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November 2009

River Kings finish record breaking season By Logan Hood

Finish: The motto for the River King studs, a slogan every Clintonian is now familiar with. This idea of finishing strong was shown by the senior players every week at school when they wore their t- shirts with the saying on it. This was just a little reminder that they needed to “finish” the week strong and prepare themselves for the game they were about to play. The slogan started with just the team but slowly gained popularity each week as the Kings did just that: finish. They did this 11 times in a row, a remarkable feat by any standards. They started their conference season strong and ended well by winning the conference outright. The Kings finished their regular season with a perfect, undefeated season. They capped off their regular season by putting on a blowout against the Lancers of North Scott. That night they were unstoppable and might as well have put in a bid

on the land that was the end zone because they were constantly there. The fans came and packed the stands for this high scoring match and screamed at the top of their lungs even through the freezing cold and windblown rain that came directly at them. The Kings then were on to the playoffs to take on non MAC teams for the first time this season. Game one was against the Cedar Rapids Prairie, a 3-6 team. Their coach reportedly stated that we were one of the worst defenses he had ever seen, a statement which proved to be poorly chosen words. The Kings fed off of the trash talk, using the “underdog” label to their advantage. That night “the wolves” (linebackers) came out extra hungry as they put constant pressure on the Prairie offense. They were helped out by the big “bulls” up front that tore their feeble line to shreds. The Prairie coach ate his words for a nice midnight snack after that game. Throughout the playoff

season, each game was exciting and the idea of finishing filled the stands. Fans arrived hours before the game to find a seat; if fans weren’t in the stadium they were one of the many on the hill that overlooks the field. Game two was versus the Tigers of Cedar Falls. This was a nail biter; the Tigers pushed the Kings for the extent of the game, but they knew all they had to do was to “finish” strong and that they did, coming off the field with yet another victory to continue their perfect season. The fateful game three was against Cedar Rapids Xavier. After much confusion as to where the game would be held the final Players hold their heads high as their winning season comes to a close. ALYSSA WELLS decision was to play in Clinton. The Kings struggled with this team entire crowd rose and darity, the Kings went ingful this season was. and did eventually lose, applauded all of the ath- and walked down the Clinton High sure but they kept strong and letes that united the team line as they were con- showed the community did punch a late score to together this season. gratulated by the fans who is King as they did end the amazing season. Senior players marched for their amazing sea- “Finish” the season The Kings held their down the field arm in son. MAC champs. heads high as they went arm, like a band of brothMaybe we didn’t go Congratulations to all and teamed it up for the ers towards the end zone. all the way but we will players and coaches for final time. After this, the After this show of soli- never forget how mean- a great season.

“Little Women” of the CHS Drama take the stage By Taylor McKee

The makeup had been perfected at least three times, not a curl was out of place, the clothes fit as comfortably as skin; as the lights came up it passed over four flawless faces. The audience was from that moment on taken back into a different time. Away from cell phones, rap music, and lots of parties; into a time of simplicity. The stage was transformed into a comfy living room of an 1800’s home. “Little Women” was performed at Vernon Cook Theater on November 6, 8, and 9. Though the show was (L-R) Taylor Mckee, Catherine Cole, Katie Van Buer, Nicole Schimerowski, originally marketed to and Haley Courter portray the March women. SUBMITTED PHOTO run from Friday the 7th

through Sunday the 9th, the success of the River King football team at state resulted in moving the opening night to Thursday, November 7th. The actors took their audience on a journey filled with love, the sincereity of family, and through the many toils and misadventures of life. The mood was immediately set by the opening monologue that was given by Jo (Catherine Cole) who stated that the life for a girl back then was all about learning how to be proper and how to be irresistibly perfect for a man. She, however, wanted more out of life for both her and her

Students attend Youth Congress By Alison Sullivan

On Thursday, November 12, Hiba Ansari and Arti Bhakta, seniors at Clinton High, drove to the state’s capitol to attend the third annual Iowa Youth Congress. There the two had a unique hands-on opportunity to propose, debate, and vote on bills with fifty other students from across Iowa. Ansari and Bhakta, literally, were able to stand in the shoes of the Iowa legislature and carried out their business in the very seats current representatives fill out during each legislative session. The students went to the capitol on Friday where they first met in the house chamber and elected their

