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Boonlight Wilson

Ridden by Luke Jones

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Froelich Quarter Horses Quality Ranch Horses Specializing in Roan Genetics and Disposition

For further information on breeding please call: (701)422-3630 The following photos were taken at the 2012 Legacy of Legends held at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. These three roan colts represent the years of genetic selection for disposition that we strive for. A great thanks to all three trainers for bringing the best out of these colts in just three days.

Peter Cambell

Martin Black

Buck Brannaman

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SF “Nationally Recognized...Cowboy Preferred”

Champion - Arthur Co. 3 yr old Futurity 2010 All Around Horse 2010 All Around Junior Horse 2011 World Show Qualifiers


Top 5 - 2011 Farmers & Ranchers F&R Futurity

1st Place 2011 Waldo Hawthorn Futurity

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Featuring the bloodlines of AQHA Leading Hall of Fame sire TWO EYED JACK Plus started and broke ranch and rope horses presented by some of the finest trainers and ranchers in the Midwest. For catalog requests or view list of horses selling go to the website or contact us at:

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Fischer Farms

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At South Dakota Horse Sales, Corsica SD Featuring: Started Two and Three Year Olds, Money Earners and Broodmares.

Annual Production Sale Coming the 1st week in August

This is a well established, reputable Breeding Program offering some of the finest offspring available today, with top performance bloodlines. If you want to win and look good doing it, come take your pick. Own sons and daughters of: Lil Lewis Long Legs, Strait From Texas, Cat Prints, Dual Pep, Strait GunsmokeNsugar, Hes A Peptospoonful, Doc’s Hickory, Catzanne, Highbrow Hickory, JR Colord Rambo, Mecom Blue, Lenas Jewel Bars, Boon Bar, Quejanaisalena, Yellow Roan Of Texas, Peptos Stylish Oak, Miss N Cash, Travalena, Duals Blue Boon.

Stallion Line Up See our website for pedigrees and statisitcs on these stallions and many others. Peptos Pretty Pep Lil Lewis Long Legs Catzanne

Fischer Farms • Wagner, SD

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Mares With More

By Larry Thornton

$IPXDIJMMB1FF8FF The history of the Rancho de Cananea and the Greene Cattle Company begins in Arizona with its founder Colonel William Cornell Greene. Greene was a businessman that was born in Wisconsin and had lived in various parts of the country with a variety of business interests to his credit. One report even tells that he was the person that staked out the original site of the city Fargo, North Dakota.

Registration photo of Chowchilla Pee Wee. Photo Courtesy The AQHA Hall of Fame and Museum.

When the American Quarter Horse Association was formed in 1940, they needed operating capital. The new association members supplied the initial financing through the sale of stock or shares in the non-profit corporation. They raised $8,000 by selling 800 shares at $10.00 a share. Each share entitled the shareholder to one vote per share. The next source of operating capital came from the registration of horses. When you review the first 5,000 horses registered, several prominent working ranches stand out for the number of horses they registered. What we will refer to today as the Greene Cattle Company with divisions in Mexico, Arizona and California registered a significant number of horses in the early years of AQHA. I found at least 280 registered horses from the various divisions of the Greene Cattle Company in the first 5000 horses registered. That list includes one section from AQHA number 4461 to AQHA number 4675 that totals 214 head registered. The majority of these were listed as bred and owned by the Rancho de Cananea of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. Most of the rest were listed as bred on the Greene Cattle Company of Patagonia, Arizona. In this group was a horse with AQHA # 4468 and he was a horse bred by R. L. Underwood but registered by the Rancho de Cananea. Page 16

Greene eventually moved to the San Pedro Valley of Arizona to become a farmer and rancher. He was also interested in mining and prospecting which drew him to Tombstone, the famous mining town whose history is imbedded in the life of the famous lawman Wyatt Earp. Greene then went to Mexico in 1896 incorporating the Cananea Copper Company in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The Cananea Copper Company later became the Cananea Consolidated Copper Company. Greene established the Cananea Cattle Company (Rancho de Cananea) in Mexico and the Greene Cattle Company on the U. S. side of the border in 1901. Greene later sold the Cananea Consolidated Copper Company to the Anaconda Company, but retained the ranch holdings on both sides of the border. When he died in 1911, his family continued operating the ranches. When Greene died in 1911 his ranch holdings were already in his wife’s name. Her name was Mary and she was his second wife. The general manager of the ranch holdings was Charles Wiswall. Mary later married Wiswall. The year 1911 was also the start of the Mexican Revolution and this marks a special point in our look at the Greene ranching enterprises as it relates to the horses. One of the key characters in the revolution was the famous bandit Pancho Villa. Charles Tedford and Doris Seibold, in THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE JOURNAL story “Los Ranchos De Cananea” (March 1951) explains that when the revolution started going bad for the rebels, Pancho Villa and his men were driven North and this brought them to the Mexican state of Sonora, home of the Cananea Cattle Company. With the revolution going badly, Villa was short on food and good horses for his THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Candy Kid the sire of Chowchilla Pee Wee. Photos Courtesy The AQHA Hall of Fame and Musuem.

men. He then made a deal to get flour and horses from the Cananea Cattle Company. Although a deal was made Villa ended up taking more than he had said he would and this included all of the ranch stallions. When Charles Wiswall went to replace the ranch stallions, he went to Texas a man named Billy Anson. Anson, an Englishman by birth and a Texas resident by choice, was the first to publicize the Steel Dust horses during the 1920’s in a series of articles. It was through these articles that Bob Denhardt learned much about the history of the Steel Dust horses. That is what started his move to form a Steel Dust association, which later became the American Quarter Horse Association. Wiswall bought six stallions and five of them were of Steel Dust breeding. These stallions and the ranch mares are the foundation of a breeding program that has had an impact on the modern quarter horse, not only through numbers, but also great performers that descend from them. When you study the pedigrees of horses that trace to the Greene ranching enterprises, you will find this is the origin of a very famous brand—the RO brand. The way we often find the RO brand is through the female lines in the pedigree of our horses. A mare named Chowchilla Pee Wee founded one of those female lines. One of the most successful modern day performance horse families, making an impact on today’s American Quarter Horse. It is this modern day influence that makes Chowchilla Pee Wee one of our Mares With More. Chowchilla Pee Wee was a 1943 red sorrel mare. She was bred on the Chowchilla Division of the Green Cattle

Dora the dam of Chowchilla Pee Wee. You will notice the RO brand of her hip.

Company that was located near Chowchilla, California. She was branded with a ‘3’ on her left jaw and the “RO” brand on her left thigh. She was sired by an RO ranch stallion named Candy Kid. She was out of Dora by Mack another RO ranch stallion. Candy Kid was foaled in 1936 on Cananea Cattle Company in Sonora, Mexico. He was listed as owned by the Chowchilla division of the Greene Cattle Company when registered. His sire was an army remount stallion named Candy Mark. Candy Mark was sired by Hall Mark. Hall Mark was sired by Sand Marsh who was sired by *Sandringham by the legendary St. Simon. The dam of Sand Marsh was Marshmellow by *Semipronus. Hall Mark was out of Clarice by *Knight of the Thistle. *Knight of the Thistle was the broodmare sire of King Plaudit, the sire of the quarter horse Plaudit. The quarter horse Plaudit was famous for his contribution to several breeding programs including those founded by Hank Wiescamp and Warren Shoemaker. Candy Mark was out of Candy Girl by Calcium. Her dam was Sugar Lump by *Carlton Grange. The dam of Candy Kid is listed as an RO mare sired by Mack or RO’s Mack as you will sometimes see his name. Bob Denhardt, in his book FOUNDATION STALLIONS OF THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE, tells us that Mack is one of the five Steel Dust stallions bought when Pancho Villa “confiscated” the ranch stallions. Denhardt goes on to tell us that he was bought from a “German that lived on the Guadalupe River 50 miles east of San Antonio.” The sire of Mack is listed as a Texas Quarter Horse by Peter McCue. Peter McCue was sired by Dan Continued on page 18...


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Peter McCue was the foundation sire that rejuvenated the horse breeding program of the Greene Cattle Company through his descendants purchased in Texas after Pancho Villa confiscated the ranch stallions. Photo Courtesy The AQHA Hall of Fame and Museum.

Tucker by Barney Owens by Martin’s Cold Deck by Old Billy. Old Billy was sired by Shiloh and out of Ram Cat by Steel Dust. Peter McCue entering our look at this breeding program comes about through his tenure in Texas. Not every source on Peter McCue lists that he was owned by John Wilkens of San Antonio, but the breeding of Mack and the other RO stallions brings this great stallion into the area. This is reinforced with Denhardt’s biography of RO’s Sykes another one of the Steel Dust stallions brought to the Cananea Cattle Company. Denhardt tells us that he was foaled while John Wilkens of San Antonio owned Peter McCue. The ranch bought these stallions in 1916. Dora, the dam of Chowchilla Pee Wee was bred on the Cananea Cattle Company of Sonora. Sh,e was listed in the AQHA Stud Book as owned by the Greene Cattle Company of Chowchilla, California. Her sire was Mack and her dam was an RO Mare, whose breeding is listed as unknown. Chowchilla Pee Wee lived on the Chowchilla Division of the Greene Cattle Company until 1950. We don’t know how she was used on this ranch but the only thing we can determine is that she didn’t produce any registered foals during that time. So it can be assumed that she could have been a ranch-using mare. The life of Chowchilla Pee Wee changed in 1950 when two men, Lyle Christie and Charley Araujo, bought her. The name Charley Araujo is very familiar to quarter horse enthusiasts. He is the man that brought such famous names as Doc Bar, Par Three and Poco Tivio to the forePage 18

front of the industry. He was responsible for Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Jensen buying Doc Bar and several daughters of Poco Tivio. The mating of Doc Bar with Poco Tivio daughters became the foundation of the modern cutting horse industry and the Doc Bar influence on that industry. Araujo was a lifelong horseman and a gifted one at that. He was a well-known and respected showman, judge and breeder that by the 1930’s was making his living full time with horses. His first stallion was Little Ben C, an unregistered stallion from Arizona. From Little Ben C Araujo would go on to stand Catechu, Jimmie Reed, Poco Tivio, Doc Bar and Par Three. Araujo showed Catechu to be the Grand Champion Stallion at the first AQHA quarter horse show in California. Araujo formed a partnership with Lyle Christie, the owner of Cantua Creek Ranch and that is how Chowchilla Pee Wee enters the program. All 11 of her registered foals were bred by the Christie/Araujo partnership. Chowchilla Pee Wee was first bred to Jimmie Reed producing three foals. Jimmie Reed was sired by Joe Harrell by Joe Reed P-3. The first foal from this cross was Mansita. She was a 1952 mare. The other two foals were Pee Wee Reese and Winsor’s Pino, both geldings. Pee Wee Reese was shown in the AQHA earning 4.5 performance points. Mansita didn’t become a broodmare until 1958 when she foaled Tanto Tivio by Poco Tivio. This gelding earned an AQHA Championship, AQHA Superior in cutting and $16,023.49 in the NCHA with the Certificate of Ability and Bronze Award. He earned 31 AQHA halter points and 69.5 AQHA performance points. Araujo purchased Poco Tivio from Don Dodge and this was the beginning of the Poco Tivio influence on the industry as a sire. Dodge once told me that he sold Poco Tivio because something better came along. The two horses that were better were the Hall of Fame cutters Poco Lena and Snipper W. Poco Tivio was an AQHA Champion and NCHA Top Ten finalist. He was a full brother to Poco Lena. Their sire was Poco Bueno and their dam was Sheilwin by Pretty Boy. The next mating for Mansita was with Doc Bar. Of course the entry of Doc Bar brings us full circle to how the family of Chowchilla Pee Wee has been so successful. Doc Bar was bred by the Finley Ranches of Arizona. The Finley’s were good friends with Charley Araujo. When Araujo first saw Doc Bar, he asked to show the horse and when Doc Bar didn’t pan out on the racetrack, he went to California and a had very successful show record as a halter horse with Charley Araujo. Doc Bar was sired by Lightning Bar and out of Dandy Doll by Texas Dandy. Continued on page 20...



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Continued from page 18...

Poco Tivio became a legendary sire when bred to mares like Chowchilla Pee Wee. Photo Courtesy Randy and Sue Magers.

The mating with Doc Bar produced Mansilla Bar, an AQHA Champion; Doc’s Doby Bar an ROM and AQHA Top Ten High Point Working Cow Horse and Knotty Bar, an AQHA point earner. Doc’s Sancie Bar was a 1963 daughter of Doc Bar and Mansita. She was the earner of 25 halter points, four performance points and an NCHA money earner. The Doc’s Sancie Bar branch of the family has added several prominent show horses. She was the dam of 10 foals with 9 point and/or money earners to her credit. They include War Doc Leo, 1981 AQHA High Point Junior Cutting Horse and Sancie Playgirl, 1989 NCHA Open Derby Reserve Champion. Doc’s Sancie Bar was the dam of Chiquita Chex by King Fritz. Chiquita Chex was an NCHA Certificate of Ability with $3,686 in earnings. She is the dam of foals that have won $471,603.19 with the leading money winner being Chiquita Tari. She was the 1991 Abilene Western Open Derby Champion. The second leading money winner out of Chiquita Chex was Chex Party Mix. This mare won the 1995 El Cid 5/6 Year Old Non-Pro. Not all of Mansita’s foals were sired by Doc Bar. She was the dam of Mansita Par by Par Three. This mare was an AQHA Youth Superior Western Pleasure horse with

145 youth performance points. Oak Bar’s Amber was a 1970 daughter of Oak Bar and Mansita. This mare was the dam of Go Lucky Penny, an AQHA Superior Open Western Pleasure Horse and Te Rific Amber, an AQHA Superior Open Halter Horse sired by Te N’ Te. Nipper Flash Star was a son of Oak Bar’s Amber. He was a second place finisher in the 1978 Midway Downs Futurity. The first foal out of Chowchilla Pee Wee that was sired by Poco Tivio was Poco Tivio Jr. This brown stallion was unshown in the AQHA. He was followed by Johnny Tivio by Poco Tivio. Johnny Tivio was a prominent show horse. He was shown in several events including working cow horse, western pleasure, cutting and western riding. He was the 1965 AQHA High Point Western Riding Stallion. He was the 1966 PCCHA Champion Cutting Horse. He was shown in the California Reined Cow Horse as a hackamore performer and bridle performer with the legendary Harry Rose in the saddle. He was a four time World Champion California Reined Cow Horse. Johnny Tivio was the sire of horses like Mr Tiv. Mr Tiv was the 1986 and 1987 World Champion Reined Cow Horse in Reno. Johnny Tivio was also the sire of Jimmette Too and Rose Dillon. Jimmette Too is the dam of Continued on page 24...

