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When should you promote? 

In good times promotion is a good idea.

In times of perceived economic stress, promotion is VITAL!

The trend toward finding goods and services is continually moving to the internet in growing numbers every year.

Should I have a Website? So, you are supposed to have a website.

Now what? Did you know that it is possible to PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE ONLINE? It is called ONLINE ADVERTISING or INTERNET MARKETING.

So what is online advertising? It is a way to: Reach More Quality New Patients who are Educated in Dental Treatment Options! Get to the top of Google, Yahoo and other search engines and


It is a way to: Have New Patients to Make Appointments

Online! Promote your services and treatment options to your patients via EMAIL!

How do patients find you? 

The primary method of internet users finding your business is through the use of search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN etc...

Increasing the “Rank” of your business in the search engine index, getting to the top or near the top of the list is essential to getting the necessary visibility of your website, and potential new patients.

5 Effective Strategies to Market Your Practice Online 

Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Dental Articles Linked to Your Website

Email campaigns to your own patients – newsletters, recall, holiday greetings etc...

Listing in internet directories, such as Superpages, Yellowpages and so on.

Search Engine Optimization 

This includes a thorough review of the target website, followed by optimization of specific pages of your website to help increase the potential of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo etc... to rank your website higher in their search engine indexes.

This includes the research of what “keyword” search terms would be most used by those searching for your services, then the inclusion of those keywords in the optimization of the suggested pages.

Local targeted searches 

Using marketing for a specific targeted area makes your marketing dollar go much further, and still reaches your “local targeted demographic.”

Next see an example of a client in a small town in Alabama, and the results of our marketing campaign after only 1 month – with 7 new patients already!

Pay Per Click Campaign 

A proactive marketing plan which includes the setting up of an account, initially with Google so that when someone searching for your services sees your website listed in the “Sponsored Links” portion of Google, and clicks on your link, they will be directed straight to a specific page (a Landing Page) that will give them information about your company and the specific services you provide and encourage a “click through.”

Landing pages are pages the user will come to when they click on the “Sponsored Link” and are designed specifically to direct the user to “click through” to your site and make contact.

Example of Sponsored Links

Example of Landing Page

Example of Landing Page

Example of Landing Page

Link Generation 

One of the most important factors in raising the rank of your website in search engine indexes, is the links “TO” your site. which verifies to Google that your site is relevant, popular and encourages the higher ranking of your site in the Google “organic” listings.

We have writers who will write Articles that will have relevance to Dentistry in general, and references to the your dental office.

The article will then be submitted to services that distribute articles broadly throughout the internet and generate "back-links" to the your website. These articles can then be added to the website so the website continues to grow and stay current. Our recommendation is to do 2 - 3 articles per month to continue to develop these “back-links” and increase the “Branding” of your practice.

Email Marketing 

This includes both “flyer” type promotions, as well as “enewsletters” formatted for e-mail and sent to your list of patients, to keep them informed of activities, specials and promotions that you may have from time to time.

We will handle the creation of promo piece, and coordinate with professional email distribution companies who will verify email lists, keep track of “requests for removal from list” and the sending of the email promo to elicit the best response.

By following these procedures your email promotions will always be presented in the most professional manner available.

Directory Listings 

Directory listings are one of the most effective way to get your practice attention on the internet.

Some directories are free, and some have a fee to list your practice.

We utilize both paid and free directories to get your practice more attention, which helps the ranking of your practice website on the search engines.

We will consult with you on the directories that we feel will give you the most “bang for the buck” resulting in more conversions and new patients for your practice.

In Conclusion ď Ž

In addition to our extraordinary success in online marketing we have over a decade of experience in the development of websites that are not only state-of-theart in technical expertise, ease of use, and aesthetic presentation, but always designed with the goal of actually producing results.

ď Ž

We are currently specializing in the development of websites that are specialized to and designed for Dental practices. If you find that you are in need of either a "posh" up of your existing website, or the creation of a whole new one, we are at your service. We offer just a couple of our recent designs for your review.

Website examples

Website examples

Website examples

Website examples

Website examples

Thank you for taking the few minutes to view our presentation. We trust you found it interesting, and look forward to the opportunity to talk with you to find out in what ways we can be of service to your Practice.

We now deliver our internet marketing service tailored to your specific practice needs, as well as custom website design.

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