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I NTRODUCTION Education through Personalization is FUN! This philosophy has guided us through many successful years of personalizing books. For our children, story time has been a family tradition that has brought fun and learning into our homes. Today’s technology allows your child to become the star of the story! From the moment your child realizes the story is about him or her, the magical adventure begins. Each of our fine books focuses on entertainment, and a personalized story is sure to instill the desire to read in your child.

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Personalized Holiday Books #520 My Christmas W Wish . ish

Your child visits the North Pole and delivers a very special gift to Santa Claus

#546 The Cottontail Mystery The Cottontail Mystery engages your child into an educational mystery game. This book is personalized with your child’s name, making the story truly one of a kind. Colorful images greet kids at every turn of the page, and clever rhymes keep them glued. Who is Cottontail? Is it a duck? A puppy? An Easter Bunny? The mystery never ends, and your child will read this over and over again! The Cottontail Mystery is another certified hit from Create Loveable Books. It’s the perfect gift for Easter, a spring birthday, or just about any special day. Give the ultimate Easter Bunny surprise and order your The Cottontail Mystery today.


Young Readers

#510 Mother Goose For ages 3-8

The classic nursery rhymes with your child’s name as part of the rhymes mixed with full page illustrations. Mother Goose is a treasured memory for children who grew up to her rhythmic tales. Now, Mother Goose is even better. This personalized book version includes your child as a character in the rhymes made famous by Mother Goose! Through this children’s book, your child will learn how to drive the rain away, play to fiddle, and meet the old woman with too many children. Kids can meet Little Bo Beep and Jack and Jill! They can even learn the names of the months. You can also have names of your child’s playmates and friends included in the personalized book and in the rhymes, making this gist truly one of a kind! This children’s book is an ideal gift for children celebrating their birthdays or attending their first day of nursery school. This hardcover Mother Goose book is a lasting memento that your child will surely cherish forever.


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