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Corrections: Cover Photo from June 2009 : Gabrielle Houze CHS Volleyball Story from October 2009 : co-written by Taylor Stockon

Photo by: Pam Renteria

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By: Veronica Santos

The 2009 homecoming dance was a successful event, following the winning football game against Bel Air High School. This year, the school decided to host the dance at Grace Gardens instead of in the large gym at Coronado. The change helped sell almost double the amount of tickets sold last year. Mrs. Groves, Coronado Student Activities Manager, was very happy to report that the school sold 453 more tickets than last year, reaching 1,104 tickets.

Some parents were concerned about having the dance at a location other than the school, thinking that it would not be as safe. However, there were police officers surrounding the venue on the night of the dance, as well as teachers and volunteer parents. Students seemed to enjoy the dance more this year than last year. “I had a lot of fun with my group of friends and loved how the dance turned out, especially after putting in all that effort through the year

and week to make it all come together,” said Laurencia Duran, junior. The dance floor was filled with students dancing nonstop. There was an atmosphere of enjoyment instead of boredom. Many students were enthusiastic about getting ready for the dance. “Having the dance at Grace Gardens was a great idea because, what student would be excited to get all dressed up to go to the school gym?” said Valeria Ruvalcaba, junior. “This gave us an

Student Council President Talks About Spirit Week Interview and Photo By: Ashley Muir

Although homecoming is about fun and games, it takes hard work to make all events turn out successfully. Yoni Kallman, Student Council President, was in charge of much of the activity around school during homecoming week.


uestion: What was your favorite day of the week and why? nswer: My favorite day of the week was Theme Day. Wednesday was so exciting because I got to see how all of the classifications went all out. After all of the festivities during the day, we had to prepare for the parade at night. It was cool to see how all of the floats turned

out after everyone had put in all the hard work. : What kind of planning went into creating the senior float? : After we came up with the house design, it took us about two to three weeks to build it and two more to paint, We tried to pick bright colorful paint colors that corresponded with the theme of the movie. We called all over the place to find the cheapest place to get the balloons. There were about 800 balloons used for the float. : Which event would you consider to be the most successful? : I think that the pep rally went awesome. It



was fun having it out on the field for a change. The timing went perfectly, and I was so excited about the beat boxing between Carlos Herrera and Marc-Antoine Balthazar. Another event I was happy about was the chair game. We had played it at a leadership camp this summer. Everyone was getting really into it and cheering. It looked like the students had a good time. : How do you feel now that it’s over? : I’m glad it’s over because it was so much work. I felt stressed everyday because there was so much going on. It felt good to see our hard work pay off and I couldn’t have hoped for a better turnout.


opportunity to be somewhere else dressed nicely.” Mrs. Groves was happy to be able to reserve Grace Garden for the students. “It was less stressful for me because if it was held in the school gym, I would be worrying about the bleachers and the [new] floor,” said Mrs. Groves. “Also, neither the exec students nor I had to go before to decorate or clean after the dance.” Hopefully next year’s dance can live up to the standards that were set this year.


spirit week

issue 2, the explorer, october 2009

monday: DUO DAY

Story by: Shabnam Saadatkhah

M Top Left: Elliot Rotwein, Javier Romo. Top Right: Kelsey Burns, Amanda Mitchell, Robert Pounds, Kelsey Tomlin, Kayla Mehl, Jake Hartley, Eva Valilis. Bottom Left: Allyson Holland, Samantha Peters, Bailey Bennett, Annie Alvelais. Bottom Right: Nina Quintana, Katelyn Gray.


ost students agree that homecoming week is the climax of the whole school year. This event is the single most important occasion that unites the whole school. Homecoming week has many fun activities, which everyone can participate in. Homecoming week is composed of different dress up days in order to show school spirit. Monday was Duo Day. Students dressed up as their favorites groups. Crayola Crayons, The Fanta Girls, Pride and Prejudice, and Gossip Girls were a few of the many groups represented at Coronado on Duo Day. Photos by: Pam Renteria, Iliana Varela, and Adriana Avila



uesday was Monochromatic Day. Freshmen wore all white, sophomores wore gray, juniors wore black, and seniors wore neon colors. This specific day was to unite the different classes and, most importantly, to allow the seniors to stand out in their bright neon clothes.

Top: Brandon Dillard, Luke Martin, Rodrigo Quevedo, Taylor Stockon, RyanRasmussen. Middle: Lauren Gute, Ashley Rook, Lauren Payne, Kelsey Shinaut. Bottom: Esteban Trejo, Michael Franco, Mario Urquidi.

Photos by: Adriana Avila and Iliana Varela


ednesday was Pixar day, which was the theme of 2009 homecoming, “Pixar presents the Perfect Homecoming.� The different classes wore costumes from Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and UP.

Top left: Lucia Avila, Siria Bojorquez. Bottom Left: Robert Blando. Right: Ryan Rasmussen, Christian Brown.

