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Who is ISTE? ISTE is a membership based organization that promotes the use and integration of technology . They are supported by over 20,000 members, 80 affiliates, 65 corporations, and are present in 89 countries worldwide.

“ISTE advances excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology.”

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The International Society for Technology in Education

Visit ISTE online at Connect with ISTE educators at Email: Email Operations: 180 West 8th Ave, Suite 300 Eugene, OR 97401-2916 Phone:1-800-336-5191 Phone Fax: Fax 1-541-302-3778 Headquarters: 1710 Rhode Island Ave NW, Suite 900 Washington, DC 20036 Phone: Phone 1-866-654-4777 Fax: Fax 1-202-861-0888

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“ the premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in advancing learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology in PK-12 and teacher education. “

What you get with ISTE Membership



ISTE offers a variety of membership options to appeal to a wide range of individuals. Standard membership costs $99 99. 99 Retired educators and students receive discounts at $59 and $39 respectively. ISTE also offers a Premium membership for $219 which also includes free unlimited access to archived webinars, along with a subscription to two peer reviewed journals.

Each year, ISTE holds a large educational technology conference featuring many of the biggest names in technology and the educational technology field. Scholars and classroom educators hold panels, instructional sessions, and information sessions, and vendors involved in the expo offer giveaways and hold contests.

ISTE provides NETS (National Education Technology Standards) for a variety of individuals:

International members must pay a slightly higher rate. 1 Year membership is included free for educators attending ISTE’s annual conference. Over 20,000 current members

"I wouldn’t be a happy teacher if I didn’t have ISTE in my life. It’s been the number-one most motivating and inspirational organization, and able to feed me ideas and excitement unlike anything else I’ve ever been involved with." —Gwyneth Jones, ISTE Board member

Cost for the conference ranges from $160 for students and retired educators to $400 for non-members

Features Learning and Leading with Technology • Monthly magazine for members Designed to aid teachers in improving technology integration in the classroom with articles and ideas

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6,884 members Forums: Discussion boards connecting educators SIGS: Special Interest Groups, connecting educators of specific backgrounds and interests

Live chat with other members Other offerings

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Professional Development Books Magazines Podcasts

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Teachers Students Administrators Technology Coaches Computer Science Educators

ISTE is one of 22 organizations that is responsible for helping to form the NCATE standards , which is used in the accreditation process of colleges of education.

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ISTE Brochure  

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