"I just realized how accessible our representatives are." -Ansari

congressional officers. Each candidate for president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer gave speeches before being voted on. Bhakta ran and was elected this year’s congressional treasurer. “I am so honored to have been selected as treasurer for the Iowa Youth Congress at the state level…I’m proud of what this group is doing...” she reflected. The students then were split up into one of three committees. Each committee had a chairperson who kept check on the allotted time for the debates and questions of each bill. Before the committee could close, each had to select two bills to be presented once everyone converged as a whole. There, the creator of the chosen bills addressed the Speaker of the House as well as the representatives, explaining their bill. This address was followed by debates and proposals for revisions. The students convened for roughly two

and a half hours for the six bills which were proposed. “It was very difficult to pick apart and [select] the ones that would affect Iowans the most,” said Ansari. The representatives then voted on their bills by using the “Yay” or “Nay” button pad on their desks. Each individual’s decisions was then recorded on a screen at the front of the chamber and highlighted according to their answer. The three bills which passed were the “Resolution for Higher Dreams Act,” “Revisions of the Eminent Domain Law of Iowa,” and the “Sign Language/ASL Foreign Language Option.” The students attended the “Dream Forward Banquet” that night where they were addressed by several key speakers who spoke words of support and encouragement to continue to reach for their dreams and achieve their highest potential. The next day the students met with a University of Northern Iowa debate coach

who gave pointers on how to continue forward with their bills. This included tips on how to talk to their Representatives and how to best be prepared to defend and promote their bills. “I just realized how accessible our representatives are. I’m never going to forget this ever because no one gets a chance like this. Who gets to sit in a House of Representatives seat and vote and talk through their microphones and address passionately [something which] affects the whole state of Iowa?” Ansari exclaimed, the weight of the weekend’s work shown subtly in her words. With the conclusion of the Iowa Youth Congress comes the beginning of the work for the representatives which attended. Now their objective throughout the coming months is to address these bills to their local representatives and encourage them to advance the bills on to the House assembly at the beginning of next year.

sisters. The play spans the length of a year, and within that year the four sisters learn valuable life lessons. Amy, the youngest sister, (Nicole Shimerowski) learns how valuable life is and how short it can be. Meg (Haley Cuarter) learned how love is an unexplainable thing that can just happen as she and Mr. Brookes (Clemens Rudolph) fall in love. The fourth sister, Beth, (Taylor Mckee) was unable to reach any great revelations as she met an early and untimely end. Other members of this wonderful show included Marmee (Katherine Van Buer), Laurie, (Nick Zmuda) the neighbor-

hood boy who finds himself smitten with Jo, a ‘highty tighty’ Aunt March (Alison Sullivan), the old Mr. Lawrence (Justin Tegeler) who gave Beth her lovely piano, Josh Wehde as Father, and Jesselyn Small as the devoted housekeeper, Hannah. The show was a great work of art that was directed by Sarah Ball. Though the show depicts nothing exuberant, the simplicity and honesty of the story reminded audiences of the importance of family life and motives and how such a relationship teaches people how to laugh, love, cry, and dream.

CHS represented again at All-state By Amber Elkins

When most think of October, visions of pumpkins and Halloween immediately come to mind. For music students all over Iowa, h o w e v e r, October is a month prepared for starting in August. On October 24th students from all over Iowa, including CHS, participated in the rigorous All-state auditions. "I'm really proud of everyone,” said Mr. Wolf, the Acappella director at Clinton High, “it takes a lot of courage and dedication to get up and do that. I am very proud of all who made it." This year all three music departments at CHS will be represented at the All-State

recital on Saturday, November 21st in Ames, Iowa. From Acappella, Ben Owen was selected as a second tenor for the AllState choir. Jocelyn Beleutz, in orchestra, will be in the second violin section as well as the band’s tuba players Brett Copeland and Brendan Johnson. Freshman Taylor Hicks was also selected as first alternate for tuba. The performance on November 21st will be at the Hilton Coliseum on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames. Iowa Public Television will broadcast the concert on Thursday, November 26th at 7 PM. Please watch and support our Clinton fine arts students as they perform with the finest in Iowa.


