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49-5 13 - September - 2006


September 13th Edition ‘06

COMING EVENTS September 15 DBD Family Presents: “Resurrection of the Alamo” Tiffany’s Sports Bar San Antonio

September 17 Alamo City Roller Girls Season Championship Rollercade San Antonio

September 22 The Clark Boyz In Concert The Starlight Room San Antonio

September 23 Mojoe In Concert Papa Ray’s San Antonio

September 30 SA-Urban Radio’s The Official Playboy’s Birthday Bash The Starlight Room San Antonio

Sex Sells

October 22 Method Man in Concert Unknown Austin

B u t L o o k W h o W e ’ r e S e l l i n g I t To .





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It can’t be denied that men play a huge role here. We make the songs, spin the records and shoot the videos. But you know why, because (say it with me now) Sex Sells! Who does this sex sell to? While it appeals to us guys, it’s really the women that are eating it up. Artist are told “you know you got a hit if women are shaking their ass to it and running to the dance floor.” You don’t hear songs like Talib Kweli‘s “Black Girl’s Pain“ getting heavy rotation in the club, its songs like “Shake It Like A Salt Shaker”, “Get Low”, “Back That Ass up”, those are the hits.

Hold up did you hear that, let it marinade, sex sells, but so does crack! Did you ever think that sex is being used as a drug that’s destroying our women via hip-hop culture and causing them to buy it like fiends? Granted, hip-hop has always been considered an ’all male sport’. Granted, that this is a billion dollar industry giving people a chance to legally make money. At some point we’ve got to draw the line. I mean be real people! Who the hell buys these rap records and dances to that bullsh!t? If you answered little kids, you’re partially correct. Who I was aiming for is well, Women. The greatest thing BET has ever done was getting rid of BET Uncut but the fact it took this long is appalling. I guess we should credit that on having a black woman as the new president. I’m sure they didn’t want to have to explain having her as president and still have such a degrading pointless show on their network to women like Oprah. What are some of the things we hear when rappers try to defend themselves against the mob of Oprah soccer moms, and neo-soul Eryka Badu, Sister Soulja.? “We are doing something to give black women jobs”, pat yourself on the back Mr. Jones (who, Mr. Jones). Yeah, you and every pimp or stripper joint owner in America employing black women everywhere. You, sir are heroes, having someone’s mother popping their booty on

national T.V. so you can be perceived as some kind of top dawg pimp. It may seem like I’m picking on BET , damn they make it too easy. I believe it was last season of College Hill, where one of the girls spoke about her dreams and aspiration. Do you know what her dream was? I’ll eliminate some things for you, it wasn’t to be a Doctor, Poetic, President, or even a house wife. No, her big desire was to be a “video hoe”. Well, well freaking bravo to you. It’s sad seeing little girls around my way no younger than five being taught how to shake their money maker in front of their mommy, aunt or grandma. Getting cheers because she apparently popped it right. Who is to blame for this culture, this destruction of the integrity of women, surely it must be the shallow men, right? To quote Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luther “Wrong!”

Honestly, is it me or does it appear the more you degrade women in hip-hop the better your chances. It’s a sad condition because while you can blame men for saying this and that, spewing venom. Look whose supporting it. Look who buys it and runs to the club to dance to it. Who knows every word? She is singing the songs at work. It’s a vicious cycle an evil drug. Men see this is how to get rich easy, by calling women bitches and hoes. Telling you to shake it like a dog and blow me in front of all your friends. Women go buy the record. The young boys at home who look up to rappers see that as how you get the women. So they adapt this pimpish mentality, and the young girls accepted it cause they see momma supporting it. It only gets worse and worse. Yes, sex sells. Who is it being sold to and at what cost? The cost of our souls, our ‘Earth”(women), our integrity and pride.

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BATHING APE (BAPES) A Bathing Ape (often called simply Bape) is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in urban streetwear. It originated out of the Harajuku area of Shibuya in Tokyo and is one of the very first Japanese streetwear brands to start in the early 1990s. Bape’s logo and themes are all derived from the original Planet of the Apes movies. Bape is known for its shrewd marketing, particularly the use of very limited production runs in order to stoke demand for its product. A Bathing Ape also produces limited-edition hip-hop-themed vinyl figures. Bape is so popular in Japan that Nigo, its creator, was commissioned to design a limited edition Pepsi bottle. Due to the popularity increases quickly in all over the world, Nigo has designed shoes (Bape Sta, Manhunt), tee-

shirts (Baby Milo & Bathing Ape), Jeans, Boxers, and even Candies.


Despite Bape’s relative obscurity in the West, its success has afforded 32-year-old Nigo a Lamborghini, an Aston Martin, a Bentley Continental Mulliner Edition, a Ferrari 360 Modena and a home valued at $30 million. The clothes are also worn by Pharrell Williams of hip hop production duo the Neptunes. Nigo likes to set up his stores in hard to find places, and none of them are marked with signs or store logos of any kind. He even admits that he doesn’t want a lot of people to wear his clothing. Exclusive retailers of Bape (called Busy Work Shops) are rumored to have a one-person, one-item policy where a customer can walk out with only one item of his/her size.

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13 - September - 2006

u r b a n r u m o r s

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the ''chill pill''

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Your Body is 70% water so one of the best things you can do for yourself is drink filtered or spring water and not tap water. You can refill your water bottles at Walmart, Whole foods, and Sun Harverst. I'm hearing that D'Angelo is finally back and in good health! Man, if you didn’t know, he had quite a battle with substance abuse, but recently appeared on the new J.Dilla album (RIP).

