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Girls confess about favorite guy attributes As Dominic aguilar (11) sat in math class, completley bored with the teachers monotonous explanations, his attention was suddenly caught by two girls sitting in the back, giggling over the screen of an iPhone. “Oh my God!” The brunette squealed, “Isn’t he hot?” “I dont know...” Mused her friend absentmindedly, “...I wouldnt want to date a blond guy. We wouldnt look good together.” Dominic resisted the urge to roll his eyes:

“I just never looked into dating them...” “I really don’t approve of girls being obsessed with guys possessing specific traits.I believe girls should be more allrounded with style and attitude. I used to only like girls who played sports or were tomboys, but then i realized that its just dull and repetitive. So I figured I am interested in

other girls, I just never looked into dating them because I was sporty so I looked for girls who were also sporty. Thats how I moved on to dating girls who don’t play sports but arestill interesting.” For most other people though, types are important.

Social Types As far as high school goes, it is pretty easy to classify males into four main “species”: Preps, Rocker (punks), Jocks and…. Yup, Nerds.

“Help, I love a Rockstar!” So what makes a girl attracted to a member of a specific social circle? “I like the Rocker type because we have a lot in common in terms of music and clothes.I love their tight jeans and hairstyle.Especially the inbetween long and short style, when it does not cover those beautiful eyes. Also, their ATTITUDE attracts me, everyone likes a bad boy.” says Tina Rojas (12). Paula Aceves (10), However, liked preps, because they are “put together, well mannered” and “Have a good sense of humor.” A second example of contrasting groups of guys would be the nerds and jocks.

“I like the athlete guys because its important that they take care of their body and are just as passionate about sports as I am.” Says Miranda Roberts (11). Pretty much the same thing Dominic said, huh? “ I have a tendency to choose nerds because they are more likely to be successful compared to others. Besides, intelligence is attractive.” Says Keisha Erwin. “However-“ She clarifies, “-It is not always mandatory to date a guy who is physically ideal in your perspective. When it comes to love its subjective and depends on the guy.”

“They were just full of them-


Were it only a question of appearance, the issue of type could probably

be brushed aside, but does not a person’s style reflect the personality behind it? “I used to date guys who were sort of bad boys, in a way. I liked their confidence but basically, you could say that most often they were just full of themselves.My boyfriend now is really nice: he holds doors for me, respects me and is totally adorable.” Concludes Keisha. So in the end, “Types” probably have a deeper meaning than we realize, and while we shouldn’t base our judgment exclusively on them, ignoring them completely is not a good idea either.

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