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57-5 01 - November - 2006


November 1st Edition ‘06

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The Urban Heartbeat Of The S.A. Streets

DEVIN THE DUDE DOES IT AGAIN! See pg2 - (210) 200-8540



01 - November - 2006


Here we are again, another underground show but this one shall eclipse all others.

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Melio and Dirty Dan from Austin start us off and they remind us muthaf*** the law. The stage show is crazy although they have way too many people on stage of course. They have the concert goers locked up. Greg G and Dynamic Entertainment came through at number 2 and blew the roof off the joint. This was the total package. Singing and rapping male and female vocalist (Noe put it down with her bad self) had me spellbound. Just so you know, Greg G makes his own beats. Mad-1 from 3rd Luv Entertainment is next and San Antonio get ready for this brother, because he is one to watch. Great crowd control, voice and lyrics. 210 is truly represented when this cat hits the stage. Chuck and I , along with the whole Scorpion Media and SA Urban crew must give a big thank you shout to Dawn of 3rd Luv Entertainment for making sure we didn’t miss the festivities. Thank you Dawn!

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If you have never seen an artist with microphone in one hand and rolling a blunt with the other you have obviously never seen Devin. Big shout-outs to Devin the Dude and Coughee Brothas for hanging out with us for a little bit after the show. These cats may be superstars but they were very down to earth. Thanks for passing it kinfolk

As you may have guessed there is two parts to this story... Club Metropolis is the get down and shake it part of this establishment.

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Sometimes, you know when you are in the presence of greatness. When an iconoclastic performer with the cult following such as Devin the Dude comes to do a show, you make sure you are there to witness an absolute master at work. He performed all of the best songs from his three albums "Devin the Dude", "To the Extreme" and "Just Tryin' ta Live".

Ok fellas let's talk about the "talent pool"......WOW, "where are the girls?" is not a question that will be asked because the higher class of women are everywhere.

Scorpion Media of Texas

SA Urban Weekly News

The Coughee Brothas hit the stage and absolutely blew it up. If you have never heard the Coughee Brothas, you have no idea what you are missing. Weed inflected lyrics, banging beats and all around greatness on the underground level.

the sa-ttown urban street pulse


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Dj southpaw and The Affiliates are four white boys from Minnesota who really put it down and wreck the mic with their whirlwind flows. Southpaw told me to tell everyone that "yes, they do like their beer cold even when it snows". Now is where things get interesting.

With such attentive bar tenders as Tiffany on the Metropolis side you are sure to get your libation promptly. The vibe on this side of the club is off the chain. CLUB METROPOLIS AND MYSTIQUE ULTRA LOUNGE. by J.P. Oates

Its about time. San Antonio has a new upscale laid back place for the grown and sexy folks of San Antonio. Club Metropolis and Mystique Ultra Lounge is plush. The decor is extremely swanky, dare I say "ultra". Wednesdays is 1.00 drinks all night and no cover before 10:00, so you know the juices were flowing in abundance. The Dance floor inside Mystique Ultra Lounge is a bit small but that's alright because girls were dancing on the table anyway. Dress code is strictly enforced so make sure you get your adult shoes out of the back of the closet.

Top 40 and rap pounds out of the sound system to make sure everyone is on the spacious dance floor. Everyone comes here. Royce Hall and a couple San Antonio Spurs even made an appearance. The quintessential moment of the evening was Slykat performing his top requested hit song "San Antonio Girlz" Just in case you were wondering, Stella Edwards, Sara Nicole and the San Antonio Girlz were definitely in the house. Get out to Club Metropolis, Mystique Ultra Lounge and hang out with me and Chuck Jones ‘cause we might just be here every Wednesday.

u r b a n


From’s ‘Rumors’section

Is New York dating an older White gentleman now?

r u m o r s

I have been informed as to the character of this man, but I am not at liberty to speak on it due to the laws of defamation! From what I understand, he may be a manager OR posing as a manager. I’ve never quite seen a happier…client. However, peep the Ill Pix and let me know if you think these two are a couple. Favor Flav's mania might have driven her to get a heavy-set man of the Caucasian persuasion. Maybe Flavor Flav will come to his senses and rejoin Chuck D and Public Enemy!

