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2013 All-Kansas Newspaper

October 16, 2013

Salina Central High School Vol. 90, Iss. 2

Micah Hudson / The Pylon

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Mrs. Cullins: injury update


The rivalry continues


To me Drumline means family. Together we grow, play & work as one. Nothing feels better than getting a new beat in your head & letting your line bring that to life.

vibin’ “ Startinfluential music carry on inspire . ” we are Kyler Bell, ‘12

Me & my brothers

& making that will & upcoming band members

Rahmin Danderidge, ‘10




PG 6-7


think hands.

Whatever I in my head, goes to my Aaron Thomas, ‘12

Photo by Eli Berner

Looking ahead


Days until the end of the first nine weeks



Days until the South vs. Central football game




Days until the state tennis tournament


Days until the NHS sponsored blood drive

Junior Morgan Hauserman



Days until the senior night volleyball match



Days until parent/teacher conferences



Days until cross country regionals


Sophomore Easton Ryser


October 16, 2013

Fine Arts

New Music: Just as good as it’s always been

New artists Shakin’ genres everywhere

Editorial Board Riley Miller, Riley Gates, Eli Berner, Kamen Kossow, Mackenzie Morris & Emily Wood

News Emily Wood

Business Team Rachel Bevans, Afton Miller & Sara Ingrassia

Student Life Jera Richardson

Opinion Genna Salstrom

Sports Austin Huynh & Bailey Driver

iTunes Top 5 1 2 3 4 5

“Royals” Lorde “Wrecking Ball” Miley Cyrus “Roar” Katy Perry “Survival” Eminem “Wake Me Up” Avicii

Fine Arts Eryn Hassler

Feature Mackenzie Morris

Staff reporters Travis Bigler, Trey Cullins, Casey Rayas, & Patty Dominguez

Photography Eli Berner, Carniecia Robertson, Lindsey Wood, & Sydney Kossow

Videography Dakota Rowlison, Connor Martens & Casey Campbell

Copy Editor Malina Barber-Regier

Cartoons Eryn Hassler, Sam Beck & Alexis Karabinas

By Genna Salstrom The Pylon Many people say music “isn’t as good as it used to be.” Yeah, music was incredible during the Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains grunge era, but there are multitudes of talented new artists to listen to.

“Music still allows individuals to express themselves through that to become inspired,” senior Malik Tre’Vann said. Websites like and are music that will blow your mind. Mixest is the Pandora of the indie world; it plays songs, and you can skip them, ‘like’ them, or ask for something ‘more obscure’, which is hard to believe since even the normal music it plays is pretty obscure. Spend a few hours relaxing listening to Mixest, and you’ll be completely enlightened. Indie Rock Cafe is an online news source for indie music. It has articles about new bands as well as ‘top 10’ lists. Cruisin’ around on Indie Rock Cafe lets you discover numerous bands with weird names like “China Rats”. Many of these bands are from interesting places like Iceland or Germany. Indie music isn’t the only

genre with booming new artists. The rap game is goin’ strong as well. “Rap today isn’t the same as back in the day with Easy E and Tupac, but Lil’ Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and 2 Chainz can get down just as well, and they keep risin’ higher and higher,” Junior Chloe Dixson said. Senior Josh Martinez also counts music as a great for musicians like Kid Cudi and The Weeknd. Snoop Dogg recently took himself out of the rap game and made the switch over to reggae. He now calls himself Snoop Lion. People expected his debut reggae album to be awful, but were surprised to that it was actually a talented piece of art. Those in the boat that think music quality has declined must simply not be good music.

Spotlight Artwork of the Month

Students go above, beyond in Advanced 2D Art

J.D. Garber, Adviser (785) 309-3578

The Pylon wants to hear your opinion

Senior Austin Bieberly “Salavate” Medium: Oil Paint

The Pylon gladly accepts contributions from guest writers on any subject. Please email your submissions to of Salina High School Central. It is produced entirely by students of the newspaper production class, daily on and monthly in print. Email your letters, preferably limited to 500 words, to Submissions must contain a full name for that you are the author of the letter. Letters may be edited for clarity.

