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Volume 1 Issue 6 (100412-0426)


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Anyone Need a Ride? Take the Musical Cash Cab Hop In A Taxi TAXI is an Independent A&R company, based in Calabasas, CA, that was founded in 1992 by music veteran Michael Laskow with the intent of helping songwriters, artists, bands, and composers get their music heard by record labels, music publishers, and supervisors of film/TV projects. Taxi has over 10,000 members in all 50 States and in over 90 countries. Members of Taxi are sent an updated list of requests for music and artists from companies within the music, film, and television industries every two weeks.

Members submit their original recorded music before the deadline date specified in what Taxi refers to as an “Industry Listing.” Every piece of music that is submitted towards the industry listings is reviewed by Taxi’s A&R team, they then make the decision of whether or not the music is on target for what was requested by the industry, and choose to either send it along to the listing company, or return it to the songwriter.

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04/28: DevSoul Concert - Scout Bar - S.A., TX 04/30: Tablerock Gospel Fest. - Tablerock Theater - Salado, TX 04/30: Viva! Cinco de Mayo - Hays Co. Civic Ctr. - San Marcos, TX 05/01: Discover Cibilo Market & Business Expo - Cibilo, TX 05/01: Wein & Saengerfest - Downtown - New Braunfels, TX 05/02: Talk Sex with JussAssk - Spanky’s - San Antonio, TX 05/07: Spring Fling Golf Tourn - Texas Republic - San Antonio, TX 05/08: Simply Texas Blues Fest. - Downtown - San Angelo, TX 05/09: Talk Sex with JussAssk - Spanky’s - San Antonio, TX 05/09: Blues on the Hill - McKelvey Park - Harlingen, TX 05/10: TCU Music Roundup - TCU - Fort Worth, TX 05/14: Bluebonnet Fesval - City Park - La Vernia, TX 05/16: Talk Sex with JussAssk - Spanky’s - San Antonio, TX 05/17: Songwriter Showcase - Tarpon Inn - Port Aransas, TX 05/23: Talk Sex with JussAssk - Spanky’s - San Antonio, TX 05/27: Kerville Folk Fest. - Quiet Valley Ranch - Kerrville, TX

LADIES FIRST **COMING MAY 2010** 210-573-7203

When a member’s music is forwarded onto the listing company, Taxi does not take any part, monetarily, or in the negotiations of the potential deals.

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Ask Chuk Jones Where have you been and what have you been up to these days?

(210) 683-4248

Truth be told, I’ve actually been taking a well needed vacaon! Ever since we scaled down the SA Urban project I’ve been given quite a bit of me to focus on other opons and take care of things on the personal side. I’ve also closed the doors on my Scorpion Media of Texas business and several other projects that were in moon so I could consolidate them all under one name,

As for the music and media areas, i’ve moved away from the actual work and am now doing business as a consultant giving direcon and advice to those that are looking to further their efforts in the business. For more informaon on my consulng services, you can ask quesons or contact me through my website at To ask chuk a queson, call (206) 309-9528 or logon to and ask your queson there.

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At you will find that some of the services that were offered under the other names have all been included such as graphic & print services as well as my layout and merchandising projects like the Media Mogul Magazine & Newsletter, the Observer News Group and the “One Hot Deal” project.






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Volume 1 Issue 6

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 April 11, 2010 - Shouts out to Tony “Tang” Santana, thanks for inving the MM crew to The Falls for the show. Addional shouts out to Snipe & Top Bilin’ Records, Stephanie Salvo & Special K, also, Lil’ Aubrey and his crew sll grindin’.

When the Space Shule was new - Later this year, NASA will rere its fleet of shules. The first of the space planes to enter orbit, the Columbia, did so 29 years ago.  GameStop: PS3, Wii shortages to connue - If you're looking to buy a PlayStaon 3 or a Nintendo Wii, you might need to wait a few more months--at least, if retailer GameStop's predicons are correct. 

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Who’s Who and What’s What... Intention – the Bolder Dimension of Songwriting Wayne Cohen, veteran multiplatinum selling ASCAP hit songwriter, producer and educator, owner of publishing/production company Stand Up Songs. Wayne teaches individual and group songwriting tutoring sessions at his NYC Stand Up Studio and via Skype. One of my song tutoring students recently sang me a song she was working on called ‘Listen You’, which I thought was a cool idea about missing that special someone. She had strong lyrics for her chorus, but the chorus chords she had were in a minor key just like the verse had been. The minor chords worked great in the verse, but the melody fell flat at the chorus. I call this kind of chorus melody problem flat lining, as in, the melody didn’t lift enough for a chorus. I suggested that she go to the relative major key for the chorus, and that the melody needed to be ‘happier’ to pay off the manic lyric idea she had set up. This eventually made for a killer chorus for that song. This started me thinking, if the question is, ‘how do you write a breakthrough song?’


This experience with my student reinforced my conviction that having an intention when writing is the answer. In other

words, if you can imagine the result you want before you get there, you have a much better chance of achieving that result. I think lack of intention is one of the things that is crippling the music industry. I see creators in many fields (not just songwriters) influenced by the culture of immediacy that we are living in. I believe some songwriters are influenced away from writing a breakthrough song, expressing a riveting clear universal emotion with catchy melodies, and instead are focused on making trendy tracks that sell immediately. I think the craft of songwriting is suffering as a result, and this shortsightedness is contributing to a lack of certain songs’ longevity on the charts. But keeping this idea of intention can be a tricky business when writing a song, because sometimes you don’t want to question that magical part of writing from pure inspiration. Great songs can seem to fall out of the sky and flow through the writer. However there are so many facets of songwriting that can be improved by conscious thought.

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