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THE HOOT [da-hoot]


The Sumatra is a true all around deck. Three wheelbase options (27”, 28”, 29”), a W concave, and foot platform micro drops lock you in for a nice comfortable feel at high speeds. The kicktails will give you a great advantage in getting creative with your skating. Flared wheel wells allow clearance for a variety of wheel set ups, and create amazing leverage points. The result: complete control at all times. Our sandwich construction - 8 plies of Canadian maple between sublimated fiberglass top & bottom sheets - will withstand any shredding you decide to pursue. The Sumatra was created to endure whatever path you take it on.

The Hoot is an aggressive top mount speed board with options. You have multiple wheelbases (26”, 27”, 28”, & 29”) and a tapering 3/8 inch W concave in the foot platform. The tapering W allows for a comfortable foot bed in the rear to keep you locked in at top speeds. The tub concave in the front keeps you nice and comfortable on long runs. The Hoot also features our sandwich construction, 8 plies of Canadian maple between sublimated fiberglass top & bottom sheets. From the mosaic inspired owl to the sublimated vertical wood tone background, The Hoot was designed to never disappoint.

Merika is a well-rounded city smasher. At just 9” in width and 36” in length, this deck can function in any environment. The versatility of this board is so amazing that you can transition from a skate park to street smashing to gnarly hill bombing. A fully functional kick tail allows you to pop tricks perhaps not possible with other boards in your quiver. What makes this board unique is the micro drops in the foot bed making it a functional downhill board; locking you in exactly where you want to be. Merika’s hard edge rail gives you that extra bit of board that smaller boards are usually missing. The straight forward 8 ply hard rock maple sandwich construction is a proven winner. MERIKA!











The King Zion is a symmetrical double drop board that was created with freeride and downhill in mind, but it’s also a sweet cruiser. The double drop platform and radial concave gives you excellent foot pockets for freeriding, and a nice comfy spot for your feet while in a tuck. These functional features are married with the celestial vibe of the King Zion art. Created in-house, the original art represents strength, dominance, and freedom to roam from hill to hill planting that thane seed.

The Rover is the escapist deck, here to take you on any adventure you desire. This symmetrical drop thru shape is stable, dynamic, and comfortable. The gas pedals just below the neck feel natural. You can slide your heel along the rail and smoothly kick it sideways. Drop thru mounting and wider standing platform allow this deck to have a lower center of gravity and a locked in stance for the rider. The Rover’s original art pairs three of Remembers most influential symbols: the owl of wisdom, Mother Nature, and the memory of the elephant.

Reflection is a symmetrical drop thru deck that has performance and functionality in mind. In an ironic sense of beauty and the beast, the Reflection graphic mirrors to opposing forces, nature and the machine. How beautiful the world is, and how easily it can be destroyed; a very powerful thought.

[king zahy-uh n]






[ri-flek-shuh n]





The perspective is a board for riders of all levels for cruising light freeride this board will have you feeling like you are gliding over the pavement the camber concave gives excellent response for carving and cruising. Whether you are just pushing down the boardwalk or bombing some hills the perspective will give you the response you are looking for. offers concave, camber, but most of all, a stylish profile with side cuts to help eliminate wheel bite at low and high speeds.

The Savannah is a pin tail surf inspired shape. The profile of the giraffe pears over the left rail with beautiful subtlety. The majestic image is mirrored on the top and the bottom of the deck. The top graphic is finished off with crushed jewel clear spray grip. The 8 plies of North American maple are responsive, flexy, and stable for riders of all ages and abilities. This board will cruse all terrains with ease.

The night owl is the perfect commuter board. 8 ply Great Lakes maple featuring a camber concave and a fully functioning kick tail that will let you get from point A to point B with ease. This pintail is 9” across at its widest point, and tapers towards the tail. Total length is 38” so there’s plenty of real estate to cruise in any stance. The Night Owl graphic is elegant and smooth. Inspired by popular designer patterns, you can skate through the night (or day) in style. This board will give you everything you ask it for (genie not included)..












62mm x 38mm 82a

70mm x 45mm 80a

72mm x 65mm 78a

The Pee Wee is a 62mm center set wheel with a 38mm contact patch. Our high rebound formula mixed with the round lip of this wheel make the pee wee a slide monster. If you want a predictable slidie freeride wheel that will wear exactly how they should, these are the wheels that will never disappoint. The Pee Wee’s come in 2 killer color combinations that look so good you will want to eat them (But don’t eat them. That would not be good for you, and we don’t recommend it).

The Hoot is a 70mm center set wheel with a slightly rounded beveled lip. We created this wheel to grip when desired and slide when needed. The 80a durometer is perfect for just about anything. The high rebound urethane lays sugary lines and is a predictable slide every time. The Hoot is just that, a hoot! The fun doesn’t end there because we offer it in 3 delectable colorways; bubblegum, avocado, & lemon.

The Farley is an offset 72mm wheel with an acute lip and large super grippie 65mm contact patch. The flexible fat outer lip allows for better roll speed and acceleration. The inner lip is slightly rounded to help in drifts. After you break in The Farley, the high rebound formula will give you nice sugary slides.

#RWH6282 BLU


#RWH6282 PNK

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#RWH7080 YEL

#RWH7080 PNK

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