YOUR YOURDREAM DREAMISISOUT OUTTHERE. THERE. YOUR DREAM IS OUT THERE. GO GET IT.IT. WE'LL PROTECT IT.IT. GOYOUR GET WE'LL PROTECT YOUR DREAM DREAM IS OUT IS OUT THERE. THERE. GO GET IT. WE'LL PROTECT IT. GO GO GETGET IT. IT. WE'LL WE'LL PROTECT PROTECT IT. IT. Daran Neuschafer Agency, Inc. Daran Neuschafer Agency, Daran Neuschafer Agency, Inc. Inc. 1528 E Iron Ave 1528 E Iron 1528 E Iron Ave Ave Salina, KSKS 67401 Salina, KS 67401Inc. Salina, 67401 Daran Daran Neuschafer Neuschafer Agency, Agency, Inc. Bus: (785) Bus: (785) 827-5150 Bus: (785) 827-5150 1528 1528 E827-5150 Iron E Ave Iron Ave Salina, Salina, KS 67401 KS 67401 Bus: Bus: (785)(785) 827-5150 827-5150

Senior Alex Dominguez “Blue Trash” Medium: Colored Pencil

Senior Madyson Suskey “Hood” Medium: Oil Paint




Eli Berner / The Pylon

FACS teacher Linda Brown works with volunteer Andra Hancock and a technician to install the new $10,000 quilting machine. By Kelly Vera The Pylon The Fashion and Fabric class was recently donated a new $10,000 quilting machine by Handi Quilter. The number of people who can use the machine include FACS teacher Linda Brown, senior Kacie Kinderknecht, junior Rebecca Bell, and a few others because it’s so expensive. Although there’s bright sides to the new quilting arm, down sides include maintenance for the machine and the fact that only a few people can use it. they will get their quilts done quicker for their quilting show them. Handi Quilter has only donated one other quilting machine, and we were fortunate to get the second one. “My only hope is that the girls respect the machine, and use it correctly,” said Rebecca Bell. Kinderknecht describes the machine as “expensive, very big and intimidating.” Although she is very scared of using this machine, she says it’s a nice way to express your creativity through quilting. “It’s nothing the girls can’t learn how to use,” said Counselor Shelda Burger. It’s an opportunity that has been given to the girls who have had that class repeatedly. It’s another avenue for fabric, that the students never imagined taking. They’re all anxious to use the free arm machine. It will be a new skill to learn.


October 16, 2013

News Updates



After 2 years, 5 months, 11 surgeries, Culllins feels relieved to have prosthetic leg By Trey Cullins

wanted nothing more than to save her foot. Declining the option to amputate her ankle from the start, she set Math teacher Deanna her mind on doing everything Cullins has been through in her power to prevent many setbacks throughout the that from happening. Going past two-andthrough 11 a-half years. separate The head “I knew from the surgeries, Mrs. on collision on May 10, beginning, I WILL walk Cullins was on the downward 2011 changed again.” slope of her her life in recovery many ways. as she was Recovering Mrs. Cullins learning to from a Math Teacher walk on her compound foot again. fracture, Although shattered painful, it was what she ankle, an open wound, wanted at the time. infections and bone In this last month she misplacement were only the received the news that her beginning of the trials she had bone was still infected from to go through. earlier in the process. This After the accident, she

Hannah Shulte/ The Pylon

The Pylon

TIMELINE: A look at the major points of Mrs. Cullins’ journey though the last 2.5 years

may 2011

june 2011

Car accident Bone and first infection surgery. Severe discovered. compound fracture of tibia at ankle joint.

Mallory Diggs/ The Pylon

Cullins listens to a student as they ask a question on Monday.

oct 2011

Surgery #3Muscle graft surgery to close open wound. Aggressively cut out infected bone.

Senior Dekeysha Cooper watches as senior Andrea Garcia signs up for a time to donate blood. Micah Hudson / The Pylon

After her surgery and in the middle of a long recovery to full strength, math teacher Deanna Cullins takes a few hours to help her students. came as a shock to her because it meant that the surgeons would have to go back into her ankle and scrape it off her bone as they did before. She would have to start from the beginning again. With only a small chance that it would actually work this time, Deanna was faced with two options; to try again, or to amputate it and move on. She made the decision to amputate her ankle and start a new type of recovery. “I felt like I didn’t have

feb 2012

Surgery #6- 2nd muscle graft and skin graft surgery to close unhealing open wound. Fairly confident bone infection is cured.

apr-aug 2012

Blood tests show no signs of bone infection and open wound beginning to heal. Aug: Open would healed.

much of an option. It’s hard to just tell the surgeon that I want my leg cut off, but as I started to come to peace with it, I knew it was the right thing to do,” Deanna Cullins said. Now that the surgery is over, she couldn’t be happier with the decision she made. In the coming weeks as she heals, Mrs. Cullins prepares to be introduced to her new best friend; a prosthetic leg. “I knew from the beginning, I WILL walk again,” she said with a smile on her face.

apr 2013

Surgery #10Taylor Spatial frame removed, bones are aligned, blood tests show no infection.

Carnecia Robertson/ The Pylon

The giant card for Mrs. Cullins was made by sophomore Gracie Truelove and signed by students during several lunch periods.

aug 2013

Open wound mysteriously occurred again. Pain increased in ankle.

sept 2013

Surgery #11Bone infection discovered (Same as beginning infection). Below knee amputation.

Mallory Diggs/ The Pylon

Cullins uses her podium to support her leg as she teaches students.

