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Position Name: Matching & International Cooperation Staff Report to: LCVP iGCDP – LCVP ICXD Timeframe: Three Months (1Q) Hours: 25 per week

JOB DESCRIPTION Matching is one of the key processes in ICX. You will have the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and, in your hands, the responsibility of finding suitable EPs for our TNs. In the other hand, we need to know the availability of EP profiles, which changes in time, in a Demand and supply study. This is why you will be in constant research of the EP International market. The IGCDP Matching and International Cooperation Staff is responsible for developing all the processes inside of the coordination, from sending emails to having interviews till the moment of exchanging acceptance notes.

Reporting • Send reports weekly to the manager • Participate weekly in the Area Meeting Critical success factors • Achievement of Local Goals • Increasing relevance of the LC • Standardization of the matching processes • Knowledge Management • Good relationships • Confidence • Being organized

Leadership competencies o Global Mindset o Entrepenurial outlook o Emotional intelligence o Proactive Learning

Main functions  To track Match goals  To use correctly the Matching Tools (Gmail, Podio, Mailchimp, Skype, Whatsapp, among others)  Having a personal tracking of the matching processes  To develop small international cooperations ( 5 – 15 EPs)  To Contact suitable EPs through the Matching Tools  Arrange interviews  To Develop interviews tking into account time differences  Developing small webinars  Promote the TNs through social Networks  Register all the interviews in Podio

Soft skilled • Team work • Creativity and trend watching • Writing skills • Performance management • Time management • Communication skills

Key Performance Indicators  Number of MAs  Number of sent emails  Number of MA interviews  Number of established partnerships & delivering what was promised  Number or webinars  Number of registered interviews in Podio

English Level: Upper intermediate in all the skills

Specific Knowledge  AIESEC Way  AIESEC 2015  Marketing Basics  Selling process & skills  iGCDP Flow  XPP: Exchange Program policies

Software  MS Office  Podio, Dropbox, Wiziq, GApps   Basic Design

Manual of Functions MA & IC  

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