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he project R.I.P – Rest In Pieces is my visual projection of how success on paper is deemed so important in Singapore. For this project I personally chose to use students taking power naps while in school as the representation on the issue. Why? As after much thinking I realised that the sight of napping in school has become such a common sight in school and a phenomena only in recent years. Which made me come to a realisation that even as students we are caught in the rat race for what society deems as success and it never stops until one achieves it or gives up on it. I named the project Rest In Pieces as realised students are basically sleeping bit by bit like pieces by pieces. Also due to the amount of focus a student has to spent on studies, students these days basically miss out on a lot of the other pieces in LIFE. Just like how R.I.P is used for the dead who are gone, it is used in this project to also represent the pieces in life that are gone in a Singaporean student’s life.

Joshua Lim Xiao Chuan



Photoessay done on stress in Singapore. Title: R.I.P

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