NHS sponsors blood drive By Emily Wood The Pylon

Sign up today during lunch or in the library.

When: Tuesday, October 22 Where: Small gym Time: 7 a.m.- 2 p.m. Why: To help save a life The annual Red Cross blood drive will take place next Tuesday, October 22 in the small gym from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Planning and preparing for the event takes more than just a few volunteers from the community and Red Cross. It also takes hard work from within the school- and this year those volunteers are the seniors in National Honors Society. “This is NHS’s fourth year helping with the blood drive. (The students) make posters for publicity, work lunch registration, set-up and run the blood drive by getting kids signed in and reading them instructions,” said Librarian and NHS sponsor, Mrs. Maresh. The goal for this year is to get 80 students signed up to give blood. “Students should sign up to donate blood because it helps save lives and could help someone you know,” Maresh said.


October 16, 2013

Student Life Syd’s Sermon Sydney Kossow Sophomore

Lefty’s have a different way of doing, seeing things



This school is full of students whose names are let’s just say out of the ordinary. Here are a few of them, and here is your chance to get to know them. Photos by Lindsey Wood

Us lefty’s live a hard life. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a lefty but if you think about it, we have it pretty rough.

Syd’s top 5 things that frustrate lefthanded people


2. 3. 4. 5.

Ulises Garcia

Tafaomaleuatogi Garman Jr.

Charizma Anderson

(You-liss-is) Why did your parents name you this? They don’t know

(Tafao-malaya-oohah-togie) Why did your parents name you this? This name has been in the family for a long time.

(Kuh-ris-muh) Why did your parents name you this? My sister chose my name.

Precious Beatrice Meely (Preh-sh-ious) Why did your parents name you this? My mom gave me this name.

Everyone shakes with their right hand...not fair at all and kind of uncomfortable when I try to use my left. Sports equipment like mits for baseball and

Scissors are the devil...ok come on, they are made for right-handed people. Ok, this doesn’t suck but we can multi-task like crazy because we use the right side of our brain and the left side of our body. After working on my assignments I have ink all over my hands... frustrating.

All of you right handed people out there will never understand the awkwardness of trying to cut paper with scissors made for the right hand, or constantly having lead or ink on the side of your hand because you drag your hand along the sentence you just wrote. Plus we can’t use the same equipment as right handers so we have to get different mitts, golf clubs, guns, etc. Handshakes are primarily done with the right hands but dominant left hand making the other person confused and uncomfortable. Here’s a fun fact, we are supposed to die earlier than righty’s. Being a lefty has its disadvantages but also its advantages. We can adjust our eyes underwater faster so that’s handy. And we use the right side of our brain somehow making us smarter. Being athletic doesn’t have anything to do with left handedness but since most people are right handed they aren’t used to the different ways of playing sport with a dominant left hand which can confuse your opponent thus making seem better than you really are. Even though it may seem like being left handed sucks, it doesn’t because we are unique. So thank God for lefties.

Ian Johnson/ The Pylon

Junior Josh Claybaugh blocks a shot while a group of guys gather for an intense game of Tip Ten.

Ian Johnson / The Pylon

Junior Sam Mermis goes up to block a shot during Tip Ten.

‘Breaking’ in Tip Ten Basketball Private league provides students with hours of entertainment, competition By Connor Martens The Pylon Through the years, a simple backyard game has become a sport that involves the blood, sweat, and tears of the eleven men involved in a competitive league of Tip Ten. Tip Ten is a form of basketball that can be played by all ages. The league plays on an eight foot goal with a worn out men’s basketball. It was requested by the host of the league that the location of play would not be disclosed. “Tip Ten is life. You’re hanging with your bros while playing such a physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding sport with dedicated players,” said junior Nick Shaffer. The league gathers every Wednesday to battle it out in two games, each team hoping to improve their rank in the league for when the play-offs roll around.

of two players along with a team of just one.

“Tip Ten is the most intense recreational game you will ever play.” Sam Mermis Junior The game starts when a player from any team “breaks”, or shoots from the free throw line. If he makes it, the next team will shoot. However, if he misses it, the ball is fair play. If it is “tipped” in by another team, the team who shot it last is given a point. Points are not wanted in Tip Ten. In order to tip someone, a player must be off of the ground when they get the ball,

and remain in the air until they have shot it. If one tries to tip someone and misses, there is a chance they will be tipped and given a point. There are other ways to earn unwanted points. When a team reaches ten points, they are out and will be given a chance at a full court shot to get them back in the game. The only place you want to see points next to your name is on the standings. “Tip Ten is the most intense recreational game you will ever play,” commented junior Sam Mermis. Emotions often run high as teams are in it to win it, with trash talk never ending. A few unsportsmanlike conduct warnings have been given to players who let the game get the best of them. Every one team can win it all. In the wise words of junior Zach Ketcher, “I like to think of Tip Ten as a game of champions.” As of right now, the league is not looking to expand.