November 2009

CHS Blood Drive Have you met... By Molly Eversoll

Did you ever realize you had the ability to save a life at Clinton High? Every student and faculty member had the ability to do just that on Thursday, November 7th during the semi-annual Blood Drive. The drive was put on by the SADD students with the help of the Mississippi Valley Blood Center. Students filed in throughout the day to give blood which is to be donated to the surrounding hospitals. While students had a wide range of reasons as to why they decided to donate, many were struck by the statistics which back up this act of charity: every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. Sixty percent of the population can donate, including you! Every time you give blood it has a positive impact on someone else. Just one person can save up to three lives by donating just a pint of blood. This blood goes to accident victims, organ transplant recipients, and premature babies. Also patients who need blood transfusions, are suffering from diseases or cancer. All of these statistics

encouraged the students that they could, indeed make an impact on someone’s life. Many students took this opportunity by donating an hour of their time and a pint of their blood. “It was awesome,” exclaimed Taylor McKee. She was one of the students who wore their florescent bandage of honor on Thursday. Arti Bhakta said that everyone should give blood because “it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you saved three people’s lives.” Brandon Dunham, a junior at CHS and the blood drive's chairperson from SADD was satisfied with the drive's turnout. “Although we didn’t make our quota of 130 people the blood drive this year was a great success. We ended up having 100 people that [were able] to donate and that will help a lot of people.” If you are interested in donating blood you can find a center close to home by going to www. The Clinton High SADD program also plans to hold another drive early next year in March or April.

Balloon Boy: A high flying hoax By Phong Duong

On October 15, 2009, the nation watched as a big balloon flew through the air, worrying that 6 year-old Falcon Heene from Fort Collins, Colorado, could be trapped inside. The balloon was mainly built with household materials, like plastic bags and aluminum foil. It was 20-feet long, 5-feet high and at times reached 7,000 feet above the ground. The giant silver balloon made a soft landing in a field near Colorado Spring, 90 minutes after it all started. Rescuers from several counties pursued the “saucer-like vessel” throughout its flight until it landed. After hours of searching the Heene’s home authorities finally found the boy in a box in the attic. His father Richard Heene, a storm chaser and self proclaimed inventor, says the boy hid in the attic because he was yelled at. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, however, the boy turned to his parents and leaked “they were doing it for a show.” The statement soon got the nation’s attention and led authorities to further investigate the incident. As bloggers, newscasters, and comedians from all across the nation expressed their disbelief at the extent

the Heene’s had lured the nation students at CHS expressed similar opinions. “I think it’s ridiculous that they would do this just to get people’s attention!” commented Hannah Gettes when how she felt about the situation. “I thought the whole situation was stupid, it shows that people crave attention…”expressed Laura Mataya, “…it shows what a person would do to get their ‘15 minutes fame’.” On Sunday, October 18, Sherrif Jim Alderden called the incident a “hoax,” stating that it was a “publicity stunt” by the family to market themselves for future reality show opportunities. Alderden revealed that the Heene couple had met during an acting class in Hollywood, which aided in their ability to pull a stunt like this. Alderden also stated that the family manipulated the media, as well as the millions who witnessed the event. The Heenes previously appeared on an episode of “Wife Swap,” aired earlier this year on ABC. R e c e n t l y, on Thursday, November 12, Richard Heene turned himself in and later pled guilty to all charges. Heene could face anywhere between two to six years in prison.

By Allyson Eagan

Miss Maggie Furlong, a new member of the social studies department, has started her first year of teaching at Clinton High. She currently teaches a mixture of both freshman and sophomores. “I really enjoy the sophomores I have now because they are motivated, fun, and energetic. “ How about those freshmen? Miss Furlong can’t help but laugh and admit they are, “Ah… entertaining.” Though the freshmen always seem to add an interesting twist to her day, Miss Furlong

really does enjoy teaching at CHS and the students are glad to have her as

well. After finally settling in

to her new school, Furlong will be spending her after school hours on the basketball court this winter as the sophomore girls’ assistant basketball coach. “I’m really excited,” exclaims Furlong, anticipating the upcoming season. Furlong is not new to the sports scene, however. She participated in track while a college student at Augustana in Rock Island. In her free time she still enjoys going for a run and reading as well. Looking back on her first day of teaching, she

admits, “It was a little crazy,” especially starting her first day off with anxious freshmen. Though Miss Furlong was nervous, she was also excited and can say that, in the end, the day went well. Miss Furlong is enjoying CHS. “Everyone is really nice and helpful. I like it here.” When asked to describe the staff here at Clinton High in one word, she replied, “Friendly.” It’s true of her, too, as Miss Furlong’s positive influence on the school is appreciated by students and staff alike.

