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1154-5 - October - 2006


October 11th Edition ‘06

COMING EVENTS October 15 Texas Lowrider Car & Truck Show Airport Convention Center San Antonio

October 22 Method Man in Concert EMOs Austin

October 28 Devin The Dude In Concert Kingston Tycoon Flats San Antonio

November 3

The music Showcase

Da Major Deal CD Release Party The Venue San Antonio

November 11 2006 Annual Urban Underground Music Festival Rosedale Park San Antonio

Spotlighting San Antonio music Artists.




11 - October - 2006

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Spotlight info is gathered from the artists themselves and does not reflect the opinions of the SA Urban staff.

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VARCITY SQUAD Introducing Varcity Squad Varcity Squad is a doubtless Hip-Hop/ R&B group whose music can be described as thought provoking as a history lecture; and the same time refreshing and entertaining. Varcity Squad gives the world of music the bitter sweet of everyday life, while appealing to the urban culture. Varcity Squad knows no boundaries, they cross the typical borders assigned to their genre of music. Varcity Squad is ready for todays ever changing entertainment industry. About the Album: Industry Ready (Releasing Spring 2007) The Varcity Squad freshman album has been titled Industry Ready after 8 years of overcoming struggles and obstacles along the way. On this album you can look forward to variety and versatility. This album is definitely for people who have a love for good music. Make sure to leave a comment about the four songs Previewed on this page.

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Relationships: Truth, Lies, Love, Lust And All That Other S**t In Between! DEAR ISIS… Relationships can be crazy in todays world. People can be sneaky and down right dishonest! This is the story: Lets call this couple "Damon and Sha'Nique"(not their real names). They have been together for 3 years now and have a newborn child together. There have been issues of infidelity with the couple, on both sides. Recently, someone told Sha'Nique that Damon had been "experimenting" with the DownLow side of intimacy. For those of you who don't know the term, that is a person who has yet to come out the closet. They maintain their daily lives and relationships as if they were heterosexual, but they have relationships that are homosexual in nature. You follow me? So, Sha'Nique was let on to the idea that Damon has been on the DownLow. She presented the news to Damon, and of course he denied the "rumor". Who should she believe? Well, the friend who told her is a flamboyantly gay, male friend who claims that he knows the person who Damon is sneaking around with and can prove it. All she has to do is say the word. I got word of this story about two months ago. Do you think she figured it out? The flamboyant friend called me and said they have not spoken since that day. She has basically cut her friend off. They no longer communicate... Have any advice for Sha'Nique or her friend...the flamboyant gay who knows all?

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Me, personally, well I think she knows but is too comfortable in her situation to move. How can you hear news like this and keep it on the hush, hush. I would be looking for one switch in his booty and he is out the door. The only think I like sweet is my kool-aid. Red to be specific, ya heard?

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11 - October - 2006

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LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT C-STUD VILL Info is gathered from the artists themselves and does not reflect the opinions of the SA Urban staff.

LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT Info is gathered from the artists themselves and does not reflect the opinions of the SA Urban staff.

"The Unsigned Deal"

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, on the east side of town at the age of 9, listening to Hip Hop and singing along with my favorite lyrics, with groups such as the Sugar Hill Gang, Curtis Blow, Grand Master Flash, Fat Boys, Run DMC, and NWA. By age 14 I started writing and singing my own lyrics. At age 15 and 16, hanging out and joining a gang got me into more trouble than I had expected, having to stay in Texas Youth Facility, which set me back for a year. At age 17 I went back to Highlands High School where I participated in Varsity Football as a running back, then graduating in 1989 receiving my high school diploma and a two year scholarsip to Tabor Junior College in Kansas, during this time I received an ankle injury. As a result of my injury I decided to return to my home town (San Antonio, Texas). I returned to San Antonio facing another downfall, after months of trouble. Getting into more trouble I spent one and a half years in the State Penitentiary. Returning home with the sum of two-hundred dollars in my pocket, determined to start a music career for myself. A friend introduced me to a man name, "Papa C" who made me a demo for the song "Trick or Treat", which sold over 3,000 copies. In 1994, getting picked up by an independent music label Mystic Records, I though all my problems were over, with inexperienced promotions, distributing and recordings with this team delayed my progress even more. After a two-year contract with Mystic Records, with no releases due to financial problems. I had signed away all my rights to my music without me even being aware of what I was signing. After all the monies I invested and lost, I finally got released from the contract with Mystic Records. I started on my own again in 1996, soon to be releasing my new solo album "The Unsigned Deal!" Praying and hoping that all my fans will stand by me one hundred percent, wishing me lots of blessings and good luck. Hoping in the near future I can get picked up by a major recording label.

