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Graduation Showcase 2011

Welcome to my portfolio Hello, My Name is Marcus My name is Chui Chuan Yu Marcus, and I always loved technology. I loved playing with new gizmos and creating stuff that brings a smile to other’s faces. This book is a showcase of my finest works throughout my years of study, with both outside projects and school works which I refined in my own free time. Enjoy!

Digital Design


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Web Design

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2 l Graduate Showcase 2011

Digital Design A New Beginning Why Chuicy? The idea originated from my name, Chui Chuan Yu. As my name suggests, taking the word Chui and with the first letter of the subsequent words, Chuicy was created! Here is a showcase of how my logo can be used in a variety of ways, with more to come!

My personal namecard

Real-life product prototype of my box design

My Portfolio in a box design

Graduate Showcase 2011 l 3

Digital Design (Photo Manipulation)

Original Image of the hunted house before manipulation

Using Photoshop, a simple house was transformed into a terifying haunted house

Photo Manipulation Persuading people what they see is real, that is what photo manipulation is all about. Using Photoshop, I manipulated a couple of photos to evoke a different feeling from the viewer. Movie Poster Remake (Shutter)

4 l Graduate Showcase 2011

Digital Design Experimentations Here are some of my personal creation which are used in a variety of ways in different projects. Much thought have been put into the designs.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I created a Vectorised version of the Nokia E63

Event Sticker designed for Electronic Arts with advice from my project’s advisor

flyer design I made for InnoMAX Singapore to promote their courses

Graduate Showcase 2011 l 5

Photography (Day)

Crow Moment

Breathtaking View of Singapore

Capturing the Moment As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. So Let’s let the pictures do the talking.

Undying Willpower

6 l Graduate Showcase 2011

The far end

Morning Flight

Photography (Night) Shooting, in the dark Patience, is a virtue. A awe-inspiring photo is worth the wait. Night Photography is a really interesting technique which produce beautiful photos. Let’s let the pictures do the talking.

Plastic Flower

Musical Chairs


Graduate Showcase 2011 l 7

Photography (Cosplay)

Photo taken at Cosfest X

Alluring image of a cosplayer.

Big fan and trees

Cosplay Singapore has quite a number of cosplay events every year. I visited quite a couple and had some interesting takeaways. I also do private shoots for cosplayers. Taken during a private shoot with the cosplayer as a anime character

8 l Graduate Showcase 2011


Picture taken @ sentosa, digitally enhanced

Slow down, enjoy the fine details in life

Random Walks of Life During my free time, I do visit many urban landmarks around Singapore. There are many interesting takeaways through all these walkabout shoots I have been to.

Using water reflections, these photos taken sets people wondering what it is

Graduate Showcase 2011 l 9

Web Application (Flash) Interactive Applications Working with Singapore Science Centre, I developed two interactive web application using Adobe Flash. This was one simulation I created that they really liked. The objective was to simulate the stroboscopic effect and how it can be used to form optical illusions. Elearning material for people of all age to learn about the strobscopic effect

Stroboscope Simulator

Animated video themed LOVE

Animated Music Video

A quick guide to pioneer animation techniuqes

10 l Graduate Showcase 2011

Here is another of my works that I did the art and animation to complement with the song provided. Do check out my website for more of my flash works!

Web Design Blogskins During my free time, I do create some blogskins for personal usage. I constantly push myself to reach greater heights in my designs.

Blogskin themed, Earland

Tote Board

My competition workpiece for Tote Board’s web design competition

Here is my submission for a web design competition held by Tote Board. It was a really interesting experience as this was my first ever competition. Through my advisors advice, I kept further enhancing my design. Graduate Showcase 2011 l 11

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Chui Marcus Portfolio  

Graduation Showcase Portfolio, done by me(Chui Marcus) Do give constructive feedback :)

Chui Marcus Portfolio  

Graduation Showcase Portfolio, done by me(Chui Marcus) Do give constructive feedback :)