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Lolli Bros. Livestock Market, Inc. "SINCE 1947" MACON MISSOURI

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SATURDAY MAY 19TH - OPEN CONSIGNMENT SALE • 12:00 PM We accept all breeds of horses and mules. SUNDAY MAY 20TH - Cataloged Horse Sale • 8:00 AM View catalog online at Horses and people welcome! Come see us! For more information visit or call Tyler Morgan, Horse Sale Manager (509) 830-2320. “Where we have been in business for over 50 years!”


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This is Doc Bar and when he was crossed with mares by Poco Tivio he made history and some of the best came from the Chowchilla Pee Wee family. Docs Okie Quixote one of three horses to win the NCHA Triple Crown by winning the NCHA Open Futurity, NCHA Open Derby and the NCHA Open Super Stakes. Rose Dillon is the dam Rosalie Dillon who is the dam of Matt Dillon Dun It, the 2005 AQHA World Champion Senior Working Cow Horse. Tammy Tivio was the next foal sired by Poco Tivio and out of Chowchilla Pee Wee. This mare was the dam of Tivio Bar by Quincy Dan. This horse was the winner of $9,835.90 in the NCHA. Tivio Bar was the sire of Tivios Torsion Bar, Co-Reserve Champion of the NCHA Open Derby. Tammy Tivio was the dam of Kieffers Tammy. This mare is the dam of Sonny Dee Reagan, an AQHA Superior Western Pleasure Horse. Tasa Tivio was foaled in 1958 sired by Poco Tivio and out of Chowchilla Pee Wee. This mare was the dam of Doc’s Sly Guy, an AQHA point earner and NCHA money earner; Doc’s Tlingit, an ROM AQHA performer and the winner of $23,144 in the NCHA; Doc’s Topi, an AQHA point earner and NCHA money earner; Doc Be Nimble, another AQHA point earner and NCHA money earner and Doc Jensen, an NCHA Open Futurity finalist. All of these foals were sired by Doc Bar. Tasa Tivio’s daughter Doc’s Topi is the dam of San

Casey. San Casey is the 1984 Oregon Non-Pro Futurity Champion. She in turn is the dam of Case of Freckles the 1993 NCHA Non-Pro Limited Futurity Champion. Tasa Tivio was the dam of three daughters that have made a major contribution to the Chowchilla Pee Wee family of performance horses. They are Doc’s Tassajara, Doc’s Catalpa and Doc’s Starlight all by Doc Bar. Doc’s Tassajara was the winner of $34,877 in the NCHA with a Superior in cutting in the AQHA with 94 performance points. She is the dam of Miss Tassajara a 1982 NCHA Non-Pro Super Stakes Co-Reserve Champion. Little Tassa is out of Doc’s Tassajara. She was an NCHA Non-Pro Derby finalist with a seventh place finish. She earned $24,573.47. She is the dam of Miss Tassa Lena who is her leading money winner with $58,966.25 in earnings. Tassas Peppy Star is another Doc’s Tassajara performer. He was the winner of $37,179.01 with 28 AQHA performance points in the youth, amateur and open divisions. Doc’s Starlight was a 1968 bay mare by Doc Bar and out of Tasa Tivio. This mare is an NCHA Platinum award winner and an NCHA Hall of Fame cutting horse. She was a two time NCHA Open Reserve World Champion Continued on page 28...

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(1977 and 1978) and the 1978 NCHA Open Finals Champion. She earned $134,442.30 in the NCHA. She earned 60 AQHA performance points to be a Superior Cutting Horse. Doc’s Starlight produced 8 AQHA registered foals with 7 of the 8 earning money in the NCHA. Her money earners include Sugars Starlight, Taris Starlight and Peppy Sanlight. Her most successful performer was Bunnys Starlight, an NCHA third place finisher in the 1980 NCHA Open Super Stakes. Her earnings were $63,240.53. Bunnys Starlight is the dam of several performers including Smart Starlight winner of $81,648.88. Sugars Starlight is the dam of Starlight Playlena, a PTCH World Champion in amateur cutting and Playboys Starlight a winner of $37,264.45. A big part of Doc’s Starlight’s contribution to the Chowchilla Pee Wee family is through three of her sons. The first one we will look at is Grays Starlight. This 1984 son of Peppy San Badger and Doc’s Starlight earned $33,080.46 in the arena. He is the sire of earners of $12,360.839.82. His leading money winner is Stella Starlight winner of $310,378.60. Stella Starlight is the dam of several performers including Catrina Starlight, 2008 NCHA Non-Pro Derby Finalist (4th) and Ginger Pepto, NCHA Super Stakes $10,000 Open Novice Champion. The next son of Doc’s Starlight we will talk about is Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster). This 1989 full brother to Grays Starlight has earned $28,436.75 with his Certificate of Ability in cutting. He is a proven sire of horses that have won $5,219,975.25 in the arena. They include horses from all phases of the performance events including Roo Star, the 2008 AQHA Super Horse with AQHA World Championships in Senior Working Cow Horse and Senior Team Roping Heeling. The next son of Doc’s Starlight on our list is Paddys Irish Whiskey. This is another full brother to Gallo Del Cielo and Grays Starlight. He is the winner of $12,149. He is the sire of horses that have won in excess of $1,259,590.47. His daughters have produced the winners of $560,127.78 including CD Olena Peppy, 2010 PCCHA Non-Pro Top Ten Champion. He has won $173,695.86. The next daughter of Tasa Tivio we will look at is Doc’s Catalpa, an unshown mare that is the dam of several money winners. Her produce includes Sana Doc, NCHA Non-Pro Challenge Champion and Catty Little Lena, NCHA Non-Pro Breeders Cutting Reserve Champion. Scandal San is a full brother to Sana Doc. This gelding is a multiple AQHA World Show qualifier and AQHA High Point top ten qualifier. He has earned 128 AQHA performance points.

Page 28

The next two foals out of Chowchilla Pee Wee were Senorita Tivio and Jonjac Tivio both unshown in the AQHA and NCHA. The next performer out of Chowchilla Pee Wee and Poco Tivio was Dulce Tivio. This mare is an NCHA money earner. Dulce Tivio is the dam of Doc’s Dulse Bar by Doc Bar and she is an NCHA Open Derby finalist (5th). Doc’s Dulce Bar is the dam of such money earners and/or point earners as Dulce Rain, Dulce Jess, SR Good And Sweet and Given. The leading money winner out of Dulce Tivio is SR Horizon Bar. This horse has won $86,731.07. Dulce Rain is the dam of Smart Peppy Rain, 1995 Nevada Spectacular Three-Year-Old Limited Open Champion. Dulce Jess is the dam of Cals Dulce Jess, the 1989 PCCHA Four-Year-Old Non-Pro Limited Open Champion. SR Good And Sweet is the dam of Peptos Ina Porche, the 2006 Non-Pro Four-Year-Old Open Champion. Given is the dam of Miss Dulce Bar the 2007 Canadian Supreme Cow Horse Open Cutting Futurity Champion. Doc’s Chelo was an unshown daughter of Doc Bar and Dulce Tivio. This mare in turn was the dam of King Billy Chelo the 1982 PCCHA Five-Year-Old Non-Pro Maturity Champion. King Billy Chelo is the dam of Chelo Choice, 2005 NCHA Finals $50,000 Amateur Champion; SR Jubilation, 1993 PCCHA Non-Pro Futurity Limited Open Champion. Tularosa Tivio was the 1965 daughter of Poco Tivio and Chowchilla Pee Wee. She was Chowchilla Pee Wee’s last foal. This mare was unshown but she is the dam of Doc’s Marsala by Doc Bar. Doc’s Marsala is an NCHA money winner and the dam of Marsala Badger. Marsala Badger is an AQHA World Championship finalist in cutting. She has earned $20,401.24 and she is a full sister to Marsala San Badger, winner of $15,079.64. When we see the large number of horses registered by the Cananea Cattle Company in Sonora, Mexico and the Greene Cattle Company of Patagonia, Arizona, we see how the ranching industry is the foundation of the modern performance horse. Chowchilla Pee Wee and her family of performers is a great example of how the ranching industry has influenced the modern quarter horse. So when we look at Chowchilla Pee Wee we see why she is one of our Mares With More.

Larry Thornton is a pedigree analyst and breeding consultant. If you have any questions concerning this article or other bloodlines, call Larry at 479885-3144 (evenings) Please try again if you do not reach Larry the first time.


~ EARLY CONSIGNMENTS ~ s1998 gray gelding nGold fingers X San TipRANCHANDTEAMROPINGHORSE


s2002 bay gelding nNorthern Dancer X San Tip nRANCHANDTEAMROPINGHORSE

s2007 buckskin gelding nJoe Jack Honey Bar X Denver Bartender n RANCHHORSEPRETTY

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s1996 Red Roan Mare nDry Doc X Top Rebel n&1(2POINTS

s2005 palomino gelding nRoyal Hotrodder X Little Peppy Fair n 2ANCH ROPE

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The Future is NOW!!! NSCHA combines the talents of cutting, working and reined cow horses in an exciting equine vs. bovine battle to build a new marketplace for cow horses. Action photos by One Tulsa Event Photography Approximately one short year ago a horses legacy in ranch sorting was nothing more than a dream that avid, cow horse loving, sorters longed for. On January 14, 2011 that dream began its transformation into reality with the National Sorting Cow Horse Association, the first sanctioning body for rider AND horse. Since the January 2011 launch of the NSCHA, the ranch sorting and cow horse sports world has been taken by storm, welcoming, with open arms, the tracking of horse and rider earnings for a lifetime. Hosting over 200 shows nationwide with nearly 1000 members and producers in 20 US states and Canada, the NSCHA has quickly become the fastest growing cow horse sport on the planet. Over the course of 2011 the NSCHA sanctioned every type of sorting from the small weekend jackpot to the high profile, huge payout event. Highlight shows such as the Battle in the Saddle, the $30,000 Show Me Shootout Series, the Big Bucks Bash, the Dash for Cash, the $40,000 Show Me Invitational and the first ever 2011 NSCHA World Show contributed largely to the $750,000 in horse and rider earnings that were paid out to 350 money earning contestants and 500 money earning horses in 2011. In 2012 the NSCHA plans to increase that number by continuing to sanction quality shows across the country and by introducing the first NSCHA Futurity to ranch sorting in August. In an obviously struggling horse economy, the NSCHA has proved one thing in 2011‌ the future of ranch sorting is now! Open Top 10 - Left - Clay West - TX, Reserve World Champion Professional Brandon Kruger - MN, World Champion Professional Rick Gaston, Krik Hawk - MN.

NSCHA Amateur Top 10 - Left Back - John Miller - TX, Robin Davis - OK, DeRoy White - OK, Steve Nichols WI, Dan Weigand - MO. Left Front - Scott Ziese - WI, Reserve World Champion Rick Brown - MN, Dawn Lesh - MN, Jessica Reigstad - MN, World Champion Matt Foreman - TX, Brandon Arndt - MN.

World Champion Open Horse Oh Cay Short Stuff (Left) owned and riden by Rick Gaston (Missouri). Reserve World Champion Open Horse Scoot Lil CHick (right) owned and riden by Brian Kruger, MN

Junior Horse Top Ten- Listed from Left to Right - Rick Gaston - MO, HL Hickory CD (Owned by Rick Gaston) - 3rd Place, Reserve Champion Rey of Cat Silver (Owned by Brian Kruger), Brian Krueger - MN, Dale Chavez presenting award buckles, Matt Forman - TX, World Champion Jr. Horse Blue Boon Hickory (Owned by Matt Forman). Front Left - Jeremy McBride - MO, Josh Cantwell MO, Dawn Lesh - MO

Youth Top Ten - Tyler Hunter, MO, Reserve World Champion Brady Reigstad - MN, (back) Brandon Kruger (representing MN youth not pictured), World Champion Isaiah Olson - MN, Dawn Lesch (representing MN youth not pictured), Jamylin Weigand - MO.

Non Pro Top Ten, Reserve World Champion Non Pro Jeremy McBride, MO. Josh Cantwell, MO. Dawn Lesh, MN. World Champion Non Pro Brian Kruger, MN. Elaine Jackson, IL. Gerry Stephens, MO.

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The youth definitely out-shined the adults in the costume class, with Carmen Lowe taking home top honors in her old west ranch hand costume.

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By Larry Thornton

Mel Potter & The Rest Of The Story...

Part II

When rodeo rop5Z_Vc`R_U4`cjAVed\RReeYVWR^`fdD_R\VCZgVcDeR^aVUV ers get together and AY`e`d4`fceVdj>V]A`eeVc talk roping bloodlines the Driftwood bred horses are a big part of the conversation. When you talk to Mel Potter about his horses the conversation is often focused on the Driftwood bloodlines and that is just what we saw in the last installment of “The Working Lines.” bloodline. We saw that when Mel started his roping career he learned that success was founded on the horse you rode. He found But when you look at the rest of Potter family you find his roping success with the Driftwood bloodline and that that barrel racing is a big part of the family rodeo tradiis the bloodline he has successfully pursued providing the tion. Mel’s wife Wendy had a successful rodeo career and modern rodeo roper with a great source of the Driftwood that carried on to daughters JoLynn Alexander and Sherry DYVccjR_U5Z_Vc`ReeYVD_R\VCZgVcDeR^aVUVdY`heYVa`hVc`WeYZd XcVReReY]VeVR_UYZdgVcdReZ]Zeje`SVdY`h_Z_c`aZ_XR_USRccV]cRTZ_X R_UhZ_eYV^`_Vj

Cervi and that is the beginning of the rest of the story. The first notable horse for Wendy Potter was Auto Dial, a 1958 son of the World Champion Racing American Quarter Horse Johnny Dial. Auto Dial helped Wendy win six Arizona WPRA Barrel Racing Championships and become a three-time Wrangler NFR qualifier. He was an AQHA Register of Merit barrel racing horse as well. Auto Dial not only carried Wendy to success in the arena but also gave daughter JoLynn a start to a successful show career that netted her several high school rodeo titles. JoLynn became a two time National High School All Around Champion, a National High School Barrel Racing Champion and a National High School Breakaway Roping Champion as well as a number of runner-up and top ten finishes in events

Page 36


Three Bars (TB) Della P Doc Bar Texas Dandy Dandy Doll Bar Maid F Doc's Jack Frost Three Bars (TB) War Chant Hula Girl P Chantella Three Bars (TB) Bardella Della P Sun Frost Miller Boy Driftwood The Comer Mare Driftwood Ike Buck8 Hancock Belle Miss Hancock Prissy Cline Depth Charge Super Charge O'Quinn's Midget Josephine El Sonny Chicaro Joe Webb's Demon Quarter Queen PC Frenchmans Hayday Degage (TB) Anchor Watch(TB) L'Admiralte (TB) Tiny Watch Clabber II Clabber Tiny Tiny Iny (TB) Tiny Circus Three Bars (TB) Willow Bars Rhoda's Kid Circus Bars City Slicker Honey III Honey's Delight Caseys Charm Poco Bueno Poco Dun Pretty Doll Casey's Poco Tadpole Miss Casey Nedra Casey's Ladylove Joe Tom Mc Mc Rusty Burnett Mare Lady Diane Joe Tom Mc Chigger Barnes Punkin MP Meter My Hay (Stingray) Top Deck (TB) Moon Deck Moonlight Night Jet Deck Barred Miss Night Bar Belle of Midnight Count Jet Three Bars (TB) Sugar Bars Frontera Sugar Sugar Comb Leo Faysema Jo Ann Bar Tonto Jet Percentage (TB) Three Bars (TB) Myrtle Dee (TB) Bar Tonto Clabber Tonta Gal Peggy Cooper Leap Bar Bud Thomas Doc Thomas Wilmeths Cherokee Mai Windy Way Russmor (TB) Calle O (TB) Gingham Way (TB) Miss Meter Jet St Germans (TB) Bold Venture (TB) Possible (TB) Depth Charge (TB) Haste (TB) Quickly (TB) Stephanie (TB) Royal Charge Yellow Jacket Cowboy P-12 Roan Lady Shue Fly Booger Red Lady Luck Thoroughbred Mare Miss Meter Charge Tonto Bars Gill Tonto Bars Hank Hanka Mr Meter Top Deck (TB) Mary Ann Deck(TB) Pos Philia (B) Miss Meter Deck Joe Reed II Tucson A Little Fanny Windy Tush Doc Thomas Windy Way Calle O (TB) Lightning Bar

Sherry and Stingray at he 2010 Wrangler NFR winning a World Championship and setting an arena record.