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last week’s puzzle answers

Have a great week! Dr. Jeff

He's recording songs for his next album. I heard he met with Jermaine Dupri in New York at Virgin Records talking about plans for the future. We’re happy about that because he made some soulful music. 60. In a way, sang in the Alps 62. Tension 63. About the sun CLUES DOWN

CLUES ACROSS 1. Religious person 6. Old winter transport 12. Bicycle seats 14. Outstanding protagonist 16. Article 17. Old age mental infirmity 19. Didymium 20. Connecticut 21. Containing salt 22. Marry 23. Expresses surprise 25. Beaks 26. Chinese dynasty 27. Employee stock ownership plan 29 Chemical Engineer (abbr.) 30. Subject: Rowan Williams' book

31. Starlings 33. Adorn 36. Placement 38. Streetcars 39. Part 42. Heavily wooded area 43. College degree (abbr.) 44. Snakelike fish (pl.) 45. Rabbit 46. Sicilian city 48. A way to drain 49. Glacial 50. Metal ___ light bulbs 52. E 53. Antigen 54. Blaming 56. Exist 57. N. American diving duck

1. Imagination unrestricted by reality 2. Rural delivery 3. Many subconsciouses 4. Brews 5. Ernest __, French historian 6. Whirls 7. Tardy 8. Town in Cambridgeshire 9. Farm state 10. Gadolinium 11. Place of concealment 12. CSD in Holbrook, NY 13. Polymer 15. A nest or breeding place 18. Philadelphia icon 22. Neighs 24. Conferring distinction 26. French dialect spoken in So. Louisiana 28. Conditional release of a prisoner 30. Friends (French) 32. Herrings canned as sardines 34. Being rhinal 35. Indicates position 37. Overhead railway 38. Imparts knowledge 40. An awkward climb 41. Caught sight of 42. Fan sound 46. Showy ornaments 47. Word of farewell (Sp.) 50. Type of avocado 51. ____rphin: natural analgesic protein 54. An interest in land capable of being inherited 55. A colloid in more solid form than a sol 58. Drunks' disease (abbr.) 59. Surrealist __ Geiger 61. CA city (abbr.)


BUT HOW DO I DO IT? The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler? Check next weeks paper for solution.


LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT SO S.A. Born in San Antonio, Texas on November 12, 1980. SoS.A. (So San Antone), started putting rhyming words together at the age of fourteen. After falling in love with the attention and the fact that he knew he had something to offer, SoS.A. continued on building his craft as an artist. SoS.A. had his first experience in the studio at the eager age of 17. Finding out he was a natural, it was at that time he realized this is what he wants to do. Influenced by rap greats such as Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Scarface, T.I., and Ice Cube just to name a few he knew after studying what they had to offer to the game, he figured he could also make his mark as an artist and entertainer. SoS.A. has opened for acts like CooCoo Cal to Lil Flip and performed with local acts around the city.

13 - September - 2006



1. “Flow So Hot” | Mindgamz | Unknown

1. “Sexy Back” | Justin Timberlake | Jive / Zomba

2. “G.E.T.T.O. Rap Star” | JBIG | Unknown

2. “London Bridge” | Fergie | A&M / Interscope

3. “Blues” | Mojoe | Independent

3. “Crazy” | Gnarls Barkley | Downtown / Lava

4. “4 Da 210” | Big Roddy | Southern Connection

4. “Buttons” | Pussycat Dolls f. Snoop Dogg | A&M / Interscope

5. “Think About It”| P.A.B. & Big Boy | Polar Pimp Entertainment

5. “Give It Up To Me” | Sean Paul f. keyshia Cole | Atlantic

6. “City Wide” | Playboy | Exclusive Entertainment

6. “Promiscuous” | Nelly Furtado f. Timbaland | Mosley / Geffen

7. “Dear Music Flow” | Question? | Unknown

7. “Chasing Cars” | Snow Patrol | Polydor / A&M / Interscope

8. “Take Your Clothes Off”| Southern Spitt | Southern Spitt Prod

8. “Sexy Love” - Ne-Yo | Def Jam

9. “Money” | Defcon f. Lancelott | Unknown

9. “Far Away” | Nickelback | Roadrunner

10. “Break Sumin” | 15.5 Entertainment | 15.5 Entertainment

10. “Me & U” | Cassie | NextSelection / BadBoy / Atlantic

Results Obtained From SA Urban Radio’s Top Requested Songs

Results Obtained From Hot 100 Songs listing

Determined to land a record deal he started working on his own mixtapes with help from a local record label Maldo Entertainment. Selling his albums every where from the back of the trunk to local flea markets, and mom and pops stores regionally. He has gone on to release a compilation, one solo album and over six mixtapes to add to his collection. With a style like no other he can truly capture the ears and turn heads from down south to all over the map. He represents San Antonio to the fullest and is most responsible for creating a local sound that many are drawn to. Even with a lack of a urban Hip Hop scene in San Antonio SoS.A. has gone on to collaborate on more than 13 local releases. SoS.A. has currently finished his solo mixtape entitled 1 Hit Away, and is now starting on the self titled mixtape So San Antone (Voice of the City).




with the “Official Playboy”



Mixtape show hosted by “DJ Ghost”



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Sex Sells