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. . . Women speak over 7,000 words a day; men manage only over 2,000 . . . As many as one billion cards are sent worldwide on Valentine’s day . . .

Did you wash your hands? AP Statistics students conduct study about hand-washing habits at CHS

lauren elder If students happened to be wandering the halls during second or fourth period the week of January 10, they may have noticed groups of students studying outside the bathrooms. These students weren’t just working on their homework however–they were collecting data. Students in AP Statistics classes were given the opportunity to conduct their own statistical study upon returning from winter break. The study aimed to show the hand washing habits of Columbine students. “It’s a way for students to apply what they have been learning in the class,” statistics teacher Ms. Layman said, “it shows how the studies they been reading about are conducted, the time it takes to do them, and the biases that result.” The experiment measured how many students washed their hands after using the bathroom compared to the number of students who entered the restrooms. A hand wash could only be counted if soap was used and it was assumed that all students exiting had used the bathroom. The experiment was conducted as an observational study, meaning that the behavior of the subjects was observed and recorded and not manipulated by those gathering data. Subjects of the study were not informed that they were being observed as a way to ensure that their hand washing habits were not changed. The data was broken down into two different groups: males and females. After students in two periods observed

over two days, the classes combined their data at the end of the week. The results showed that of the 200 students observed 63 percent washed their hands. Females had a slightly higher percentage of 64 percent (61/96) than males who had 62.5 percent (65/104). This type of result is typical for the study, which students partake in every year. “The results are mostly the same from year to year. In past years there have been larger discrepancies between the percentage of boys and girls,” Lay-

man said. Comparatively, a study conducted by the Minnesota Department of Heath in 2003 found that 64 percent of females washed their hands, while 30 percent of males did. When asked about the results of the study, statistics student Senior Danielle Fontana said, “I was hoping the results might show people were a little cleaner.” Senior Christina Cook said, “No wonder people are sick all of the time.” Comments?

The Courier is the official student newspaper of Columbine High School. Proven by an AP Statistics experiment, 64 percent of females and 62.5 percent of males wash their hands after using the facilities. The study of Columbine students’ hand washing habits aligned closely with a national study from 2003. photo by analisa holden

Colorado experiencing unusual winter with cold spells and hot flashes

Some people like sun and warmth, some people like the snow and cold. There has been a mixture of both this winter. As people know, this Colorado winter has not been at all normal, which leads many to wonder what is causing the weather to be so strange. “Colorado weather is pretty bipolar,” Junior Gabby Pfeifer said. “One day it can be 70 degrees and the next day it can be snowing!” Earlier in the season, unusual warmth occurred with an unexpected lack of snow. “It’s


editor-in-chief: abbey borchers news editor: heidi roberts opinion editor: emily partida grand champion of writing and editing extraordinaire: lauren elder staff writers: autumn hargrove regan long trevor ogborn grace reader celeste renn jennifer robinson ian scena danielle sheehan jordyn voegele staff photographers: daniel bernal-rubiano analisa holden adviser: mr. friesen


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really warm compared to usual Colorado winters, and it’s weird!” Sophomore Emily Gilbert said. According to Climate Central, a website with information on global climate, small mountain glaciers and ice caps have been melting from the unusual heat this year, causing the sea level to rise. The sea level rising could cause potential global temperatures rising caused by man-made emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases. But weather took a turn when a cold spell hit the nation and began causing problems in Colorado. Schools in the Jefferson

County School District were closed on Tuesday, February 1 and Wednesday, February 2 as a result of this weather. Students will need to make up these days by coming to school for an additional day, on May 31. In addition to Colorado, the eastern part of the nation has been dropping to low temperatures as well, breaking many records in snow levels. “I prefer warm weather or rain, and I think the cold is dreary,” Sophomore Lizzie Pittman said. Comments?

Expression made by students in The Courier is not an expression of Jefferson County Public School’s Board policy, and the school district and its employees are immune from any civil or criminal action based on any expression made or published by students.

on the cover Juniors Brooke Mercer and Stephanie Reichlin enjoy the snow. After an unseasonably warm December, subzero termperatures and snow hit Colorado. photo by daniel bernal

february 2011


the buzz

Going Greek

Rebel pride runs wild during Spirit Week and a Greek-themed Winter Formal

Robinson said. “There is always a good turn out and its a great way to start off the second semester.” Some students liked the atmosphere of Winter Formal With winter comes the snow, and with the snow comes long days spent in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and better than that of Homecoming. “Winter Formal is a lot of a good book. However, on Saturday, February 5, Columbine fun because it is more relaxed than Homecoming,” Junior students pulled out their dancing shoes and spent a night Amy Bowman said. “I like it a whole lot better than Homecoming. It’s way out at the Winter Formal dance in the commons. This year’s theme was that of the ancient Greek variety, fun if you go with the right people,” Sophomore Gaby with decorations of ivy and silhouettes covering the walls Augustin said. While the dance itself is the central focus of the winter and giving dancers the illusion of being in sophisticated festivities, students also participate in spirit week, a week ancient Greece itself. Such elaborate decoration takes time, though. The full of dressing up in themed outfits. On Monday, students day before the dance, student senators put many hours showed up in their most unattractive and uncomfortable of work into turning the commons into an ancient Greek sweater for Ugly Sweater Day. On Tuesday and Wednesday, students were surprised wonderland. While a lot of work, the senators enjoy what by two days off due to the cold weather, but spirit week they do, and the cause they are doing it for. “Winter formal is so much fun,” Junior senator Alex resumed on Thursday when students showed up wearing whatever they thought would make their friends the most revolted in celebration of “Would You be My Friend if I Wore . . .” Day. For Friday, students donned their Rebel gear for Columbine Spirit Day and the assembly. Some formal and prom,” Sophomore Senator Six Week Grades students went all out with Mandy Guevera said. On Thursday, February 17, the first everything from blue hair Silly Bandz designs include the Rebel six week grading period of this semester and face paint to full sports will conclude. Gradebooks will close at head, the Columbine flower, ‘“CHS,” and uniforms–pads, helmets, 3:00 p.m., when students will be able to the Rebel “C.” The cost is four for three and all. dollars. If interested in purchasing, conaccess to their grades on Parent Portal. The missed spirit tact a Senator. “The student Senators will days from Tuesday and most likely have them and you can just Snow Day Makeups Wednesday were moved to buy them through them,” Guevera said. Due to the school closures on February 1 and 2, students will have to attend school for an additional day at the end of CSAP the year on Tuesday, May 31. CSAP is scheduled to take place on “I think it’s not very intelligent that March 1, 2, 3, and 8 ,9,10. Freshmen and we have to make up snow days because sophomore students will need to take the knowing we live in Colorado, they should test during the morning; freshmen stuplan ahead for these things,” Freshman dents take nine subsets of the test and Maddy Smith said. sophomore students take 12 subsets. According to 9News, May 31 “was All classes will meet in the afterthe previously planned snow makeup noons: Tuesday class periods first and day, but students were going to have it second, Wednesday class periods third off if Jeffco had not had a snow day all and fourth, and Thursday class periods year.” fifth, sixth and seventh. Some students, however, think less A new incentive will be offered about the makeup day and more about this year. As stated by Mr. DeAngelis in the break it provided for them. an informative letter to parents about “I would rather have those days off CSAP, “Students who are advanced or and come to school later in the school show typical growth on CSAP and have year than mid-year,” Junior Sam Cook a minimum grade of ‘C’ in the associated said. classes are eligible to drop one test score in those classes; this does not include the final exam.” Senate Silly Bandz Different from past years, students Sophomore senate is selling Silly will not be exempt from finals for scoring Bandz. “Selling Silly Bandz is a way to raise well on the CSAP. money for the sophomore class because compiled by heidi roberts, celeste renn and regan long next year, junior senate pays for winter

grace reader, heidi roberts and abbey borchers

News in Brief

february 2011

A group of students enjoy a dinner out together before a night of dancing at Winter Formal. The Winter Formal took place on Saturday, February 5. photo courtesy of jade lang

Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week. Tuesday, February 8 was Chrome Day, when students dressed up in their best tin foil and duct tape outfits. Students set trends in fashions like silver duct tape suspenders, tin foil vests, and shiny silver leggings. Wednesday, February 9 was 80’s Day. Outifts borrowed from parents or bought at Goodwill replaced Ugg boots and Abercrombie and Fitch labels as students broke out the leg warmers, jean jackets, scrunchies, leggings, and ripped sweatshirts. Comments?



the buzz

Connect the dots

Challenge Day students visit Governor’s Ranch Elementary to teach about bullying and respect

jordyn voegele

from our website coverage

friendships,” Hoffman said. The Columbine students were asked to participate in all the activities and run small groups of 8-13 students. The activities participated are like the activities freshmen go

through during Links orientation, such as playing games that help them get to know each other. Sessions included time for students to talk to people that weren’t their friends and learn new things about new people. The point was to show students who might not get along with each other to find common ground and bond over something they didn’t know about each other. Junior Marissa Hammers offered her reason for participating. “I like working with little kids and giving them someone to look up to,” Hammers said. It was a positive experience for both high-school and elementary schoolstudents because all were able to learn something new about themselves and the people around them. The day ended by giving all participants pieces of yarn to tie around other students’ wrists to apologize for something they did or show their appreciation of their friendship.