Continued on page 40... THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

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Continued from page 37...

like barrel racing, goat tying and cutting. When youngest daughter Sherry started her show career she was involved in several events but her true love was barrel racing. So when Sherry decided to go all out for barrel racing she needed the right horse. The right horse was a horse named Sir Double Delight or “Troubles” as he is known in rodeo circles. Troubles carried Sherry to her first Wrangler NFR appearance in 1994. Sherry tells how she came to get Troubles, “He came from Arizona and I had seen him run at some circuit rodeos and found out he was for sale. I tried him and got along with him immediately. So I bought him and was very fortunate by being at the right place at the right time.” She further explained, “He had won some with a couple of different girls riding him. I was looking for a horse and wanted to be going to rodeos and you never know if a horse and rider will fit or get along but he was really easy to ride. He loved being a barrel horse and he made it look real easy.” Not long after Troubles came on the scene Sherry found another horse named Jet Royal Speed. He is known in barrel racing circles as “Hawk.” The entrance of Hawk would bring Sherry her first WPRA World Championship in barrel racing in 1995. In 1999 Sherry and Hawk won a second WPRA World Championship in barrel racing. They also won the Wrangler NFR average that year.

roped on him. They roped some on Troubles. but Hawk was nice to be around outside the arena while Troubles wanted to be left alone and run barrels. But I loved both of them.” Mel Potter learned a big lesson with his success in the Rodeo arena and the Driftwood bloodline. He found that when you have a good horse it is a good idea to try and duplicate that success with a horse from the same bloodlines. So when Hawk and Troubles became Sherry’s good horses he went looking for their bloodlines for his breeding program. We will start our look at the pedigrees of these two-barrel horses with Mel telling us what he did, “Sherry was starting to go real good and she got Troubles by Lay A Patch. So I went and bought Lay A Patch. He was nearly sterile at that time. I only got two or three colts out of him. So I went and bought about five of his daughters. They were all half to 7/8 sisters to Troubles.” Lay A Patch was a 1975 gray stallion that was an ROM racehorse that was stakes placed in the 1977 Utah QHA Futurity. He had a speed-index of 96 with four wins in 12 starts. The sire of Lay A Patch was Rillito Deck an AAA/ROM racehorse by Top Deck. The dam of Rillito Deck was Doll Queen by Three Bars and out of Dolly Brian. Dolly Brian was an NCHA Hall of Fame cutting mare.


Sherry recalled how Hawk came into her life, “I had never seen him but I had heard about him and had heard that he would win first or get a no time. It was Dad who actually saw him first before I did. I was looking for a backup horse to Troubles and this was in 1994 and so I was going a bunch trying to make the NFR. So I went and tried him and it definitely wasn’t a perfect match at the beginning. It was a little bit more of a struggle with him. He was a really good barrel horse and had all the right things for the two of us to get along but we were not as consistent so it took a little longer to get with him and when I did get with him it was a really good match.” Sherry related the circumstances behind Troubles retirement and how she feels about these two horses, “Troubles got hurt and was a little bit sore towards the end so I retired him. People ask me which was my favorite and I can’t pick a favorite because they were great horses that did a lot for me. I am very fortunate to have ridden both of them. It is like picking your kids you can’t pick a favorite kid.” She added this about how the two had their differences, “Hawk was all business and they had ranched on him and Page 40

The dam of Lay A Patch was Winken Atya an AA/ROM race mare by Winken Wayne who was an ROM racehorse by the thoroughbred Spotted Bull. (Winken Wayne was bred by Joe Bassett the great roper and racehorse trainer that you will see figures so prominently in the pedigree of Prissy Cline, the dam of Sun Frost.) The dam of Winken Wayne was Comical Sue. Comical Sue was an AAA/ROM rated mare sired by Piggin String (TB) and out of Granny by Joe Reed II. Joe Reed II was the Continued on page 42... THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Willow Creek


Page 41

Continued from page 40..

sire of Leo.

Winken Atya was out of Pix Beggar Wix by Hi Beggar. Hi Beggar was an AAA/ROM racehorse. Pix Beggar Wix was out of Pixie Bar Wix by Bar Bob. Bar Bob was an AAA rated AQHA Champion sired by Three Bars and out of a daughter of Leo. The dam of Troubles was Miss Trouble Bars by Double Hi Bars an AA rated ROM runner. Double Hi Bars was sired by Double R Nothin (AAA) by Three Bars and out of Rosie Jo Jane. Rosie Jo Jane was an AA rated runner and a daughter of Bueno. The dam of Double Hi Bar was Little Hidie a daughter of Hi Beggar. This makes Troubles a double-bred Hi Beggar. Hi Beggar was sired by Hi Step. Hi Step was sired by the intensely inbred Domino stallion High Time. Hi Beggar was out of Sanders’ Brown Peach by Beggar Boy. Beggar Boy was sired by Black Toney and out of Useeit by Bonnie Joe. This also makes Beggar Boy a full brother to the Kentucky Derby winning Black Gold. Bonnie Joe was the sire of Joe Blair; the sire of Joe Reed P-3 and Joe Reed P-3 was the sire of Joe Reed II and Little Fanny, the sire and dam of Leo. The dam of Miss Trouble Bars was Miss Great Depth by Great Depth. Great Depth was sired by Seco Bars by Copper Bars by Three Bars. The dam of Great Depth was Shine Mist by Leo Jr by Leo. The dam of Miss Great Depth was Holey Girl by Holey Sox. Holey Sox was sired by Leo and out of Osage Star Lady. Holey Sox was an NCHA Bronze Award winner that earned points in eight AQHA performance events. One of those events was barrel racing where he won 13 of 15 barrel racing classes earning 21 points. He was a full brother to Palleo Pete the 1954 AQHA Champion Quarter Running Two-Year-Old Colt and the 1954 AQHA Champion Quarter Running Stallion. Osage Star Lady was a


granddaughter of Oklahoma Star P-6 and she was a good roping mare. Holey Girl was out of Bar Y Lady 63 by Grey Hound. Grey Hound was an ROM runner sired by San Siemon by Zantanon. The dam of Grey Hound was the great blue hen mare Lady Coolidge. Lady Coolidge was the dam of the good roping horse sire Bert P-227. The dam of Bar Y Lady 63 was Bar Y Lady 48. She was sired by the AQHA Hall of Fame stallion Billy Clegg. Billy Clegg was sired by Paul Ell and out of Bivarita. So Mel ended up with about five mares that were very closely related to Troubles and one of those mares was Rose Patch. Rose Patch was sired by Lay A Patch and out of Queen Peppy Bar by Double Hi Bar. Queen Peppy Bar was an ROM race mare with an 85 speed index. Her dam Holly Queen was a full sister to Holey Girl the third dam of Troubles. Rose Patch became a good mare for Mel and her proContinued on page 48... =`cZR_U4`cjAVed\RReeYV #!!'HcR_X]Vc?7C

Page 42


Jolene Montgomery & KN Fabs Mist Of Fame




#1 Siring Son of Frenchmans Guy #1 AQHA Performance Point Earning (ROM) Stallion Son of Frenchmans Guy 7/8 brother to World Champion “BOZO” & NFR money winner “Dinero” sire of 2011 AQHA/PRCA Horse of the Year & 2010 World Champion “STINGRAY”

Fee: $1,350 First Shipment Included

Courtney Hampton & Frenchmans Jet Pac Trained by Cara Webster s2OCKIN26!RENA/PEN $"UCKLE7INNER s$-ONEY7INNER"ARREL Bash s4OP$9EAR END ,UCKY*3ADDLESERIES s""27ORLD Finals qualifier s""22UN&ORTHE Bonus qualifier s2ODEO-ONEY7INNER (all in just 4 month ownership)

Haley Wolfe & Mia Fabulous Fame


Kelsey Lutjen & Fab are competing & winning WPRA, Open & AZ High School - stay up to date & let us hear about your “Fabulous” foals at


Kelsey Lutjen & KN Fabulous N Khaki


Standing in Indiana:

First Down Leaving U 2004 Gray Stallion – si 91

-, \ʈÀÃÌÊ œÜ˜Ê >ÅÊÈʣäxÊUÊ \Ê i`Ո˜œÃÊ,ÕÃÌÞÊÈʣäÈ

œVŽi`ÊÉÊëii`Ê>ÌÊÎää]ÎxäÊEÊ{ääÊÞ`ÃÊ ii\Êf£]äääÊÜÉëiVˆ>ÊVœ˜Ãˆ`iÀ>̈œ˜Ã

Mini and Toy Aussies Available

Fabulous Prospects & Broodmares For Sale

Waco, TX s (254) 744-1232 Former Owners of Hall of Fame Horses Driftwood and Clabber

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duce include MP Patches of Hay (Lauri), MP Hay Patch Tiger, MP Daysys N Roses (Daisy) and MP A Man With Roses (George). MP Patches of Hay (Lauri) was a teamroping mare that has been an NFR qualifier with Cory Petska. MP Hay Patch Tiger is a multiple barrel-racing champion with wins in events like the 2004 Auburn Shriner’s Futurity. MP Daysys N Roses (Daisy) won the Houston Livestock Show Rodeo. MP A Man With Roses (George) was the 2008 George Olsen Memorial Day Barrel Racing Futurity Champion and is now a part of Sherry’s rodeo barrel racing team. George set an arena record going 16.647 at the PacWest Barrel Race in January 2011. Another outstanding rodeo horse from a Lay A Patch mare was MP Right Back Atya (Max). This horse is one of the top bulldogging horses in rodeo today. His earnings from the 2011 Wrangler NFR were $135,721 while helping Shawn Greenfield finish second in the Wrangler NFR average as well his second place in the year end standings. He was also used by owner Todd Suhn and Casey Martin at the 2011 Wrangler NFR. Max has won such prestigious rodeos as Salinas and Pendleton. He has won Pendleton three times twice with Casey Martin aboard and once with Todd in the saddle. His dam is Winken Back Atya. She is sired by Lay A Patch and out of Hi Bunny Bars by Double Hi Bar and out of Holey Dunn by Holey Sox and out of Bar Y Lady 63. Thus Holly Dunn is another full sister to Holey Girl, the third dam of Troubles. Not all of the Lay A Patch mares were closely related to Holey Girl. MP One Wink A Day (Twister) was out of the Lay A Patch mare named One Wink. One Wink was out of Fourth N One by Gates Moon Walker by Top Moon. Gates Moon Walker was out of Lady Gates 2. Fourth N One was out of Copper Request. Copper Request was E`UUDfY_cZUZ_X>Ri`c>ACZXYe3RT\2ejRRe eYV#!"!HcR_X]Vc?7C

sired by Buster’s Request and out of Coppermoll. Twister was the high selling horse at the Mel Potter Production Sale in 2007. He counts among his wins the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and he helped set an arena record at the Cow Palace PRCA Rodeo in Team Roping. One Wink is the dam of Quickern A Wink a 1994 mare by Dr. Bordeaux. Quickern A Wink is the dam of MP Quick Money, a Wrangler NFR qualifier that has contributed to Tammy Fischer winnings of over $700,000 in her career. Mel did the same with the pedigree of Hawk but in a little different way, as he was only able to get one mare. ER^^j7ZdTYVcR_U>ABfZT\>`_VjReeYV#!"! HcR_X]Vc?7C

We will let him explain, “Then Sherry got Hawk and he turned into a great horse for her. She won the World with him so I went hunting to find some sisters and I got one. She was a ¾ sister and her name was Miss Meter Jet. She became a great broodmare for us and is the mother of Stingray.” Stringray is MP Meter My Hay, Sherry’s 2011 Co-PRCA/AQHA Barrel Horse of the Year. More on her later. The pedigree of Miss Meter Jet is a very interesting one. Her sire was Bar Tonto Jet by Count Jet (AAA). Count Jet was the sire of Hawk. Count Jet was sired by Jet Deck by Moon Deck by Top Deck. The dam of Jet Deck was Miss Night Bar by Barred. Barred was sired by Three Bars and out of Ready by Red Joe Of Arizona. Red Joe of Arizona was a ¾ brother to Joe Reed II, the sire of Leo. The dam of Count Jet was Sugar Combs by Sugar Bars and out of Faysema by Leo. The dam of Bar Tonto Jet was Leap Bar by Bar Tonto. Bar Tonto was sired by Three Bars and out of Tonta Gal