'Mixing it up' at lunch By Alison Sullivan

On Tuesday, November 10th the CHS commons was filled with a little more commotion than its usual lunch-time hubbub. In celebration of the internationally observed “Mix It Up at Lunch Day’, students stretched outside their comfort zones and sat at tables filled with fellow students whom they were either vaguely familiar with or did not know at all. This annual day has generated into a global mission for schools to break the boundaries of cliques and social misconceptions. “Our main goal is to break boundaries here [at Clinton High] and to create and promote unity,”

explained Tiffany Harris who first spoke to the Clinton High students the Monday prior to the official day.

“Our main goal is to break boundaries here [at Clinton High] and to create and promote unity,” - Harris Promoted largely through the Teaching Tolerance organization, the group seeks to “improve intergroup relations so there are fewer misunderstandings that can lead to conflicts, bul-

lying and harassment,” as stated on its website. The site also provides a “Mix It Up Map,” which locates thousands of schools that have pledged to partake in the day. To date, 2896 schools from all over the world pledged to promote tolerance in the lunchroom, including the United States, South America, Europe, and parts of the Middle East. The official count for the schools which participated is only a relative benchmark and most likely exceeds 3000, for Clinton High had not been recorded on the websites' map. As students sat down with soon-to-be new

friends, handouts were placed at tables to encourage open discussion on how each individual felt about how diversity and tolerance is displayed at CHS. Harris shuffled about most of the tables, feeding the discussions and asking students what category they felt they would be placed in. While some had definitive answers, other students were not so sure and felt they intermingled in too many to be classified into a single group. “It was definitely a different experience,” reflected sophomore Katie Schimerowski. “It's always nice to meet new people.”

Drama students attend state festival Festival. The festival is a two day event which On Friday, November 12, members of the is open to drama stuCHS drama department dents all over Iowa and allows them to showall clambered onto a case their talents and to bus and headed for be judged in individual Davenport North to participate in the annual event competitions. This year, Amber Iowa State Thespian By Alison Sullivan

Hess 4th year state qualifier By Sean Determan

Libby Hess, varsity swimmer of the Clinton River Queens, is a familiar competitor at the girls’ state meet for swimming. She has attended state all four years of her high school career. This year she swam in the 100 yard breast stroke with a time of 1:09.38, placing 11th overall out of 24. Hess, a swimming typhoon, has been swimming for six years. Potential universities which could claim Hess as their swimmer next year include the University of Western Illinois, University of Northern Iowa, or the University of Iowa. I

asked her what her experience at state was like and she said, “It was exciting and a great way to end my high school swimming career.” Libby is a fierce competitor and she achieved her personal record at the state meet. Before Libby swims, some of her pre-meet rituals include listening to her iPod to pump her up. The iPod came in handy when Hess discovered her friend was not going to swim and was leaving her. Needless to say, Libby is an extraordinary swimmer and makes Clinton High very proud for all of her efforts in and out of the pool.

The Clintonian Promise: The Clintonian's highest priority is its students and to accurately portray their thoughts, feelings, and lives by seeking truth and breaking the barrier between publication and its readers. We will strive for accuracy and excellence in all areas of publishing all while creating an entertaining and enjoyable product.

Elkins, Brooke Larson, and Taylor Weibers all partook in IE's. Weibers placed first in the solo musical category and has the opportunity to perform at International Thespian festival this summer.

CHS also performed the one act "Hard Candy." Students Alison Sullivan and Taylor Mckee also performed at the festival in the mainstage All-Chapter show "The Laramie Project."