On Tuesday, February 9th, National Honor Society, Peer Counseling and Senate members from all grades went to Governors Ranch to help with the program called Connect the Dots. Challenge Day, a program run through schools throughout the country, brings students together to prevent bullying. Run by director Stu, the program is meant mostly for 5th and 6th graders, the age where Stu believes kids begin to deal with bullies. This program is called Connect the Dots because students are coming together and making connections they normally would not make. Tuesday was filled with team building activities that helped students get to know other students that they typically wouldn’t hang out with. Junior Jenna Hoffman, who helped at Challenge Day, enjoyed her time helpJunior Kristi Ayre works with young students on team-building activities during Challenge Day at Governor’s Ranch Elementary. Members of National Honor Society, Peer ing out. Counseling, and Senate led small groups of students at the event on January 9. photo by jordyn voegele “You know you’re helping build

ACT Academy Juniors will attend ACT prep classes on CSAP days

According to an e-mail sent home to parents and students, “ACT prep has been Juniors who were looking forward to sleep- proven to help students better demonstrate ing in on CSAP mornings, better set an knowledge and boost scores.” Also according to the e-mail, the ACT alarm. ACT Academy will take place on CSAP Academy will provide students with “stratedays, when freshmen and sophomores are gies and skills to improve ACT scores,” such taking CSAP and when, traditionally, upper- as “specific test-taking tips and strategies.” “I think that it is a great opportunity classmen do not have to go to school until for all juniors. It allows us regular classes start in to develop good testing the afternoon. WORKSHOP DETAILS skills and gives us an idea This year, however, of the format of the ACT,” juniors will have to report MARCH 2, 3, AND 4 FOR JUNIORS Junior Gabby Pfeifer said. to school at the same WITH LAST NAMES BEGINNING A THROUGH J Students will time as underclassmen need to develop such to participate in the workFOR THE FOLLOWING WEEK, MARCH skills if they want to atshop. 8, 9 AND 10, JUNIORS WITH LAST tend the college of their “It will be kind of anNAMES BEGINNING WITH K THROUGH choice. For example, a noying to come into class Z WILL GET THEIR TURN composite score above a [on CSAP days], but in the 24 is usually needed to long run I bet a lot of us will be glad we did,” Junior Jordan Farmer get into the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a composite score above a 22 is said. The mandatory workshop is meant to needed for Colorado State University. When asked what she thought of havprepare students for the ACT on Wednesday, April 27. All juniors statewide will be ing to participate in the ACT Academy workshop, Junior Stephanie Peralta said, “I like it required to take the test on this date. “The purpose for ACT Academy is for because it helps us to prepare for the ACT students to get the chance to improve their so we can do as well as we can.” ACT scores,” Assistant Principal Mr. Asnicar said. Comments?

abbey borchers



rd a o B n i Bullet Thurs, 02/17 Girls Basketball @ Dakota Ridge - 7:00 p.m. Wrestling @ 5A State Wrestling End of 1st Six-Week Grading period Jeffco Women’s Choral Festival Parent/Teacher Conferences Musical Dress Rehearsal Fri, 02/18 No School Girls Basketball @ Chatfield - 5:30 p.m. Boys Basketball @ Chatfield 7:00 p.m. Wrestling @ 5A State Wrestling Unified Basketball vs. Mountain Vista @ CHS Musical Dress Rehearsal Sat, 02/19 Wrestling @ 5A State Wrestling Musical Dress Rehearsal Monday, 02/21 No School - Presidents Day Musical Dress Rehearsal

Tuesday, 02/22 Senior Class Chick-fil-a Night Wednesday 02/23 Musical - “Bye Bye Birdie” 7:00 p.m. Thursday, 02/24 Musical - “Bye Bye Birdie” 7:00 p.m. Friday February 25, 2011 State Qualifier Speech & Debate Tournament Musical - “Bye Bye Birdie” 7:00 p.m. Saturday 02/26 CU Honor Band performs Unified Basketball March Madness @ Chatfield 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. State qualifier Speech & Debate Tournament Musical - “Bye Bye Birdie” 2:00 p.m. Sunday 02/27 State DECA Comepetion at Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs Need something posted? Drop us a message at

february 2011


the buzz

Scheduling challenges Tackling the task of getting the right classes

celeste renn Registration is here, which means new schedules. At the beginning of a semester, students want to know what their schedule is, whether it’s to see who is in the same class, what teacher they have, or the classes they have. Because schedules are such an important part to starting off a new semester, many students change their schedules to get the perfect one. Columbine counselor Mrs. Foster said last semester she had about 100 students request a schedule change. Making a change for a course preference, though, is not the only reason some request a switch. When asked her reason for requesting a schedule change, Freshman Lexi Bowring said, “I want classes with my friends.” Foster said that some of the popular classes for requests are P.E., Beginning Art, Foods, Sociology (for seniors), and Woods. As a result, these classes fill up fast, Foster said. There are also other difficulties Foster runs across when students change their schedules. “Often when classes are [full], students don’t understand that there is no way to get into that class,” she said. She also said that when singletons, classes only offered one period a semester, occur, there is no way to work around it. For example, certain P.E. classes like Health and

Fitness are offered only one period. “Sometimes kids want to change lunches and it ends up affecting everything and the schedule can’t be changed,” Foster said. The future may hold different issues with schedule changes. After the class of 2011 graduates, requirements for graduation are set to change. The class of 2012 will need just two credits of math, two credits of science, half a credit of physical education and half a credit of fine arts. The classes of 2013 and 2014 will need three credits of math, three credits of science, three and a half credits of social studies, and two credits of world language. This restructuring means that students who are current freshmen and sophomores will only be able to have one off period their junior and senior years in order to be on track. Students will not be able to have as many choices, and their options for choosing classes will diminish. “It’s going to be hard to get 24 credits, knowing that we

will only be allowed to have one off period because of the new requirements,” Freshmen Taylor Teske said. Comments?

Reaching higher

ion M ajor at ic n u m m o C r, Junio

Helping others drives me. Turning that into a career is tricky. Luckily, the minute

I stepped onto the UCCS campus I was home. Comfortable and

welcoming, UCCS helped me find my niche. And with support from my UCCS family – my friends, professors and fellow

students – I am creating the future I want, a future where my leadership and communication skills will definitely make the world better for others.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs 800-990-UCCS (8227)

n o i t a m r fo in e r o For mit g o . uc c s . e du vi s february 2011


rebel yell

your views opinion voice

. . . . A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s . . . Dancing is the best way to shave weight . . . Sweden is the only country that doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s day . . .

