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55-5 18 - October - 2006


October 18th Edition ‘06

COMING EVENTS October 22 Method Man in Concert EMOs Austin

October 28 Devin The Dude In Concert Kingston Tycoon Flats San Antonio

November 3 Da Major Deal CD Release Party The Venue San Antonio

November 11

The Urban State... Where is SA-Urban Headed?

2006 Annual Urban Underground Music Festival Rosedale Park San Antonio




18 - October - 2006


THE URBAN STATE... by Chuck Jones

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As we look behind at our first year of SA Urban Weekly News, a few questions come to mind as to the future of SA Urban. Who are we? What are we? What motivates us? What have we learned? Where are we going? I am sure that I am not the only one with these questions in the back of my head so in short, here is a quick and dirty window into my thoughts...

Who Are We?: SA Urban is made up of a group of individuals just like you and me. We range in age from our early 20s to our mid 30s; from various backgrounds and education levels.

What Have We Learned?: Over the past year, we have learned that it takes a large amount of commitment to do what we do. Many of our staff have come and gone, only to weed out those that are loyal to our cause.

What Are We?: SA Urban is a product of San Antonio’s lack of representation for the true Hip-Hop generation. This is also part of our motivation. We span much more than just rap and hiphop music, we are a movement that encompasses many forms of art including dance, painting, acting and many more.

Where Are We Going?: Our future is ever changing. Our main focus is that of staying on the cutting edge of what’s going on in media and technology. SA Urban Internet Radio is just one of those goals that has helped us do what we strive to do for local and represented artists.


Rapper Fabolous was shot early Tuesday at a New York City parking garage and then arrested, police say. He is now hospitalized in stable condition. Fabolous (real name: John Jackson), 28, and three friends had just left the Diddy-owned restaurant Justin's when an unidentified man approached them and opened fire, New York Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Mike Wysokowski said, according to MTV News. The Brooklyn-born rapper was shot once in the thigh before he and his friends sped away in a white Dodge Magnum, running a red light and attracting the attention of police who were responding to a call that shots had been fired. Officers stopped the car and found two loaded guns, both apparently unlicensed,

Wysokowski said. All four men were arrested, with charges pending and likely to include criminal possession of a weapon. Wysokowski said that in New York City, anyone found in a vehicle with an unlicensed firearm is considered to be "in possession" of the weapon. Fabolous was taken to a hospital; police are still searching for the shooter. Police did not identify the three men who were arrested along with the rapper, but said they are 18, 23 and 29, the Associated Press reports.

Fabolous recently participated in the taping of the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, set to air Tuesday evening, and has an album due in December. An e-mail from the AP seeking comment from his label, Def Jam Recordings, was not immediately answered.

the sa-ttown urban street pulse A PINCH MORE “BROWN SUGA” by Cruz Gatica

Do you remember when you first fell in love? Not necessarily meaning with your first boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be working towards a career in the music industry, being senator of your state one day or falling in love with that special person and having a family. What I'm asking is, do you remember that exact feeling, at that precise moment when you dedicated part of your life to pursue a passion so deep that it had the ability to change what you believed in? You know its said that you only get three loves in your life. Well, I think I was hit twice at one time. I remember falling in love when I heard the All I need remix by Method Man & Mary J. Blige. I felt like that was us(my Boo and I) sitting in the rain, on our block listening to the music. We were two souls of one kind. We worked the same streets, ran with the same crew and our heads bopped to the same beat. Inside, we always knew we'd be there for each other through thick and thin. We both felt that passion for Hip Hop. He made his music and I admired his devotion. When we rapped together, it was the music telling our story. At that precise moment I had fallen in love with him and the music we made together . True Hip-Hop.

Why do we believe that we can only fall in love with people? There are so many kinds of love that, we as people, limit ourselves because we're scared of loosing more than we may gain. We think that we may not get another chance at love, or that we won't have enough love to spare so why take the risk? Why set yourself up for failure? But on the same token, if you were to enroll in college, study and pursue your dream of being a "whatever", take a couple of exams and happen to fail. Would you have less desire for that degree? Would your dream completely evaporate because of a couple of bad tests? No, probably not, that's why I ask if you can remember that moment when you fell in love, because sometimes we need to be refreshed. Remind ourselves why we really entered the game, whichever game you may be in. Our bodies get tired and our minds get overwhelmed, we are only human after all, but we still have the same amount of love. Do you think Diddy limits his love of work? He loves the music industry, the fashion industry even television. All of that, originally dreamed up by a love between two friends..who would have known that's all it would take. A little fuel to feed the fire. Like it says in 1 Corinthians 13:13, "There are in the end three things that last: Faith, Hope, and Love; and the greatest of these is love.." After that there's no more to say-

u r b a n r u m o r s


From’s ‘Rumors’section

Taysha Smith Valez? Have you ever heard that name before? This young lady has been certified "gangsta" in real estate market, the diamond industry, publishing and even make-up. She became a millionaire at 21 and now she's in the rumors. Apparently, there is a rumor that she's now dating Usher? Now, I have a source or two that say that they have seen Usher's mother with Valez and Usher nearby. Now, is this simply another silly case of beaks squawking or are they dating? We ain't saying she a gold digger, but Usher ain't messing with no broke, broke...LOL. Lora, thanks a lot dunny! (There's more to this, but I'm not at liberty to reveal it.)