Photos by: Pam Renteria, Iliana Varela, and Adriana Avila

spirit week

issue 2, the explorer, october 2009

thursday: DECADE DAY T


he spirit week tradition of Decade Day was celebrated on Thursday. As usual, the freshmen’s decade was the ‘50s, the sophomores’, ‘60s, and so on. Costumes of every kind could be seen around Cornoado hallways and in C building atrium, where the different clases paraded down the stairs for the award of Best Costume. Top left: Colton Shinaut, Elliot Rotwein, Lauren Gute, Kelsey Shinaut, Javier Romo, Ashley Rook, Lauren Payne. Top Right: Miriam Bustamante, Diane Bocklage, Minerva Pedroza, Benton Leechman, Vanessa Neutlzer, Bonnie Blesser, Eva Valilis. Bottom Left: Jordan Bokal, Alyssa Salcido. Middle Left: Caroline Brown, Jillian Davis, Jen Meisenheimer. Bottom Right: Michael Viramontes, Trey Roth, Christian Word.

Photos by: Adriana Avila, Iliana Varela, and Veronica Santos

friday: BLUE & GOLD F

inally, to end the 2009 spirit week, students dressed up for Blue and Gold Day. Showing their T-Bird pride, students made colored shirts and shorts, wore their lettermen jackets and mums, or even went so far as to paint their bodies and faces with blue and gold paint. “Blue and Gold Day is always the best way to conclude homecoming week. It gets everyone pumped up for the game and ready for the dance the next day!” said Ginnette Garcia, senior.

Top Left: Jake Neuhard, Christian Johnson, Alec Owen, Matthew Bowman. Top Right: Justin Churchman. Bottom Left: Kelly Moore, MarcAntoine Balthazar, Lorin Froetschel. Bottom Right: Karan Mehta, Sergio Bustamante, Jordan Bokal, Alex Benavides.

(page 3) Story by: Frida Garza. Photos by: Pam Renteria, Adriana Avila



issue 2, the explorer, october 2009

the co$t of


Feature by: Stephen Freyermuth and Frida Garza

A homecoming dance may last only four to five hours, but many people choose to go all out for this short amount of time. All the expenses add up to make a hefty fee for the average high school student. Is the excessive price worth this one night? Many people believe it is because of the memorable occasion.. Despite the total cost of homecoming (usually around $250 for girls and $350 for boys), most students seem to think their money is well spent. “As long as you and your date have a good time, the money is worth it,� said Matt Hoover, sophomore. Here are some average expenses for the typical homecoming date.




$20 before, $25 at Dance


$45 - $150

jewlery: $25

“It can get to be pretty expensiv good time, then the money is wo


issue 2, the explorer, october 2009


boutonnière: $13

tie: $40

shirt & jacket: $100

pants: $30

mum: $50

shoes: $50

ve, but as long as you and your date have a orth it.� - Matt Hoover, sophomore



issue 2, the explorer, october 2009

Pixar Parades Around Coronado


ast Wednesday afternoon, crowds of people were scattered along Cloudview Road. The cheer of people could be heard over the Coronado marching band’s music. Candy was thrown in handfuls and colorful floats were riding down the street. It was that time of year once again: the Coronado Homecoming Parade. This year, the parade was held on October 14th and the theme was Pixar. The freshmen class float had the theme of the movie Ratatouille, sophomores had the Incredibles, juniors created a Monsters INC. float, and the seniors made an Up themed float. Along with our floats and the marching band, football players, the Homecoming court and our Coronado Outstanding Ex also took part in the parade. Everyone who attended seemed to really enjoy the music and the floats. “It was really great, but I didn’t particularly like that I kept getting candy violently pelted at me by the cheerleaders,” said Pam Renteria, senior. Coronado students traveled up Cloudview to Northwind Road, turned

How long did these floats take to make? Seniors “Saturday and Sunday for four weekends.” -Katelyn Gray

Top Left: Junior class float. Top Right: Senior class float. Bottom Left: Freshman Class Float. Bottom Right: Sophomores walk alongside their class float.

Photos by: Ashley Muir and Adriana Avila

Mark Pelletier Director of Golf El Paso Country Club

Lessons $50 per hour

Juniors“Saturday and Sunday for five weekends.” - Kelsey Shinaut Sophomores“Almost every day for about six weeks.” -Melissa Broaddus Freshmen“It took three weekends to build the float.” -Rose Tapia

Story by: Adriana Avila

down Dawn Drive, traveled down Mariposa Drive, up Mesa Grande Avenue, down Paseo Redondo Avenue then turned left on El Puente Street and finally returned to the Ag Parking Lot. “You have to put a lot of effort into it. This year the kids actually worked on it instead of leaving all of the hard work to the parents.” said Olivia Boyer, junior. Even though all the floats were really great, in the end seniors and sophomores tied for first place in the contest for best float. Juniors received second place, and freshman were awarded third place.