CLUES ACROSS 1. Prayer endings 6. Stuffed crisp tortillas 11. Words per minute 14. Hip bones 15. Lower in esteem 16. __-Ho'olana Center 17. An offering that disguises destruction 19. Amphibian found in Alps 20. Ridges built up by currents 21. Pacific Island nation 23. One point south of due east 24. Chill 26. Hoards 30. Bowls 31. Burn plants 32. Norwegian composer

33. Upper limb 36. Bog lime 37. The hills of western Iowa 38. Tree genus having oily one-seeded fruits 39. Stray 40. Isaac's mother (Bib.) 41. __th; dig up 42. Escapes capture 44. Nasal grunts 45. Island aka Sulawesi 47. __ Caesar, comedian 48. Processes a book 49. Cephalalgia 54. The creation of beautiful or significant things 55. Deceitful 58. Expresses distaste, disapproval

59. The male has enormous flattened antlers 60. Vaulted 61. CNN's founder Turner 62. Norse sagas 63. A person who tries to damage you CLUES DOWN 1. Parts of a play 2. City in Minnesota 3. Nebraska senator 1979-97 4. Vast Saudia Arabia plateau 5. Members of U.S. Navy 6. Himalayan wild goats 7. Marine Blue Book 8. Pulman 9. Former CIA 10. Leaking out slowly 11. Jobber 12. Botswana monetary units 13. Lilly Thal book 18. Catches 22. American Nurses Assoc. 24. Celtic language 25. C C C 26. Arrived 27. Pesticide banned in 1989 28. Mutually related 29. Norse god Loki's daughter 30. Regions 32. Wounds from a bull's horn 34. Ent___: ask passionately 35. 4th planet from the sun 37. Take on cargo 38. Yoko 40. To include within something larger 41. Remove cloth cover 43. Ran in front 44. Breathe deeply and heavily 45. Make with skill or dexterity 46. Suggestive of the supernatural 47. Begets 49. Flat tableland with steep edges 50. After a while 51. Inactive 52. Margosa tree 53. Christian Science founder 56. Tip of the head 57. Rumsfeld heads

15.5 ENTERTAINMENT Whats up world 15.5 Entertainment is the hottest record label to come out of San Antonio, TX. We have 3 CD's out and we have all types of merchandise. You can check us out at our official website to buy some CD's, merchandise, check out when we have a show, see some pics, or just leave some comments. So if ur a fan or wanna be hit us up so you can hear the latest or old songs and remember KEEP UR BIRDS UP!!!!!


BUT HOW DO I DO IT? The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler? Check next weeks paper for solution.


LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT G. M. C. Info is gathered from the artists themselves and does not reflect the opinions of the SA Urban staff.