Students go to Coe

Earlier this month, Mr.Wolf, Clinton High’s musical director, took the men of mixed choir up to Coe College to sing. These men performed songs with other men from around Iowa. They only had one day to learn all of the music that they were singing that very same day. Row 3 L-R: TrayVon Weaver, Taylor Hicks, Jacob Kruse, and Donavon Holt, Row 2: Jamison Brus, Marcus Obren, Colin Donnelly, Nate Lozano, and Conner Lee. Row 1: Rishi Kolosu, Dir. Falk, and Dustin Ewalt.

Coaches Corner Bar and Restaurant Mill Creek & Hwy 30 Clinton, Iowa 1-800-457-9975


November 2009

'The course be with you'

Thanksgiving Survey Says… By Kristina Armstrong

Editor-in-Chief: Alison Sullivan Layout: Alison Sullivan Advertisement: CHS FBLA

31% will spend less than $50 on this holiday

Photographer: Alyssa Wells

38% will be with 5-10 people on Thanksgiving

Reporters: Logan Hood Taylor Mckee Amber Elkins Molly Eversoll Allyson Eagan

48% will spend time with extended family on Thanksgiving

57% say their favorite part is spending time with family 56% say they won’t go shopping on “Black Friday” (Friday after Thanksgiving) 94% will eat their leftovers during the weekend 76% say pumpkin pie is their favorite dessert

Grace Shemwell, a senior, and Kate Kastor, a sophomore, were given a warm send off by fellow students as they headed off to Fort Dodge for the Iowa cross country state meet. Shemwell placed 24th and Kastor placed 26th at the Saturday, October 31st meet. This was Shemwell's second state qualification for cross country.

76% say football is a big part of Thanksgiving 96% will watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Surveyed: *Out of 100. *High School students, and teachers

Bite into the "Vampire’s Assistant" By Deana Cunningham

When first reading the “Cirque du Freak” series, I thought it would be a great premise for a movie. With its action, suspense and horror the books are great on their own. The movie, “Vampire’s Assistant,” is almost thecomplete opposite. While there is action and suspense, it lacks the horror that is found in the book. It is also a comedy with a splash of suspense. The movie has its moments as a vampire film, so it will be a hit for viewers of all ages who like to indulge in vampire tales. While the movie opened in the seventh spot with only 6.3 million, the movie will be an underdog suc-

cess. Compared to other movies of the genre, it’ll be a film with family appeal. The actor’s portrayals of the characters were great. There were a few key differences from its paper version. Bearded lady, Salma Hayek, could grow her beard at a drop of a hat and her breasts were a little larger. The monkey girl has a tail and wasn’t in the first book. There is some speculation that she will take the place of Darren’s love interest. The Vampaneze weren’t purple colored; they just wore a lot of purple. In personal opinion I give the movie 3 out of 4. I often take away points when movies are made from much loved books.

Overall opinions were somewhat varied between students and the full scale media. “The movie was great, not exactly what I thought, but great! Entertaining and hilarious! 3.5 out of 4 stars,” says senior, Bre. “I thought the movie was awesome. It had a lot of really good parts in it. I gave it 3 stars,” speaks senior, Nicole. “The movie itself was not great, but the jokes and specific scenes were amusing. I really liked the guy who played the main character, Chris Massoglia; he was really cute. 2 out of 4 stars,” declares sophomore, Sarah. Fellow Clintonian member, Amber Elkins said, “It’s so awesome. The lit-

tle gremlin people are creepy and I could live without them, but it’s great. I was somewhat depressed that the Vampaneze weren’t purple, like the book described, but I loved the way they wore the purple clothes. Mr. Tiny is anything but ‘tiny’ and a little off putting, but I loved his limo.” Rotten Tomatoes web critics gave the film 37%. And the Metacritic holds the total score at 43 of 100 points, after tallying twenty-five votes. The public’s opinion has been fairly low. The film itself cost 40 million dollars to produce and has only gathered 10.4 million as of November 4, 2009.