Easier said than done A few words are not hard to say every day out of respect for our country

We’ve said it since we learned how to read. We danielle sheehan have the words memorized. We know to put our hands over our heart when we say it. But how come as we get older, we find it easier to not say the Pledge of Allegiance? When do you ever respect your country during your day? Probably never. The government has required us to respect our country for about 25 seconds each day, and most of us do not even participate. It is not hard to stand up, put your hand over your heart and say 31 words out of loyalty and honor

to your country. I think there is a bigger issue at stake here. Many Americans have decided to go against our President because they do not agree with his changes. Many make excuses that our country is not the same as it was before because of the economy. Yes, our economy is not as good as it as been, but it will get better. The Founding Fathers of our country made the flag for Americans to have American pride and identity. The 13 stripes and 50 stars on the flag of the United States of America is a symbol of our united country and we should all be proud

staff editorial Unspoken On January 22, 2011, a student from our school was found dead. This is just about all we, as a student body, know about his death. In some ways, it almost seems like a forbidden subject, as though we are not even supposed to mention his name. Why is this? Why is it that none of our teachers or administrators or counselors have offered any direct explanation as to why Cameron Weisz no longer sits in class with us or walks in our halls? Why is it that none of the adults we look to for guidance have offered any? Do they not know, or do they choose not to speak? Why is it that for the six victims of the Tucson shooting, we had a moment of silence shared by everyone in the school, but for a student who was part of the Columbine family, we did not? We recognize that there may be legal issues surrounding his death. We also recognize that the school may just be acting in accordance with his family’s wishes and that the administration has recognized the issue and dealt with it as they saw fit. What we don’t understand is why we were left to get all of our information from a Facebook page. We didn’t know what infor-


to stand as one. Our pride has diminished as we find it easier to sit down and not open our mouths to say a few words. Those words do not even have to mean anything to you, but

for our lives, we would not feel as safe as we do, and our country would not be as safe as it is. Our country allows us to do whatever we want, for the most part. We are given the right to be educated and for the most part it is free. We are given the right to have ownership towards a house, a car, and basically our whole lives. The government gives us some rules to follow and some taxes to pay, but they basically let us live our own lives the way we want too without any intervention. Speaking the words, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the re-

It is not hard to stand up, put your hand over your heart and say 31 words out of loyalty and honor to your country. at least stand up and say them while looking at the flag and think of the troops fighting for your life in a different country. Without the troops in the Middle East fighting

public for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” is the least you can do for all the freedoms we get in this country. We really have no way of showing our country respect except for saying the pledge. Our every day lives consist of our daily routine, making it a routine to look up to our country is important. An oath of loyalty to our country is a perfect and easy way to show our honor for our country. Just 25 seconds out of our day to respect our country and all that it is worth is not hard for us. Start doing your part and stand up for your country. Comments?

mation was true and what was simply gossip. Students were talking, but half of their information was incorrect because no one gave them the real story. Though an e-mail was sent out to all students and parents about Cameron’s death, we feel it would have been more prudent to make a formal announcement over the P.A. system that Monday, especially for those students whose parents did not share the email with them. No details or explanations needed–just something that would open the door for a private, one-on-one discussion with an adult if necessary. Instead, as we moved through our classes that day, most of us did not have a single teacher who said anything of the on the subject. Because our teachers and administrators did not comment about what had happened, some even refused to comment, we were left to consider the fragility of life and the tragedy that befell Cameron Weisz on our own. Not talking about something doesn’t make it go away, and not acknowledging something doesn’t mean it never happened. If we don’t talk about things, we give them power over us. We allow them to bury us in sadness and worry, and we forget to take time to appreciate a beautiful life that is now a beautiful memory. Cameron: you will be missed. Rest in peace. Comments?

february 2011


rebel yell

When jokes aren’t funny People joke about many things, but when do they cross the line?

If you were a booger, I’d pick you first. jenni robinson Silly pick up lines and awkward sexual jokes can be really funny from time to time, especially around those who take them lightly. But when does that go too far? “Your mom” and “that’s what she said jokes” have become a normal and humorous part of everyday life. However, sometimes people take those to a higher level. Sexual innuendos turn into jokes about rape and abuse, hurting those who will not acknowledge their struggles to the general public. People often exaggerate by saying that so-and-so wanted to “rape” them when describing a person who might be a little too into them, or that they are going to go home and “cut themselves”

if they’re upset about something. They’ll casually say that a skinny girl spends too much time throwing up or that they want to kill themselves to avoid failing that physics test during sixth period. While this has become such a mainstream part of culture, that is not necessarily a good thing. It doesn’t validate these jokes. Jokes are meant to make people laugh, and casually creeping on someone from time to time isn’t a bad thing because, let’s face it–everyone does it. But hitting on a cute friend or going up for seconds to smile at the attractive guy at Cici’s pizza is a lot different than saying you’re going to rape somebody, even though they stem from the same thing–innocent fun that is not meant to hurt anyone. Even fun things such as Face-

book can lead to issues. You might find it silly and entertaining to casually creep on peoples’ Facebook pages while they are unaware of it, which is fine. But even that can become a serious issue, leading to friending unfamil-

ward looking mustaches, but how would you feel if a friend made a comment about being kept in a basement by a pedophile when something like that had happened to you? Unlikely, yes, but impossible, no. The issue is that often times the jokes don’t simply end with a joke. Rape, cutting, disorders, abuse, and other major issues are referred to so lightheartedly, as if we’re talking about the weather or how many times Justin Bieber flipped his hair in his new music video. I don’t think anybody jokes about these things with the intention of hurting another. Sadly, the effect is that people are still hurt because these are serious issues– many of which our friends and acquaintances have dealt with, to our

Rape, cutting, and other major issues are referred to so lightheartedly, as if we’re talking about the weather or how many times Justin Bieber flipped his hair in his new music video. iar faces and being abducted by someone way scarier than the bad guys on Law and Order. Yet even this is something that’s been laughed at. People laugh about older men who are creepers and avoid those with awk-

ignorance. Although we don’t always know about the struggles of others, it’s still important to try to be considerate about what we make fun of. Often times, these jokes hit a little too close to home. While these jokes do hit close to home, many people who have been through struggles involving rape, cutting, or forms of abuse are unlikely to advertise it. This makes judging the offensiveness of a comment difficult because it’s hard to know who has been through what and which comment will be hurtful. The simple solution–just don’t joke about it. You might be unaware of it, but taking the time to consider whether or not such a “joke” is truly funny can help someone who would otherwise not say anything. Comments?

Girls are athletes too! Boys’ sports are more supported than girls’ at Columbine

Sports are a huge deal at our school. Friday night football at Jeffco stadium is always a jordyn voegele highly attended event. Our boys basketball players and the hockey team has a wide fan base. The common factor within all of these: they are boys’ sports. The girl athletes at our school are just as talented and deserve support as well as the boys. Having a better support system from the students might help to show female athletes that the school cares about them and wants them to succeed which would probably help to motivate them. The problem is we live in a society where male athletes are more celebrated than females. Probably the most followed professional women’s sport is the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) which is not even half as well-known as the NBA (National Basketball Association). The difference? One is a league of men the other women. This trend has been passed down to high schools. I have attended almost every girls’ basketball game Columbine has played this year. The average student crowd they

february 2011

get? About two. Maybe others if the game is at Columbine and students are wandering the halls looking for something to do, but this is not typical. The boys’ games I have attended, however, are consistently full of students. Why is it that for the same exact sport the boys get more fans than the girls do? The girls’ schedule even seems like the school knows the boys will have better attendance. The girls have been forced to drive to Ralston Valley, Standley Lake and Thomas Jefferson while the boys get to play those teams at home. On big games like Chatfield and Dakota Ridge, both teams play on the same night, but the girls team always plays first. The sports department knows that a bigger crowd will come the later the game starts after dinner and after any other plans so by putting the boys game later more students come and see parts of the second half of the girls game at the most. It goes far past basketball. Volleyball is

the only girls sport at Columbine that is supported by students, and interestingly enough it is one of the few sports that Columbine offers only for girls. The Cheers and Poms teams, who are supposed to be at almost every game to support the school, hardly ever attend the girls games either. And why should they? If no students come to support the girls, the cheerleaders have no one to lead in cheers. If the game or meet is far away, I understand why students would not want to attend. But if it is at Columbine where a population of the school could walk to if they wanted could come for an hour to support their girls why not come? We live in a male dominated society where the most powerful people are always thought of to be men. But females are quickly making a comeback in the world and passing up males in more areas than one. This makes it very possible to have girls at our school that are better athletes than boys

The problem is we live in a society where male athletes are more celebrated than females

so they should get the support the boys do. The boys at Columbine are amazing athletes and should be supported. But the girls are just as good of athletes and deserve more than a few students watching them and caring about their success as well as the boys. Comments?

