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I live in the municipality of Chimaltenango, in the department of Chimaltenango, known as "City of Shields", is a very beautiful municipality, where you can contemplate the commerce and the amount of places to taste the delicious typical foods of the region.

In Chimaltenango there are many places to meet and share with the family, the shopping center "Pradera" is one of them, because on holidays and weekends several of the families visit this shopping center. It is also a place where young people gather to watch seasonal movies and share with their friends.

My house is located 3 km from the shopping center "Pradera", route to "San MartĂ­n Jilotepeque". It is a very beautiful community, with friendly and hard-working people. The name of my community is "Santa Isabel", within it is located two primary schools, is more I live next to one of them.

The community of "Santa Isabel" has its own volunteer fire station, thanks to the support of the neighbors and the local authorities this great benefit was achieved for all who live here, there are also several turicentros, where many people from other places arrive communities and municipalities.

This is the gate of my house, to the around of my house I can observe a lot of vegetation, you can even see the volcano of "Agua" and the volcano of "Acatenango". Every morning when leaving my house I can observe nature and breathe the morning air.

This is My PLace  
This is My PLace