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essa McCune sits in class, listening to Mr. Slater teach. Everyone in the portable hangs on his every word, until a cat wanders in. The entire class’s focus is on the cat. They call her over to pet her and forget Mr. Slater was ever teaching. “The cat always appears in class and it’s kind of become the class pet. Everybody has come up with different names to call her and makes class really entertaining,” said Tessa, 11. so loving,” said Kelsey Applebaum, 11. Not everyone picks their pets or receives them as gifts. Omar’s siblings picked his other pets, but he was given the liberty to pick out his own.

1 Cats On the other hand, Daniela is not as excited when the cat wanders in and sits next to your desk when you are supposed to be taking notes. A majority of Coronado students chose dogs over cats and other pets. In a poll of ten, five of them people dislike cats as a pet, some because of a natural dislike and others because of allergic reactions. “I’m really allergic to cats that even when I’m in the same room as the cat, my eyes start to water and swell up,” Daniela Sandoval, 12. There are different reasons why people pick a certain pet or prefer the company of a cat over a dog or vise versa. “I have dog as pets, because they’re


3 Unusual Pets

Picking Pets “I didn’t pick two of my dogs, but the one I did pick was because it was so cute,” said Omar Santos, 11. However some pets wander into someone’s house. “We visited some friends and found a stray cat that just had kittens. My sons begged me to take one of them home with us,” said Mrs. Kelly Groves. Pets aren’t limited to cats and dogs; some peoples’ ideas of a pet are unusual.

“I have an African Gray Parrot. My dad taught him how to talk and now he will add to any conversation we are having around him,” said Sam Martinez, 11. Sam got his bird because his mom’s friend didn’t want him anymore so his family brought him in and the bird has become a part of the family. “I have eighteen chickens in my backyard and we have them as pets and to provide us with fresh eggs,” said Claire Kim, 11. Claire’s family decided to name all of the chickens with names like Tina Turner, Alfonse, Lady Star Dust, Bird, and Petunia. By Mariana Halow and Macy McBeth


Mans Best Friend “My dogs keep me company and always put me in a better mood when I am feeling sad,” said Natalia Ibarra, 10. Whether the pet is common or unique, or they take part in some classes, Coronado students and faculty members become attached to their pets and treat their pets like a family member. Vanessa Chapman, 9


Hunter Foght, 10



Maddy Halperin, 12


Omar Santos, 11

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Love at Furst Sight

The chickens have become part of their family in addition to supplying them with fresh eggs. “One of them is a rooster, so in the morning he wakes up the dogs. Sometimes he will act as a guard dog and squawk at things in the backyard,” said Claire Kim, 11. Reptiles aren’t a common pet for

Maurice Velgis, 10

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people, but in Natalie’s case, reptiles can be easy pets to care for. “My brother got our gecko as a birthday present eight years ago, and we’ve had him ever since,” said Natalie Eng, 10. Natalie says that he is really easy to take care of, and not many people have one. “Me and my friend Naomi James got him stuck in a Barbie car and it took forever to try and get him out without hurting him,” said Natalie Eng, 10. It doesn’t matter what pet people have, they love their pets so much that they consider them a part of their family. Like people, pets are loveable and caring towards their owners.

Photos by Paulina Martin

Mariana Halow, Macy McBeth-Groomer Has It