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rebel yell

What did you say? HEARD IN THE HALLS THIS MONTH... “Yeah, he’s sick. He’s been pooping in the basement.” “If I were to bury bodies in my backyard, my neighbors would notice.” “You should be supportive, like a bra!” “She looked at me and threw up.” “Story of my life.” “ . . . and now I smell like butter, which isn’t all that flattering.”

LETTER TO THE EDITOR... The Death Trend “Interpreting” recent hand washing statistics collected by CHS students It is a well known fact that at some point in time we will all die. It is inevitable. Despite this truth, people enjoy living. In a recent turn of events that can be deemed shocking, a new study has revealed that only just over 60% of people wash their hands. How were these statistics obtained you ask? In an attempt to improve the general health of the student body, security cameras have been installed in all bathrooms to monitor hand washing. In accordance with this campaign, Columbine is adopting the moniker “Do Soap, Not Dope” because just like using harmful narcotics, not washing your hands may kill you. There are many ways people die: car crashes, firing squads, falling down the stairs, choking on pie, or even an overdose, but often overlooked is death by overdose of germs. Germs, scientifically known as “bacteria,” have the capacity to kill a fully grown bull elephant. Human beings stand no chance against this invisible killer. The easiest way to combat this satanical micro-organism is to simply wash your hands. In order to bring about this solution, Columbine High School has now gone to such extreme measures that they have authorized the use of the notorious chemical dihydrogen monoxide in our indoor plumbing system to help fight infiltrations of our immune system. Why would Columbine’s administration authorize the use of this extreme substance? Because germs are just that dangerous. So please, take your health into your own hands and do what’s best for you. If you don’t wash your hands you will get sick. If you get sick, death is near at hand. If you can’t stand the facts, you can’t handle the truth. Brandan Glader, Christian Hoelsken, Joey Hampstead, Bret Cardall



When parents cross the line with their kids

Children not liking their parents or wanting to hang out with emily partida them all the time is a very normal thing. Parents are not ‘cool’, and when they try to, erm, ‘get jiggy wit it’, they just seem even more lame than they already were. So, really, if you don’t want to hang out with your parents every Friday night, that’s totally normal. It’s even normal to not like your parents all that much. I mean really, parents are old, dull, and boring. What is there to like about them? What’s not normal, however, is when teens literally hate their parents because they are abusive. Now, when most people think of abuse, they think of the something akin to the book A Child Called It, where the main character’s mother beats him, starves him, and basically makes him a household slave as she locks him in a room with open bleach and forces him to eat dish soap. Abuse is so much more than physical, though. Screaming and name calling is now considered normal in many households, and that is so wrong. I have so many friends that are prime examples of this. One friend goes home to eat dinner alone, be yelled at, be blamed for siblings’ faults, and be called names that one wouldn’t even call a dog. Another friend of mine doesn’t go home at all, for mom waits there to cast blame for her own faults and for the family being torn apart. And yet another friend is afraid to tell the parents anything at all, in fear that whatever is divulged will be used again him or her in a future argument. I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed this–a phone call from a parent, screaming on the other end, and tears from the child. I realize some kids are into drugs, have horrible grades, and completely disrespect their parents all the time. If you’re upset with your child, send them to military school or boarding school, or take their phone away. Don’t treat them like an animal. Nothing, nothing validates this behavior. Behavior, I may add, that is borderline psychotic. Children are meant to be nurtured and loved in order for them to grow up to be fully functional adults. It surprises me that

some people at this age seem as normal as they do now, considering that they are tortured by their parents every day when they go home. To top it all off, parents then buy their kids whatever they want–gorgeous cars, expensive clothing, the newest electronics. They do this in order to validate themselves: they are literally buying their children’s love, or, a the very least, their tolerance. While this may seem a loving gesture, all the parents are doing is enabling their abuse by justifying it with useless things. Kids, teenagers, can go without fancy cars or pretty clothing. They cannot, however, live without real parents. Parents that do not scream at them whenever they come home, and have dinner and loving arms waiting for their kids. What happened to the world to justify this behavior? If parents always scream at their children and belittle them, what was the point of even having kids in the first place? That may sound harsh, but humans– children–are meant to be loved and nurtured, not humiliated and brought down by their parents on a daily basis. If kids grow up in an unhealthy environment, they are way more likely to repeat unhealthy behavior to their children, and the vicious cycle continues. In order to prevent families from becoming more dysfunctional than they already are, here’s a tip to the parents: STOP TREATING YOUR KIDS LIKE THIS! They didn’t ask to come into this world, they didn’t plan their existence. The parents wanted the child. Even if the child was unplanned or adopted, the parents still made the decision to keep the kid or to go through all that work and spend all that money for an adoption. So stop making your child feel unwanted, because at one point, the child was obviously wanted and loved. Unless you want your children to become prostitutes, drug addicts, runaways, and to continue the vicious the cycle that you started, I suggest trying to love your children for once in your life instead of tormenting them. Absolutely no good can come from treating your children horribly, and really, all they need is a little love.

Kids, teenagers, can go without fancy cars or pretty clothing. They cannot, however, live without real parents.


february 2011


rebel yell

Plenty of fish in the sea Too many teens find it necessary to date in high school

A lot of teenagers hope to find their one true love in high school, but that doesn’t hapregan long pen very often. So why should teenagers worry about dating during high school years? They should be more worried about succeeding in school, enhancing their education and embracing the challenge to better themselves. Relationships sometimes put strain on those who want to succeed in school because they are worried about their relationship working and their social life. Relationships that begin for the wrong reasons, such as wanting or needing a companion, usually don’t tend to last. The relationships that do last usually tend to come from the teenagers who are focused and believe in having only one true love. This is not true in all cases because people who start a relationship for the wrong reasons could one day be happily married because

through the relationship more connections were made. In most couples, the girl always becomes too attached to the particular guy she is with during that time and usually gets her heart broken. It usually doesn’t help when one gets jealous of the other hanging out with people of the opposite gender besides their companion. People who like to hang out with opposite-gender friends probably should avoid dating in high school because once their companion is jealous, things will usually go down hill fast. Teenage relationships may be based on physical sexual activity, another reason teenage relationships don’t last. A lot of

teenagers rush into their relationships just for the pleasure they get from having someone else around all the time. Some teenage relationships work out and they become “high school sweethearts” and they live happily ever after. However, those relationships rarely happen. Many teenagers also feel that they need to date someone because of peer pressure. They also feel that the only way to be feel close to someone of the opposite gender is to be their girlfriend or boyfriend. They think that the only way to connect with the opposite sex is to be in a relationship because it brings them closer together. People don’t think that they can just have a friend relationship because all of

But really, will any teenagers get married to whomever they date in high school?

the high school drama would ruin it. Ask yourself this: What does dating mean to you? Wouldn’t you want to have a boyfriend that you truly like and not go out with someone just to be able to say you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Teenagers feel the need to date because many of them put it in their minds that by them dating they will find out what kind of person they want to marry. But really, will any teenagers get married to whomever they date in high school? When teenagers date, they become most focused on their relationship and their companion and not the relationships that really matter or the ones before the relationship began, like friendships. In the end, when you decide to go out with someone, think about what kind of person the relationship is beginning with and why the relationship is beginning. Comments?

