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53-5 04 - October - 2006


1yr Anniversary Edition



04 - October - 2006


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR by JP Oates, Managing Editor

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One year old, how sweet it is! It seems like just yesterday, we wiped and powdered you, now your growing up so fast, your dads are so proud of you. SA-Urban Weekly News is one year old and on behalf of myself, Chuck Jones (C.E.O., Scorpion Media of Texas), Scotty Ward (Chief of Operations SA-Urban Internet Radio) and the rest of the SA-Urban staff, we would like to say thank-you, San Antonio, for sticking by us and making this a very suc-

cessful year. With your continued support we can make the next twelve months even better. We have lots in store and are constantly thinking up ways to keep our city fresh and relevant in the Hip-Hop scene. To mark our one year anniversary, SA Urban has officially launched our Chat forum. Simply visit our website at for more information or to go directly to the forum.

SA-Town. What events do you think we should cover? Are you going to the Devin The Dude concert at Kingston Tycoon Flats, Oct. 28th? Roam around as much as you want.

Register and begin chatting about what's going on in the San Antonio Urban Hip Hop scene! Tell us who the hottest rappers are in

Thanks for all of your support San Antonio and also to our readers and listeners all over the world.

Check the profiles of other members and send them messages. Post your own ideas, have fun, we put this here for the people! After you register, don't forget to introduce yourself to the rest of the members.


You know, say what you want about Game...he's right when he says people are tired of beef. But, I heard something is percolating and it started at that concert in NYC, where a "mini-riot" broke out. It would seem that all the acts in question were back stage at the Nassau Coliseum. Now, this is merely an account and I can't verify it in any substantial way. The word is G-Unit was backstage, in particular Tony Yayo and 50 Cent. Now, Jim Jones was also back there. Word has it, Tony goes..."Borrrrrrrrinnnnn'...." in the same manner that Jim

Jones' sings "BALLLLLLINNNNNNNNNN in his hit "We Fly High." Obviously, this caused things to get tense back stage. Now, that certainly had nothing to do with the "mini-riot," but it definitely raised the temperature. Anyway, 50 would later go on during Lloyd Banks' set and asked the crowd if they were there to see Jim Jones. I assume the crowd said yes, because Jimmy was the headliner. Let us pray, "Thou

shall not start any new beefs and if I do, I will try to turn the fire down on the grill."

Original poem by Cruz Gatica

I had seen the hunger in your eyes. For the love of Hip Hop connected our vibes. Was it real? The flavor of life your style reveals. Your walk is so confident, the stride of pride. I was attracted to the energy your charisma provides. It wasn't supposed to be personal, the way our friendship grew. Society pressures love into being something that just isn' You make me want to love. You make me want to be, Hip Hop.

LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT YUNG MAVRICK Get ready for one of the hottest artists` San Antonio has ever seen, to take the rap game by storm. Yung Mavrick, named after his against the grain ways, has rsen to being the premier rapper in San Antonio. Mav as he likes to be called has worked hard to make a name for himself as an artist since he was 16. Working with groups and experience with building his own team has given him the knowledge and gift of being a leader. He was born and raised on the northeast side of San Antonio an area known for its hustler's. Yung Mavrick has always known how to get it on his own whether it is attention, money, crowd participation or women. "My first time on stage I was 17 in a freestyle contest, I came in second place but I knew from then on the stage was made for me." Yung Mavrick has done more shows then any other current artist in San Antonio. The list includes club Aruba; Atomix; Kingston Tycoon Flats; Xotica; Mike's Ice House; the Underground Hip Hop Lounge; the PhoenixRoom Club Sole`; the Starlight Room; the Bonham; Kristal, Avenue B, Boss Bbar, the Walzem Lounge; Kramer's, the Sky Lounge, the Cameo, Club Senses, Sunset Station (with Z-Ro and Lil' Flip); the 2006 Hip Hop Teen Summit; Club BMW in Houston and more. He has performed in Houston, Laredo, and other surrounding cities in Texas. In the summer of 2005 Mav underwent a life threatening surgery on his neck and head, after a 3 month recovery Yung Mavrick went right back to recording his CD titled "follow me". In the short time the CD was released the numbers have looked great so far and Mav does not plan to stop his grind anytime soon. Even though the surgery changed his voice he embraces the change and says it creates more of a "grit when I spit." Mav usually raps about struggles and wins of his own personal life and the struggles of everyday urban life, then ties it in with the hustler's mentality he was born with. More lyrical than your typical Texas rapper and more versatile than most. So whether your looking for a hit song from the club, riding, street, crunk, or motivation genre`, Yung Mavrick is the artist of choice.


Happy B-day S.A. Urban Weekly News I just want to say, happy birthday to S.A.Urban Weekly News. I can't believe that it has been a year that we been out here showing San Antonio, that we too, have the talent that other citys have and it shows. What I have learned, since we first dove into this world of Sa-town hip-hop, is that we are still in the leaning stages of how to promote ourselves. S.A.Urban Weekly News & Internet Radio, being one of the main avenues to the hip-hop community here, we have had very few of San Antonios' hip-hop star come to us to really promote on the home front, we get more artists from Houston, Dallas, Austin and even San Marcos. Regardless, SA-Urban has been here for you this year and has helped kick in some doors for you guys and we plan on doing the same for the upcoming year, especially now that SA-Urban Internet Radio is in the picture. Happy B-day SA Urban Weekly New and many more. S.A. Urban still got yo' back 100%

INSIDE BACKPAGE: puzzles, Games & oddities

04 - October - 2006

(game solutions published next week)

NO MORE ‘MIMI VALDEZ’ FOR THE SOURCE EXCLUSIVE! BENZINO AND DAVE MAYS LOSE THEIR "HIP-HOP WEEKLY" EDITOR For the last few weeks, the back channels have been buzzing about Mayzino (that's Dave Mays and Benzino of The Source, for you non-industry folk) starting a new tabloid style rap mag, called HipHop Weekly. !! BUY IT NOW !!