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by Clabber. The dam of Tonta Gal was Peggy Cooper, famous foundation mare that is found in the pedigree of such noted horses as Easy Six. The dam of Leap Bar was Windy Way. She was sired by Doc Thomas and out of Calle O a thoroughbred mare. Calle O was sired by Russmor by Bostonian by Broomstick. The dam of Calle O was Gingham Way by Midway. Midway was the sire of Percentage, the sire of Three Bars. Miss Meter Jet was out of Miss Meter Charge. Miss Meter Charge was the dam of Hawk. The sire of Miss Meter Charge was Royal Charge by Depth Charge. The dam of Royal Charge was the great World Champion Quarter Running Mare Shue Fly. Shue Fly was sired by Cowboy P-12 and out of Lady Luck. The dam of Miss Meter Charge was Miss Meter Deck by Mr Meter. Mr Meter is sired by Tonto Bars Hank, a former Champion Quarter Running Horse. The sire of Tonto Bars Hank is Tonto Bars Gill also a Champion Quarter Running Horse. Tonto Bars Gill is a full brother to Bar Tonto, the sire of Leap Bar, the dam of Bar Tonto Jet. The dam of Mr Meter is Mary Ann Deck, a thoroughbred daughter of Top Deck. The dam of Miss Meter Deck was Windy Tush by Tucson A. Tucson A is a full brother to Leo. They were sired by Joe Reed II by Joe Reed P-3 and out of Little Fanny by Joe Reed P-3. The dam of Windy Tush was Windy May, the dam of Leap Bar, the dam of Bar Tonto Jet. Thus Miss Meter Jet was 2 X 4 linebred to Windy May as well as double bred to the full brothers Bar Tonto and Tonto Bars Gill. Sherry expressed her feelings about MP Meter My Hay (Stingray) this way, “You never know and you definitely have high hopes and she was athletic showing a lot of ability as a young horse. That was the one thing about Dinero, he was an athlete and he has passed that on. So you always hope that you are going to have a good one that you raised. But to be able to do what I have done on Stingray and have her be that type of horse it is really special. It is really special to be the breeder and rider of a horse like her making you a part of all phases of her life.” Stingray has certainly done her job. She carried Sherry to her third WPRA World Champion Barrel Racing title in 2010. Stingray set the barrel-racing world on fire in 2009 when they set the arena record at the Wrangler NFR going 13.49 in Las Vegas. They were back in 2011 placing third in the end of the year standings. Sherry added this, “Hawk was all business and Stingray knows her job and she does it just like Hawk. We rope on Stingray and that helps give them more jobs and makes

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them better at their main job.” The sire of Stingray and the other examples of horses from mares we have profiled here is PC Frenchmans Heyday. PC Frenchmans Heyday or Dinero as his rodeo fans know him has proven to be a great asset for the Potter breeding program. It was Mel’s admiration for Dinero’s full brother French Flash Hawk (Bozo), who was a major competitor for Sherry that started the process of Mel buying this stallion. Mel believes that Bozo was one of the greatest barrel horses of all time and his record of being a four time WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer and a five time AQHA/PRCA Barrel Racing Horse of the Year certainly attest to that. Let’s let Mel tell us how his ownership of Dinero came about, “We were at Oklahoma City at the Rodeo Hall of Fame Weekend at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The Cowans were having this sale in South Dakota and they had this full brother to Bozo named PC Frenchmans Heyday. I was thinking a fella ought to buy that horse.” He continued, “So I decided to fly up there and see if I could buy that stud. He was just a colt and Dale Smith and I flew up there. We went in the morning and flew back that night. I bought him and gave $65,000 for him. Everybody thought I was nuts and I bought two others a filly and a gelding.” But as you listen to Mel you get a distinct impression that it was more than just his admiration of Bozo as a performer that lead to his purchase of Dinero. Our conversation stressed the horse’s pedigree and how it is built on speed and cow sense. The sire of Dinero is Sun Frost the 1979 son of Doc’s Jack Frost. Doc’s Jack Frost is sired by Doc Bar by Lightning Bar. The dam of Doc Bar was the AA rated mare Dandy Doll. She was sired by Texas Dandy and out of Bar Maid F. Bar Maid F was sired by Bartender II and she was out of Nelly Bly by Red Joe of Arizona, the ¾ brother to Joe Reed II the sire of Leo. The dam of Doc’s Jack Frost was Chantella an AAA rated mare sired by War Chant by Three Bars. The dam of War Chant was Hula Girl P by Ed Echols. The dam of Chantella was Bardella. Bardella was a full sister to Lightning Bar. They were sired by Three Bars and out of Della P. Della P was a Cajun-bred mare sired by Doc Horn and she was out of an Old D J mare. This makes Doc’s Jack Frost linebred to the full brother and sister Lightning Bar and Bardella. Continued on page 54... THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012


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Art Pollard was the owner and breeder of Lightning Bar and Bardella. Both of these runners were proven on the track. Lightning Bar being a stakes winner and setting a track record at Pomona going 330 yards in :17.2 before an injury forced his retirement. Bardella went to the track to become the American Quarter Running Horse Champion Two-Year-Old Filly for 1952 and the Champion ThreeYear-Old Filly in 1953. Mel recalled how he knew these horses and their influence on the purchase of Dinero was based on the speed and cow sense they carried, “When you see how Sun Frost is bred that topside has so much speed. I had a ranch right next to Art Pollard and all those horses were right across the fence from me for five years.” Mel went on about an interesting experience he had with the Finley breeding program and how he knew these horses, “The Finley’s were right up there at Chandler, Arizona. I knew them and I knew Dandy Doll. When I was a member of the University of Arizona judging team we went there on a judging trip and they had a class of mares. Annie Echols and Dandy Doll were both in this class and a mare named Little Eygpt and I picked Little Eygpt. She was a big powerful son of a buck. Not real pretty but a real wagon.” He continued, “And Tom Finley said you picked the best mare but if you went to a horse show they wouldn’t put her where you put her. If your going to be out there judging you better look a little more toward Annie Echols who was a beautiful specimen of a mare or look at Dandy Doll.” The Finley’s bred Dandy Doll and Doc Bar. They owned Texas Dandy the broodmare sire of Doc Bar. The dam of Sun Frost was Prissy Cline. Her pedigree was very familiar to Mel as her sire was Driftwood Ike a foundation sire for the Mel Potter Driftwood bred horses. Driftwood Ike was sired by Driftwood and he was out of Hancock Belle by Buck. The dam of Prissy Cline was Josephine El by Super Charge. Super Charge was an AAA rated runner sired by Depth Charge and he was out of O’Quinns Midget by King P-234. The race that Lightning Bar got injured occurred in a race at Pomona, California against Super Charge. Mel continued emphasizing the speed and cow sense on the dam side of Sun Frost’s pedigree, “Then on the other side of Sun Frost there was a lot of speed and cow there. A lot of people don’t realize about that speed. Joe Bassett was a darn good roper and a heck of a racehorse guy. He had Super Charge and he had ridden Driftwood in the old match ropings. Both of those horses were runnin son of a guns.”

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Mel later added, “People don’t think about speed when they talk about Driftwood Ike but he sired several AAA racehorses. He sired Nifty Ike and this gelding was a stakes winner in the Prescott Downs Derby and was a track record holder at Prescott Downs for 330 yards that stood for many years.” He was a team roping horse that earned points in heading as well. When we drop down to the dam of Dinero, we see some more of the emphasis on the speed and cow sense throughout his pedigree. A big part of that speed comes through the sire of his dam Casey’s Charm. This mare is sired by Tiny Circus, an AQHA ROM runner that was Top AAA. Tiny Circus adds the cow part of it as a performance horse when he became the 1979 AQHA Reserve World Champion Heading Horse. The sire of Tiny Circus was Tiny Watch. This stallion was the 1965 Champion Stallion and Aged Stallion and the 1966 Co-Champion Stallion and Aged Stallion. The sire of Tiny Watch was the thoroughbred Anchor Watch. The dam of Tiny Watch was the great Vessels Stallion Farm mare Clabber’s Tiny by Clabber II and she was out of Tiny Iny, a thoroughbred mare. The dam of Tiny Circus was Circus Bars. This mare was an AAA rated runner sired by Willow Bars by Three Bars. Her dam was Honey III by City Slicker. The dam of Caseys Charm was Casey’s Ladylove by Casey’s Poco by Poco Dun. Poco Dun was a son of cutting horse Poco Bueno. Miss Casey was the dam of Casey’s Poco and her sire was Tadpole by Red Dog. Her dam was Nedra by Red Dog. Red Dog was a sire for Jack Casement of Colorado. The dam of Casey’s Ladylove was Lady Diane by Mc Rusty by Joe Tom Mc. Lady Diane was out of Chigger Barnes by Joe Tom Mc. Joe Tom Mc was sired by Joe Hancock. When you visit with Sherry about Dinero you see that Dinero has backed up his pedigree through his action in the arena. Sherry states it this way, “He is so gritty. I always said if he was three legged he would still give you 110%. He was a tough horse and you have to have that in a rodeo horse. If he had been a gelding he would have been even better as a performance horse. He was a lot of fun to run barrels on.” She added this about the athletic ability of Dinero while talking about his son George, “Athletic wise George is by far one of the most athletic horses I have ever ridden. In fact George and Dinero are the most athletic horses I have Continued on page 58... ever ridden.”



Two Young Stallions sired by Leading Barrel Futurity Sire )5(1&+0$16*8< - the 0LOOLRQ6LUH

7HSVTPUV:[HSSPVU 76*2,;*605;)


8<,,5:*605ZP  8<,,5647/(3,ZP 

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-<;<90;@*/(47065 +(:/ +(5*,-<;<90;@ HUK4<3;073,+>055,9






+(:/;/9<;9(--0*ZP  (SS(TLYPJHU>PUULY7YVNLU` ,HYULYZVM 4PSSPVU +HT ,=,505.;9(--0*ZP  )<55@,=,ZP  9HJL,HYUPUNZ 

-09:;+6>5+(:/ZP 4\S[PWSL>VYSK*OHTWPVU 7YVNLU`,HYUPUNZ 4PSSPVU 3(+@4,;,99,(+,9 )<55@)0+ZP 9HJL,HYUPUNZ  -30;)()@ZP



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The athletic ability and the versatility of Dinero show up in his show record. He has earned over $400,000 in the arena not only as a barrel racer but also as a header and heeler. He has been a Wrangler NFR qualifier and in 2005 Sherry finished third in the Wrangler NFR Barrel Racing standings with the help of Dinero. The Corey Petska and Dinero team won such events as the Mike Cervi Memorial Roping and the team roping at the famous Salinas Rodeo. He was voted the 2005 PRCA/AQHA third place heeling horse of the year with Cory in the saddle. In 2005 Dinero put his athletic ability on display at the Snake River Stampede in Nampa, Idaho. He was shown in barrels by Sherry, heeling by Walt Woodard and heeling by Cory Petska. They combined to win $11,000 at this one rodeo on this great performance stallion. We have seen how Dinero has crossed with the relatives of Hawk and Troubles, but one of his top performers is out of a mare that traces to one of the Driftwood bred mares Mel started with. She serves as our example when Dinero was crossed on these mares. This performers name is MP Spice In The Hay (Petunia). Petunia has won such noted rodeos as the Ellensburg Rodeo and she helped Cory Petska qualify for the 2006 Wrangler NFR. Then you add that she was a 1-D barrel horse reinforces the versatility of the Dinero bred horse. Petunia is out of Sugar Breeze Girl, who is out of Miss Top Girlie who was sired by Mr Top Moon and out of Whirly Girlie by Driftwood Ike. This also makes Petunia double bred to Driftwood Ike. The list of Dinero foals we have taken a look at in this material indicates he is proving to be a great sire. His foals have exceeded the $2,000,000 earnings plateau. He has had seven foals become Wrangler NFR qualifiers. When we look at the statistics for 2010 alone we

see just how prominent this stallion has become in the rodeo arena. In 2010 his foals had pro rodeo earnings of over $600,000; they earned two Houston Rodeo Championships (one in barrel racing and one in roping); set a Wrangler NFR arena record in barrel racing (Sherry and Stingray); carried Cory Petska to fourth for the year in team roping standings; carried Todd Suhn to sixth in steer wrestling standings and carried Sherry to the WPRA World Championship in barrel racing. When you talk to Sherry it is very apparent that she credits her horses with her success. After all Troubles, Hawk and Stingray have been the primary reason for her becoming the all time leading money winning barrel racer. She is the first to earn over $2,000,000 in rodeo barrel racing. When we talked about this success Sherry pointed out the luck of finding Hawk and Troubles and then to have the success she had with them. But then how significant it was to get the mares from these same bloodlines and how that has allowed the influence of these two horses to continue for her through horses like Stingray and George. By the way Sherry is the only person to win the barrel racing at the Houston Livestock Show Rodeo three times on three different horses. (Troubles-Hawk-Stingray) At the end of our conversation Sherry added about how important it was to add Dinero to the breeding program. She credits her dad with this and how he put his plan together to produce these horses. Then she expressed how rewarding it is for him to see the horses he has bred become NFR qualifiers as well as rodeo champions. Champions from not only the Driftwood bred horses but this unique family of barrel racing horses they have assembled. And just think it all started with a Driftwood bred gelding named Charlie and how easy it was to train him.

5Z_Vc`R_UHR]eH``URcUReeYV D_R\VCZgVcDeR^aVUVZ_#!!&

Larry Thornton is a pedigree analyst and breeding consultant. If you have any questions concerning this article or other bloodlines, call Larry at 479-885-3144 (evenings) Please try again if you do not reach Larry the first time. Page 58


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Lot # 26 63 17 25 36 28 44 48 3 83 94 27 49 73 38 5 64 95 45 81

CONSIGNOR Samples, Mike Nichols, Mike Krueger, Nick Harris, Brad O'Donnell, Mike VonAhn, Walter Stearns, Robbie Lynn Martin, Patrick Lilley, Josh VonAhn, Walter Bilyk, Dwight Hansen, Kate Glinsmann, Justin O'Donnell, Mike Baker, Donkey Bubak Michael Lilley, Josh Peterson, Todd Ancell, DeAnn Harris, Brad

$ amount State $8,500.00 KS $6,500.00 KS $6,400.00 TX $5,100.00 KS $5,000.00 NE $5,000.00 KS $4,200.00 NE $4,000.00 KS $4,000.00 KS $4,000.00 NE $3,500.00 KS $3,250.00 NE $3,100.00 NE $3,100.00 NE $3,000.00 OK $3,000.00 WY $3,000.00 KS $2,600.00 MN $2,500.00 NE $2,500.00 NE

Page 60

3rd High Seller

Notes 01 brown gelding Dakota Joe Hancock X Jackie Bee- Team Roping Horse 05 palomino gelding grandson of Leo Goldseeker- Team Roping Horse 99 sorrel gelding by a grandson of the Investor- Team Roping Horse 97 bay gelding grandson of Flying X 6- Team Roping, Family Horse 00 bay broodmare by Rooster- bred to With All Probablility 05 bay roan gelding by grandson of Docs Cinch Bet- Rope and Trail Horse 01 black gelding by grandson fo Sailing Magic- Barrel Horse 02 dun mare- Solid Rope and Ranch Horse 98 black gelding APHA breed stock- Rope and Ranch Horse 04 grandson of Shining Spark- Flashy Trail Horse 03 bay gelding grandson of Wilywood- Ranch Horse 04 sorrel gelding by grandson fo Two Id Bartender- Team Roping Horse 00 red roan gelding by grandson of Jose Uno- Team Roping Horse 08 bay mare by With All Probablility 01 buckskin mare a daughter of Continental- Ranch Horse 06 bay roan gelding grandson of Docs Budah- Ranch Horse 01 APHA gelding- Team Roping Horse 07 red roan gelding- Flying X 6 X Zan Parr Bar- Ranch Horse 02 dun gelding Senor Bailey X Osage Pine- Ranch Horse 89 bay mare- Solid Rope Horse


Text Text Top 5 Average= $6300 Top 10 Average= $5270

Dakota Winds Quarter Horses


September 8th, 2012 • 1:00 PM REFERENCE SIRES GUYS DUNWOOD



1992 BUCKSKIN 95.32% FOUNDATION • 15.1H AQHA 3116550 • FQHA 20021

2005 BUCKSKIN/DUN 98.44% FOUNDATION • 15.1H AQHA 4657384 • FQHA 23034







Bloodlines: Frosty Feature, Hunkey Tonk, DVA Maxi Driftwood, Dakota Drift, Peppy San Badger, Wilywood, Ali Jack, Snippy Cowboy, Orphan Drift, Doc's Juniper, Poco Bueno, Pablo San, Benito San, Cow Ladys Drifter, Tuf N Busy, Peptoboonsmal, Jessie Tivio, Genuine Hombre, Tuff Time Peppy, Ciderwood & Drifts Chip.