Let live


Religious acceptance is the best policy

Need a quick and easy way to start an argument? Start telling people why their religion is abbey borchers wrong. In fact, that’s how a great number of wars have been started since the beginning of time. So if there’s anything to be learned from the past, it’s that attacking another religion will undoubtedly lead to bad things. People are so quick to get fired up about religion. It’s a touchy subject on its own, but when multiple denominations get thrown into the mix, that’s when the claws come out. People readily throw out insults concerning small facets of each others’ religions, and those insults build up until people become pitted against each other in a battle of religious devotion. The ironic thing is, if those people were truly secure in their beliefs, they wouldn’t need to tell others why they are wrong in theirs. They would be content to believe what they believe, regardless of the beliefs of others. What bothers me even more than at-

tacking others’ beliefs is when people try to change other’s beliefs. We all have our own religious beliefs–or lack thereof–and we all deserve to have others respect those beliefs. You don’t have to agree with everyone else’s beliefs; you don’t even have to understand them. But you should always respect them. Besides the fact that this is simply the polite and classy thing to do, it’s also quite likely that nothing you say will change another’s beliefs. I can say from personal experience that none of my friends who have asked me to go to church with them or have “wanted to talk to me about God” have at all changed my beliefs. No one who has ever told me that I should be more religious has made me want to be so, and telling me my beliefs are wrong is not going to make me see the light and go to church. No matter what your religious beliefs are, let other people have theirs and refrain from preaching your own. We have no way of knowing who’s right and who’s wrong, so why bother arguing about it?

“I think that if you feel like dating in high school, there is not a problem with it.” –David Wolf, 11

The ironic thing is, if those people were truly secure in their beliefs, they wouldn’t need to tell others why they are wrong in theirs.

february 2011



“I think it should be about how you two act together and if you have fun in public places. I also think you should look good together!” – Hannah Gonzales, 10

What is your opinion on dating in high school?

“It’s their choice, and I think we are old enough to make our own decisions.” – Bryson McDaniel, 11

“I think dating in high school can be a good thing, but I don’t think you should get serious with someone. It’s high school, have fun! – Becky Donnelly, 12



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your style scene idea of fun

...Nails the Disney, second the thing strongest only to Mouse, diamonds... . . are . Walt creator of Mickey was afraid of mice . . . Natural pearls melt in vinegar . . . In England in the 1880s, “pants” was considered a dirty word. . .



Winter musical casts of “Bye, Bye Birdie” prepare for a great show practice for three to four hours, twice a week. It takes many more hours than this, outside of pracSenior Donald Ford is getting ready to bring down the tice, according to Senior Erica Marshall who plays house with his performance in this year’s production of Kim, a teen who wins a kiss from Conrad during his last show. “Bye Bye Birdie.” Both Casts A and B exhibit strong cast chemistry. Re“I like to consider myself a quintal-threat. I sing. I act. I hearsals often prove to be bonding experiences for the cast dance. I play instruments. I smell good,” Ford said. Ford is one of the leads in Cast A’s production of the members. “Just hanging out at rehearsal and being with all your musical. He will play Albert J. Peterson, the manager for friends” is the best part of being in the musical, according Conrad Birdie (who will be played by Junior Zach Lubline). Ford has been preparing diligently for the musical to Senior Ryan Harrell. “The peosince before Winple are great to ter Break, practicwork with and ing, along with it is what makes the rest of the doing the musicast, for two to cal so fun,” Ford three hours twice said. a week. “When Almost all it gets closer to of the leads are the show I’ll start occupied by the going [to practupperclassmen ce] four times a who have been week,” Ford said. involved in the Come the drama departend of February, ment since the Ford will have his start of their high chance to show school career. As off all he has been veterans of the practicing. Casts drama departA and B will put ment, these acon their productors and actresstions of “Bye Bye Participants in Cast A of “Bye Bye Birdie” rehearse a musical number after school. Cast members practice for two to three hours a es often have Birdie,” alternatweek in preparation for the show on Februar y 24, 25, and 26. photo by Analisa Holden advice to share ing on the nights with younger asof February 23, 24, and 25 at 7:00 p.m. and the afternoon of the 26 at piring thespians. “Make the most of what you get. Some people are dis2:00 p.m. “Bye Bye Birdie” is the story of Conrad, a character appointed with the part they have. But small or minor roles based off of Elvis Presley, who is drafted into the army. Af- can be the most fun and can sometimes steal the show,” ter being drafted, the main character and Conrad’s manag- Senior Christine Madsen said. “Work hard. Memorize lines. Have fun with it. Enjoy er Albert (played by Ford and Senior Travis Tucker) decide to have one last performance for Conrad before he has to it. It’s some of the best times I’ve had in high school,” Ford leave for war. The rest of the musical is about his last show said. and the jealousy that surrounds the characters. The cast is made up of musically inclined students who Comments?

jordyn voegele and abbey borchers


Showtimes February 23, 24, 25 7:00 p.m. February 26 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $10

In Cast A: Donald Ford as Albert Alex Miller as Rosie Conrad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Zach Lubline Kim McAfee . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christine Madsen Mr. McAfee . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jeremy McCombs Mrs. McAfee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kiera Marsh Randolf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Caleigh McGilchrist Mama . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lauren Marsh Hugo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leo Geoghegan Ursula . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Katelyn Fenner Charles F. Maude/Harvey Johnson . . . . Andy Cole Teen Trio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stephanie Reichlin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Erin Lemberger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Courtney Crilley Gloria Rasputin . . . . . . . . . . . . Kirsten Peterson Mayor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Brian Kibbee Mayor’s Wife . . . . . . . . . . . Alyssa Karford Mrs. Merkle . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lauren Bezzant Reporters . . . . . . . . . . . . Daniel Schmidt . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alexander Spencer Sad Girls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Erica Marshall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Molly Rogers

In Cast B: Travis Tucker as Albert Sam Perkins as Rosie Conrad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ryan Harrell Kim McAfee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Erica Marshall Mr. McAfee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vinny Sonderby Mrs. McAfee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lari O’Dell Randolf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bailey Wahlmeier Mama . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cierra Taylor Hugo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kevin Cline Ursula . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brooke Mercer Charles F. Maude/Harvey Johnson . . . Reese Harrell Teen Trio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Molly Rogers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hope Fuller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brianna Keaney Gloria Rasputin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Katie Anderson Mayor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brandon Vela Mayor’s Wife . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jaclyn Strom Mrs. Merkle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alison Keairns Reporters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patrick Tidwell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C.J. Lundstrom Sad Girls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kirsten Peterson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christine Madsen

february 2011


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Meaning in life

“The Human Experience” explores meaning of humanity

emily partida Who am I? Who is man? What does it even mean to be man? These questions are posed and answered by Jeff and Cliff Azize in their documentary “The Human Experience.” First released in the fall of 2007, the film portrays three different experiences the two brothers have: living as a homeless person for two weeks on the streets of New York City, joining Surf for the Cause and volunteering in an orphanage in Peru for cast-off children, and finally visiting a leper colony in Ghana, Africa. I myself just experienced this video last week while on a church retreat. I admit, I was disdainful and wasn’t so sure when I first heard what we were watching–I always picture documentaries as war-hero films or exposes on animal mating rituals. Yet this documentary was something entirely different. It was vibrant and emotional. It was absolutely beau-

tiful. As brothers Cliff and Jeff begin their journey, they enter into the streets of New York City. They meet up with several homeless people–one, an alcoholic, another, a woman who’s luck just took a turn for the worst. They joined up with a community of homeless people, begging for food, going to soup kitchens, and sleeping in cardboard boxes against a church because it’s the only place they wouldn’t get kicked out. After that, they take their adventure to Lima, Peru. Here they join a benefit group called Surf for the Cause; aptly named, they go around the world, surfing and volunteering for different causes. The cause in Lima was an orphanage for special children– kids who have serious medical issues whose parents cannot pay for them or don’t want to deal with them anymore. There was one child who had only one leg, a little girl who was abused by her

father, and several mentally disabled kids. The Azize brothers found themselves at the end of their experience in Ghana, Africa, living amongst the cast-offs of society in a Leper Colony. The lepers invited Jeff and Cliff in, fed them, and engaged in conversation with them. Generally, society tends to look down on the friends the Azize brothers made during their three experiences. However, everyone they met had something in common: they were completely full of joy. That is truly the human experience, being so full of joy even though you have so little. It is the beauty in simplicity and in life. If you ever get a chance, this is a film that absolutely everyone should see; it will change your whole perspective on who and what you have in your life. Comments?