October 16, 2013

Student Life “I try to limit how much I go out to eat, but it’s just so easy and cheap. I’ll just be hungry and when I drive by I have to stop” -Senior Kayleigh Hogeland

5 Addressing OUR ACNE

Zits have been a problem for teens forever - finding a solution hasn’t. Check out some stats on those nasty little blemishes.

A poll was taken out of 142 students randomly at lunch.

Lindsey Wood / The Pylon

Hogeland eats some fries and a burger from McDonald’s last week.

70% DILEMMA 30%

Senior Kayleigh Hogeland is stuck in a fast food freakout: to eat or not to eat By Dakota Rowlison The Pylon out 4-5 times

Bloated, sweaty, and “Usually

What do you use to keep your face looking squeaky clean?

“Usually after I eat I feel fat and happy...”

Neutrogena: 14%

Kayleigh Hogeland Senior

Musty Mustangs:

Body odor makes students fume By Travis Bigler The Pylon

Clean & Clear: 23%

“I feel students this year smell way worse than the past years.” Olajuwan Zimmerman

Pro Active: 16%


Jera’s Top 5 Ways to Stay Fresh

2. Change outfits daily

1. Take a shower 4. Brush your teeth

3. Wear Deodorant 5. Perfume or cologne

$5.55 Classic LARGE Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef or Cheese 645 E. Crawford 785-452-9999

Other: 47%



October 16, 2013

In depth

To many we may seem like just a bunch of u yo e lik st ju e ar e w ok lo er os cl a ke ta u yo regular kids, but if

The Line

Photos by Lindsey Wood / The Pylon

“Rufio: Catchy part of a song, but not the chorus, that gets people’s attention.” -Urban Dictionary


did it come from? According to senior base drummer Taylor Hanson the name ‘‘Rufio’’ comes from a scene in the 1991 Steven Speilberg movie “Hook.”

we are

A snapshot of each member shows that the drumline is more than a group of musicians; it is a group of students that represent each one of us. The flipper

The plain ol’ white kid

The funny guy

The little girl

The leader

The youngin’

The popular kid

The big guy

The runner

The original “Rufio”

Riled up over ‘Rufio’

According to senior snare drummer Kyler Bell, the drumline started shouting “Rufio” before the cadence because it was a nickname of veteran drummer and alumnus, Taylor Urdiales, that twirled cymbals during the

By MacKenzie Morris The Pylon

One cadence stands out from the rest that automatically gets the student section rowdy. It takes one word from senior drumline member Taylor

Hanson to start the hype: This cadence has become the favorite for students at the football games during timeouts.

the crowd going for the student section, but it has different meanings for the members of the drumline.

“It is a sudden change of momentum in the drumline and the student section. It gets the whole crowd and line pumped.” Taylor Hanson Senior

“Technically, it’s a pirate from ‘Peter Pan,’ but to us it is used to raise the spirit in the crowd.” Kyler Bell, ‘14

Rahmin Danderidge ‘16

Mason Courbet, ‘16

Kianna Garmin, ‘16

Aaron Thomas, ‘14

Tyler Chavez, ‘17

Taylor Hanson, ‘14

Jeffery Moralez, ‘15

Kyler Bell

Daniel Villareal, ‘15


Photos by Lindsey Wood / The Pylon

By Trey Cullins The Pylon


or years, the students and staff of our school have heard the sounds of several band instruments such as trumpets, clarinets, and trombones echo the halls. There has always been one sound that stands out more than any other though, that being the drumline. With several components (bass, quads, cymbals, snare, etc.) meshing as one, it’s the perfect formula for giving viewers and listeners an intense experience that will get them jumping out of their seat. “The drumline is the heart and soul of football games, the heart that pumps the intensity out to the crowd,” sophomore Mason Courbot said. While

cheering in the stands at a football game or sitting in a pep rally awaiting a speaker, hearing the roaring “RUFIO”

“The drumline is the heart and soul of football games...” Mason Courbot Sophomore

chant begin does nothing more than make your heart race as they begin playing. This cadence along with many others makes the drumline who they are and gives them a sense of character like no other instrument can have. Of course, there is a lot

Reversing into


As “Rufio” begins to play, sophomore Rahmin Danderidge back flips into the air to get the student section hyped. Here is a sequence of his famous trick.

of time and effort put in to prepare for shows and performances. “Usually they are scheduled practices, if we need to work on a certain cadence then we will make arrangements for a morning or before game practice,” senior Taylor Hanson said. Members of the drumline also have band class itself to work on technique and cadences, as well as jazz band for some of them. Not short on experience, many of the players on the line have been playing and getting better for many years now. With band class starting in year, some have played for even longer than that. Playing the drums is more of a lifestyle than just a hobby for several people in this group. Making time for this

loud, thrilling activity is just a normal thing. “It means a lot to me. It’s my passion. It’s what I love to do,” senior Aaron Thomas said. “It comes natural. Whatever comes to my head goes to my hands.” Everyone in this group has a part to play. They’re all family in a way and each part is needed for a complete performance. Over the course of band class and the different seasons of the school year, they all form a bond that connects the music they produce together. It turns from loud banging to artistry in unison. “To me drumline means family. Together we grow, play, and work as one. Nothing feels better than getting a new beat in your head and letting the line bring it to life,” senior Kyler Bell said.