$$ GET MONEY CLICK $$ - The Future Of The Game!!! - Get Money Click is the one of the top groups in Texas and one of the Best in the South! Creating a buzz on the streets of the rapidly growing San Antonio, TX with their Spring 2005 release of For The Love Of Money, they've created a name for themselves rapidly with no radio, no label, just relentless street hustle & pure word of mouth. Coming 2gether to form Get Money Click Records in early 2004, with a mixture of members hailing from the Northeast and Eastside of San Antonio, Get Money Click brings the rare combination of true life everyday issues & subjects & straight to the point lyrics meshed with a unique Southern, yet universal, sound (provided by the production of Iceberg & Phoon (Southern Coalition (SC) Entertainment)), mixing the upbeat, hardcore sound of the new South hip-hop with the sometimes laid back, soulful, old school feel of their uniquely diverse music roots, silencing any thought that "the South has no real lyricists", & creating an original sound that only the 210 can claim as their own. With a powerhouse of mc's (Iceberg, Phoon, Lil' Burst aka Inferno, CEO Philly Phill & co-CEO Mr. King, & along with solo act's Yung Mavrick & the newest editions to Get Money Click Records, PT & Chevy) each presents a different style & brand of rapping, combing complete versatility, realness, and a true lyricism that hasn't been presented in the game much in quite some time. Combined, they embody the kind of complete group of rappers that only comes around every so often in the game (weighing highly in comparision to hip-hop's true supergroups of the past & present).

tx r egional a rtist c d r eview Lakrea: Southern Girl

Review by JP Oates, Managing Editor Every once in a great while an artist will cross your path that really makes you sit up and take notice. I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting just such a person. Uber-talented, humble, dedicated, beautiful, smart and did I mention talented? Lakrea Clark is a star in the making. With a solid background in music(she has been singing with her church choir since she was three and wrote her first song at eight years old.) Lakrea has done things that most unsigned artists only wish they could mention in their resume. She has opened concerts for Lil' Flip and sang the National Anthem before a Bow Wow show, she has been on Showtime at the Apollo in Harlem, NYC, played a showcase at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, a benefit concert for the Children's Hospital in Wilmington, N.C. and has already filmed her first video for the song "We can do it." Oh, did I fail to mention that she is only 14 years old! Naming Beyonce and Alicia Keys as two of her favorite singers, it is easy to see where she gets her style and sense of pizazz but the vocal stylings are all her own. Southern Girl, the debut album for the singing prodigy, Produced by Liquid Tracks and Executive Produced by her father Darren Clark, starts off with "Pump it up" and that is exactly what it makes you want to do. Track two "Feeling you", and "So tired" song number four, could be and probably should be playing on MTV and BET right now. Lakrea and her camp are cutting no corners to make sure that she puts her best foot forward on this journey she has chosen to embark upon, check out or go to "Can't let go" Track five is one of my favorites. She even raps a little on the skit "From the 512". Song twelve"A mothers love" was actually written by Lakrea. It just goes to further demonstrate that she not only understands the gifts that she has been given, but appreciates the sacrifices that have been made for her to follow her dreams. The CD is great. Excellent quality, the sound mixes were right on point, no cheesy graphics, just top notch photos and she even has her lyrics printed inside the CD jacket. Run out and pick up Southern Girl today, you won't regret it.

out of 5 stars

11 - October - 2006



1. “Workin That” | Clark Boys | Unknown

1. “Sexy Back” | Justin Timberlake | Jive / Zomba

2. “Like a Playa”| Texabama | Independent

2. “Money Maker” | Ludacris f. Pharrell | DTP / DefJam

3. “Can’t Let Go”| Lakrea | Independent

3. “Lips Of An Angel” | Hinder | Universal Republic

4. “4 Da 210” | Big Roddy | Southern Connection

4. “How To Save A Life” | The Fray | Epic

5. “Hate” | Zu Ali | Unknown

5. “Chasing Cars” | Snow Patrol | Polydor / A&M / Interscope

6. “Problems” | Bugsy | Independent

6. “London Bridge” | Fergie | A&M / Interscope

7. “Dat Hardbody” | Stress | Independent

7. “Smack That” | Akon ft Eminem | Universal Motown

8. “Think About It”| ESLL | Independent

8. “Chain Hang Low” | Jibbs | Geffen

9. “Scoop Bird”| Droe Hefner | Longevity Entertainment

9. “Far Away” | Nickelback | Roadrunner

10. “I Want It” | JBIG | Independent

10. “Pullin’ Me Back” | Chingy ft. Tyrese | Slot-A-Lot Capitol

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The Music Showcase  

Spotlighting San Antonio Music Artists

The Music Showcase  

Spotlighting San Antonio Music Artists