Boys of song All-boys choir brings a touch of humor concerts

jenni robinson When people think of choir, they generally think of the people with the beautiful voices who sing the alma mater at every Columbine assembly. However, there’s another aspect of choir that appeals to humor–the boys of Unclaimed Freight. This unique title came about because of Mr. Andres’ father. “It’s something my dad came up with teaching here. My father worked for a railroad, and unclaimed freight is where the unwanted baggage went,” Andres said. Unclaimed Freight has been a part of Columbine since the school opened. Mr. Andres, their director, said that this group of boys “started out small and picked up a few guys along the way. It’s turned into a really strong group and they work really hard!” The boys sing fun, entertaining songs at choir concerts as well as visiting elementary schools with the other ensembles. “Unclaimed Freight is just a group of guys hanging out and singing funny, stupid stuff. Hopefully the people we sing to enjoy it because it’s a lot of fun for us,” Junior A.J. Armstrong said. Senior Vinny Sonderby has been a part of Unclaimed Freight since the start of his Junior year. “I like all the comedic songs that

february 2011

we sing. We all have a fun time singing and performing our songs. I like to make the audience laugh,” Sonderby said. Guys who join Unclaimed Freight are lighthearted and enjoy making people laugh. The choir is very close and bond through their entertaining experiences. “My favorite memory is all of the random events that take place at our gigs. Most involve Andy Cole!” Sonderby said. Before going to gigs, the boys dress in silly attire. They wear white button-down shirts with dress pants and shoes, as well as classy suspenders with personalized buttons. “This is very attractive, and they would make lovely dates to bring home to your mother,” Sophomore Bethany Gardner said. Another interesting aspect about Unclaimed Freight are their dance moves. The boys multitask by singing and dancing (as do the other choirs), but not with the usual classic dance moves. The boys perform dance moves that adhere to their silly songs. So what’s next for Unclaimed Freight? “Nothing really new, just learning new songs for our concerts and continuing to go to all the elementary schools with the other ensembles,” Andres said. Comments?



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Taste of originali(tea) In-Tea promises comfortable enviroment for true tea enthusiasts

analisa holden The aroma of sweet yet still bitter, high-quality tea filled my senses with happiness. As I took the first step into In-Tea, I was in love. This family-owned tea house caught my eye one day as I was driving to Kohl's, and it will forever keep my attention. As I entered, the workers were warm and willing to help newcomers to the store or anyone who was overwhelmed with all the choices. Their tea selection is incredible, with over one hundred different kinds of tea, so any one's tastes can be met. The atmosphere was calm and serene. The tea house was filled with couches comfy enough for a very grumpy old man. The tables were artistic and interesting, and even their bathrooms are easy on the eyes. There are many different

kinds of tea. Green teas, black teas, herbal teas, Asian teas and even boba tea! If you are a more southern tea person or a Englishloving person, you will be more than happy with their selection. With all the different kinds of sweeteners, you can have a bitter brew or something so sweet your taste buds will soar. With honey, flavored syrups, sugar cubes, sweetened condensed milk and many more, your sweet tooth will be satisfied. Their service is very considerate. When you order, you may be overwhelmed with all the doors of tea, but don't be worried for long. They let you smell any tea you like and help you decide what will match your tea personality. When you find the tea that fits, you sit down and breathe in all of the fine art on the walls and atmosphere of a modern home. They bring the tea to you in an

adorable colored tea pot and stunning clear mugs. I had their herbal chai tea with sweetened condensed milk and I do believe my taste buds were singing a little diddy when it touched my lips. I am considered a tea expert with friends, and let me tell you I was very impressed. It was strong yet not too bitter so that I would not be able to enjoy it. It was brewed to perfection. To complement the lovely tea you may have a wonderful pastry, cookie, or toffee to munch in between sips of this glorious tea. In-Tea is the greatest place I have ever been and I recommend it to anyone in the area. Even if you don't like tea, you will enjoy this place very much. Take a trip to In-Tea before the year is up, because I guarantee you will fall in love, just like me!

Band and orchestra students form new group from our website coverage

Coffee has more caffeine than black tea, which has the most caffeine of any kind of tea with 40-80 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce cup.

Drinking at least 23 cups of black tea a month can cut your risk of getting Parkinson’s disease by 71%.

Facts from Teas, etc.

Iced tea was invented by Englishman Richard Blechynden in 1904. Tea bags put more caffeine in your cup because they infuse more quickly. Researchers have found that tea hydrates the body as well as water. January is National Hot Tea Month, while June is National Iced Tea Month.

photo by abbey borchers





I Am Number 4

Kings of Pastry


Get Low

Hall Pass

The Temptation of St. Tony

The Chaperone Even the Rain Brotherhood Immigration Tango Big Momma’s: Like Father Like Son Heartbeats ON DVD Due Date

SINGLES Born This Way–Lady Gaga Hold it Against Me– Britney Spears All-America Nightmare–Hinder

NEW RELEASES 2/15 - 2/25

just been introduced to Columbine, its legacy has been lasting for years. “Back when it first started, it was literally a group of strolling musicians with a symphony bass, now the guitaron, violins, trumpets, and a guitar.” This culture-rich and upbeat music has been inspiring many band and orchestra students, giving an opportunity for members from the two groups to play along together to some fun music. “Mariachi is a great musical experience,” said Talmadge. “Its sound is like no other. I’m so glad that I got the opportunity.”

The sounds of tweeting trumpets with smooth violins and guitars, all singing along to an upbeat song can be heard through the halls from three o’clock to four o’clock on Wednesday afternoons. These sounds are those familiar of a traveling Mariachi band, but instead, they are the sounds of Columbine students, who have recently just formed their own Mariachi band. “I’ve been playing my entire life,” said Senior Hannah Talmadge, one of the founders of the Columbine mariachi. “I was born into it. When my mom had me she Comments? was in a Mariachi and I started out singing. Eighteen years later and boom! We started this!” Mariachi music is a style which incorporates a variety of instruments including trumpet, violin, guitar, bass, and voice. Many students may be already familiar with Mariachi music, even if they are not currently aware of it. “Trumpet is so cool to play,” said Talmadge. “Its one of the backup voices but also, a lead voice when it needs to be. Its like a shiny, Students participate in the school Mariachi group in the band room. The Mariachi band brassy tone that catches the ear.” was started by Senior Hannah Talmadge. photo by trevor ogborn Although Mariachi music has


Drinking one or more cups of tea per day can cut your risk of heart attack by more than 40%.


Merry-achi heidi roberts

Fast Facts about Tea

My World (acoustic)– Justin Bieber

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adical ebel

Top Ten

top ten kizzle & tizzle rebel yell

Things to do when it’s -10 degrees outside

10 Get ice cream. “The sweet, sweet irony.” 9 Roll down a hill in your bathing suit. “Dude, I can’t feel my elbows.” Make a snowman in your house. “Let’s put him by the fire to keep him 8 warm!” 7 6 Buy your dog a Snuggie. “Sparky’s looking a bit chilly . . .” 5 Make a fort in your basement. “Let’s do it Ke$ha-style.” 4 Make a snow cone. “Is that lemon flavored?” 3 Ski on the sidewalks. “Move aside, pedestrians!” 2 Sled off your roof. “Mind the car . . .” Have a Harry Potter-style duel. “Expelliarmus!”

and the number one thing to do when it’s -10 degrees outside:

Kizzle & Tizzle What is the best letter of recommendation you’ve ever written for a senior?

How do you feel about the new zodiac signs? T: They’re stupid . . . Just like the old zodiac signs. I mean, I’m a Libra and my sign is a scale. How dumb is that?

Who did you want to win the Super Bowl? T: The Broncos, but that may not happen until Super Bowl CCCVII (#307).

What’s up with all the Columbine teachers getting pregnant? K: Whoa! Boy do I feel dumb now. T: I don’t know, but it’s pretty disturbing.

