

Harry Fox Agency HFA is the foremost mechanical licensing, collections, and distribution agency for U.S. music publishers. Our processes, culture, and technology are clientdriven and results-oriented. We continually strive to add value and strength to the music rights industry. In 1927, the National Music Publisher's Association established HFA to act as an information source, clearinghouse and monitoring service for licensing musical copyrights. Since its founding, HFA has provided efficient and convenient services for publishers, li-

With its current level of publisher representation, HFA licenses the largest percentage of the mechanical and digital uses of music in the United States on CDs, digital services, records, tapes and imported phonorecords. What does HFA do? HFA provides the following services to its affiliated publishers: * Issues mechanical licenses * Collects mechanical royalties * Distributes mechanical royalties, and synchronization fees for licenses granted prior to 2002. * Conducts royalty examinations * Investigates and negotiates new business opportunities * Pursues piracy claims

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Ask Chuk Jones

What can a music publisher do for me? The short answer is... Your music publisher can be your best friend. If you do your research and are able to work your way into their good graces, a publisher can change your whole career for the beer. The right music publisher is your connecon to the ‘big me’. Through their industry connecons and increased opportunies, doors begin to open for you that would otherwise be all but impossible to get into. A publisher can be your link to licensing, royales, new opportunies and much more. A publisher can also be your link to the Naonal Music Publishers Associaon which gets you access to the fight for arst’s rights and follows the many legal issues that have plagued the industry from the beginning. All in all, a music publisher, if they feel your work has good potenal, takes a truckload of work that you probably haven’t even begun to imagine off of your shoulders while at the same me advocang on your behalf with all commercial aspects of the industry. Making money with your music is more than just selling CD-Rs and MP3s. To ask Chuk a queson, call (206) 309-9528 or logon to


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Volume 1 Issue 9

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World Media News Ticker...  In Australia, the bionic eye comes into focus - Researchers unveil a prototype bionic eye they hope will enable users to perceive points of light that the brain can reconstruct into images.

 Denstry simulaon android is all smiles - Japanese universies recently unveiled a denstry simulator robot called Hanako. The android paent responds to denstry students by talking, sneezing, or even gagging.  Jury convicts Palin e-mail hacker on two counts - Tennessee jury convicts 22-year-old son of a Democrac polician of hacking into Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account when she was a U.S. vice presidenal candidate.


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Who’s Who and What’s What... lic about licensing, and safeguard the interests of its members.

To adverse with us, go to

National Music Publishers Association (NMPA)


About NMPA Copyright is a legal device that protects the music itself -- not the paper on which it is printed nor the recording on which it is performed. It is copyright alone that makes music publishing feasible, for without it there is no protection against the unrestricted and uncompensated use of the property of a composer/lyricist and their publisher. Since 1917, NMPA has been a strong and effective champion for the protection of music copyrights in an age of rapid technological changes. NMPA was a leading voice for music publishers in connection with the enactment of the Copyright Act of 1976, and has successfully advocated amendments to that Act where necessary to protect the interests of music copyright owners. Currently representing over 800 American music publishers, NMPA has worked to interpret copyright law, educate the pub-

To insure a fair and orderly market for everyone involved in music publishing, NMPA is dedicated to the protection of music copyright across all media and across all national boundaries.

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In addition to its role as music publishing industry advocate, NMPA distributes information to its members through sponsorship of publisher Forums in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville, as well as publication of News & Views. Since the first musical notes were sounded and recorded, the music publishing industry has grown and changed. As we look ahead, we anticipate that the convenience of digital delivery of phonorecords may soon make digital transmission services the music distribution method of choice for many consumers. Yet NMPA's challenge remains the same: to provide for a legal environment -- domestically and globally -- that will enable effective and efficient licensing of musical works on terms appropriate to the nature of the use. Global delivery and global protection--that is NMPA's goal.

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“Very informave. I like the way you bring the business to light. Some of the local talent needs to understand the reason behind ASCAP and Copyrighng, and other things menoned in your newsleers. Thanks for the insight..” ~Edgardo “Sketch” Marerro

 Amazon's new patent could make returns harder - In an odd twist, Amazon has patented a process for videotaping its outgoing packages being prepared for shipment. Is this for quality control, or a next generaon of the shipping confirmaon email?

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Your Publisher's Friend  
Your Publisher's Friend  

Givng You The Business! What does HFA do? HFA provides the following services to its affiliated publish- ers: * Issues mechanical licenses *...