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The Great Pumpkin Dessert Contest Thanksgiving 2010 Rules and Regulations 1. Only one entry per person. 2. The dessert must contain pumpkin as an ingredient. 3. The term “dessert” spans a wide range of prepared dishes and can include, but not be limited to the following: breads, muffins, cakes, puddings, cookies, and of course, pie. 4. Due to food storage and refrigeration restraints, no frozen desserts can be submitted. 5. Your entry will be judged on various sensory qualities, flavor, consistency, appearance and ingredient compatibility. If you are unsure what “ingredient compatibility” means I will provide an example. A Thanksgiving dessert with pumpkin and dog food as two ingredients is an example of horrible ingredient compatibility. 6. Tasting good is important, but so is looking good. Any entry with a poor appearance may be disqualified. 7. All entries must be brought to the 1451 Thornburg Lane, Franklin, Indiana before 2:30 PM on Thanksgiving Day. You will receive an exhibitor number at that time. 8. Any names or words identifying you on the entry must be covered. 9. Judging will occur at 3:00 PM sharp! 10. Your recipe or list of ingredients must accompany your entry…store bought must indicate store and ingredients. 11. This is an amateur contest. Amateur means anyone who DOES NOT or HAS NOT in the past made a significant portion of their income as a cook, chef, caterer, etc. 12. The entries will be judged by the most unbiased members attending the Thanksgiving festivities that can be found, as determined by the hosts. 13. The decision of the judges is final. 14. There is no entry fee for this contest. 15. The owners of 1451 Thornburg Lane reserve the right to amend, interpret or otherwise add to these rules and regulations in the interest of fairness to all contestants. st nd 16. Trophies for 1 and 2 place will be awarded prior to dinner being served.

1st Place Trophy

2nd Place Trophy also known as first loser

Pumpkin Dessert Contest 2010  

Rules for the Bujarsky Family Pumpkin Dessert Contest 2010