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Same Songs, New Beats

Now a days, new artists are popping up from every corner, exploding radio stations with the latest tunes that teens love. They are all quite catchy, but are they really lyrics you’ve never heard before? Songs these days are on beat and in touch with society’s desires, but their lack of originality really kicks our era’s taste in music in the butt. Going into new artists, we asked a few Coronado students who their favorite upand-coming singers were. “My favorite would have to be The Weeknd because of his voice, its very angelic,” said Amanda Byars. We surveyed other students asking the same question, and more artists were brought up. “Definitely J. Cole because he tells life stories in his songs in which some people can relate to,” stated Leonard Crawford. Teens these days, like Byars, say they’ve heard most of the new artists from “Pandora, YouTube, or just from local radio stations”. Also, from a poll of a hundred students, the most liked type of music was hip-hop and R&B from the present era. Out of the most liked genres of Pop, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop/R&B, and Alternative, Hip-Hop/R&B was 45%, winning as the most liked. Many people like the present’s music because, like Marissa Melendez, they think that “the beats are good and fresh”. Speaking of the rhythm of music, when students were asked what catches their attention about new songs, the way it sounded and the beats were the first thing they had all said. Others too, though, like Robryanna Pearson, had said that “the lyrics and the meaning of the songs” were the first thing that really caught her interest. And, going on, the beats might be enjoyable and fresh, but they’re all the same. Many artists are “very repetitive and have no meaning in their songs these days,” said Brittany Carlock. When asked about what is something they didn’t like about popular tunes coming out, many students had the same input. “They don’t talk about anything anymore. It seems like they write the songs in two minutes or they just repeat the same thing over and over again. Most artists also don’t sound anything like they do in person, either using voice changers or auto tune,” said Crawford. For example, older songs told stories, talking about how they really felt or about what they thought about life. From a 1985 song sung by multiple artists their chorus sang, “We are the world, we are the children. We are the ones to make a brighter day so lets start living.” It was a meaningful song that showed originality and thought to it. Comparing it to songs coming out now, they sing, “Baby, baby, baby Ohhh,” or “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday”. These songs are not original. Throughout the song they repeat the meaningless lyrics just going along to a cool beat. The lack of originality in many songs is probably the biggest pet peeve of students. Why must they lack this important key quality? They need unique songs and lyrics to set them apart from other artists.

Dancing Through The Ages Borrowing and remaking older songs has become a trend now and some teens like it, but there are quite a few that don’t. For example, the 1984 song “Forever Young” by Alphavillle was remade and reedited by Jay-Z in 2010, calling it “Young Forever” and changing a few words. It’s a good song, but really shows the lack of originality in making music these days. When asked what they thought about artists using older songs, two different viewpoints came up. “I like it. It’s like they’re bringing back great songs from a different era and giving it that new updated sound that many teens are in to,” said Janai Juarez. Opposing that observation, Crawford stated that “remaking older songs shows how lazy artists have become.” These are both true and when asked why they think artists choose to remake the songs even though some people don’t like it, Byars said, “I think it’s because the artists like the older songs and they just want to try to make them sound updated and into a newer kind of version.” So, although music has evolved through sound and beat, the lyrics in tunes really haven’t. Artists have become unoriginal with no unique songs, and although it’s good to recognize the older hits, remaking them constantly has really shown how idle they are. Most teens like music of “the now”, but in reality it’s just the older eras coming back. We live in a time where our melodies are just composed of old songs with new beats.

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