“This cadence gets the crowd, especially the student section, ready to cheer for our players.” Zac Hajny Freshman

Bass drum



As the years go by, the drumline members have added numerous cadences to their list of songs to pump up the crowd. Here are the names of the cadences:

“Rufio” “Stampede” “Wolfpack” “D&K” “Shots” “Agua Blanca” “69” “Rufio Remix” “Fellas”

Photos by Lindsey Wood / The Pylon

Upcoming new cadence at the South vs. Central game on Friday: “Jig.”

Snare drum


original cadence.


As the years go by, more and more girls have begun adding to the sound of the drumline. Five girls are currently members of the drumline this year and are proud to be apart of it.

Sierrah Baffa

Angelica Lance

Kianna Garman

Morgan Eaton

Heather Alden

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


October 16, 2013

Athletes & Sports Connor’s Conference Connor Martens Sports Columnist

Chiefs shock NFL with undefeated season

“Carrying on the tradition of being a Mustang means playing with incredible effort all the time; playing for those that came before you and for those that will follow.” Mike Hall Head football coach Paige Johnson/ The Pylon

Catch the Chief’s next win! Chiefs vs. Texans Sunday, October 20 Kickoff- 3:25 p.m. Arrowhead Stadium, KS CBS- channel 12 By Connor Martens

Coach Hall analyzes a play on the sideline last year against South. Photo courtesy of Mike Hall/ The Pylon

City showdown:

Impact Players


as coach in Kansas City, and he has already led the Chiefs to win more than three times as many games as last year’s team did all season under previous coaching of Romeo Crennel. The new offense Reid put together has been able to move the ball very well since week one. Another contributor to the success of the offense is quarterback Alex Smith, who replaced Matt Cassel. Smith’s early success has proven for Reid’s offense. The improved Chiefs defense is led by coordinator Bob Sutton. with the Chiefs, after putting in thirteen years as assistant coach for the New York Jets. Sutton’s defense is considered one of the best in the league, and is still arguably underrated. The true Chiefs fans, oh rewarded with the opportunity to root on a winning team. “It feels so good. I knew this time would come and I am so happy,” said senior Riley Faris, a long time fan. Once again, the words have been taken from my mouth. I the Chiefs continue doing what they haven’t done in years.

J.W. Maldander Quarterback Senior 6’3’’ 180 lbs.

56 tackles 25 points place kicking

Quintavian Hill Defensive Tackle Senior 5’11’’ 238 lbs.

994 passing yards 703 rushing yards

Tanner Robl Linebacker Senior 6’3’’ 203 lbs.

18 tackles 2 sacks

South Justin Stonebraker Quarterback Senior 5’ 11’’ 171 lbs.

677 rushing yards 10 touchdowns Kole Smith Defensive End Senior 6’ 3’’ 279 lbs.

Fumble Mumble

Last year’s forward progress call reminds players of Central vs. South game competitiveness

The Pylon Who would have thought? The Kansas City Chiefs have completely shocked the professional football world with their so-far perfect season, yet to be defeated after six weeks. What used to cause fans to wear bags over their heads, has now caused money in the bag for the Chiefs organization. “I think Andy Reid (head coach) has brought a lot of excitement to the team and has them playing better ball than they have in years,” commented senior Ethan Leiker, a raging Chiefs fanatic. I can’t say I would have worded it much differently. I have been with the Chiefs from the beginning, and I haven’t seen the same swagger since the days of Priest Holmes and Dante Hall. Arrowhead Stadium has been full of fans wanting to see the new and improved Chiefs team. New coaching and a new quarterback has brought big success.

A screen shot from Hudl provides a different view of the “forward progress” call made last year in the fourth quarter against South.

922 passing yards 492 rushing yards Mike Jones Running Back Senior 5’ 10’’ 171 lbs.