No-Shave November By Tara Geary

It's November everyone! Do you know what that means? No shave November is back once again. It's the month out of the year, where guys get a little scratchy. Any guy participating tries not to shave for the whole month of November. It is most commonly popular with college and high school guys. No Shave November

was originally started out as a fundraiser for charity, but has now spread into a worldwide ritual. The rules for participating are very simple: on the 31st of October you can completely shave off all facial hair or shave a preexisting beard as short as possible. As the month of November progresses there is no shaving allowed. If the participant

is to shave at all, they give up and forfeit. The goal is to make it to the end of the month without shaving. The whole point of this month is just to have fun with it, and see if you can make it through and not shave. If you enjoy the looks of facial hair on a man, this month is for you with facial hair sprouting up everywhere. For the rest

Clintonian Staff: In this issue...

who do not enjoy this observance, then you can be glad that it only last a month. Be ready to see the hairy men walking all around for the month of November. Just remember, for the majority of them, by this time next month, their faces will not be as hairy. It's all fun and games. So let's all get scratchy!

Sean Determan Deana Cunningham Tara Geary Kristina Armstrong

Horoscopes By Kristina Armstrong

Aries 3/21–4/19 Reaching a new goal will have you thinking you can take over the world. Be careful with your vibrant spirit this month. It could get you into some trouble. Love: Dreams of romance fill your day in the most delightful way. Don’t be scared to show your true feelings for that special someone! Leo 7/23–8/22 Let your pride keep you from getting into a “heated” discussion with someone much weaker than you. Overcome your problems rationally and be the “bigger person” in the situation. Love: You’re always there to listen and give great advice to your friends about their romantic issues. Focus on yourself this month and tell them about your love life for a change! Sagittarius 11/22–12/21 Chat with someone new! You never know who could turn out to be that special someone that you might have given up on finding. Love: Commit yourself to falling in love. Let it happen! Stop being so scared of what “could” happen. Put yourself out there and be ready for anything. Taurus 4/20–5/20 Be open to crazy new ideas. Life can get to stuffy if you stick to the old. Think outside of your “box”! Love: You and Leo are having some of the same issues this month. Stop standing on the sidelines watching your friends being happy. It’s your turn to be happy to! Virgo 8/23–9/22 Take a step back and reorganize your life. You will soon find what you have been missing. When you find what you’ve been missing, see the positive in it. Love: You’ve found someone whom you have great interest in. Stop wondering who they really are! Get to know them better by asking them those questions you have on your heart. Capricorn 12/22–1/19 Go with your gut! If something seems shady, it prob-


Fri. 10:00 pm • Sat. 9:30 pm

PLAZA BOWL 1119 No. 2nd St., Clinton • 243-3032

4624 170th Street • Clinton, Iowa 52732 563-243-9937 • 563-249-1173 Jeff Lakin

ably is. Don’t let anyone convince you to do something your gut is screaming for you to not do. Love: Don’t try and make someone like you, you wouldn’t want to first of all. Keep your eyes open, you will find someone much better than the one you’re currently pining for. Gemini 5/21–6/21 You’re very vulnerable this month. Stick up for your beliefs and show the person who’s been bugging you who is boss. Love: If you’re confused on what you want romantically, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Whatever happens…happens! Libra 9/23–10/22 It’s time to let loose! Try and stop being so uptight and have some fun! Don’t be quick to shoot down new ideas. Love: Mix up your dating scene. Stop hanging out at the same old spots, finding new spots will find new potential dates! Aquarius 1/20–2/18 Your energy is amazing! Share it with those around you and you are sure to have a great month! Keep your head up and help those who seem to be a little down. Love: When thinking of past romances, be real with yourself. Are you talking about how you wanted them, or how they really were? Cancer 6/22–7/22 You want desperately to be inspired. Seek inspiration in those whom you usually wouldn’t. Also, stop fretting about your money issues. They will soon be resolved. Love: Stop dwelling on your relationship blues. Tune into those around you, chances are one of them likes you a bit more than it seems. Scorpio 10/23–11/21 Problems with the family? Sit down and get to the root of your problems, conflicts and un-resolved issues. Love: Stop being so picky. Loosen up your ideas and date someone you normally wouldn’t think of dating! Pisces 2/19–3/20 Ignore that bad re-occurring dream. It’s just your subconscious playing a sick joke on you. Your slumber will soon be filled with what the future will bring! Love: Thinking about a long-ago romance will do you absolutely no good! Move on and try to heal the wound in your heart. Over time you will see it was for the best!


ingful this season was. Clinton High sure showed the community who is King as they did “Finish” the season M A C c h a m p s . Congratulatio...

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