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From waking up early to having to sit through boring lectures, it is no surprise that students do not enjoy going to school. However, there are classes that students look forward to. In a poll taken in January, art proved to be the favored elective because of the hands-on assignments. “We get to sculpt things and right now we’re making clay sculptures. I like using clay because I think it’s fun to work with.”- Martin Lozoya, 11.

The core class that was favored was English, which had more votes than the electives did overall. The subject is not necessarily the reason it is favored.

english “I really like my

Drawing by: Alexis Trevino

English class but only because of the people in there. It’s always so much fun. The class is always doing some thing funny, even though we aren’t really allowed to talk,” said Rebecca Lara, 12.


Physics was the second class that is favored. Musical classes are also one of the favorite electives.

“I like listening to the music my teacher plays for us in class and learning guitar might be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really relaxing.”-Isaac Marquez, 11. Math classes had twenty-four votes out of 200 for their favorite class.

math “I think the reason why I like my math class is because I actually understand it,” said Ashley Johnson, 11.

Musical classes and theater both have fourteen votes for favorite class.

theatre “We’re one big dysfunctional family.”-Christa Shafer, 12.

There are also classes that we dread and whose class can affect the mood for the rest of our day. Based from people’s responses, it’s as though any math course is also a student’s least favorite subject. Coming in a close second, Social Studies classes are not well liked among the students.


“The teacher is monotone, she doesn’t have a teaching technique, and doesn’t know how to connect with the class.”-Priscilla Illaramendi, 11.

social studies “We don’t get to talk, even when we’re done with our work. We just sit there quietly.”-Martin Lozoya, 11.

Least Favorite Classes




Since science has to do with math, it is only reasonable that students also voted science courses as their least favorite class.

“I wish we did more labs and experiments instead of sitting down and taking notes or solving equations.”-Monica Salazar, 11.

There are two types of classes, a quiet class and a rowdy one, which is better? Two different teachers were interviewed and were asked their opinions on this and why. Mr. Hernandez, an algebra two teachers responded,

social studies


“A quiet class is better because all students can listen and receive instructions without having to repeat myself.” Mr. Hastey, also an algebra two teacher, responded

“In my opinion, both types of classes are good; I like a quiet class when I’m explaining to do the work, and also I like a non-quiet class because I think the students can help each other if someone doesn’t understand.” Four seniors said that they like a non-quiet class more because you can pay attention, but also you can socialize with friends and do class work at the same time. Each class has a different effect on students. Some classes that some kids love, other kids hate. The teaching styles of the teachers affect whether or not the class is enjoyable or dreadful.



Favorite Classes  

favorite classes ...

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