11 tackles 4 tackles for loss

By Bailey Driver The Pylon Amongst the memories of a pinked out student section, tail-gating, cold rainy weather and sitting on the

to our end zone, signifying their possession of the ball. Senior Aaron ground, disappointed in what had just happened, although South hadn’t lost the ball. Central’s defense was able to stop South’s offense on the one yard line,

memory from the South vs. Central game will distinctly stick out from last year: senior Zach the game up at 17 with Nachbar’s visible no time left in the fourth fumble. “After getting jipped quarter. Going into Central was overtime, each team got last year, we are up 17-14 with one chance with four 1:44 left in the downs to score, starting hungrier than ever; fourth quarter; the 10 yard line. especially since we are at all energy on Central was unable to our side. South score a touchdown, and the underdogs, once should have again.” dominated goal to put three points us with their J.W. Maldaner on the board, leading strongly stacked South 20-17. The only Senior senior and junior way for Central to come classes. It was a out with a win would surprise we were have been to hold South from scoring a even competing, let alone that we touchdown to force them into kicking should have won the game. During a kick off following a a touchdown on their third down, touchdown thrown by mistake to winning the game 23-20. alumnus Spencer Schrader, Nachbar Reminiscing on this haunting game was running the ball on our 20 yard motivates the football team in more line and got the ball stripped by ways than just winning another league game. “I am motivated to win going into forward by alumnus Nathan Garlow. every game that we play. I know that Another Central player securely our guys really want to win this game recovered the ball. Discretely watching for multiple reasons,” Hall said. what had just happened, the referees The football team is out to get blew their whistle late and called revenge and establish their dominance in Salina. The outcome of this game forward progress is the end of proves who has the stronger football advancement of the ball in a runner’s team in town. For the senior class, they possession. haven’t got a win over South in three “After the call was made, I knew years. that we still had to stop them since we “The last time we beat South it was had a three point lead,” head coach my freshman year. Playing South for Hall said. what could be the last time on senior Re-watching this play on video, night is a blessing,” senior quarterback South’s players start to shamefully J.W. Maldaner said. “After getting jipped last year, we are hungrier just lost from a fumble as Central than ever; especially since we are the jumped around pointing their arms underdogs, once again.”

October 16, 2013

Athletes & Sports State Tennis Preview

When: October 18 & 19 Where: Ark City, Kansas Attending: Mackenzie Morris (‘14), Morgan Hauserman (‘15), Meg Johnson (‘15), Sydney Kossow (‘16), Jera Richardson (‘16)

Top Competition: Ark City Bulldogs, Kapuan Mt. Carmel Crusaders, Bishop Carroll Eagles, St. James Academy Thunder State team records: Hannah Schulte / The Pylon Doubles partners senior Mackenzie Morris and junior Morgan Hauserman high-five each other after winning a point at a home invitational.

1. Doubles team Morris and Hauserman 21-4 2. Singles Johnson 13-5 3. Doubles team Kossow and Richardson 10-5

5A Classifications New teams provide strong competition, intimidating numbers By Casey Rayas

which class every school should be in. For the

down to the 4A column. This, however, is not the biggest change. Hays High School, who is also in Salina Central’s football district, has dropped down a slot into 4A. Leavenworth sets the bar with 1334 kids enrolled, while Bonner Springs is the least populated school with 554 students. Salina Central is almost right in the middle of the range with 776 students and Salina South with 809. Both schools have decreased in population by over 200 students. “Leavenworth has an extremely good girl’s basketball team as they have D1

same class as Salina Central. Heights, home of Kansas University basketball standout Perry Ellis, has been known as a dominate force in basketball and football in previous years, winning multiple state championships in both sports. Andover Central, who has been decreasing in population, will be moving

play them so I’m not concerned with their program,” head girls’ basketball coach Mr. Andrews said. Leavenworth and Heights are not in the Ark Valley Chislom Trail League (AVCTL), therefore, post season games will be the only time Central will see either team. The football schedule will change next

The Pylon Numbers in student enrollment around the state have changed immensely, which has led to numerous schools adapting to environments which they have never came across. As of next year, there will be a wide and different variety of schools in 5A sports, more so than ever before. Every two years the Kansas State High

On the Spot

Athletes in the mix Matt Rowe Football Alex Dominguez Boys’ Soccer Hayley Holman Cheerleading Jake Bellerive Boys’ Cross Country Tara Bradley Volleyball

year as Hays will not be the last game of District battles are more important than previous years because they determine what teams advance to the playoffs.

The Leavenworth Pioneers dominate in girls’ basketball with 1334 students. The Wichita Heights Falcons will dominate with rich tradition in boys’ basketball and football.

Go to dance move...

“The Bachelor”

“Thin Mints”


“Ink Master”


“Cook It Up”

“Real World ”

“Thin Mints”

“Cat Daddy”


“Pole dancing”


numbers a quick look at numbers and stats from the fall sports season

3 13

number of consecutive years the girls’ golf team has made it to state

number of touchdowns senior quarterback J.W. Maldaner has scored

16:49 time it takes junior Daniel Villarreal to run a 5K


number of times South has beat the boys’ soccer team in the last twenty years

number of digs senior back row passer Paige Johnson has

Favorite Girl Scout cookie...