K: I wrote this for Ellis and she got into UNC! “Hey you guys who pick people, I feel like I think you should no that Jessica Ellis is a rilly rilly rilly good like person. she doesn’t like let you touch you’re her stuff though . . . she is rilly good in lacrosse too. I member when she had her phone in her jersey during a game and she fell and it shot out in 10 grade but that WAS SO 5 MINUTES AGO!!!!! I feel like U would like her at UR school or work cuz she would find a cool place for everyone to like stand by. I feel like she can wear her hairs lots of ways and her outfits always match cuz she looks like she works at Abercrombie. I know right? she always talks to the coolest girls and guys too so she would never be seen with naughty peeps accept for that one kid brady young. Anyways I hope you pick Ellis cuz all her friends are going to get good jobs and go 2 sick colleges too and if you don’t she wil have to go to that one place the ALL CONCRETE COLLEGE! ACC so pick her Lates, Kizzle! Her teacher once T: It would be the letter of recommendation for the class of 2011!!!! HOLLA

How do you feel about Facebook-creeping? K: If Tizzle would join FB it would be a better place. T: Everything about Facebook is creepy. You know who created Facebook, don’t you? Satan.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? T: Usually alone. My wife says the day reminds her of the biggest mistake she ever made.

1 Study . . . or not. “The snow ate my homework.”

Rebel Yell: Valentine’s Day is FINALLY over! Rebel Hell: Still being marked tardy to first period even though our cars won’t start because if the subzero temperatures.

Columbine Salutes: Justin Bieber, for being the best retirement plan a mother could hope to have.

Celebrity Secrets: Lady Gaga’s entrance at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards was actually how she was born.

On this day: February 17- Paris Hilton was born in 1981.

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in motion

your teams health energy

. . . The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers . . . Napoleon was not short; he was actually five feet, seven inches tall . . .

Boarding brothers Jaxon and Tyler Mohr share their love of snowboarding

few times, but again the brothers act as if those are minor injuries. “My favorite trick to do is a backside roThe free feeling of the cold wind through your body, the thrilling adrenaline that deo 720, which is a back flip with a spin,” pumps through your veins and the beautiful Jaxon said, while his brother, Tyler, favors “a scenery of the Rocky Mountains make up back flip, even though it took a couple times to finally land.” the skiing and snowboarding experience. When talking to them, it is easy to see These winter sports take up much of people’s time during the winter, especially in the boys’ love for the mountains. “I love the the Mohr family. The Mohr family has two fa- free feeling when you’re gliding across the miliar faces at Columbine, Jaxon, junior, and snow or the adrenaline rush after you just landed a sweet trick. And the utter joy,” Tyler Tyler, freshman. said. “ W e T h e have a timewhole Mohr share condo family loves to up in Winter go up to the Park, [which] mountains makes it a lot and hit the easier to go slopes togethup more than er. “When 40 times in me and [my a winter seahusband] son,” Jaxon had children, said. we knew we E v e n Junior Jaxon Mohr flies through the air on his snowboard. The whole Mohr family enjoys wanted to inthough there skiing and snowboarding together. photo courtesy of jaxon and tyler mohr troduce them is a two-andto skiing at a half year age difference, the two brothers get along sur- very young age and thought it would be a prisingly well. Between the two of them, good family sport,” Tyler and Jaxon’s mom, Tyler believes that they are “probably about Dana Mohr, said. The brothers also have a little sister, even [in skill level], but Jaxon is just a little Jeni, who started skiing when she was twocrazier.” Discussing injuries, Jaxon confirmed and-a-half years old. The family has become very close due to their love of skiing. this craziness–laughing about the ribs “Skiing and boarding is something we he has broken and putting them off all have in common, something we enjoy, as though they weren’t a big and something that has provided us deal. His brother also has G N I with many fond memories,” Mrs. Mohr broken his ankle a D

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“While on the mountain, we generally ski and board together as a group and share chairlift rides, and if we do split up, we meet up for lunch at the lodge and share stories about some new trick we just landed, or some deluxe wipe-out,” she said. According to Tyler, “The best time to go up is during February because there is a lot of good snow and the resorts have all the stunts and jumps to go down.” The family goes up more than 40 times per season and they use their passes every time. Passes can get expensive, but if you’re like the Mohr family and go more than 40 times, the pass pays for itself in four visits. Freshman Tyler Mohr shows off a flip. Tyler goes snowboarding more than 40 times a season. Prices can range from photo courtesy of jaxon and tyler mohr $500 to over $1000, but this depends on where the pass Jaxon takes his friends up to his condo is for. Winter Park’s season pass is around $900 for the rest of the season, but that with him. His friends have different opinions price has dropped since the winter season on what their favorite gear to wear is. Sestarted. Winter Park offers many slopes to niors Brady Young, Joey Linder, and Kevin go on, like Mary Jane and many other back Osborne shared their preferred brand. Brady country slopes where as Loveland and says his favorite gear to wear is his “skinBreckenridge do not have as many so their tight Spyderwear!” “I like to ski at Breckenridge and I like tickets do not cost as much. Winter sports cost a lot, but if you are to wear Burton gear with Oakley goggles,” serious about it like the Mohr family is, all Linder said. Osborne said he likes to wear a Burton jacket and Sims pants while boardthe money spent is well worth it. Aside from season passes, gear can get ing up at Winter Park or Copper. There are many other snowboard very pricey as well. S n o w b o a r d s brands such as, Volcom, 686, Roxy, Skully can cost anywhere be- Candy, and Dakine. Their products range tween $400 and $500 from girls’ gear to boys’ gear in all sorts of “I LIKE BOTH OF THEM. SKIING IS BETTER FOR MOGULS, BUT for a high quality board. colors and styles. Snowboarders and skiers SNOWBOARDING IS BETTER FOR THE TERRAIN PARK.” - FRESHMAN Most boarders choose want to look good while going down the GALEN GRAHAM to board in their favorite slopes in all types of cool patterns and bright “SNOWBOARDING MAKES YOU FEEL FREE. I LOVE THE FEELING OF brand of boards, clothing colors to stand out on the white slopes. THE WIND IN MY FACE AND IT’S SO QUIET THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO However, these products can get very and gear. Tyler’s favorite THINK ABOUT THINGS.” - SENIOR KYLE ANDERS is Lib Tech. Lib Tech has pricey. Some nice coats can range from designed new boards $150 to $200 and goggles can get up to with a New Banana Tech- $70 to $100 for a decent, durable pair. Even “SNOWBOARDING IS FUN. IT’S A GOOD LEG WORKOUT WHICH IS nology. The point is to the gear underneath the coats, such as UnKINDA COOL; THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT.” - JUNIOR JOE have a slippery but tough der Armour, can get very expensive. But it’s ABEYTA board, just like a banana. all worth staying warm up on the slopes. No The sleek new design one wants to be freezing going down the “I LIKE SKIING BECAUSE YOU HAVE MORE CONTROL, THE MAJORITY helps boarders catch the slopes and these brands have provided cusOF MY FRIENDS DO IT, AND YOU DON’T SIT ON YOUR BUTT ALL edge but slide smoothly tomers with well made gear for just that. DAY.” - SOPHOMORE PETER KUBENA and quickly down the compiled by autumn hargrove mountain. Comments?