1999 BLACK 98.44% FOUNDATION • 15.1H AQHA 3803683 • FQHA 23033

Buckskin Filly Sire: Guys Dunwood, Dam: WC Ms Dakota Frost


Dakota Winds Quarter Horses

Dave & Wanda Clarke Owners “Foundation Breeding At Its Best” Box 694 • Howard, SD 57349 (605) 772-5410 THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Bay Stud Sire: DVA Peps Orphanwood Dam: Kenas Frosty Delight Grullo Filly Sire: Doc Superior San, Dam: Blue Bonanza

Page 61

Page 62


ay e e 10 D an t r a Gu Craig & Jolene Deveraux & Family and Jill & Brian Pischke are excited to announce the 3rd Annual...

Elite Performance Stock


June 9th, 2012 • Sale at 1:00pm • Selling 65 head Weston County Fairgrounds in Newcastle, Wyoming

Ranch Horse Competition for Sale Horses Friday June 8th at 1pm General preview at 9am, June 9th before sale BBQ following the Ranch Horse Competition on June 8th compliments of Faron and Staff at Pinnacle Bank!

Craig 307-746-2317 • Jill 307-746-9477

Go to for complete catalog THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Page 63

A look at the ideas and beliefs behind the

The Cowboys Performance Ranch Horse Sale Performance horses that work. Working horses that perform. In the solitude of a lonely cow camp, a few cowboys got talking about their horses, horsemanship, and ways of handling stock. Working cowboys like them, have a special pride in their horses. Great Basin horsemanship runs deep, in their blood, dating back to the vaqueros and cowboys of old. This group along with many other cowboys and trainers, schooled in this tradition, have proven how important a variety of outside work and lots of miles are for producing solid horses, in and out of the arena. These horses have roped thousands of stock, worked cows, traveled in rough country, packed, and gathered in rain, snow, wind, and sun. To further develop their horses abilities, some of these cowboys have taken to the arena, studying and working with top trainers to achieve excellence in reining, cow work, and roping. Many of the cowboys also wished to fine-tune more specialized maneuvers, like turnarounds, leads, and stops. The group notes, that over the last year many well known trainers have written about the advantages of this â&#x20AC;&#x153;cross-trainingâ&#x20AC;? in various horse magazines. They share the belief that the ranch horse has evolved with the performance horse industry, though triedand-true theories have remained unchanged. Many have applied the intelligence, athleticism, and strength developed in ranch horse jobs to excel in performance events. For example, ranch horses that have had hundreds of calves and cows roped off them, in wide open areas, under little pressure, are calm and relaxed about the work they do. The groups belief is that the great variety of challenges presented by real ranch work is important to the development of a well rounded horse. Cowboying, and working off horseback presents the horse with many different situations. Having met these situations, these horses can rope, track cows, cut, and sort competently. The youngest of these, with this solid foundation, are then ready for specialized training in specific competition Continued on page 66... events.

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Page 65

Standing At Stud



Direct Son Of Shootin Gray Sale Price $8000 • Stud Fee: $800 BREED to


Catsanova Cowboy NCHA money earner, and multiple aged event finalist BY HIGH BROW CAT AND FULL BROTHER TO YADA CAT 2009 NCHA FUTURITY CHAMPION $500 Stud Fee To Limited # Of Mares

Outstanding Mares, Show Horses, and Prospects For Sale.

Sycamore Farms

and HAVE a

1150 River Road Drive • Waterloo NE 68069


Mike Christensen Cell 402-720-0540 • Home 402-779-2125



K-Star Quarter Horses Home Of

Ricochet Tucker

Continued from page 64...

This creates prospects that have a solid mind and foundation that can go on and be trained in many different disciplines. To team rope on a started ranch horse, all the horse needs is to be patterned and gotten used to the box. To use this same horse for team penning or sorting, his experience in a no-pressure situation, working with cattle, will help him be relaxed and focused in an arena setting plus, the horse already knows all the basics of working cattle. The same horse could be used as a reined cow horse, cutting horse, reining horse, 4-H, or trail horse. This group of cowboys decided to start a sale 4 years ago. They summed up their ideas and beliefs in a couple of sentences, "Performance Horses that work. Working horses that perform." They offer the best of the horses they have worked with in the past year. As working cowboys and ranchers, selling a few good horses is a vital part of their income. These horses are not culls; they’re each of these cowboys best stock. The cowboys realize that if they didn’t sell their best horses, they wouldn’t be able to continue selling more horses, year after year.

ent Intellig Gentle Muscle one & ellent B


Daniel Kothmann 236 Highway 190 East • P.O. Box 331 • Menard, Tx. 76859

325/396-4340 • 325/656-9181 E-mail: Shipped Semen Available

Page 66

To enhance the competitive spirit of the cowboys and to demonstrate the quality of their horses, all horses are shown in a ranch horse competition before they are sold. Another basic belief of these cowboys is that, Good horses come from wet saddle blankets." Stated on the cowboys website at, " Most ranch horses have more time on them in one year than arena horses have in five years. This experience is invaluable, teaching horses different lessons daily, instead of a routine life of straight arena use. If you want a solid performing, all-around horse, then a ranch performance horse may be just what you’re looking for." A unique sale based on solid ideas, beliefs and a lot of effort. To learn more about this sale, the cowboys and horses, go to their website: THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Waggoner Ranch

Tops Best of the Remuda Sale FORT WORTH, TX – At this year’s Best of the Remuda Sale, held in conjunction with the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo on January 14, both the high seller and top selling mare were consigned by W.T. Waggoner Estate, Electra, Texas. When asked about topping the sale, Waggoner Ranch’s Horse Division Manager, Trace Cribbs said, “We knew Wimpys Hombre was a nice horse, and were excited that we could present him for sale, especially in Fort Worth where we have such a fun weekend. We always want satisfied customers, and it’s gratifying when we see one of consignments sell well. In fact, we are already looking forward to next year, and have selected the horses for the 2013 sale.” This year, Cribbs’ evaluation of Wimpys Hombre proved accurate. The 2008 sorrel stallion by Wimpys Little Step and out of Miss Solano Bee topped the sale at $20,000 and sold to Jim and Marilyn Helzer, owners of JEH Stallion Station, with locations in Texas and Oklahoma. The high selling mare, Greyt Big Diamonds, was also consigned by W.T. Waggoner Estate. This 2007 sorrel mare by Greyt Whiz and out of Poco Tuck Diamonds sold for $11,500 and was purchased by Burnett Ranches (6666’s Ranch), Guthrie, TX. Waggoner Ranch consigned 9 head and averaged $7066. The overall average for 72 head was $3,701. Trace Cribbs, W.T. Waggoner Estate • 940-495-3773

It is easier to acknowledge your horse's faults, once you have acknowledged your own. A wise man speaks because he has something to say, a fool speaks because he has to say something. Life ain't so short that you can't take time to hear a man out. To see the right and not to do it is cowardice.


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❖ CALENDAR OF EVENTS ❖ - AUCTIONS Belle Plaine Western Exchange, Belle Plaine, IA, 319-444-2320,, 2012 Sale Schedule: April 14, regular sale; May 12, Special sale to be announced; June 9, Regular; July 14, Regular; August 11, Regular; Sept 8, Regular; Oct 13, Regular; Nov 11, Regular; Dec 12, Christmas Tack Special. Twin Cities Horse Sales, Cannon Falls, MN, 507-263-4200,, 2012 Sale Schedule: April 10 -All Breed, April 28 -Appaloosa & Qtr, May 8 -All Breed, June 12 -All Breed, July 10 -All Breed, August 14 -All Breed, Sept 11 -All Breed, Sept 22 -Appaloosa & Qtr, Oct 9 -All Breed, Oct 27 -Qtr Horse, Oct 28 -Paint Horse, Nov 10 -All Breed, Dec 8 -All Breed Fort Worth Horse Sales, Ranch Horse Competition & Sale, Diamond W Arena, Fort Worth, TX April 20th - 21st Fischer Farms Annual Production Sale, SD Horse Sale at 1:00 pm, Corsica, SD, 605-3843038 office or 605-384-3123 home, April 21st 2012 National Clydesdale Sale, Michiana Event Center, Howe, IN, 815-247-8780, www.clydesusa. com April 26th - 28th Pitzer Ranch Spring Sale, Pitzer Ranch, Ericson, NE. 308-653-2134 April 28th Horse Creek Sale Company, LLC, Adams Co. Fairgrounds, Brighton, CO 970-345-2543 or April 28th Lolli Bros. Livestock Market Inc.,Registered Catalog Sale, Macon, MO 660-385-2516 or May 5th 36th Annual Colts in Training Sale, University of WI, River Falls, WI 715-425-3704 or www. May 5th Historic Deadwood Horse Sale, Seven Downs Arena, Spearfish, SD www.deadwoodhorsesale. com or 605-578-3200 May6th 9th Annual Historic Deadwood Horse Sale, Seven Down Event Center, Spearfish, SD, 605578-3200 May 6th All Breeds Consignment Horse Sale, Bowman Livestock Auction at 12 noon, Bowman, ND 701568-3099 or 701-720-6674 May 6th Double J Horse Sales, Consignment Sale, Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, ND 701-2303044 or May 6th Sandhills Select Gentle Gelding Horse Sale, Gordon Livestock Auction, Gordon, NE 307-4311226 or 308-282-1171 May 12th Page 68

Bucking Horse & Bull Sale, Gordon Livestock Auction, Gordon, NE, 307-431-1226 or 308-2821171 May 13th "WYO" Quarter Horse Ranch Sales, Hot Springs Co. Fairgrounds, Thermopolis, WY, 307-8645671 May 19th Farmers & Ranchers Livestock Spring Spectacular Catalog Sale, Salina, KS, 785-8250211,, May 19th & 20th Hermiston Horse Sale, Open & Cataloged Sale Hermiston, OR 541-567-6649 May 19th - 20th Farmers & Ranchers Livestock, Spring Spectacular Sale, Salina, KS 785-825-0211 May 19th - 20th Clovis Horse Sales Summer Sale, Clovis, NM 575-762-4422 or May 25th - 27th 3rd Annual Full House Elite Performance Horse Sale, Weston Co. Fairgrounds at 1:00 pm, Newcastle, WY 307-746-2317 or 307-746-9477 June 9th Simon Horse Co., Summer Special Sale, Simon Arena, Cannon Falls, MN 507-263-4200 June 12th Broken Arrow Saddle Club Performance Horse/ Colt Sale, Club Arena, Hebron, ND 701-8784001, June 22nd Arrow P Equine Sales, Tulsa Stockyards, Tulsa, OK. 918-343-2688 or sale day phone 918-2343438. 1st Thursday of the Month Mountain View Horse Sale, Mountain View, OK, 405-226-0630,, 4th Saturday of Each Month Long Prarie Livestock Auction Market, Long Prarie, MN. 320-732-2255. 4th Friday of Every month Rio Grand Classic Livestock Auction, El Paso TX. 915-858-0590 Horse Sales, Weekly, 3rd Thrsday @ 5 pm Cattle Sales, Every Other Monday @ 5 pm Parrish Horse Company Horse Sales, Wagner OK, 918-485-1095, Monthly Horse Sale. Tack 5 PM, Horses 6 pm 2nd Friday of each month Waukon Horse Sales, LLC, Waukon, IA 563-3825001, 2nd Saturday monthly @ 11 am Horse Creek Sale Co., Henderson, CO, 970-3452543 or 970-554-0564, Tack @ 10 am, Horses @ 4 pm. Except July & December Last Saturday monthly Freeman Livestock Auction, Sulphur, OK, 580-6225080 Regular Horse Sales Every other Monday Pecatonical Equine Center, Horse & Tack Auctions, P.E.C. Sale Barn, Pecatonica, IL, 815-239-9197. 1st Wednesday @ 6 pm, 3rd Saturday @ 9 am Belle Plaine Western Exchange, Belle Plaine, IA, All Breed Horse & Tack Sale, Tack @ 10 AM, Horses @

12, 319-444-2320. 2nd Saturday of each month North Texas Horse Sales, LLP, Monthly Catalog Sale, Whitesboro, TX, 903-564-9442. Last Tuesday of every month Miller Land & Livestock Auction, Lyndon Station, WI. 608-524-0365. 3rd Saturday of every month Jackson Livestock Exchange Horse Sale, Jackson, MN, 507-847-5679. 1st Sunday Every Month Double S Livestock, Monthly Horse & Tack Sale, Civil War Arena, Carthage, MO, 417-358-6369, 1st & 3rd Thursday monthly Kalona Horse Sale, Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA, 319-656-2222. First Monday of Every Month Rolla Horse Auction, St. James, MO, 573-265-8813, Regular Monthly Horse Sale, Tack @ 2 pm, Horses @ 6 pm 1st & 3rd Saturdays Galesburg Horse & Tack Sale, Heart of IL Arena, Peoria, IL 309-342-5888. 3rd Sunday of every month Missouri Horse Auction, All Breed Horse Sale, Springfield, MO. 417-725-3333, Last Friday of each month White’s Equine Sale & Services, Diamond, MO 417-325-4141, Regular Monthly Sales, Second & last Wednesday Waukon Horse Sales, Northeast Iowa Sales Commission, Waukon, IA, 563-382-5001. Every 2nd & 4th Saturday Midwest Regional Stockyards Horse Sale, Mexico, MO, 573-581-2250. Regular Monthly Sales 2nd & 4th Saturday monthly M & M Ranch & Outfitters Monthly Consignment Sale Horse, Mule, Tack & Equipment Auctions, Sparta, WI, 877-521-2579. 3rd Saturday of each month Heely Livestock Marketing, Inc., Nevada, MO 800-456-1535, Monthly Horse Sale, Tack @1pm, Horses @ 3 pm 1st Saturday of every month Gordon Livestock Auction, Gordon, NE, 308-282-1171. Last Tuesday of every month - BARREL RACING 4D Barrel Race Double Headers, Hollibaugh Arena, Chadron, NE 308-430-1475 or 308-638-7225 April 1st MTO1 NBHA Winter Barrel Series, Miller's Horse Palace, Billings, MT 406-651-8849 April 1st & 22nd Rodeo Rigs presents "Dreamin' of Summer" Barrel Series Finals, All Seasons Arena at 12:30, Bowman, ND 605-381-0390 or 605-210-0379 April 7th Golliher Arena Spring Barrel Racing Series, 12 noon, Belle Fourche, SD 605-642-5363 or April 14th, 15th, 29th Frollic Winter Series, Mountrail Co. Fair Building, NWBRA sanctioned, Stanley, ND 701-720-5100 April 14th, 21st, 28th Continued on 70... THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Denison Iowa

Quarter Horse Shows Western Iowa Expo Building – Crawford County Fairgrounds – Denison, Iowa

Choose your favorite event or go for all-around awards!