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians”

By the


Reality TV show you should be on...

“The Real Housewives of Orange County”


“Twerking, like my girl Miley”


number of pounds the football offensive line weighs total

44 8

number of tennis matches the girls’ state team has won

years since the volleyball team has beat Maize

10 Genna’s Grudge By Genna Salstrom The Pylon

Governmental airheads

5 government My Top

1 2


Michelle Obama’s lunches; I’m freakin’ starving! George Bush as president...why did that happen?


Not having passed a budget for four years


Congress is getting paid to make decisions...DO YOUR JOB.


This war on drugs is a ridiculous waste of time and money.


he government is weeks into its cute little shutdown temper tantrum, and it’s really got me ticked off. First of all, these children known as congressmen haven’t been able to agree on a national budget for over four years. That is so ridiculous, it makes me want to bang my head on a wall. This festival of stupidity doesn’t even affect the congressmen, who are still getting paid; it affects the little people, like my brother. My brother, who has two little kids, isn’t getting paid for his military service simply because congressmen can’t agree on anything. The government shutdown isn’t even about what the media says it’s about. They pretend it’s about the healthcare act, which has turned out to be a disaster, but really that’s just a smokescreen for their hidden agenda. government is still in operation. They only shut down what they did for political propaganda, and the military is being used as a pawn in their game of lies. For example, my brother was in one of the small groups used for this political agenda. They were told there wasn’t enough funding for them to keep getting paid, but then later the political necessity as the reason. The military is supposed to be we’ll see if that happens. Basically, the Republicans are stonewalling, and the Senate refuses to even vote on most bills. The government needs to recollect itself and stop being idiots before they throw the nation even further into this dark hole they’ve dug.

October 16, 2013

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We can’t stop this wrecking ball Miley Cyrus’ “movement“ has gone too far, starting to border on psychotic By Eryn Hassler The Pylon You love her or you hate her, but either way you can’t ignore her. Whether it be good or bad attention, Miley knows how to attract it. We all grew up with Miley. No one can deny that they used to watch “Hannah Montana”; we all did. I can honestly say I was never a fan though. I didn’t like her as an actress, but I will admit she started to grow on me as a country/pop singer. That wasn’t good enough for Miley though. This movement she’s created is drastic to say the least. Sure, she’s crazy and random, and maybe that’s the good that her fans see. All I see is a confused naked girl desperately crying for attention. If her “We Can’t Stop” music video wasn’t enough to turn you away, her VMA performance For me, it was just a casual

Sunday night. I was minding when she put that innocent my own business, just trying to watch the awards, when and thrusted it at the audience. suddenly my eyes were Gagging, I wondered how the assaulted. performance get any worse. She Without warning, I was had plenty more up her sleeve. watching “Hannah Montana” The “dance” continued to get violently jiggle around. I can’t more and more ratchet. You call it dancing; I wouldn’t want to could practically feel her dignity offend any slipping away. dancers. Maybe The two “She’s still making money off I’m being a awkward tad bit too all of us, and maybe that’s all critical, but little buns on she wanted in the first place.” that was her head the most were disgusting, Eryn Hassler pushin’ least sexy, Junior it. The train weird wreck of a way her tongue hung out of her mouth performance I’ve ever seen. She like a dead dog was drawing the has a huge team of advisors, line. But when she busted out producers, and professionals helping her; why did this Disgusted would be a better happen? Why? word. I feel like Miley’s gone a bit I guess I just couldn’t see the crazy. She’s a confused girl trying artistic vision Miley had in mind way too hard to make herself into

It’s just a song By Austin Hyunh The Pylon When you’re jammin’ out to your favorite 2 Chainz or Lil’ Wayne track, have you ever taken a minute to actually listen to the lyrics? Yes, they may seem a bit crude and raw. Shoot, some of the lyrics might even put an explicit image in your head. Many people actually are offended by some of these lyrics. With all the concerns about the lyrics and who they’re directed at, I just sit here thinking, “Who really cares?” Have people really gotten THAT soft to where a simple lyric from a song offends

them? I realize that most of the lyrics are pointed towards women, but come on. Let’s be real here. It’s just a song. What has our world come to? It used to be that people would get insulted in person, but now today’s hottest songs are being counted as an insult or a form of degrading women. The songs that I’ve heard are in no way degrading at all. Yes, they are a little dirty and not appropriate around the high school environment, but I try my best to look at it from both sides, and I don’t seem

something she wasn’t meant to be. In the MTV special “Miley the Movement,” someone said “She is the by-product of America.” Is it just me or does Canada suddenly sound a bit more appealing? Hopefully this “role model” doesn’t teach girls that sexiness means being naked and being yourself means making a fool out of yourself. Hopefully, Miley’s next single is” I’ve Decided to Stop” because she really needs to. Most importantly, I hope that Miley Cyrus isn’t actually seen as talented, because that would just be a shame and an insult to truly talented people everywhere. Still, no matter if you love or hate her, it’s an obsession. She’s still making money off all of us, and maybe that’s all she wanted going on in her mind, I hope she the world even more.


make the listener lose respect for women.

