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There are many types of tax problems that a person can encounter. Having to deal with tax issues can be stressful and intimidating, so understanding what types of tax problems you may encounter can better help you to prevent them from occurring. There are many different kinds of problems you can run into, some which are well known, and others which many people aren't even aware of. It can be difficult to have to deal with tax problems, because many people have an innate fear of dealing with the IRS. So when problems occur, they aren't quite sure what to do because they are hesitant to contact the IRS with questions and concerns that they may have. However, it is possible for you to research the information for yourself so that you do not have to make that dreaded phone call to the IRS for questions about your tax issues. Once you have researched the issues yourself, it is best for you to contact a professional to help you deal with the issues, before you actually contact the IRS. The first type of tax problem that people can encounter is problems with their payroll taxes. Payroll tax problems can vary and there are many different issues that can come up. The IRS is extremely relentless in making sure that they are able to collect on any past due payroll taxes that you may owe. It is very important for you to make sure that your payroll documents are up to date and that all of the tax information is correct. There are many cases with employers making typo errors on your tax documents that you may never be aware of. For this reason, it is important that you periodically ask your employer to review your payroll tax documents to ensure the information is correct. You also need to make sure that you often review your payroll stubs and keep track of the payroll taxes are being taken out, so that you can ascertain whether they are taking the right amount of taxes out or not. Another one of the types of tax problems you may encounter are IRS tax liens. A tax lien shows that you already owe the IRS back taxes. Tax liens can be placed upon your personal property such as your home or other types of real estate you may have such as a business location. If a tax lien is placed against your property, you will be unable to transfer or sell ownership of that property without first paying off your back taxes and having the lien removed. Trying to prevent a tax lien is in your best interest. Most people don't have the extra funds laying around to pay off a tax lien. They then realize they are in a real predicament because with a tax lien on their property, they are unable to get a loan to pay off the back taxes. The best way to prevent this of course, is to pay your taxes on time and not have a lien placed against you. An IRS levy is another of the types of tax problems that can occur. A levy is an actual attempt by the IRS to receive payment from you to pay off your back taxes. This can cause a great deal of financial burden to you, as a levy can drastically cut into the money that you have coming in. With an IRS levy, the IRS has the ability to take the money owed to them from your checking or savings account, if you have money is these accounts. However, the levy can only be placed against the

account for one particular day. The bank must then withdraw any money in the accounts and send it to the IRS. The IRS cannot take any additional deposits that you may make into these accounts unless they place another levy against the account. The IRS levy can also garish your wages, so that the money they are owed is taken from your paycheck. This can result in you losing your entire paycheck to the IRS, which will certainly put you in a real bind. Other types of tax problems that can occur are IRS seizures, wage garnishments, IRS audits and unfiled tax returns. All of these issues can cause severe issues with your taxes and greatly affect your life and your finances. It is extremely important that you retain all the necessary tax documentation that you have so that if you are audited, you can provide the information to the IRS to help prevent any action from being taken against you. Of course, preventing this negative action is only going to work if you have been truthful on your tax forms and have provided all the necessary information that is requires to ensure that you are paying the right amount of taxes. If an audit shows that you have missing tax income and unpaid taxes, this can lead to the IRS placing wage garnishments against you and seizing assets to cover the cost of your unpaid tax debt. These are just some of the types of tax problems that a person can encounter. There are of course other types of tax problems that can arise, which is why it is so important to ensure that you are properly paying your taxes every year. To prevent these types of tax problems from happening, you need to make sure that your payroll taxes are being taken out and paid properly and that you are filing your taxes each year to ensure that you do not owe any money to the government. When you file your taxes, make sure that you claim all of your income, so that if the IRS decides to do an audit, you do not end up in trouble for unpaid taxes that they may find. This is one of the number one causes of tax problems that are encountered. Properly taking care of your taxes is one of the best things you can do in life, and will prevent these types of tax problems from occurring.

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