Circuit Awards given each weekend Overall circuit awards per class, when horses are shown to all judges over the 3 weekends Show management the same all 3 weekends: Show Manager – Robert Sleight, 712-269-2908 Show Secretary – Diane Olson, 402-464-0754 Each weekend: Roping, Working Cow Horse, & Reining Special Events Plus 3 Full Shows. Find showbill at: May 26 – May 29, 2012: Sponsored by IQHA District 6 June 14 – June 17, 2012: Sponsored by IQHA District 7, IQHA District 8, and Nishna Valley Saddle Club

July 4 – July 8, 2012: Sponsored by Crawford County Quarter Horse. New this year! Team Penning & Team Sorting Special Event July 4th

Extra, Extra read all about it - Just for our dedicated ropers! Battle for the Saddle

Show to 3 of 4 judges at 5 circuits: Sioux Falls, SD (April), Brookings, SD (June) plus the 3 Denison circuits in May, June, and July Open Award for horse showing in roping events Amateur Award for horse/exhibitor showing in roping events Awards given in Denison at July show


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❖ CALENDAR OF EVENTS ❖ Ashley Arena Barrel Racing Series at 1:00 pm, Aug. 1st, 8th, & 15th Pukwana, SD 605-778-6885 or 605-730-1073 1at Annual Prospector Challenge, Open 4D Barrel April 14th Race with Futurity, Central States Fairgrounds, Rapid Barrel Racing Clinics with Lisa Lockhart, 2012 NFR City, SD Barrell Racer, Chadron, NE Sammy at canstochase@ June 1st - 3rd April 19th - 20th Nebraska NBHA Finals, Broken Bow, NE, www.nbha.

6th Annual Triple Turn Classic, All Season Event com June 15th - 17th Complex, Bowman, ND 701-523-1361 Friday Night Lights, Rounds Arena at Central State April 20th - 22nd Fairgrounds, Rapid City, SD 605-430-9480 NBHA/IBRA Barrel Race, Monroe Co. Fairgrounds, June 15th & 29th Waterloo IL 618-458-7289 or NWBRA Barrels & Poles, Ferrels Arena, Hay Springs, April 28th & June 2nd - 3rd NE June 24th,July 8th & 22nd Barrel Racing Clinics with Lisa Lockhart, 2012 NFR Barrel Racer, Circle T Arena, Hermosa, SD contact Sammy at April 30th - May 1st May 29th - 30th

Prairie Hills Barrels & Poles practice, Prairie Hills Ranch, Prairie Du Chien, WI. Starting January 6th, Every Sunday @ 1:00

Breed- Working Cow Horse & Reining Classes, Bounds Showtime Arena, Deerfield, WI, 414-4803221 or May 5th - 6th Cowboy States Reining Horse Association's 2012 NRHA/AQHA/CSRHA "Energy City Classic & Derby" Gillette, WY-Camplex 307-587-9626 May 31 - June 3 Crazy Horse Spampede Rodeo, Custer, SD, www. June 15th - 17th - RODEO 12th Annual Cowboys of Color Rodeo, State Fair Coliseum, Oklahoma City, OK May 5th Circle C Junior Rodeo Series, Alden, IA 641-6489936 or May 20th, July 29th, & Aug. 25th IRCA/URA Rodeo, Dayton Wrangler Arena, Dayton, IA 515-509-3050 July 14th T - ROPING Golliher & Hollers Breakaway Clinic, Golliher Arena, Belle Fourche, SD 605-642-5363 April 5th - 7th Bobby Harris Annual Team Roping School, CamPlex, Gillette, WY 605-852-2028 April 6th - 8th Joe Beaver Roping School, Twin Cities Horse Sales, Randolph, MN, 507-263-4200, www. May 4th - 7th Belle Jackpot Assoc. ( Barrels, Poles, Goats, Calf Roping, Breakaway, & Team Roping), Belle Fourche Round Up Grounds, Bell Fourche, SD 605-347-9166 May 30th, June 6th, & 13th COWGIRLS CAN ROPE SERIES,for 2012 schedule, call 608-372-9169 or River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA, Roping, sorting, etc. practice in arena, all season at 5:00 pm. Every Thursday Prairie Hills Ranch Team Roping Practice, Prairie Hills Ranch, Prairie Du Chien, WI, 608-326-6167. Starting January 5th. Every Saturday @ 1:00 Roping Practice, Dented K Ranch, St. Joseph, MN, 320-363-8697, Every Sunday @ 12:00 Flickerwood Arena, Jackson, MO, 573-243-3876. Open Team Roping Practice Thursday nights @ 7:00pm, Beginners & #3’s & above: varying Tuesday nights @ 7:00 pm Team Roping Jackpots, Rockin H Arena, Huron, KS, 913-847-6706. Practice Roping, every Friday night @ 7 pm. Except Fridays before Jackpots! Skylite Stables, St. Charles, IL, 630-443-8880; Every Friday night, 7 pm Roping Practice, Double J Arena; Balsam Lake, WI, 715-857-5505, Thursday Evenings Team Roping Practice, Salt Creek Arena, Boyd, TX, 940-389-1182, Tuesdays @ 7 pm

Barrel Racing, Circle J Arena, Buckhead, GA, Big J Barrel Blast Events, National Cattle Congress 706-818-2597, Tuesdays Grounds, Waterloo, IA 515-571-4281 or www. Pole & Barrel Ex/4D Jackpot, Salt Creek Arena, Boyd, TX, 817-677-3320. Thursdays @ 6 pm May 4th -6th, July 6th - 8th - CUTTING Three Can Tango 4D with 1/2 second splits and added $ each day, NWBRA sanctioned, Cottonwood View website: Arena, Silesia, MT 406-628-6456 , www. - RANCH HORSES May 4th - 6th Ranch Horse Show Series #1, jackpot roping, NE 4D Co-Approved Race, Custer Co. Fairgrounds, extreme trail course competition, River Valley Broken Bow, NE 308-641-8821 Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878 May 4th - 6th 3888 April 20th - 22nd NBHA/IBRA Barrel Race, King City Saddle Club, Fort Worth Horse Sales, Ranch Horse Competition Mount Vernon, IL 618-458-7289 or www.nbhail05. & Sale, Diamond W Arena, Fort Worth, TX www. com May 5th - 6th April 20th -21st Spring Barrel Blast, Goshen Co. Fairgrounds, Iowa Ranch Horse Assoc Clinics & Shows: May 12-13, Cattle Clinic, KJB Ranch, Peosta, IA 563Torrington, WY May 5th - 6th Frolic Winter Series, Mountrail Co. Fair Building, 542-5717; June 2-3, Show, Central IA Fairgrounds, Marshalltown, IA 602-510-5570; July 28, Show, NWBRA sanctioned, Stanley, ND 701-720-5100 Top Rail Saddle Club Arena, Lake City, IA 712 May 5th 464-86100 Ashley Arena Barrel Racing Series at 1:00 pm, Ranch Horse Show Series #2, River Valley Pukwans, SD 605-778-6885 or 605-730-1073 Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878 May 6th 3888 May 18th - 20th IBRA at the SD State Fairgrounds - Beef Complex, Northern Lights NVRHA Clinic & Competition; NWBRA sanctioned, Huron, SD 605-237-8681 Clinicians - Neil Henning & Bonnie Minor, River May 11th - 13th Falls, WI May 19th - 20th 4D Barrel Race Double Headers, Hollibaugh Arena, Northern Lights NVRHA Clinic & Competition; Chadron, NE 308-430-1475 or 308-638-7225 Clinicians - Mary Leonhart & TBD, Cannon Falls, May 13th MN June 9th - 10th NE 4D Co-Approved 4D Run, 12 noon, Logan Co. Ranch Horse Show Series #3, River Valley Fairgrounds, Stapleton, NE 308-530-8676 Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878 May 20th,June10th,July1st 3888 June 15th - 17th Sept. 9th, Ranch Horse Show Series #4, River Valley Double Header Barrel Race, Johnson Arena, Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878July 20th - 22nd Crawford, NE May 26th, June 9th, & 30th 3888 July 24th, Aug. 14th & 28th Monte Bruce Cow Horse, Ranch Roping and/or Sept. 18th & 29th Team Penning Practice, Long Creek Arena, Belle Jackpot Assoc. (Barrels, Poles, Goats, Calf Washington, IA. 319-653-4892, Call before you Team Roping & Calf Roping, Circle J Arena, Every Sunday @1 PM Roping, Breakaway, & Team Roping), Belle Fourche haul. Buckhead, GA, 706-818-2597, Round Up Grounds at 6 pm, Belle Fourche, SD 605- REINING Wednesday's @ 7 PM 347-9166 May 30th, June 6th, &13th Midwest Cow Horse & Reining Assoc. - AQHA & All Continued on 72... July 11th & 18th, Page 70


Enroll your Stallions Horseshoe N Ranch South East Sorting Horse Association & Hoss Arena presents

February Buckle Series Four Buckles High Money Earning Champion &Reserve Champion

Open and 7 Class Combined 3 Class and 5 Class Combined Awards for High Money Earning Pro for the Pro/NP Awards for High Money Earning Am in the Pro/Am

Royal ak Saddles R


kw a l l , T X

Official Saddle of the

Hoss Arena Rising Fawn, GA For more information, contact George Burnham 702.595.5125

Susie Burnahm 423.443.6225

Contact Rick Gaston 573-315-7701 Rick Goodman 214-952-8583


Jared Lesh Cowhorses, Inc, offers Team Penning and Ranch Sorting group clinics and private lessons instructed by Jared Lesh. **Horses for sale** **Clinics** **Saddles for sale** Email - Email Phone (405) 269-3467 Address- 10801 E Highway 82

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3221 or May 5th - 6th Bertram Team Penning Club: April 7th- Practice Penning; April 21st- Spring Buckle #1; May 5th- Practice Penning; Midwest Cow Horse & Reining Assoc, Club Show, May 19th- Spring Buckle #2; June 2nd- Practice Penning; West 20 Arena, East Troy, WI. 414-801-3221 or www. July 21st June 16th- Spring Buckle #3, Blue Bonnet Arena, Burnet, TX Team Sorting/Working Cow Horse Practice, JJ Arena, Hawkeye Team Penning, Long Creek Arena, Washington, Balsam Lake, WI, 715-857-5505,, Thursdays & Fridays @ 5:30 IA. 319-653-4892, Cow Horse, Ranch Roping and/or Team Penning Practice, Call before you haul. - MISCELLANEOUS Every Sunday @ 1:00 2nd Annual Summit of the Horse, Embassy Suites Team Penning Practice, Ox Bow Arena, Belmond, IA. at Will Rogers Airport, Oklahoma City, OK www. 515-444-7244. Every Friday night @ 7 pm April 2nd - 5th Practice Pen Nights, Circle J Arena, Buckhead, GA. 706- The Clinton Anderson Walkabout Tour 2012: 818-2597, Tuesdays @ 7 pm June16 -17 in Des Moines, IA; Aug. 4 -5 in Fresno, Conchran Corral Pen 'Em Up-Sort 'Em Out, Williamsburg, CA; Sept. 8 -9 in Kalispell, MT; Oct. 27 -28 in Lufkin, TX. 888-287-7432, IA. 319-330-7506, Every Other Saturday Auditions! The American Competitive Trail Horse Assoc. will hold auditions for the upcoming reality Hutchason Longhorn Team Sorting, Mt. Vernon, IL. show "America's Favorite Trail Horse 2012". 618-244-7711. Practice @ 7:00 Information & registration available at 2nd & 4th Friday monthly River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA, all Willow Brook Farms Natural Horsemanship Centerseason sorting, roping, etc. practice in arena at 5:00 ARCHA Horse Shows: April 14-15, May 5-6, June pm 319-878-3888 Every Thursday 16-17; Clinics/Workshops: April 28-30, 5 Star David -TEAM SORTING -

Team Sorting Practice, Rolla Horse Auction, Lichman & Joanna Mendl Shaw; May 8-12, 5 Star St James, MO. 573-263-4232, Call for Jackpot John Baar & 4 Star Kathy Baar; May 18-20, Peggy dates Every Friday evening Brown Clinic; May 21-25, Stay & Play with Cows; Team Sorting/Working Cow Horse Practice, JJ Arena, June 1-4, 3 Star Kelly Sigler; June 9-10, Peter Fuller Balsam Lake, WI, 715-857-5505,, Cow Working Clinics; June 22-25, 4 Star Christi Rains Workshops; 610-264-3006 Thursdays & Fridays@5:30 Team Sorting Practice, Gaston 7 Cross Ranch, Iowa Horse Fair & Expo, State Fairgrounds, Des Caledonia, MO, 573-697-1044 or 573-697-5614, Moines, IA, 641-342March 30th - April 1st Every Friday Night @ 7 pm 4436 Team Sorting, Moville, Iowa Fairgrounds, Equine Affaire Ohio, Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, OH 712-258-0832, 6:30 warm up, 7:30 start April 12th - 15th Every Friday night Team Sorting, Shepherd Valley Cowboy Church Midwest Horse Fair, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Arena, Joshua, TX, 817-774-3448, WI or 920-623-5515 April 20th - 22nd Every Saturday night @ 6 pm Team Sorting Jackpot, Dented K Ranch, St. Joseph, 3rd Annual Big Wyoming Horse Expo, Wyoming State Fair Indoor Equine Ctr, Douglas, WY 307-266MN, 320-363-8697. Practices @ 12:00 4922 April 20th - 22nd Every Saturday Conchran Corral,"Pen 'Em Up-Sort 'Em Out",Williamsburg, Vet & farrier clinic with Keosauqua Vet Clinic & farrier Charlie Terrell, River Valley Horsecamp & Iowa, 319-330-7506 Every Other Saturday Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878-3888 - WORKING COW HORSE April 21st Reined Cowhorse Clinic with Dave Dillman & Aaron Ralston, Dave Dillman Performance Horses, Calhan, MSU Equine Conference, Bozeman GranTree Inn, Bozeman, MT 406-994-7953 April 21st CO. 970-274-4346 or 719-495-9433 Am. Competitive Trail Horse Assoc Trail Challenge, April 6th - 8th Midwest Cow Horse & Reining Assoc. - AQHA & All buckle series, River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Breed- Working Cow Horse & reining classes, Farmington, IA. 319-878-3888 April 21st - 22nd Bounds Showtime Arena, Deerfield, WI. 414-480- Page 72

Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Ashley Arena, Pukwana, SD 605-778-6885 or 605-730-1073 April 22nd & May 6th Minnesota Horse Expo - Trade Show & Breed Exhibition, MN State Fairgrounds, St. Paul, MN 877462-8758 April 27th - 29th Spring Riding Clinic with Cody Keller, River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878-3888 April 28th - 29th Mother's Day Trail Ride & Poker Run, River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-8783888 May 12th - 13th The Ride Way Clinic: Cattle Working, Shamrock Stables Arena, Augusta, ME. 207-485-1044 May 18th - 20th Extreme Trail Race, J Bar D Ranch, Geneva, NE 402759-3095 May 19th Colt Starting Clinic with Cody Keller, River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878-3888 May 26th - 27th The Ride Way Clinic: Cattle Working, Bosque Farms Rodeo Assoc Arena, Bosque Farms, NM 505-5145787 May 26th - 27th Denison, IA Qtr Horse Shows: Western Iowa Expo Bldg, Crawford Co. Fairgrounds, Denison, IA See showbill at May 26-29, June 14-17, July 4 AmerEquine Festival of the Horse, Equine exposition, marketplace, & music festival, Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, TX June 1st - 3rd 5th Annual Cowboy Fun Colt Starting Competition, River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878-3888 June 1st - 3rd Pony Express Riders of Iowa trail ride, dance, & fun, River Valley Horsecamp & Lodge, Farmington, IA. 319-878-3888 June 8th - 10th Nebraska High Country Ride the Ridge, Ash Creek Ranch, Crawford, NE 308-665-1580 or 308-6672754 June 9th & 16th 20th Annual SD Mule Ride, Moon, SD, Jana Morris 605-209-1384 June 14th - 16th SD Paint Horse Club Annual Black Hills Ride, Broken Arrow Campground, Custer, SD 605-754-6415 June 29th - July 1st Intermountain Equifest, Eastern Idaho Fairgrounds, Blackfoot, ID June 29th - July 1st The Ride Way Clinic: Cattle Working, County Line Stables Arena, Amsterdam, NY 518-842-2978 July 7th - 8th Cowboy Mounted Shooters; For More Information, THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Iowa Ranch Horse Association All Breeds

2012 Clinics & Shows May 12-13, 2012 - 2 Day Cattle Clinic KJB Ranch, Peosta, Iowa Contact Ken Bergfeld 563-542-5717 June 2- 3, 2012 - Shows Central Iowa Fairgrounds, Marshalltown Contact: Krista Oldham, 602-510-5570 July 28, 2012 - Show Top Rail Saddle Club Arena, Lake City Contact: Warren Norgrant, 712-464-8610 July 29, 2012 - Show Two Horn Arena, Auburn Contact: Lee Petzenhauser, 712-688-2896 Aug 25 - 26, 2012 - Show The Natural Gait, NE Iowa Contact: Krista Oldham, 602-510-5570 Sept 8, 2012- Clinic * Sept 9, 2012 - Show Audubon, IA Contact: Mike Christiansen, 712-310-1810 Sept 15 - 16, 2012- Shows Central Iowa Fairgrounds, Marshalltown

Contact: Krista Oldham, 602-510-5570

Consignment Horse Sale Sunday May 6th, 2012 Bowman, ND Ranch Horse Competition 6 am MDT Sale at 12 noon MDT The Upper Midwest’s Premiere Consignment Sale. For a Catalog or more information.

Joe 701-230-3044 John 701-720-6674

View catalog on our website "We don’t sell the most; we try to sell the best.”

Double J Horse Sales Bowman Auction Market

Dayton Wranglers Saddle Club

IRCA/ URA Rodeo Dayton Wrangler Arena, Dayton, IA

SATURDAY, JULY 14TH, 2012 7:00 PM • 11 AM SLACK

Mutton Bustin call in only 6-9 PM on 7/11 Ages 4-7 up to 60 lbs CALL IN # 515-571-2832

Rodeo Information :Michael Frost: 515- 509-3050




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Many of us in the horse world have heard about the sport of reining lately. So what is it all about? Why should we care if we are trail riding, moving cattle, barrel racing, team roping, or just keeping a nice horse around for when we have company? Reining horses have been trained specifically for reining events, giving them a good foundation for when we start any type of program. Taking time out to improve your horsemanship will reinforce a lot of basics to you and your horse. He will become better broke and be more controllable, with you both being more confident when the pressure is on. Spend time just riding your horse. Simple things like riding him up into your hands with your legs, moving off your legs, speed transitions, or just stopping and standing still, will reap rewards later during your rides. To be able to get him to speed up, slow down, stop, bend and flex, respond to leg pressure, and be soft in the bridle takes time, but is time well spent. It really makes a difference, whatever you do on a welltrained horse! So, who is the Cowboy States Reining Horse Association? We are a grass roots affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association! We represent five states……North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Central and Eastern Montana, and Western Nebraska, but we certainly don’t limit our membership to those states alone. Everyone is more than welcome! Our membership is comprised of friendly cowboys and cowgirls who enjoy our horses and participating in the sport of reining. Come join us sometime – you are all invited to come to our clinics, lessons, fun-days, jackpots, banquets, and shows! You can visit our website at to complete a membership application which is just $20 per year for an individual; $30 per year for a family; $10 per year for youth; and $25 per year for a joint membership. What are the objectives of the CSRHA? We aim to promote and encourage the development of public interest in agriculture and ranching through the promotion of public reining horse shows; the development of suitable and proper standards of performance and judging intended to govern all reining horse contests sponsored and approved by the National Reining Horse Association; to encourage the development and breeding of better reining horses; and to develop and disseminate informational material deemed desirable Page 74

to provide contestants and spectators a better understanding of a proper performance of the reining horse in the show arena. What is a ‘reining’ horse? A reining horse may be of any breed, size, shape or color (a legal size horse). To rein a horse is not only to guide him, but also to control his every movement. The best reined horse should be willingly guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance and dictated to completely. And what is the CSRHA’s purpose? We strive to promote and encourage interest and participation in the sport of reining through informational clinics and public reining horse shows. Our shows will adhere to the standards of performance and judging as set down by the National Reining Horse Association. Check out the CSRHA at Our website will give you lots of good information including dates of upcoming events, points-of contact, and information about our NRHA affiliate. You may also visit us on facebook and become one of our fans by visiting us at http:// and typing in Cowboy States Reining Horse Association in the “search” box at the top of the screen. Reining events in and around the great state of Wyoming are really starting to take off and flourish! We’d love to have you join the fun! If you would like to join and/or get involved with our organization, you can also contact our president, Joan Broadbent at 307/587-9626, our vice-president, Greg Paris, at 307/754-4288, or our secretary, Kristy Wheeler at 307/587-6328. We certainly welcome new faces, new ideas, and new energy! If you have any news, upcoming events, photos and/ or stories to share about clinics, shows, jackpots, fundays, or anything associated with reining, feel free contact Peggy Peterson at or 307/851-0443. We’re always delighted to receive information about our members, their accomplishments,

or anything we can include in our articles to help everyone keep in touch. Please remember that our publications do have deadlines, so the sooner she receives your updates, the better the chance of getting them in print!




10:35 AM

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Photo By:


Rhett Savo



Photo By:

elter Marty W



Fri & Sat: 8:30am - 9:30pm • Sun: 8:30am-5:00pm Expo Daily Admission: Ages 13-61 $9, Ages 6-12 & 62+ $6 Rodeo Admission in addition to Expo Admission PRCA Rodeo - Featuring Jerry Wayne Olson Fri & Sat 7pm, Sun 3pm Rodeo Admission $4-$10



Horse Expo Tack and Clothing Sale managed by the 4-H Horse Association Consignment Information and Tags: 320-355-2142


Page 75

❖ CLASSIFIEDS ❖ – Horses For Sale -Wolter Ranch Foundation Quarter Horses. Jessie James, Poco Bueno, King, Hancock. Real Old Time Texas Cow Horses. 903-623-4106 TX D Herd Dispersal Sale: Must sell 22 head of registered American Quarter Horses. Most all horses are broke to ride, some are broodmares due to injury and some are well bred prospects. Several are even started on barrels. All ages and all colors, nice prospects. No haggle priced at $2000 each. Call early to get the pick of the lot. Full list on my web site www.competitiveequine. com or call 214-801-5879 TX R For Sale: MJH Dukes Lady, AQHA #3537354, 16 yr old mare. True black mare with 4 short, white socks, used as a barrel racing mare. Bred and raised by Jayne Harris, Gillette, WY. Breeze Bar on top with Thirsty Leo on the bottom. This is a top conformation mare that is correct in every way. The hard to find kind. Mare is located in eastern OK. $2500 Call Bob 405-401-5363 OK D For Sale: Roan Grulla, Hancock Blue Valentine Stallion, 10 yrs old, proven producer. $2500.580271-1400 OK R For Sale: 3 year old Son of Leo Hancock Hayes, Light Sorrel, flax mane, tail, and 4 flax socks, nice conformation, 52% Blue Vallentine 918-326-4521 OK R 8 yr. old, 15 hand Grey gelding, very gentle but quick. Has been used as turnback horse. $3,000

Page 76

firm. 815-246-9071 or 815-228-3553



Gray 2008 Bodee Boonsmal daughter, $3300, call 701-678-2730 ND R For Sale: Roan Buckskin, Hancock & Driftwood Ike Bred Stallion, 10 yrs. old, broke to rope both ends. $4000. 580-271-1400 OK R MUST SELL due to draught, 80 head AQHA performance bred Quarter Horses. All colors, all ages, King, Driftwood, & Hancock bred. 580-2711400. OK Q 2010 Dual Lena San X MH Movin Conchita X Movin On Hickory colt. $2500 cash 701-6782730 ND R OPEN SPEAR RANCH, quality quarter horses. Working cow horse, cutting, reining bred. Mountain raised. Great selection. www., 406-537-2333 MT D

GUY, others. Lots of Color. Colored Foal Guarantees. $750 Fee. Discounts available. First Semen Shipment FREE. Also, Broodmares, Yearlings, Foals for sale. or 580-471-4040 OK Sons of: Dash For Perks, Fire Water Flit, Streakin Six, Marthas Six Moons, Frenchmans Guy, First Down Dash, others. Lots of Color. $750. fee First semen shipment FREE. Also, Foals for sale. 580-471-4040 OK

Horses Wanted – Wanted: Homo Black tobiano yearling, run pedigree. Trade for bay Cleveland Bay/QH yearling colt (King Leo Bar), $5,000 equal value. Prefer Alberta located. CN U

Grandaughters and grandsons of Cutter ❖ CLASSIFIEDSWanted: Bill. ❖ 417-376-8003 MO D

POCO BUENO, Circle G Ranch has the highest percentage Poco Bueno bloodlines in Southwest Missouri. Horses that actually look like Poco Bueno. 417-683-3103 evenings. MO D

STUD PROSPECTS: 3 High percentage of Blue Valentine Studs - 2 Blue roans out of Rowdy Blue Man daughters. 1 Sorrel flaxen mane and tail, 4 flaxen socks, son of Leo Hancock Hayes, 52% Blue Valentine. Reasonably Priced. 918-3264521 OK D


KES_Inc_MQHA10.indd 1

Wanted: True Blue Roan stallion, 2 yrs or older, all black feet close up, performance bloodlinesson or grandson. 605-772-5410 or dakotawinds@ SD U Need running bred broodmares to cross on Sugar Bar Flit/ Leo Bar (AAA) stallion. Will lease, buy, and foal share options. 903-357-8790 TX R Wanted: High percentage (20%) Driftwood broodmares WITHOUT crosses to Driftwood Ike bloodlines. or 501658-6114 U


12/9/09 3:22:49 PM

❖ CLASSIFIEDS ❖ Wanted: Well broke sons & daughters of World Champion stallion Losome Little Bro. 405-3832109 OK U Wanted: Breeding age stallion by world champion Losome Little Bro. 405-383-2109 OK U Wanted: Decendents of Crockett Gay Bar & Gays Best. Breeding sound. 810-632-7308 MI U If you are looking for a horse with specific bloodlines, training, age, etc. Complete the attached Classified Advertising Order Form and mail it to The Working Horse Magazine. We will place it in our Horses Wanted section at no charge. 25 words or less. Wanted: Running bred AQHA mares, T.B, AQHA Appendix for broodmares to raise rodeo timed event colts. (no barren or very aged). 903-4212455 or 903-357-8790 TX Want to breed to a special horse using frozen semen. Grandsire bloodline is Dash For Cash, 1973 stallion, on top and Shawne Bug, 1974 stallion, on bottom. 903-777-3933 TX Wanted: Royal King Bred Mares. Prefer 25%. Send information to PO Box 188, Comer, GA





Wanted: Grandaughters of Poco Bueno, Jessie James and King 940-586-1438 TX

Used drill pipe, approx. 30 ft long, 2 3/8 & 2 7/8, 300 peices. $25.00 ea. 989-732-2758 MI I

Wanted: Blue Roan stallion. At least 2 years old. Must mature to 15. hands +. 831-245-5050 I

Wanted: Would the party who called on the Gry mare by Miss N Cash please send the information requested to K.A.- RR 6 Box 36C- Fountain, CO D 80817 or call 719-382-3712 CO

Wanted: Sugar Bar bred horses to consign on Sugarbars Legacy Sale Sept. 21st, Sheridan, WY. or call: 605-8927731 WY I Wanted: Finished and started cutting horses, if they need tuned, legged up that's alright give us a call. 417-452-2278; Springfield, MO Will buy Cutter Reject Trainer Prefer Top blood lines Pepto Cat, etc. Must be fully trained, sale, market 817-558-2064 I Wanted: Palomino/Buckskin daughters of Fiddle On Jack, Speedy Stinker Jack, Mr. Joe Cop Mike. 402-276-3368 NE I

– Miscellaneous Lance Scheffel: Reining, cowhorse, showing, colts started. Training & lessons, Boarding & sales, Rice Lake, WI 715-296-0093,

View The Working Horse online at

No Phone Orders Please!

Mail to: The Working Horse, 0355 Watson Divide Road Snowmass • Colorado 81654

Classified Advertising Order Form (payment

must be enclosed for your ad to appear.)

Your Name: _ __________________________________ Phone #: _ ___________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ City: _ _______________________________________ , State:________________ , Zip: __________________ Amount Enclosed: $_ ____________________________ Months Ad will appear:__________________________ Print your ads clearly or type them, Thank You!