67% of students

are not bothered by degrading music This survey was out of 180 random students at lunch

October 16, 2013

Editorials & Opinion

Stressin’ out Students become overwhelmed by AP class’ curriculum By Genna Salstrom The Pylon I understand that classes are scheduled based on how many students sign up for them, but administration needs to be more lenient about dropping AP classes. Sometimes a student takes an AP class not expecting that the class would be so Math has always come easy to me, but AP Calculus is like listening to people talk a different language. Throw in three other AP classes, and you’ve got a 17-year-old girl ready to explode from stress.

I waited a few months to see if AP Calculus would get easier to understand, but all that resulted in was some seriously annoying stress acne. So, I sought out to drop the class. However, I learned that I am “not allowed” to do so. I personally don’t understand how administration is going to tell me that I have to take this college-level class that makes me want to cry from frustration. Do they want to take the class for me? Probably not. So why is it that they can force me to? Dropping an AP class is worlds different from dropping an elective like, say, an art

are % stressed of students out


class. Administration should take into account the amount of stress the class creates before deciding whether or not it can be dropped. Stress is a great health risk. It leads to things like lack of sleep and depression. By forcing students to stay classes, administration is basically pushing teenagers into lives of drugs and depression.

45 % of students

are in AP classes

55 %

33 %

of students

of students

have two hours of AP homework per night

take only one AP class

This music reflects our culture By Eryn Hassler The Pylon As if our nation’s male population needs any more reason to degrade and objectify women, popular music continues to get more and more offensive. The lyrics absolutely no respect for women. If you actually listen to what your favorite rappers are saying, you’ll realize just how bad it is. This probably doesn’t bother most guys at all. Why would it? They aren’t the ones being talked about like objects only good for sex. I think both men and women should not only be offended by some of

the things said in these new songs, but disturbed. I know there’s no reason to be truly offended by a song. I know it’s not directed

“Realize it’s wrong.” Eryn Hassler Junior

guys who listen to it. Besides, it’s all in fun right? The real problem is that The type of music people listen

Slowly but surely, these lyrics are going to sink into the minds of those listening and effect their own values. Hopefully the degrading way that rappers view women will not rub off on the masses. I ask you all to really understand what you’re rapping along with and decide yourself if it’s anywhere near appropriate or true to your own values. If you don’t know, ask yourself if you’d want someone to degrade your own daughter like that. Although I’m sure no one is going to change the music they listen to, at least change the way you think about it and realize it’s wrong.

own thoughts and actions.


Kudos Callouts


The following are situations in which our faculty, students and others deserve praise for a job well done or to be called out for dropping the ball. They are made by the opinion editor with the help of the rest of the staff.

Kudos: -Dairy Queen pumpkin pie blizzards and iHop pumpkin pancakes are freakin’ delicious. -Soccer for consistently being awesome (beating south again) and for not dying from bouncing hundreds of balls off their heads. league and regional champs in doubles. -Volleyball for beating Bishop Carol, a state ranked team. Keep up the good work. -Junior Daniel Villareal for not only kicking butt at cross country but also for winning a tri-state writing competition. Go you, dude! -Junior Eryn Hassler for saying what needed to be said about Miley Cyrus. -Girl’s golf for making it to state for like three years in a row and Senior Alissa Kim for being a beast. -Victoria’s Secret for getting new K-State apparel. -Ellen Degeneres is amazing because she has a cool show, nice hair and loves people. -Italian food is where it’s at... if you haven’t tried the cheese ravioli at Olive Garden you aren’t trying. -STUCO leaders for receiving the “You Make a Difference” award.

Callouts: -This weather...I love the rain, but it’s SO cold. I’m literally living in blankets. -Garber for abandoning us for two days to kill baby animals. -The announcements need to have a spice of awesome injected into them. -The hold up in the hallway is ridiculous. Stop making out with your boyfriends. Stop making huge circles of gab fests. Just stop. -People who tell their peers to turn down their headphone music because it’s “too loud”. You’re welcome for sharing my music with you peasants. -Catholic schools you are cheating...form your own league. -Teachers are gettin’ some ‘tudes. Guess we all really need these three day weekends coming up. -Girls who wear Uggs and

33 % of students

are bothered by degrading music This survey was out of 180 random students at lunch

toe socks, you need to hop off that gravy train right now. -K-State football is horrible... please get better soon.

cartoons by Alexis Karabinas

the Pylon



October 16, 2013

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