INSIDE BACKPAGE: puzzles, Games & oddities

01 - November - 2006

(game solutions published next week)

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Stay Tuned



last week’s puzzle answers (210) 200-8540

1. Uncovered 5. Secret 10. Radiotelegraphic signals 14. Phil ____, former CIA 15. Ancient Greek 16. Stock purchase plan 17. See 59 across 20. Backwardnesses 21. Debilitated 22. Not just "play" 23. Description 25. Ropes 29. As the crow flies 33. Purgatives 34. Be in pain 35. Type of copier

36. Most unusual 38. American state 41. Shoshonean 42. Cicatrix 44. Weather and wind 45. Bourgeois 48. Bryophytes 49. Paddles 50. Mythological bird 51. Alter 54. Continually complaining 59. Coincides with 17 across 62. Buffalo 63. Grape 64. Hebrew calendar month 65. Program 66. Cubes 67. Rail



Information from you health advisor. THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS, ONLY CHALLENGES! Remember to use your legs and not your back when lifting objects. Your legs are stronger than your back. Don't bend, lift and twist at the same time. The ..1 reason people see a doctor is PAIN! The ..2 reason people see a doctor is Digestive Problems. Statistics show that one in 2 people in their life will get back pain. Believe it or not, most types of back pain are pretty easy to fix. It is how I feed my family day in and out. I know it sounds to good to be true but it is, however there are always exceptions that require surgery/injections etc. If you have a friend or loved one in pain, help them by telling them to call my office @ 210738-0771



the ''chill pill''

Health Tips From Dr. Jeff Reynolds -------------------------------------

1. Italian seaport 2. Developed 3. ____ Strauss, jeans maker 4. Showing 5. Playoff 6. Polish river 7. Ancient Olympic Site 8. Own (Scottish) 9. Kilocalorie, abbr. 10. Determine 11. Arthur __, Wimbledon champion 12. Worked the soil 13. Nimble 18. Other side 19. Selfish person 23. More timid 24. Inquiry 25. Alarm 26. Winged 27. More sensitive 28. Center 29. Anwar __, Egyptian statesman 30. Linda ____, actress31. Geology 32. Hairstyle 37. Despot 39. Shorebird 40. No longer is 43. Central nervous system, (abbr.) 46. Ballroom dances 47. Pilgrim's journey 48. Robert ____, American revolutionary 50. European river 51. Kwa 52. Belonging to me 53. Enough (archaic) 54. Invests in little enterprises 55. Expression of relief 56. Unemployed 57. Algonquian tribe 58. Type genus of the Hylidae 60. Radioactivity unit 61. ____ fi (abbr.)


BUT HOW DO I DO IT? The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler? Check next weeks paper for solution.


01 - November - 2006



1. “Can’t Let Go”| Lakrea | Independent

1. “Money Maker” | Ludacris f. Pharrell | DTP / DefJam

# Los Angeles's KDAY becomes the first rap-only radio station in the US

2. “Like a Playa”| Texabama | Independent

2. “Smack That” | Akon ft Eminem | Universal Motown

3. “Workin That” | Clark Boys | Unknown

3. “Lips Of An Angel” | Hinder | Universal Republic

# Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons form Def Jam records.

4. “Hate” | Zu Ali | Unknown

4. “Sexy Back” | Justin Timberlake | Jive / Zomba

# Michael Jackson does the moonwalk on the Grammy's and the whole world thinks he's a breaker. He actually learned it from some LA poppers.

5. “Problems” | Bugsy | Independent

5. “My Love” | Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. | Jive / Zomba

6. “Dat Hardbody” | Stress | Independent

6. “How To Save A Life” | The Fray | Epic

7. “4 Da 210” | Big Roddy | Southern Connection

7. “Too Little Too Late” | JoJo | Universal Motown

8. “Scoop Bird”| Droe Hefner | Longevity Entertainment

8. “Chasing Cars” | Snow Patrol | Polydor / A&M / Interscope

9. “F*** Paul Wall”| 2 Slim | Made Men Records

9. “Come To Me” | Diddy ft. Nicole Scherzinger | Bad Boy / Atlantic

10. “Texas” | Hooligans | Grind2Shine

10. “Far Away” | Nickelback | Roadrunner



# 1985# # Salt 'n' Pepa makes its first appearance on wax on Super Nature's "The Show Stopper". # "The Show" by Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew changes the sound of hip hop. Ricky D's laid back style was unheard of at that point. # Sugar Hill Records is forced into bankruptcy and ceases to be active in the record industry.

Results Obtained From SA Urban Radio’s Top Requested Songs

Results Obtained From Hot 100 Songs listing

The Urban Heartbeat  

Of The San Antonio Streets.

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