(915) 584-0511


Danny Samaniego Personal Trainer Competitive Bodybuilder (915) 474-3634 Kid’s Boot Camp

Mary Medina *Manicures *Pedicures

*Sculptured Nails *Wraps *Tips/Overlay *Paraffine Wax

Attitudes Salon

6330 N. Mesa, Suite C





issue 2, the explorer, october 2009

Students Show Talent, Spirit at Rally Story by: olivia boyer


ep rallies are meant to ignite school spirit in the student body, pump up the football team for victory, and excite the crowd for the game. This year’s homecoming pep rally did just that. At Coronado, each year the homecoming pep rally out does all that came before, and this year’s was no exception. The pep rally brought on a lot of changes for Coronado. For the first time in Coronado’s history, the pep rally was held outside on the stadium, instead of in the gym, due to the expanding student body and capacity limits in the gym. “It was cool doing something different this year by having it out on the field and it was pretty cool deciding what went on and in what order,” said Yoni Kallman, Student Council President. Kallman got the pep rally started by announcing this year’s Outstanding Ex, Ms. Ileana Holguin. Ms. Holguin graduated from Coronado in 1994 and went to U.T. Austin. In 2000, Holguin graduated with her doctorate in Jurisprudence. She now works as an immigration lawyer and is currently living in El Paso.

Top Left: Mrs. Morales crowns Caroline Brown, Homecoming Queen. Bottom Left: Thundersteppers debut at pep rally. Top Right: Marc-Antoine Balthazar beatboxes for the crowd. Under: Thunderstepper shows her attitude; Baseball and football boys battle it out; Shockwave performs for Coronado students.

12oz - $4.50 16oz - $5.00

Photos by: Ashley Muir

As always, there was a competition to get the crowd pumped up. Hannah Fields, Senior Class President, announced this year’s competition. Four members from each sport were selected and they had to stand in a circle in the sitting position with their arms linked. The students had to balance each other and see who could stay up the longest. It came down to a close call between the band students and the volleyball players. In the end, the volleyball girls were victorious. Finally the moment everyone was waiting for had come, the announcement of Homecoming Queen. Kallman and Fields announced the names of the lucky girls selected by their fellow classmates. Freshman Princess was Samantha Herrera. Sisters Daryl and Alex Stein were Sophomore and Junior Princess. Jackie Perez was announced as Senior Princess and Melissa Munoz was announced as Senior Lady in Waiting. Caroline Brown was crowned Homecoming Queen. “I was surprised to even be nominated, but it is an honor to win and exciting to be able to represent the senior

class,” said Brown after her win was announced. Coronado now has a new club, The Thundersteppers, who put on a great first performance at the pep rally. The crowd cheered them on, as their routine showed everyone how difficult it really is to “step”. There was plenty of musical entertainment at this year’s pep rally from a band performance to beat boxing. The Coronado Marching Band started off the pep rally with a great performance. Shock Wave, a student band, performed Thunderstruck by ACDC, a crowd favorite, to get the students pumped for the night’s game. “I was glad we were able to get it together with only two weeks to prepare,” said Shock Wave vocalist, Benton Leachman. To end the pep rally Marco Balthazar and Carlos Herrera beat boxed to the school fight song, putting a new spin on school spirit. From the new location to the added events, this year’s homecoming pep rally was a sucess. The additions proved to be very effective in lifting school spirit and getting the football team pumped for the game.



issue 2, the explorer, october 2009

Homecoming Game: T-Birds Defeat Highlanders F Story by: Stephen Freyermuth

“I had fumbled a punt before so I wanted to make up for it by breaking a big one.” said Brown. The T-Birds went on to defeat the Bel Air Highlanders with a score of 49-14. Coronado is now ranked number one in the city. The T-Bird team will finish out its overwhelmingly victorious season at the Sun Bowl in a battle against the Cougars in the Westside Bowl. If the T-Birds can remain undefeated in the regular season, they can use that momentum to propel the team into the playoffs. Many players are excited and know that winning all these games is a huge possibility. The offense is playing well and the defense is playng even better. “CHS football rules!” said Sam Brown when asked about the team’s possibilities.

Photos by: Alex Seufert

or a Coronado football fan, homecoming is one of the most exciting games of the year. Last year the T-Bird team lost to Hanks High School by a mere 3 points in overtime. The team used that loss as motivation to not only remain undefeated, but to give fans an exhilarating homecoming win. “We used last year’s loss as a type of motivation, trying to win it for the fans,” said Alex Bobadilla, defensive back. Coronado started out the game on the offensive, with halfback Sam Brown rushing for 203 yards and 2 touchdowns. Mando Duran caught five passes for 98 yards and 3 touchdowns. Coronado was in the lead with a score of 21-0 in the second quarter. Coronado fumbled the following kickoff and recovered on their own 6 yard line. On the first play of the drive, Sam Brown made a 94 yard touchdown run.

Top Left: Armando Duran and refree calling a CHS touchdown. Top Right: Sam Brown. Bottom: Fabian Diaz, Zach Thompson, Cole Freytag, and Aaron Ulloa.

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