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18 - October - 2006

(game solutions published next week)


The whole vibe was festive and fun. Get up, get out and get something, but only if you do it at the Studio.


Stay Tuned


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last week’s puzzle answers

the Jeri curl juice was flowing. The pimp hats were, well, pimping. Tight jeans, check. Short skirts, check. Cheap drinks, all good. Early 90's rap....yup. Man, The Studio was bumpin Saturday.

It was poppin like catfish nuggets in old grease. If you have never been to The Studio on Perrin Beitel on a Saturday night I suggest you put down your remote, your new deck of Yugi-Oh cards or whatever has grabbed your attention and get with it. For the ladies there are plenty of guys. For the men, well if you can't find your type in here you may want to try a, how shall we say, alternative lifestyle club.

SA Urban Radio


FREE JAYE CARTEL 68. Hammer fasteners 69. Arthur __, Wimbledon 70. To set in order 71. A way to fall into ruin CLUES DOWN

CLUES ACROSS 1. Collide 6. Ancient fertility god 10. Heroic tale 14. Brazilian rubber tree genus 15. Inca sun god 16. Bucket 17. Parts of a school course 18. Cotton pod 19. Lough in County Fermanagh 20. Canadian province 22. Suc__; luck (Irish) 23. Strike with a whip 24. Central processing unit 26. Deep-toned singers 30. Provender process 35. This (Spanish)

36. Weight of an empty container 38. Zygomatic bone 39. Widely separated 41. Commissioned naval officer 43. Man with a lasso 44. A block of soap or wax 46. Ephialtes' twin 47. Cater-cornered 49. Most uncommon 51. Mimic 52. The den of a wild animal 54. Scottish highlander 57. 3rd Wallace & Gromit movie 63. Plural of "a la" 64. Playthings 65. Rosie N_____'s fun T-shirts 66. Raincoats 67. Region

1. Early 1900s leader of China 2. Tonight's host 3. Tel __, Israel city 4. Bristle-like structure 5. Nuisance 6. Wild ox genus 7. Different from the one seen 8. G_ng: machine gun 9. Purpled panicled bushes 10. Adirondack town: 12164 11. Swiss river 12. Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire 13. Brews 21. Class 25. Documentary "American __" 26. Hairy facial appendage 27. L_____ng: roping 28. Buddhist monument 29. A citizen of Senegal 31. Head supporter 32. Esc____: increase 33. Common Roman praenomen 34. Max __, Dadaist painter 37. The Automobile Racing Club of America 40. A small quantity of liquid 42. Habitation at a high altitude 45. Two or more metals mixed 48. Drink of the gods 50. Simplest compound of arsenic 53. Syrian president 1971-2000 54. Vasco da __, Portuguese explorer 55. Expression of sorrow 56. Components considered individually 58. A traditional belief 59. Listen 60. Celery (Spanish) 61. Open country in South Africa 62. Div__: varied


BUT HOW DO I DO IT? The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler? Check next weeks paper for solution.



# A Documentary of subway graffiti in New York "Style Wars", filmed by photographer Henry Chalfant and directed by Tony Silver, is aired on PBS featuring several interviews with popular graffiti writers of the time including Crash, Daze, Dondi, Zephyr, Revolt, Kase2, Skeme, Haze and Seen as well as interviews with the Metropolitan Transit Authority and NYC Mayor Ed Koch. More raw footage of hip hop's other elements in Rock Steady Crew, Busy Bee and Grandmaster Flash. # Ice T puts out his first singles, "Cold Winter Madness" and "Body Rock/Killers" which are considered some of the first West Coast gangster raps. # Malcolm McClaren, the Sex Pistol's managerial mastermind, organizes a group called the World Famous Supreme Team and puts out a song co-produced by synthpop veteran Trevor Horn called "Buffalo Gals". McClaren was influenced to get into hip hop by meeting Bam and the Zulu Nation during the previous year.

18 - October - 2006



1. “Can’t Let Go”| Lakrea | Independent

1. “Sexy Back” | Justin Timberlake | Jive / Zomba

2. “Like a Playa”| Texabama | Independent

2. “Money Maker” | Ludacris f. Pharrell | DTP / DefJam

3. “Workin That” | Clark Boys | Unknown

3. “Lips Of An Angel” | Hinder | Universal Republic

4. “Hate” | Zu Ali | Unknown

4. “Smack That” | Akon ft Eminem | Universal Motown

5. “Problems” | Bugsy | Independent

5. “How To Save A Life” | The Fray | Epic

6. “Dat Hardbody” | Stress | Independent

6. “Chasing Cars” | Snow Patrol | Polydor / A&M / Interscope

7. “4 Da 210” | Big Roddy | Southern Connection

7. “Chain Hang Low” | Jibbs | Geffen

8. “Scoop Bird”| Droe Hefner | Longevity Entertainment

8. “Too Little Too Late” | JoJo | Universal Motown

9. “F*** Paul Wall”| 2 Slim | Made Men Records

9. “White & Nerdy” | Weird Al Yankovic | Zomba

10. “Texas” | Hooligans | Grind2Shine

10. “Far Away” | Nickelback | Roadrunner

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The Urban State  
The Urban State  

Where Is SA Urban Headed?