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When character pays off Scholarship from anonymous donor presents great opportunity for student-athletes

abbey borchers An anonymous source in the Columbine community is helping worthy students pay for college. In 2006, a former high school and University of Colorado athlete established a foundation which grants generous scholarships to deserving Columbine students. The Rebel Character in Athletics Scholarship awards $2,500 each to one male and one female varsity athlete who has demonstrated character and the ability to overcome adversity. Molly Ramirez, a class of 2008 Columbine graduate who now attends Azusa Pacific University, received the scholarship as a senior. Ramirez was a varsity basketball player for Columbine. “Having the scholarship my freshman year of college was very helpful in allowing me to have the freedom to get more involved in extracurricular activities such as intramurals and volunteering in the local community. The scholarship gave me the freedom to not have to work my first year of school which proved helpful in becoming more involved in other things besides my studies,” Ramirez said.

a learning disability,” Paternoster said. Students hoping to receive the scholarship “need to recognize the importance of pairing a good sense of sportsmanship, humility and teamwork along with athletic ability,” Ramirez said. To qualify, candidates must fill out an application form and submit both a letter of recommendation and an unofficial transcript. THER OLUMBINE CHOLARSHIPS The letter of recommendation can be from either a teacher or a coach who is able to NEVER FORGOTTEN FUND comment on the applicant’s character and COLUMBINE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP leadership abilities. COLUMBINE PTSA SCHOLARSHIP Applicants must also compose an esDAVE SANDERS COLUMBINE IT SCHOLARSHIP say that is five hundred words in length REBEL CHARACTER IN ATHLETICS SCHOLARSHIP describing “how you have dealt with and STEVEN CURNOW MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP overcome adversity and how this scholarDAVE SANDERS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ship will help you pursue your goals and dreams in the future,” according to the ap“a little bit of your reputation precedes you, but plication form. Seniors who are interested in applying for the way they’re trying to determine character is overcoming an obstacle,” Columbine counselor the Rebel Character in Athletics Scholarship can pick up an application form in the Post Grad Ms. Paternoster said. “It’s been different every year, just depend- Center or from their counselors. Completed applications must be submiting on who applies. Sometimes it’s simply overcoming an obstacle, but a lot of it has to do ted by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23. with personal obstacles, maybe family things, sometimes really private things, sometimes it’s Comments? To qualify, candidates must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, be a varsity athlete, and “exhibit excellence in athletics, leadership, and academics and demonstrate an ability to overcome adversity,” according to the official criteria. When evaluating a candidate’s character,












xSign of success

Five Columbine seniors made formal college athletic commitments on National Signing Day on Wednesday, February 3. Signing letters of intent, these athletes enjoyed their proud moment with families, administration and coaches. Congratulations, Rebels!

Harry Ulricksen Tony Campton

Nikki Funkhauser mmel

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Harry Ulricksen

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Black Hills St. Football

Tony Cam pto

Nikki Funkhauser


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.C. Colby C ll a b Base

Naval Academ y Track

Maggie Schemmel


CSU-Pu eb Football lo

Baker Volleyball

photos courtesy of Norman W. Winterowd see more photos of the event on the CHS home page

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Kicks for cash Soccer-athon raises money for CHS soccer

autumn hargrove On Saturday, January 29th, the 23rd annual Soccer-athon occurred gymnasium. The Soccer-athon lasted for 19 hours, from 5:00 am to about midnight. This fundraiser raised money for the boys’ and girls’ soccer programs here. “The goal of the Soccer-athon is to raise funds while doing something the student-athletes love to do–play soccer!” Mr. Todd, varsity head coach for both the boys and girls programs, said. ”We do this fundraiser instead of knocking on doors selling

2005. All players, students and alumni alike, are from Columbine. Team captains named their teams after any FIFA-sanctioned teams. Teams included Iran, Argentina, North Korea, Djibouti, Cote d’Ivoire, Mexico and Madagascar. Each captain selected their players in a draft. Twelve athletes played on each team. The captains of these teams were Junior Cyrus Allen, Junior David White, Senior Katie Ferguson, Senior Sarah Fein, Junior Matt Nelson, Senior Bri Klomp, and Senior Marissa Azua, respectively.

“The captains take turns selecting players who registered to play in the tournament. Each captain’s pick alternates boy-girl. Draft order was determined by drawing out of a hat,” Todd said. “The best part of the Soccer-athon is meeting the new soccer players and playing soccer for almost 20 hours straight,” Junior David White, Captain Team members North Korea and Cote d’Ivoire compete in the annual Soccer-athon. In the end, North Korea won the tournament, which benefitted the boys and girls soccer program. photo courtesy of Gabby Pfeiffer of Argentina, said. “I like the Soccer-athon because it is a great way to raise money for the soccer procards or cookie dough.” The Soccer-athon was so successful in the gram here at Columbine and it’s fun!” Freshman past because not only does it help to raise money, Julia Cable said. Each player’s goal was to acquire at least $50 but it also is something that the student-athletes enjoy. This fundraiser was started 23 years ago by in order to raise this money. For example, the magym teacher Mr. Horvath along with some former jority of student-athletes participating went out male and female soccer players. The fundraiser and asked their family and friends to sponsor their raises money while doing something the students participation in the tournament by making a donation to the soccer program. love. “The other goal of the fundraiser is to bring During the Soccer-athon, there were a total both programs together as it is a co-ed tournament. of 36 games that lasted 25 minutes each. After It is an exciting event that brings all of our program those games there were quarter finals, semi-finals players, parents, and alumni together,” Todd said. and finals. In the quarter finals six teams comMany parents and alumni volunteer to help peted, and in the semi-finals four teams played run the Soccer-athon alongside Todd. When asked against each other. what he liked about the Soccer-athon, Todd said, The semi-finals between Iran and Madagascar “The thing I have come to love most about the an- ended in a shoot out. Iran made two out of three nual event is that it brings all of Rebels soccer back shots and Madagascar didn’t make any, sending together. The boys’ and girls’ programs, alumni, Iran to the finals. parents, and friends all enjoy a fun day and night In the end, Iran (captained by Allen) defeated together!” Mexico with a final score of 6-3, making them the Over 100 students participated in the fund- 2011 Soccer-athon champions. raiser. Nine teams competed in the event–seven “I was so excited to win the Soccer-athon; I student-athlete teams and two alumni teams. Of could barely control myself!” Captain Cyrus Allen, the two alumni teams, one of them had people junior, said. from the graduating years of 2006-2010 and the other team had those who graduated from 1973Comments?


New blood

Boys basketball team welcomes new coach

ian scena According to many Columbine boys basketball fans, the team has been long overdue for a new head coach. This year, they got that wish. Clay Thielking, a graduate of Grand View College in Des Moines, Iowa, is the new varsity head basketball coach for the 2010-11 season. He has previous experience coaching basketball at Columbine, having coached the boys’ junior varsity team from 2000 to 2006. Thielking was also a varsity coach at Lakewood High school from 2006-2010. Thielking is also one of the coaches at the Colorado School of Mines basketball camp in Golden. “He was a great coach at the camp and he’s a great coach here too,” said Freshman Kyle Manley, one of the C-team players that has attended the renown camp. Last year, the team’s record under former head coach Jeff Wennburg was 12-13, a losing re-

cord. They were ranked 7th in the league. This year, under Thielking, the team’s record so far is 10-7 overall and 7-3 in conference. Their winning record has them ranked 2nd in the division. Even though the coach and players seem to be getting along, according to Thielking, the team still has much to improve on. When asked exactly what they needed to work on Thielking responded, “Turnovers!” Thielking seems to be doing a good job helping Columbine boys’ basketball return to its former glory. “I think our varsity team is going to do way better this year than last year,” Freshman c-team player Brandon Wilson said. With this new level of enthusiasm from fans and players alike, we’ll just have to wait and see where Thielking ends up taking the team for the rest of the season. Comments?

Prep is key

Athletes share pre-game meal preferences

trevor ogborn Preparation is key. Whether performing, pumping out answers or making the mad dash for the goal, it can make or break you. Each sport has its own rituals to make sure that their athletes’ performance is up to scratch. The basketball team, with an eager crowd and dedicated rival team, strives to be on their best game. “Sometimes before a game, the night before, we have a pregame meal as a team,” Sophomore Lindsay Thomas said. “Chick-fil-A will sometimes offer us dinner the night before a game, and some of the girls’ parents make them nice meals before the game too.” Also in season right now is girls swimming and diving. Whether swimming or diving, prep is important. “The most important thing [to] do,” Junior Lauren Morrell said, “is to think through all the dives I am

going to perform, and my form throughout the dives.” “Usually on the day before the meet we eat dinner as a team,” Morrell said. “We have food and hang out. It is intended to be a good time and a chance to have fun and become closer as a team.” When it comes to pre-game meals, wrestling is a whole different story. In wrestling, rather than gorging carbs leading up to their matches, wrestlers fast up until right beforehand. It’s part of a strategy. Fasting artificially drops their weight in so they can admittance to a lower weight class. In a sport where weight and strength are key assets, being as high in a given weight class as possible gives an advantage. “You look like you’re the requirement weight, but you’re actually heavier and therefore stronger going up against the lighter guys,” Junior Allison Harcarik said. Comments?

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38.5 February 2011 Columbine Courier

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