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Fall 2013

Cranston High School West

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Fall Theater Production: “The Wizard of Oz” by: Melissa Corso Media Student This year’s fall production here at Cranston High School West is The Wizard of Oz. This is the first well known, big stage production that West has put on since Hair in 2009. The show will be running on the weekend of November 22nd through the 24th at the auditorium of Cranston West. Nancy Vitulli, the director of The Wizard of Oz and drama teacher at Cranston West since 1996, is excited to see her vision of the show come to life. “I’m excited to bring a classic and familiar story to the stage with some creativity and some innovation so it will be familiar to people, like the movie, but yet a new experience happening on our stage” Vitulli stated. “You should be prepared for a fun, uplifting event. You should also be prepared for amazing costumes, scenery, and lighting created by alumni, current students, and parents” said Vitulli with a grin on her face. Tiana Tiburcio, playing the role of Dorothy, also has gotten leads such as Erzulie from Once on This Island her freshman year, and Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. She’s looking forward to set a good example for the underclassmen in the production. “I’m excited to make new friends with all the underclassmen and all, and to be a good role model” said Tiburcio, as she began to explain that she always looked up to the older actors in the productions she was in; since she’s one of them now, she hopes that the younger actors do the same. Anthony Carnevale, a four year theatre student, co president of the theatre board, and playing the character of the Guard in the production is ecstatic to be given the opportunity to choreograph. Carnevale was quick to respond, “I’m excited to be given such an important role as choreographing the Jitterbug scene, and I’m thank-

ful for Ms. Vitulli to give me an opportunity like this.” When asked what makes this year different, with no hesitation he responded, “This year is different because we’re working with 24 elementary school children portraying the munchkins.” Carnevale explained that elementary school children were given the opportunity to audition for the roles of the munchkins, including the daughter of our school principal, Mr. Barbieri. Christie Melucci, also a four year senior, and playing the character of the Wicked Witch is excited to get one of the lead roles. She said, “I’m really excited for my part, I’m excited to be different from the parts I usually play in productions. I’m excited to be the witch and act the way she acts, it’s going to be fun to do.” “I think we’re going to have a bigger audience then we ever had since I’ve been here.” Melucci said while explaining that not as many people come see the shows like they used to. She says she’s hopeful that people will come to this show, love it, and come back for more. The theatre program at Cranston High School West is well known all over New England. West has won seven awards at Rhode Island State Drama Festivals. That being said, Cranston West is going to put on a great show that you’re not going to want to miss!

Pictures by Melissa Corso Theater students dancing and practicing during rehearsals of “The Wizard of Oz”

Sponsors “The Wizard of Oz” Showtimes:

November 22nd at 7:30 pm November 23rd at 7:30 pm November 24th at 2:00 pm

Tickets on sale for $10 at

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West Theatre "off to see the Wizard"  

Cranston West theatre turns red bricks to yellow on their journey to produce The Wizard of OZ

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