When VC heard the announcement, and saw that Wendy Williams and The Evil Star were on board as columnists, we wondered if there would be more drama at their editorial offices than in the pages of the magazine.

last week’s puzzle answers

Turns out, our instincts were right. Weeks before the first issue is supposed to drop, we hear that many key members of the staff have left the new operation, including the Editor-In-Chief, Mimi Valdés. This must be a record for the Mayzino duo. Usually it takes years of shady tactics, not paying writers, and beefing with artists for their employees to up and leave. 68. Dads 69. Erst 70. Deans CLUES DOWN

CLUES ACROSS 1. Setup 6. Pupa 10. Irks 14. Iceni 15. Alan 16. Meet 17. Three Penny Opera 20. Hora 21. A la 22. Prefab 23. Till 25. Sled 26. Eked 28. Ashamedly 33. Seine 34. Hoc

35. Daye 36. Orr 37. Sedated 41. TRW 42. Riot 44. Dah 45. Epees 47. Devaluing 50. Lass 51. Rocs 52. Ames 54. Andrea 57. Bra 58. Teal 62. Caribbean Cruise 65. Epee 66. Lane 67. Arris

1. Sith 2. Echo 3. Terr 4. Uneaten 5. Pie 6. Paella 7. Ulna 8. Pan 9. Any place 10. Imposed 11. Reef 12. Kera 13. Stab 18. Pal 19. Orem 24. Ides 25. Shot 26. Eerie 27. Kirov 29. Shahn 30. Dates 31. Lyres 32. Yews 33. Sord 38. Educable 39. Dais 40. Dele 43. Tarries 46. Pasture 48. Loeb 49. Garnet 53. MAC 54. Aced 55. Napa 56. Dred 57. Bans 59. Eira 60. Asin 61. Less 63. Ear 64. Rad


BUT HOW DO I DO IT? The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler? Check next weeks paper for solution.


04 - October - 2006



1. “Workin That” | Clark Boys | Unknown

1. “Sexy Back” | Justin Timberlake | Jive / Zomba

2. “Like a Playa”| Texabama | Independent

2. “Money Maker” | Ludacris f. Pharrell | DTP / DefJam

3. “4 Da 210” | Big Roddy | Southern Connection

3. “How To Save A Life” | The Fray | Epic

4. “Can’t Let Go”| Lakrea | Independent

4. “London Bridge” | Fergie | A&M / Interscope

5. “Hate” | Zu Ali | Unknown

5. “Lips Of An Angel” | Hinder | Universal Republic

6. “Problems” | Bugsy | Independent

6. “Chasing Cars” | Snow Patrol | Polydor / A&M / Interscope

7. “Dat Hardbody” | Stress | Independent

7. “Too Little Too Late” | JoJo | Universal Motown

8. “Flow So Hot” | Mindgamz | Unknown

8. “Chain Hang Low” | Jibbs | Geffen

9. “Think About It”| ESLL | Independent

9. “Pullin’ Me Back” | Chingy ft. Tyrese | Slot-A-Lot Capitol

10. “I Want It” | JBIG | Independent

10. “Buttons” | Pussycat Dolls f. Snoop Dogg | A&M / Interscope

Results Obtained From SA Urban Radio’s Top Requested Songs

Results Obtained From Hot 100 Songs listing

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san a ntonio a rtist c d r eview Yung Mavrick: Follow Me Review by JP Oates, Managing Editor Who, in San Antonio, can give you the melodic thump of Dirty South beats and rhymes that hit you like a blast from a pistolgrip Mossburg Pump one second and then change it up and rip into you lyrically with the velocity and ferocity of an AR-15 on fully automatic? The answer to that is easy, Yung mavrick the Six-Shooter. Get Money Click Records present Yung Mavrick and the album Follow Me. From top to bottom this is a very slick record, every aspect is on point. The production, the lyrical content, just the right amount of featured artists; Mr. King, Iceberg and Killa Phoon, Ms. Versatile, Philly Phill, Neph, PT, Chief C, Lil' Duece, Big Mistaa and Fade Dogg. The front and back art on the CD case was pretty good but I especially liked the graphic on the face of the disc. If you thought that a Down-South rapper couldn't flow, think again. Pop in the title track #2 Follow Me and let Yung Mavrick smash that stereo-type for you. The CD slides into track #3 one of my favorites on the album Put 'em Up which was produced by Iceberg and Killa Phoon, to show and prove gangsta can be crunk and crunk can still get gangsta. Track #9 F--K tha Hataz is pretty self-explanatory but is almost guaranteed to make you put a middle finger in the air to all the haters. Selfish track #13 is a prime example of how versatile Yung Mavrick is and he does more than just rap he really has a message to send with this one. Track #17 In My City , featuring Mr. King and Fade Dogg, is the quintessential San Antonio who-ride song, hop in your Cutlass or your Fleetwood and mash out to this one. Out of all the local artists in the San Antonio area, I place Yung Mavrick squarely in the top 5. Good job.

out of 5 stars


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1yr Anniversary Edition  

1yr Anniversary Edition

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