Classified Will Read:

––––––– ––––––– ––––––– –––––––

––––––– ––––––– ––––––– –––––––

––––––– ––––––– ––––––– –––––––




Please include all punctuation & capitalization.

––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– $17.00


––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– $17.80

As indicated above, the minimum order for a Classified Ad is $15.00. This covers the first 20 words. Add 40¢ for each additional word. Each telephone number counts as one word. Check or Money Order must be included with this form. MasterCard & Visa accepted. No Refunds after ad has been received. The Working Horse is a monthly publication and deadlines are the 6th of each month prior to publication. THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

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❖ Horses For Sale ❖

Featuring the bloodlines of Leo and Joe Hancock

OUR HORSES RIDE! “A Gathering of Horses Raised Here” HORSECAMP AND LODGE

Farmington, IA - 319.878.3888

Driftwood Horses For Sale Driftwood Horses For Roping Jet Of Honor for Barrel Racing Plus Color and Disposition 40 Head of Geldings For Sale at all Times


DRIFTWOOD & HANCOCK QUARTER HORSES Home of several stallions and mares over 25% Joe Hancock HORSES AVAILABLE FOR SALE Horses with color, conformation, and disposition in various stages of training.

Check our website Lazy M Horses POB 2111 Carlsbad, NM, 88221

Always horses for sale!! Foundation bred Quarters and Paints Gwartney Quarter Horses • Jimmie & Marilyn Gwartney Route 2 Box 56 • Earlsboro, Ok. 74840 • 405-997-5429

Frank Higgs


Diamond Slash Ranch • • • • •

2010 and 2011 Foals Available

Quarter Horses

4H Quarter Horses

"Good Lookin - Good Doin" Horses Joe Reed P-3 x Freckles Playboy Bloodlines Ranch Heritage Breeders

Hancock, Skipper W, Driftwood, Leo

Blue Valentine Breeding We have some of the highest percentage of Blue Valentine breeding!! Blue Roans Colts & Mares! Leo Hancock Hayes & Rowdy Blue Man

Frank Higgs Vicki--480-326-8219 Jim--480-982-1551 Page 78

3921 E 109th St. N. Valley Center, Kansas, 67147

Home: 316-755-0521 Cell: 316-259-1078 Established in 1961

Discount prices on all horses! 4H Quarter Horses Ranch Colcord, OK 918-326-4521 THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

❖ Horses For Sale ❖

Lawrence Quarter Horses

OFFERING FOR SALE: CEE BOOGER ROANO 1999 Solid Red Roan Stallion #3865600


Senor Gooseberry

1995 AQHA Bay Stallion • 15.2 H • 1,200 lbs

King Senor Bailey LH Jo Ann (Joe Bailey) Diamond N Senor Poco K Jo Lady Poco Carson Lady Carson Blue Valentine (Red Man) Gooseberry Fox Hastings (Plenty Coup) Heather Gooseberry Jets Sabre Heather Dividend Heather Heller

Ben Ish Quarter Horses

Chester , Montana 406-432-2571 or 406-432-5532

14.3 Hands 1200 Lbs.

For Sale (12) 2011 Colts & Fillies By Fiddle On Jack, Watch Joe Jack & Dallas Cowboy Studs! Grulla, Buckskin, Dun & Palomino! Will be weaned and started. (2) Two Year Old Fancy Fillies! (3) Broodmares (2) Fiddle On Jack Daughters (1) Mr Baron Red Fiddle On Jack

(Bred to a Watch Joe Jack Stud) We sell the highest percentage Two Eyed Jack blood you can buy!

Riverdale Quarter Horses • 319-668-2245 David & Susie Jennings • Williamsburg, IA • Call Evenings

r C o l of o r m a t i o n Con eding B r e o s i t i o n D i s p

Cee Bars Cee Bar Badger 71 86820 Badger Gal 71 Cee Booger Red 1231523 Cara Rojo Cross 159 Bell 71 862376 Cross 5 59 Bell


Small Town Dude Blondy’s Dude 74801 Blondy Queen Miss Harla Dude 1654851 Harlander Soft Tone 311550 Star Jessie

We Breed Horses for the Working Cowboy and the Arena Jimmy Lawrence

60 Miles North of Tulsa, OK on Hwy 75 Dewey, OK

918-440-4610 THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

WWW.PROMISED-LAND-RANCH.COM Hancock/Blue Valentine Bloodlines.

Standing; Twice Roaned Joe Hancock Drifter Blue Jet Smooth Crowheart Flutewood PLR Purple Hayes Wyo Black Hawk Joel Kretz • Wauconda, Washington • 509-779-4105


Twice Roaned, 50% Salty Roan




Selling Roping, Ranch, Trail, & Performance Horses Jared Meyer (563) 543-6355 Joel Meyer (563) 599-3755

20522 Hunt Rd. • Bernard, IA 52032

Page 79

May 4-6, 2012 $2500 + Added Money

Open 5D Races Fri/Sat/Sun Sat/Sun Open 5D is accredited IA NBHA 2, 3, 5 and BRF, UBRA, BBR & WPRA approved! **Pay ONE LOW entry fee to run for points/ qualifications in FIVE (5) ASSOCIATIONS!**

Youth NBHA/UBRA class Sat/Sun UBRA Pee Wee Barrels Pre Entry Post Mark Deadline 4/23 FMI


Show Manager -Lynde Johnson - 515-571-4281 Jerry Meyer—”The BIG J” —319-533-6276 Brought To You in Part By: Double J Ranch Circle S Farms PHT Magnetics

July 6-8, 2012 $5000 + Added Money

Open 5D Races Fri/Sat/Sun SAT/SUN OPEN 5D’s are BONUS RACE FINALS QUALIFIERS Sat YTH Class Sat SR Side pot WPRA Futurity & Derby Side pots UBRA Pee Wee Barrels Pre Entry Post Mark Deadline 6/25

August 24-26, 2012 $10,000 Total Event Added Money BIG J 3D FUTURITY $3000 Added (2 go’s! + Average!) - NRF TOUR EVENT

BIG J 3D DERBY $1500 Added

(2 go’s + Average!) - NRF TOUR EVENT

**NEW** IOWA BRED Futurity/Derby Incentives $100 added each class Friday Open 5D Race 1 - $1000 Added Saturday Open 5D Race 2 - $2000 Added Sunday Open 5D Race 3 - $2000 Added SAT/SUN OPEN 5D’s are BONUS RACE FINALS QUALIFIERS Saturday $150 added UBRA Youth + Pee Wee Barrels + $150 Added Senior Side Pot Futurity & Derby payments begin 6/15 For complete rules visit us online Page 80


❖ TRAINERS ❖ Luke Jones


Performance Horse Training ★

• Horses Conditioned For Sales

★ ★ ★

• Starting • Training • Showing

★ ★ ★

Showing Sales Calf Roping Heading Heeling Working Cow Horse Reining

Psalm 23


Cell: 641-870-0090 Allerton, Iowa

Performance Minded Training and Shoeing!!!

Dennis Cappel 314.486.4065 • 66 White Wildlife Rd, Silex, MO 63377

Spiritual Filling From Gods Feed Truck

Matthew 4:19 Then he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 11: 28-30 “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest 29: take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls 30: for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Hebrews: 4:9 there remains therefore a rest for the people of God. A horse that is untrained is of no use to his owner, in fact this animal will be a burden to you until he is taught how to be useful. The most effective reward to a horse, when he is learning, is to feel and enjoy the rest at the end of a task. Sometimes this horse will work himself hard when you ask him to do something new. The horse will resist pressure in the beginning, until he surrenders his will to yours. However when he surrenders he finds rest. Now the tools are in place so the trainer can develop this horse into a useful partner. Today become a useful partner with God and surrender your will to his and enjoy his peaceful rest. Dear Lord train me, I surrender my life to you. I will follow you Jesus, I want to be your partner.

In Jesus Name, Amen. Out of the Auger, Dennis Cappel THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

Page 81

❖ Western Round-Up ❖

Style Stable

11 North Main Street Hutchinson, MN 55350 320-587-3217



Features Include:

• Heavy nylon outer • Nylon inner lining • 12 oz. holofill insulation • 2” hook & loop closures • No hardware, snaps or buckles • Easy to put on/take off • Available in red, blue, brown, black, burgundy, green

Mortenson Buckles 1 x 3

The Original

Style Stable Bellywrap Blanket & Hood

• Uniquely designed to maximize warmth • Closed front, bellywrap and tailpiece • Fresh new look wash after wash • Sizes (60-64), (M 68-72), (L 74-78), (XL 80-84)

To view the complete line of Style Stable Blankets and Accessories, visit our website at

Blevins New! $7.35

All Metal Stirrup Buckles

Blevins new all metal stirrup buckle in 3”, 2 1/2” and 2” widths. The 3” and 2 1/2” widths per pair have the post set horizontally and fit standard plus $2.50 shipping holes while the 2” width has the post set vertically. Made of stainless steel and heat-treated aluminum, the same as our leather covered buckles. Blevins

Stirrup Buckles 4 post

The four post

Visit Us Online   Or Call For Your Free Brochure 877-424-9330

 “Friend us on Facebook for a chance to WIN YOUR OWN CUSTOM-MADE BUCKLE!” Page 82

Blevins Stirrup Buckles Improved


per pair plus $2.50 shipping Sleeves same as on regular buckle. The tongue has no hinge or strap. Available in 3” and 2 1/2” widths.

for 3” $10.30 tongue buckle makes

per pair plus $2.50 shipping

buckle stronger and sturdier. One-piece tongue is also off-set to let the stirrup leather go through more smoothly. The 2 1/2” width has one-piece off-set tongue with vonly two posts.

Easy to change stirrup lengths quickly and easy to install-won’t slip or stick. Made of stainless steel and heat-treated aluminum. Sleeves \ covered with leather. Order either improved, regular or four-post buckles. Also new all metal buckles in 3”, 2 1/2” and 2” widths. At your dealers or you may write:

BLEVINS MFG CO., INC. Dept WH •  Wheatland, WY 82201


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Includes 4 Quarterly Issues And Our Annual Sales Reference Guide

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The Working Horse Advertising Directory

2B Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59

Fulton Performance Horses . . . . 9

Moench Quarter Horses . . . . . 47

4H Quarter Horses . . . . . . . . . 78

Gwartney Qtr Horses . . . . . . . 78

Mortenson Saddlery . . . . . . . . 82

American Half QH Registry . . . 59

Happold Farms . . . . . . . . . . . 47

Nichols Quarter Horses . . . . . . 43

Arena Trailer Sales . . . . . . . . 25

Havard Sales Management . . . 19

Northern Livestock . . . . . . . . . 86

Arrow P Equine . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Henderson Custom Spurs . . . . 83

NSCHA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71

Ayers Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

Hermanson/ Kist Horse Sale . . 35

Nutrena . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Ben Ish Quarter Horses . . . . . . 79

Hermiston Horse Sale . . . . . . . 23

Overlook Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . 51

Big J Barrel Blast . . . . . . . . . 80

Hetletved Quarter Horses . . . . 63

Blevins MFG . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

Higgs, Frank . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78

Pitzer Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Bobby Lewis Quarter Horses . . 86

High Plaines Ranchers . . . . . 62

Boom Foundation Horses . . . . 56

Hilldale Farms . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Brazile Quarter Horses . . . . . . 47

Historic Deadwood Horse Sale . 22

Breda Lake View Services . . . . 59

Hood Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

Bruns Home On The Ridge . . . . 38

Horse Creek Sale Company . . . 26

Buckaroo Leather Products . . . 31

Hunter Quarter Horses . . . . . . 59

Cannon Falls Trailer . . . . . . . . 14

Iowa Breeders Cutting Futurity 59

Cappel Systems . . . . . . . . . . . 81

IRHA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73

Carlson Wholesale . . . . . . . . . 76

J & B Western . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Cedar Post Ranch. . . . . . . . . . 47

K Star Quarter Horses . . . . . . . 66

Central Iowa Featherlite .. . . . 12

Kenny Fisher Cutting Horses . . 81

Cinch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87

KES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33, 76

Clovis Livestock . . . . . . . . . . 33

Kropf Cutting Horses . . . . . . . 53

Cowboys Perf Ranch Horse Sale 65

Kuehn Motors . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Dakota Winds . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

Langdeau Quarter Horses . . . . 66

Twin Cities Horse Sales . . . . . 27

Dayton Wranglers IRCA Rodeo . 72

Lawrence Quarter Horses . . . . 79

Uherka Quarter Horses . . . . . . 46

Denison IA Quarter Horse Sale . 69

Lazy M Horses . . . . . . . . . . . 78

U of WI, Colts in Training Sale . 15

Diamond Slash Ranch . . . . . . 78

Lolli Brothers Livestock. . . . . 22

Vogler Semen Centre . . . . . . . 59

Double J Horse Sales . . . . . . . 73

Longhorn Saddlery . . . . . . . . . 83

Wagon Wheel Ranch . . . . . . . 56

Double J Production Horses . . . 73

Louie Krogman Family Sale . . 44

Waukon Horse Sale . . . . . . . . 35

Down Under Horsemanship . . . . 7

Lowe Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

Wehrs Chevrolet . . . . . . . . . . 23

Eberline Quarter Horses . . . . . 62

Lowry Star . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

Wetzel Quarter Horses . . . . . . 59

Farmers & Ranchers Livestock . 29

Luke Jones Perf Horses . . . . . 81

Williams Cutting Horses . . . . . 59

Fischer Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Mason & Morris Ranch Co. . . . 45

Willow Creek Quarter Horses . . 41

Ford Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55

Maubach Farms . . . . . . . . . . . 57

Wills, Ann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Fort Worth Horse Sales . . . . . . 6

McGrimmon Stables . . . . . . . . 57

Winterview Trailers . . . . . . . . 26

Foundation Horse Registry . . . 31

Merrill Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Wyo Quarter Horse Sale . . . . . 27

Froelich Qtr Horses . . Inside Front

Meyer Horse Company . . . . . . 79

Full House Elite . . . . . . . . . . . 63

Minnesota Horse Expo . . . . . . 75

Promised Land Ranch . . . . . . . 79 Rafter W Performance Horses . 81 Reads Quarter Horses . . . . . . . 46 Reveal 4-N-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Riverdale Quarter Horses . . . . 79 Rocky Mtn Qtr Horses . Back Cover SA Quarter Horses . . . . . . . . . 39 Sk Horses Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 Southern Iowa Saddle Shop . . . 82 Stephens, Lisa . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Style Stable Products . . . . . . . 82 Sycamore Farm . . . . . . . . . . . 66 The Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Titan Trailers . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Please note The Working Horse is now owned and published by Enterprise Publishing, 0355 Watson Divide Road, Snowmass Colorado, 81654

970-948-5523 THE WORKING HORSE • SPRING 2012

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Spring 2012 Issue Working Horse Magazine  

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